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How to quickly make a pompom out of yarn


Pompons of different sizes are an indispensable thing in knitting. I use them to decorate children's and adult things, to give the knitted product a finished look. Cute balls of thread can be seen not only on hats and scarves: they decorate sweaters, coats, leggings, bags and even rugs. There are several different ways to create pompons, from simple to more complex.

So, how to make a pompom from threads? Simply! Join us and you will surely succeed!

The first way. Pompons with cardboard patterns.

The best result is obtained in the manufacture of pompoms using two elementary cardboard templates. In this case, the product is very lush and neat.

To make a pompom in this way, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • thick cardboard sheet,
  • a simple pencil and compass,
  • matching threads
  • large eye needle
  • small scissors (can be manicured).

Operating procedure:

Using a compass, draw two identical circles of the desired diameter on a sheet of white cardboard. In the center of each draw another small circle. Cut out both parts. If the compass was not found at home, then you can use improvised items (cups, saucers, lids, etc.).

Then, make a loop from a piece of thread and put it on top of one of the parts, cover with a second cardboard circle on top, aligning their edges.

Pass a long thread into the needle and start wrapping it with both circles together, holding the patterns with your hand so that the loop clamped inside them does not slip out. The more layers of thread you wind, the more magnificent and denser the pompom will be.

When the templates are fully wrapped, with the help of nail scissors you need to cut the threads along the outer edge, after which, slightly spreading the circles apart, you should tightly tie the thread in the middle so that the pompom does not break. Only after that the templates can be removed.

How to make a pompom from yarn. 4 ways.

There are several ways to make a bomber from yarn with your own hands at home. Using a template, using hands, on a fork and on a stool. All options are simple. With a little training, you can quickly make a neat pompom. Depending on which pompom you need, choose the appropriate manufacturing method without special tools. It is most convenient to make a pompom from not quite thin yarn for knitting. From mohair or fine
wool it will be difficult to make a large pompom, only a small one. Threads of medium thickness are what you need.
I hope that the following master classes and videos with step-by-step instructions will be clear to you.

The second way. Winding the thread on the fingers.

This method is the fastest. It will come in handy when there are no auxiliary tools at hand with which you could make a pompom.

Take the ball and wrap a few turns of thread around the four fingers of the hand. Then tie the bunch of threads in the middle, without removing from your fingers. The disadvantage of this method is that without outside help it is problematic to tightly tie the threads wound on the hand.

How to make a beautiful pompom on a knitted hat?

  • A tight 8cm bubo will need about 20 grams of yarn. On a smaller one - accordingly less. The most common and correct method is using a template.
    from thick cardboard (for example, from under a shoe box).
    The stencil for pompons can be done in different ways: rectangular and round.

    Rectangular is, of course, easier to make, but a circle pattern will help you make the perfect bubo.
    Take a compass, draw a circle. Inside it is another smaller radius.
    Cut a small hole between these circles for easy winding of woolen threads. Now, on this blank, make another one of the same.
    How to understand what size a pumpkin will be? The distance between the circles is half the pompom. The larger this measurement is, the more you will make bubo. Let's imagine that the radius of the larger circle is 6cm and the smaller is 2cm. 6-2 = 4.
    So, half of the boombox will be 4cm, and the whole - 8cm. Try to make a small circle no more than 2 cm, so that it is easier for you to form a bump.

    Fold the two circles together by laying a thread between them.
  • Make a yarn circle around a smaller hole, hold the second pattern.
    Win the yarn by pulling the thread through the slot.
  • Hold the templates so that the loop between the circles does not pop out.
  • The more turns you make, the more magnificent the pompom will turn out.
    When you finish winding, take the scissors, cut along the outer edge.
  • The lower blade of the scissors should be between the circles - so it will be easier for you to cut and the pompom itself will turn out more correctly.
    Gently pull the beginning and end of the thread, slightly spreading the circles, band the bubo.
    Remove the template, shake the dummy.

With this method, you can easily make both a loose and a large magnificent pompom.
You can make a colored pompom. To do this, wrap threads of different colors. Shape the color distribution as you like. Or evenly throughout the bombing, or focusing on one side.

The cardboard template is short-lived. You can make a blank from a plastic lid for cans. It is more flexible, so it will be much easier for you to wind it. Yes, and such a template will last you a long time.
Often knitters ask: how to sew a pompom to a hat. How to make sure that he does not hang from side to side? Very simple! The ends of the yarn with which you pulled the pompom, leave them always more genuine. Pull the hook to the wrong side, tie it tightly. Then
pull them back to the front again. Pass one needle into one thread, pierce the bubo again and pull it out again on the wrong side. If you do so, then the pompom will firmly hold on to the cap. Double fastening will provide a beautiful position for help.

The third way. Using the back of a chair.

