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How to hug and kiss a girl


The first point to fix: go away from the movie stamp, that the first kiss you have to happen strictly at parting. Agree, this is strange - after a good and even meeting you suddenly suddenly attacked her and start to kiss passionately. Remember that in this game your rules. A kiss can happen in the middle of a date, at the end, or at any other moment. Yes, you can carry her home and kiss already at the door, but remember that this is not necessary.

Create atmosphere

Next you need to think about where this will happen. And the right choice of place will determine success. How to do it - read here "How to choose a place for dates." It happens that you seem to have gotten quite close enough, but you are sitting somewhere in a crowded cafe, and the girl is a little shy, and her attraction does not outstrip the feeling of discomfort that she has. Therefore, you should make sure that you are in a cafe where the light is dim, you sit next to and there are not many extra eyes around. Then the atmosphere itself will allow the girl to allow herself much more.

The next thing you need to take care of is a smooth approach to her face. Suppose you are sitting together on a sofa, and you are stroking it, for example, in the neck, neck, shoulder, behind the ear. And if you get to this stage, then I advise you to do one of the kiss tests (kiss tests).

How to hug and kiss a girl

The first thing a man needs to know is that girls of nature are very vulnerable and romantic, and a kiss for them means much more than for a guy.

You can even confidently say that a kiss for girls is the most important part of a love relationship. There is also an opinion that after kissing, any woman will immediately determine whether she will build a serious relationship with this person or not.

How to learn to kiss a girl

The most difficult, especially for the first kiss, is the timing. Correctly choose the moment when the partner will be ready, according to young people - this is not so simple.

However, this is an erroneous opinion, just by nature a girl can portray impregnability, but inside - just burn out from impatience. If the lady of your choice smiles and shows interest in you, then go ahead! In the end, the best answer to the question of how to learn to kiss a girl is practice.

Well, now we will give you some simple, but important tips:

With all due respect to the male half, but we just can not help but give this recommendation. Of course, this seems too simple, but it is necessary to eliminate any bad breath - a bottle of beer or borsch with garlic before a date will kill all the romance. And do not even think that peppermint chewing gum can fix something - it’s not.

Smile and show confidence. Show sympathy with your whole body, that is, do not cross legs and arms, gesticulate smoothly, do not make sudden movements. This will set your chosen one in a positive way.

Immediately before kissing a girl, it is necessary to enter into bodily contact, that is, as if by chance, touch her hand, and then acquire it. This must be done so that your touch becomes familiar to her and does not cause any embarrassment.

Remember that the first kiss should take place in a cozy, romantic atmosphere, without a crowd of people around.

So! With the kiss itself, you should be in close bodily contact - hug her and, looking into her eyes, slowly begin to approach her lips. She can go to meet you, stay in place, as if hypnotized, or even lean back a little - this is all normal course of events, because girls are very emotional creatures, and it’s quite difficult to predict their behavior. When you finally come close to her with your lips, close your eyes and slowly, gently kiss the girl’s lower and then upper lip.

If you want something more, you can go to the French kiss, but before you kiss the girl in this way, be sure to make sure that your girlfriend is not against such a continuation. You can find out only for a moment by looking at it - the absence of anxiety can be a kind of call to action.

In no case do not try to be tough or assertive, not all girls like it, and during the first kiss they will scare them away in any case.

How to kiss a girl on the cheek: types of kisses

Scientists who are used to exploring everything and everyone have found that a strong hug can burn up to 12 kcal. Kisses cause an even greater surge of emotions, therefore, before you kiss a girl on the cheek, you can, without harming the figure, allow yourself a cake or a hearty dinner. But seriously, a kiss is a delicate matter and you need to clearly understand where it can be allowed and where not.

If it’s enlarged to divide the existing kisses into classes, you get three categories:

A kiss of the hand, in fact, is not a kiss, as such, and does not carry any intimate load. It serves rather as a sign of respect and attention. You can kiss the hand, both a close woman and a stranger. Moreover, this gesture will be appropriate in relation to a lady of any age.

