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Sales on eBay from Russia: features and limitations


Ebay is a world-famous, popular, large-scale online auction where a huge number of users sell and buy a variety of products. Some people engage in one-time sales, while for others, the site has become a source of regular income. Learn how to sell goods from Russia on Ebay from this article.

Conditions and instructions for registering on eBay as a seller

Before you start working and selling on Ebay from Russia, you should perform several actions to get comfortable on the trading floor. The site makes sure that the sales sold here are of high quality, and all participants in the transactions remember their responsibilities.

Ebay does not allow users to sell products without a shopping experience. It is believed that without this, a person will not be able to understand how the whole process is carried out.

The first and main action required to sell on Ebay from Russia is registration on the official portal. What are the required steps according to the instructions:

  • Create an account,
  • post and confirm your email address,
  • generate a PIN code using your phone,
  • register in Paypal.

Anyone who is going to sell on Ebay from Russia or any other country should remember that he will have to communicate with customers. The first thing you pay attention to is the seller’s login. Regular customers will recognize the person from whom they liked to shop.

The login should be easy to read and understand. It is better that there are no extra characters in it, as well as words that can offend anyone. The right seller name is something that is easy to read and remember.

The next step is the confirmation of the email address. This is a point familiar to Internet users, since this action has to be performed by registering on any site.

The email address of a user who wants to trade on Ebay from Russia is required not only for this. With its help, communication is maintained with representatives of Ebay, important alerts are being received. Make sure that the mailbox is operational.

Next is the formation of the PIN code. It will protect the seller from possible risks, for example, losing a password, hacking a profile. If something like this happens, you can immediately restore access using your phone.

A person's phone number is added during registration, a PIN code is created separately. What should be done:

  1. Complete registration.
  2. Go to the "Account" section (located in the "My Ebay" tab).
  3. Select "Personal Information".
  4. Press the “Phone PIN code” button.
  5. Click "Create."
  6. Go to the page to generate the code.

At the same time, it is worth checking at the same time whether all registration information is indicated correctly.

There is nothing complicated in registering on Ebay, which allows you to further sell your goods through it. The last important point is the availability of your own account in the PayPal payment system.

Those who only want to buy on Ebey from Russia or another country will need a simple payment from the card, and sellers will need a PayPal account linked to the page created on the website of the online store.

How to display your products

After registering in the system, you can start selling on Ebay from Russia. Trading is the placement of lots previously checked for compliance with existing requirements.

How to open a store and trade products from Russia on Ebay:

  1. Log in to your profile.
  2. Go to My Ebay.
  3. In the menu that appears, select the “Account” option, click “Seller Panel”.
  4. Click the “Start selling” button.
  5. Indicate the method of selling products.
    There are two of them: auction and fixed price. In the first case, the seller determines the lowest cost of the goods, and customers bargain for it for a specific period. Absolutely all buyers or a limited group can participate in the auction.
  6. From the drop-down list, select a category. If it is specified incorrectly, administrators who check ads on Ebey will reject the application.
  1. In the tab for creating a lot, enter a bright, eye-catching product name. Many customers look for something specific on Ebay using special filters. The name of the product should contain keys to facilitate the search.
  2. Download real photos in high quality. Write an interesting description. It tells about all the properties of a thing, its characteristics.
  3. Set the cost. No need to specifically inflate it. This will push away potential customers, they will go look for the right product elsewhere.
  4. Indicate the period during which the product will be sold by the user. The maximum time is ten days.
  5. Place a lot and start selling on Ebay from Russia.

When an advertisement can be submitted and placed, it should be monitored how many times it has been viewed, at what position it is located. To increase customer attention, you can use paid options.

In order to sell goods on Ebey from Russia, you need to know not only the principles of sales, but also how to close the deal. As soon as a purchase notification arrives in the mail, the seller must invoice.

Paid product is sent to the address left by the buyer. Packaging can be beautiful, taking into account voiced wishes. All issues arising during the transaction are resolved in a personal dialogue.

How to accept payments

The money paid by the buyer comes to the account immediately. No need to rush to remove them. If the parcel does not reach the addressee, payment in full will be debited back. In order not to be at a disadvantage, the funds in the account must be left.

Important! Paypal does not allow residents of Russia and other CIS countries to accept funds to their own account. Reseller firms such as or can help solve this problem.

They will accept the payment, block it, and after some time they will provide it to the seller. A certain commission fee will be deducted from the entire amount.

Payments from Ebay are easily tracked. Their statuses are checked very quickly.