This method is good when you need to make a lot of pompons in a short time. Its essence is that first a “sausage” is made of threads, which is then cut into pieces.

You can do this as follows.

Wrap the thread around the back of the chair, carefully remove and tie the resulting thread "sausage" with pieces of thread, in several places at the same distance. Then, between the ligaments in the center, cut the threads with scissors and get a lot of pompoms.

Or wrap the thread around the thin legs of the chair, make the right number of dressings, and only then remove and cut.

Making a pompom with your own hands.

When there is no way to make a template, you can quickly make a pomponchik from yarn with your own hands. It will turn out less neat, then you will have to slightly trim the yarn. But sometimes there is no other way out. This method is the easiest.
So let's get started.
- With your thumb we hold the tip of the thread for knitting, we begin to wind around the fingers. Winding one, two, three or four fingers depends on the width of the bomb. On average, winding on 3 fingers is enough for a hat.
- After you have wound the desired number of threads, cut the thread, make two turns across the winding.
- Tighten and tightly knotted.
- Cut on the outside.
- If necessary, trim the tips of the pompom.

The fourth way. Making pompons with a fork.

It is suitable for making small pompons.

In this case, for work, in addition to threads and scissors, you will also need an ordinary table fork. Wrap threads on it and tie the bundle in the middle (as is the case with winding on fingers). Then cut the threads around the edges and fluff the pompom. It turns out cute little pompons.

Thread pompons on a fork.

This way you can make small dumplings. Take the plug. Holding the tip with your thumb, we begin to wind across the teeth. We cut the yarn, make two turns across the winding, tie a knot. Cut the loops and shake the pompom. Everything is simple!

Once again, step by step:

- We take a fork with 4 teeth in the hand.
- With your thumb, hold the tip of the thread, stretch the thread between 2 and 3 with the tooth of the fork.
- We make many turns of yarn across the teeth of the fork.
- We make two turns across the winding between the 2 and 3 teeth.
- Tighten and tie.
- Cut from the outside.
- Fluff and trim with scissors so that the threads in the pompom become the same length.

The fifth way. We make simple brushes.

In addition to round pompons in products, you can often find thread brushes. The process of creating them is extremely simple.

Tie a bundle of threads, the length of which is equal to two lengths of the finished pompom, tie with a thread in the middle. Then fold it in half and, departing from the top 1 cm, make a few turns around the folded bundle with a thread, the ends of which are firmly tied and hidden inside the pompom. Then, with scissors, align the edges of the threads in the bun so that the product has a neat appearance.

Do not forget that pompons can be not only from any one color, but also multi-colored! Create, fantasize and decorate your knitwear or make toys from them.

Enjoy your handicrafts!

We hope you succeed.
Equal to you loops.
Share your result with us and leave comments.

How to make brushes with your own hands?

Often, craftswomen want to decorate their products with tassels. For example, a scarf, sweater, bag, hat ...

How to make a brush fast and easy?
- We lay out several pieces of thread.
- We tie it in the middle with the same thread.
- Fold it in half and, stepping back 1-2 cm, make a few turns, tightly fasten.
- We hide the tip inside the brush.

If you need to make a large brush, we make many layers of thread. If you need a long brush, cut long sections of thread, short - small ones.
The second way - using cardboard:
- Put the thread across the template.
- Start winding perpendicularly to the laid yarn.
- When you finish winding, tie the skein with the thread that was laid across.
- We retreat 1-2cm and tighten it tightly.
- If the tips are not even, we cut them.

How easy and quick to make a lot of little pompoms?

- Turn over a stool or a children's table,
- Wrap 2, 3 or 4 legs with yarn (depending on how many donuts are needed),
- We use the same thread throughout the whole stream, tying strong knots through equal distances.
- Remove the winding and cut in the middle of each segment.
The more you wind the yarn, the more magnificent the pomponchik will turn out.

How to make a fur pompom for a hat?
Read in detail here

Did you make a pompom? Share in the comments. Very interesting! Maybe you do something different?

How to make pompons with your own hands. Option 1.

- thread for knitting

1. Cut a knitting thread about 30 cm long and lay it on a flat surface.

2. Take a ball of thread and start wrapping the thread around your fingers. Do not wrap too tightly, as then you have to remove it from your hand.

You can make a small, medium and large pompom. For the small one, wrap around one finger from 75 to 100 times, for the middle - around two or three fingers 100-125 times, for the big one - around 3-4 fingers 125-150 times.

3. Remove the thread from your fingers and carefully lay in the middle of the cut piece of thread. Wrap this thread tightly around the removed patch and tie it to a knot, then turn and knit the knot from the back.

4. Use scissors to cut the stitches on the left and right. Just stick the scissors into the loops.

5. To make the pompom round, “cut” it with scissors.