A kiss on the lips is the result of a closer and more trusting relationship. It is worth saying that it is not necessary to get ahead of events. Young people, as a rule, adapt faster in relationships and earlier than girls, they are ready for a kiss.

A young lady needs time to get to know her partner and understand that, she was not mistaken in the choice. A guy should not be demanding, as this can make the girl want to break off relations with him.

It is best to carefully monitor the reaction of the girl, gradually establishing tactile contact with her. Hugging a partner at the waist, taking her hand and pulling her to her, it is worthwhile to carefully monitor her reaction. If the girl does not move away, then you can go to the girl's kisses.

The most neutral is a kiss on the cheek, especially since this action can always be interpreted as a friendly gesture. The most appropriate moment is parting after a joint evening.

Before you kiss a girl on the cheek, you should come closer to her, put your hand on your shoulder, thank you for a wonderful time and kiss. It is worth paying attention of young people that a kiss should not be a short “smack”.

It is better, two or three times in a row to touch the lips with delicate girlish skin, acting gently, but persistently. Gradually, you can move closer to the cheekbones - this area is the most sensitive on the face. Then you should suddenly stop the kiss, look the girl in the eye and say goodbye to her.

Already at home, having analyzed the girl’s reaction to a kiss on the cheek, one can understand whether it is worthwhile to afford something more at the next meeting or to leave the relationship at the same level.

Kiss test 2

When you approach her, say something in your ear, or you approach and keep your face to face distance without the intention to kiss the girl, but she doesn’t take her head away.

That is, if a girl removed her head, this is a bad signal and the girl does not want to get close. Well, if you moved your head, but she did not pull away, then it seems she is interested in kissing.

It is enough to perform any of these kiss tests, and if the result is positive, it's time to get close and kiss the girl.

How to hug your girlfriend?

A hug is considered one of the best forms of expression of sympathy and feelings for a girl. In addition, a study by experts confirmed that cuddling is also good for health - it lowers blood pressure and increases the level of oxytocin, the so-called hormone of calm in the body of a girl. You probably thought: “Why this article, because everyone knows how to hug a girl.” But not everyone knows that there are some nuances that every young person should know about.

It is necessary to prepare in advance for embracing the girl in your arms. Since at this moment you will be incredibly close to her, try to smell pleasant from you - unobtrusive toilet water and a mouth freshener will be the best solution.

If the girl is much shorter than you, try to smooth out the difference - hug the girl, bend your knees a little, so that the companion does not rest against your chest, but looks directly into your eyes. This technique will not only show respect and show courtesy, but also save the lady from some feeling of embarrassment or awkwardness.

An ideal hug goes deep from the heart, because by putting a person in your arms, you show care. Think only about the best, about how you appreciate and love the girl standing in front of you, because in this case everything will happen by itself, to put it simply - as sincerely as possible.

It is best to embrace a girl if you put one hand on your shoulder and the other in the middle of your back. So your chosen one will feel completely safe and relax.

Let the girl control the hug herself, and when she wants to free herself from your hands, slowly let her go, thereby demonstrating that you really enjoyed being with her in such close proximity, but you respect her wishes.

After the hug has taken place, establish eye contact, in other words, gently look into her eyes, expressing some gratitude. Everyone knows that the eyes are a mirror of the soul, and putting such a final note, you will undoubtedly conquer any representative of the beautiful half of humanity.

Remember, hands are given to us to hug. And it is not at all necessary to know everything about how to hug a girl, the main thing is to do it as sincerely as possible, more gentle and more often. After all, it helps to raise your self-esteem, rise to the next level of consciousness and find harmony and happiness.

Five Essential Tips

It only seems that the first kiss does not solve anything. In fact, the further development of the relationship between a guy and a girl depends on him.

Therefore, this issue needs to be approached more carefully, so that at the most important moment the companion was struck by a kiss, but did not want, on the contrary, as soon as possible to retire from a date.