How to become an eBay seller

Any online sales begin with a decision to start a business and choose a suitable online trading platform, of course, in demand, such as eBay. It is popular for its simple and convenient interface and reach a wide audience.

Many sellers from Russia who offer both specific Russian goods and general goods have attracted the following advantages on eBay:

  • continuous development and expansion of its activities in the world,
  • implementation of the Russian interface,
  • providing residents of Russia with a wide range of rights and opportunities,
  • conducting sales in the form of an auction, as well as indicating a fixed price for the goods,
  • small fee.

Before starting sales and resolving the issue of how to sell available goods at an online auction, you must register as a seller. This will allow you to put lots for sale and receive cash as payment for the sold objects. The detailed instructions below will help you through all the registration steps.

Registration of Russian users is carried out on the official website at If the page opens in English, then a special button with the planet icon in the panel above will allow changing it. Move the cursor and select the interface language "Russian" in the drop-down menu. It should be noted that users registered as buyers only need to obtain seller status by entering company information. Sellers can both sell their goods and buy from others.

The registration procedure includes several stages, we will dwell on each of them in more detail:

  1. Go to the official eBay website and click the "Register" button in the panel above.
  2. Select the creation of a company account and indicate the name of the legal entity or individual entrepreneur, as well as the email address and phone number that belong to the organization.
  3. Specify the password that will be used later for logging in.
  4. Read the user agreement and the data protection notice. Next, click the "Register" button.
  5. In the form that opens, indicate the address of the company, which must be located on the territory of the Russian Federation, and other data required. The address must be real, if during the check it is established that the address does not correspond to the actual location, access to sales will be closed. Remember: trade is possible only in a certain list of countries, for example, residents of Ukraine cannot directly sell on eBay.
  6. Come up with a unique and beautiful login that will not be negative even when translated into English. The login may be different from email and should be easy to remember. It is the invented name that potential buyers will be the first to see, so the decision in many respects whether to purchase goods from you or not will depend on the specified login. If you can’t come up with an alias yourself, use the system prompt and select the most suitable and easy to read. Keep in mind that the installed login can be changed once a month, therefore, if you hurry up and indicate an incorrect login, you can fix it.
  7. Click the "Save and Continue" button - this will lead to the creation of an account and after passing the check, access to the work will be open.

Users registered in buyer status should change their account information to the seller. This can be done after logging in to the account via the “My eBay” menu. The experience of the buyer and the presence of positive reviews increases the chances of confirming the questionnaire by the administrators of the online auction.

Please note that all settlements on eBay are carried out through the PayPal payment system. To get started, you should register an electronic wallet on the official website at When creating an account, select "Corporate account" - this will allow you to accept payments as payment for goods sold. If you have a registered PayPal wallet, just change the status of the account from personal to corporate with information about the organization. This can be done after logging in to your account.

Requirements for sellers on eBay from Russia

When deciding how to sell on eBay from Russia, pay attention to a number of requirements for sellers. These include:

  • work experience, including shopping,
  • account verification via the specified email address,
  • entering a real mobile phone number,
  • The current corporate PayPal account must be linked.

Experience at the auction and the presence of positive reviews, including when making purchases, is a prerequisite for placing lots for sale. This not only increases the loyalty of potential buyers, but also affects the decision-making on admission to sales by the eBay administration.

If you have no experience after registration, make a few purchases for small amounts and ask sellers to write positive reviews.

Please note that sellers should not only indicate the current phone number, but also go through the procedure for registering a PIN code. To do this, open an account, go to your personal data and click on the "Create" button to the right of the line "Phone PIN-code". The auction security system will require re-entering the username and password of the account. Next, think up and specify a 6-digit code, which will subsequently act as a PIN code and will be required when restoring an account or contacting customer support by phone. At the end, click on the "Submit" button - the code will be created.

Attaching a PayPal account is also carried out on a tab with personal data. To do this, to the right of the line “Method of payment of refunds” click on the “Add” button and select PayPal as a means of payment. The system will automatically direct you to the payment system website and ask you to specify a username and password to access the electronic wallet. Read the terms of the agreement carefully and click "Agree and continue." A notification will open indicating that a new payment method has been successfully added. Be careful, because after you attach the wallet, funds will be automatically debited from it, as well as refunds under the eBay guarantee programs. The write-off will be carried out without additional confirmation from the seller.

Confirmation of e-mail does not cause any special questions. To do this, just follow the link sent in the message to the specified email address.

After the completion of all activities, the account is considered prepared for placing lots for sale.