But how to kiss a girl correctly, our following recommendations will tell ...

How to kiss a girl on a date?

The girl should want this herself. How to achieve this? It is necessary to make the girl slightly excited. Before kissing, be sure to hug the girl and gently squeeze to yourself. Do not rush to kiss her on the lips. First, kiss her neck and earlobe. These places are erogenous zones that will help you arouse the girl.

Watch her reaction, if the girl moves away, then stop all your actions for a while, and then try to start again. A girl can sit still and wait for your next action. Listen to her breath. If she does not move away from you, then you can safely kiss her on the lips. Try to do it as gently and gently as possible. Girls love it.

If a girl pulls away from you and takes her head away, at the moment when you are trying to kiss her, in no case do not show your frustration.

This will remove you from her. Instead, pretend nothing happened. Wait a while and begin to excite her with your kisses again.

This must work and you will achieve your goal.

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General tips

Remember, when you sit and vigorously think "how to kiss a girl," the girl at this time also experiences a storm of emotions and awaits the development of events. And if you understand that it’s time, but at the same time you are sitting and waiting, you will fall into the category of eternal waiters and instead of a kiss you will get a cold female heart.

Do not hang over her and do not expect her to reach for you herself. Take all responsibility and initiative.

There is one great way to kiss a girl called sniffing.

When you are sitting nearby, compliment her fragrance, her perfume and ask: “What kind of perfume do you have?”. And so that she does not answer, say that you would like to better remember this fragrance. At the same time, you come closer and begin to sniff your hair with your nose, then push it back and with your nose, bristles, cheek or lips you begin to gently touch her neck. Then your task with your thumb and forefinger is to take it by the chin and turn it towards you. At this moment, the girl is already sitting with her eyes closed and is ready to kiss you. Next - enjoy. Nothing complicated.

What else do I recommend you do. When the first kiss happens, most men eagerly “suck” the girl until she faints, until a vacuum forms inside her. I recommend that you break the first kiss yourself, so that the girl has even more emotions from the fact that she does not control this process, but you. From this, she will have many interesting experiences.

In the event that something did not work out, the first thing to do is to say nothing, and immediately repeat the same action. Maybe the girl was a little scared and confused, but then she will change her mind very quickly if you are persistent enough.

But if the second time nothing happened, then I recommend saying one of two phrases.

The first one is simpler for boys: “It's strange, but it seemed to me that you wanted to kiss.”

The second, for boys stronger: "Well, it didn’t hurt, I wanted to."

Both that and another at the girl will cause rather big interest and next time when you want to kiss, she will react correctly to it.

Well, go ahead, we hope that you will no longer wonder how to kiss a girl. And let your dates bring you a bunch of pleasant emotions! We also recommend that you read this “Errors on a date, how to avoid them.”

1. Haste to nothing

A guy who considers himself a macho man believes that if he kisses a pretty lady on a first date, then the girl will consider him an adult and experienced man. But for the fair sex, the first kiss at the initial stage of the relationship is a kind of taboo.

You can afford to kiss her not on the lips, but on the cheek, but nothing more. The girl herself can thank the guy for a wonderful evening with a kiss and this will be a sign that she is giving herself a kiss next time.

2. Training will not hurt

There are guys who have minimal experience with young ladies. And such a young man had never tried to kiss a girl before this date, which means that he needs dexterity.

If you are afraid that a sweet lady might make fun of your ineptitude, you should practice in advance how to kiss her correctly. This will help to avoid embarrassment and unnecessary excitement, especially at the first meeting.

3. We are waiting for the right moment.

Also, signals that allow, for example, to kiss the girl’s hand, are her desire to reduce the distance with the guy. She can start twisting her hair with her finger, will look at her lips during a conversation, will not move away with a fleeting touch on a walk. Besides the moment itself, the place also matters. The girl does not allow herself to kiss with a large crowd of people around.