Restrictions on the sale of goods on eBay

Before placing a lot, make sure that it is not part of the group prohibited or restricted for sale on eBay. A complete list of such products is set forth in the “Prohibited or Restricted Items” list, located on the online auction website at

Let us cite as an example some types of products that are subject to trade restrictions:

  • with the category "Adults Only",
  • alcohol and alcohol containing,
  • living creatures and those made from natural raw materials, including animals, as well as their stuffed animals,
  • works of art and artifacts,
  • contracts, including with mobile operators,
  • used cosmetics and clothing,
  • medicines and medical supplies, as well as descriptions of them,
  • weapons, including for self-defense, including knives,
  • Gift and bank cards
  • parts of the human body, as well as the remains,
  • the property,
  • gaming machines
  • other goods directly indicated in the list.

In case of violation of the rules of sale and placement of goods from the category of prohibited or limited for sale, the lot will be automatically deleted. The account will be frozen and completely blocked without the possibility of restoration of access.

How to advertise and start selling on eBay from Russia

After completing all the above instructions for registration and verification of products for compliance with the requirements, you can proceed to the next step - put up the goods for sale. Trading is carried out by placing lots on the trading floor of the eBay online auction.

Use the instructions below, the phased implementation of which will allow you to place an ad:

  1. Log in to your account and click on “My eBay”. In the menu that opens, click on the “Account” line and select “Merchant Panel”.
  2. In the section that opens, find "Start selling" and click it. On the colorful page in the center, find the large green Listyouritem button.
  3. Choose a trading method. There are 2 options in the form:
  • auction, when the seller sets the minimum price for the goods and buyers traded for it within a specified period (participation in the auction can be open to all users without exception or limited to a specific group of buyers),
  • fixed cost assignments.
  1. From the proposed list, select the product category to which the product corresponds. If the category is incorrectly defined, the ad may be rejected by administrators during the review.
  2. After going to the section for creating an advertisement, indicate a memorable and vivid name that will attract buyers' attention on the one hand and contain a description of the product on the other. Remember that many users are looking for specific products through a special filter. The name should contain keywords by which potential buyers can find the exposed lot.
  3. Design your appearance, upload real photos of good quality and make a beautiful description that contains complete information about the properties and characteristics of the goods being sold.
  4. Set the price for which you are ready to sell the goods. Evaluate similar products and their cost, you should not significantly raise the price - this can push away potential buyers, and the product will still not be sold.
  5. Indicate the period of time during which the sale will be carried out. As a rule, sellers set a maximum period of 10 days (minimum - 1 day).
  6. Place the lot and start trading.

After passing the test and placing an ad, monitor the number of views of the lot and its presence in high positions. The use of paid services will provide increased attention to the product and attract the maximum number of interested parties.

It is important to know not only how to trade on eBay, but also how to complete a sale transaction. After receiving a notice of purchase, you should invoice the purchaser for payment as soon as possible. After crediting the funds, send the goods to the address specified by the buyer. Try to pack nicely with all the wishes. Solve current issues through messages within the site.

Fees and Fees on eBay

In the relationship between the seller and the buyer, the eBay marketplace acts as an intermediary, which in essence accompanies the purchase and sale transaction. Деятельность любого посредника направлена на извлечение прибыли, которую eBay получает с каждой оформленной покупки в виде комиссии.

Несмотря на то, что регистрация бесплатна, для пользователей устанавливаются следующие виды платежей:

  • выделение объявления (Optional Feature Fee) с целью привлечения внимания — в зависимости от способа стоимость услуги составляет 0,2-2$,
  • Commission for a successful transaction (Final Value Fee) is 10% of the total cost, including delivery,
  • withdrawal from PayPal personal wallet, which is part of a single structure - 4%.

All commissions are debited automatically from the attached PayPal electronic wallet. If you disagree with the amount of funds debited, contact the auction support service with a request to clarify the reasons for the write-offs.

Note that there is an additional fee for placing more than 50 lots per month, which is $ 0.3 for each advertisement submitted in excess of the norm. Only 1 photograph of the product can be placed for free, in case of attachment of 2 or more, a fee of $ 0.3 to $ 1 depending on their quantity is provided. It is possible to post additional photos on a free basis by attaching links to special repositories.