4. Avoid sudden movements

If a guy is worried about how to kiss a girl on the lips for the first time, then the first thing he should remember is respect and affection for a partner. Do not push at such a moment and try to force her to kiss. Therefore, if the question arises, how to kiss a girl, if she does not want to, the answer will be one - to wait.

And in a suitable situation, you need to approach your lover, catch her eye and look into her eyes, and then slowly and gently touch your lips to her lips. A girl who at such a moment feels all tenderness and care will reciprocate. So how to make a girl kiss you will no longer be a problem.

But if a young lady at such a moment evades and takes her face to the side, then the question of how to kiss a girl, if she does not want to, will remain relevant until the next date. Forced to do this is not worth it, especially the girl who really likes.

5. We calmly accept rejection

Such a problem, as I am afraid to kiss a girl, is actually familiar to many guys. And all because the young man is afraid to be refused. But sometimes beautiful people, thus, test the reaction of a partner.

It is important at this moment to show the girl that it did not hurt you. Feel free to continue the conversation and behave positively. Perhaps then it will turn out to achieve the opposite effect. That the girl herself took and kissed.

Should I ask permission?

Some guys, thinking about how to kiss a girl for the first time, are tormented by doubts whether it is worth asking permission at such a moment. Especially if you want to kiss a girl friend.

Here you need to take into account the delicate psychological moment whether the girl is ready for a kiss and how she relates to the guy himself. Если он ей нравится, то ей важно, чтобы он по отношению к ней проявил истинное мужское уважение.

Если же юноша без разрешения и без церемоний взял и поцеловал девушку, то она может это воспринять как то, что ему не важно и совершенно безразлично ее мнение и желание.

Также в пользу того, что все-таки стоит спросить разрешения, говорят следующие доводы:

  • такое поведение является показателем хорошего воспитания мужчины,
  • this demonstrates respect for the identity of the partner,
  • sometimes girls are full of some kind of internal complexes and prohibitions, so a kiss without permission can only scare them away.

Nuances to consider

When the question is how to kiss a girl on a date, it is necessary to provide all the subtleties and nuances. As already mentioned, it is crucial where to kiss the girl. It should be a quiet and peaceful place, better with a romantic atmosphere and without unnecessary onlookers.

It is important to pre-check the freshness of your breath. Many guys are tormented by the problem of how easy it is to kiss a girl, and the whole snag may be that they smell like garlic, fish or a simple unpleasant odor. And this pushes away a sweet lady who would kiss the pretty young woman herself, but the bad breath becomes an obstacle.

If, nevertheless, the guy is faced with the fact that he had eaten some strongly-smelling product before the appointed date, then in such a situation it is better to think about how to kiss the girl on the neck. This gentle touch will give a pleasant pleasure to both, and a nose-beating smell will not be felt at such a moment.

Do not forget about the playful flirtation. Especially if you want to kiss a friend's girl. Let it all begin with a slight flirtation. You can try to tickle a cute lady, tease her in a friendly way, make her laugh. And then go to the point, how to kiss the girl first.

Technique is important

In addition to many attendant points that help to cope with the task of kissing a girl on a date, it is important to follow the technique:

  • His face to face companions need to be brought closer slowly.
  • You need to close your eyes at the moment when the lips touch each other.
  • The first kiss should do without a tongue.
  • Then you should tilt your head so that your partner is more comfortable.

Following the correct lip kissing technique will help answer the question of how to kiss a girl so that the relationship continues to develop.

In conclusion

How to kiss a girl on the neck or lips on a first date excites many guys. The main thing is not to rush the event, choose the right moment and place for a kiss, and also carefully monitor the reaction of the girl herself.

No need to be afraid to seem inexperienced or exciting. This will only give your evening a touch of romance, and the girl will also be able to feel more confident. And in such an emotional state, she will be more ready for the first kiss.

Question to our readers: My ex-girlfriend kissed me on the lips at a chance meeting. Does this mean that she wants to renew relations again? What do you think?

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