For more information on fees for sales on eBay from Russia, see the video:

A simple and convenient interface available to Russian users helps to successfully sell products not only domestically, but also to foreign customers. When placing an ad and setting a price for a product on eBay, please note that the total amount of commissions and fees in case of a successful sale is up to 25% of the cost of the goods sold. Put these costs into the price at the time of registration and placement of the lot, since a change in value after publication may lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Ebay is one of the world's largest trading floors, and it’s hard to find someone who does not know about it. For Russians, it is becoming more and more interesting not only as a place where you can buy something, but also as a platform for selling their goods. But not so simple. Any business has its own nuances. The Americans told what tricks they resort to in order to sell their goods more expensive.

Ilya Nepelhout, shared with readers of Kiplinger magazine useful tricks that he uses when trading on ebay stocks. And here is what he writes:

To sell tennis racquets, I took some photos, wrote a product description, set the recommended “Buy Now” price for them on eBay ($ 75), and sold the goods within two days. I thought it was expensive ... until I found out that other eBay sellers sold the same rackets at a price twice as high. Why didn't it work out the same way? I decided to figure it out.

Ensure privacy for bidders for certain items

If you have not done a private auction, everyone can see the active bidders at your auction, as well as the final buyer. Some potential buyers prefer to keep their online activity secret.

If you sell sensitive products, such as medical products, "adult products" or underwear, a private auction can attract shy buyers and increase the number of applications.

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In addition, it is recommended to do a private auction for expensive and unique things in order to avoid fraud of buyers, as well as to protect buyers from unauthorized offers of other sellers.

The seller can see during the auction only the User ID of the participant who offers the highest price, and at the end of the auction - only the winner's User ID.

Link your auction to charity

When you add your product to eBay, you can donate 10% - 100% of the final cost of selling your product to a charity of your choice. If you do, the organization’s logo will appear in the product description, which will attract more traffic to your auction. While most online shoppers hunt for the cheapest price, some shoppers filter charity-related listings.

Interestingly, donated funds are not taxed. In addition, eBay returns a portion of the seller’s remuneration equal to the percentage of the sale price that you set as a charity after you sell the item.

Even donating part of your income, you can still win. Say you are selling a camera. Without a charity affair, you can sell a camera, say, for $ 100. Subtract 10% eBay tax and you will receive $ 90.

Thanks to charity affiliations you will attract more buyers. Set the final price to, say, $ 110. Give 10% ($ 11) back to eBay and give 10% (another $ 11) to charity, so you’ll have $ 88 left. But eBay will give you $ 3.30 per charity, which will increase profits to $ 91.30.

Set a maximum 10-day period for selling goods

When you place a new product for sale on eBay, you can set a time period during which trading will be open - from one day to 10 days.

Industrial Economics magazine conducted a study and found that 10-day auctions are 42% more effective than three- and five-day auctions and 18% more effective than seven-day auctions. “As a rule, the longer your auction runs, the more potential buyers see it, and the more likely it is that competing bidders will raise the price,” says Jordan Malik, author of six best-sellers for eBay and Amazon sellers.

The disadvantage of a 10-day listing is that you have to wait a few extra days to sell goods and get your money.

Start auction Thursday night

To attract as many potential buyers as possible, start your work on Thursday evening. With a 10-day listing, it will end on Sunday evening, and it will be active on two Sundays instead of one. Despite the fact that every day people can place bets around the clock wherever they are, peak traffic is observed on eBay on Sunday evenings. People at home are not distracted, and they have time to “go hunting."

Accept returns

“Returnability is a factor of comfort and trust,” said Prabhat Shah, an internet marketer and seller on DayToDay eBay, which offers training for eBay and Amazon sellers.

Allow buyers to return purchases. This will reduce their fear due to the fact that the goods may not suit them. It is fear and insecurity that prevents some people from participating in the purchase of your product. The opportunity to return the goods gives them a sense of security, and they will be willing to pay a little more for it. “My experience shows that buyers will pay much more for an item if they are confident that they can return it without problems,” says Malik.

Offer free shipping

“Although free shipping reduces your bottom line, it’s necessary,” said Mike Thomas of BTW Consulting, a firm that provides advice to eBay and Amazon sellers. Today, buyers expect free shipping, and delay the purchase if you do not offer it.

Malik agrees: “Buyers are ready to mindlessly go to the seller, who offers free shipping.”

Start bidding with one penny

Opening your auction with an initial price of $ 0.01 (called the "penny auction") will encourage buyers to start bidding earlier and more often. And they will continue to participate in your auction as prices rise. Malik explains that earlier start can lead to a higher selling price, because competition motivates bidders to win at all costs. “Emotion stimulates their purchasing power,” he says.

If you are afraid to start your auction so cheaply, you can set a reserve price: the lowest price at which the goods can be sold. This will increase interest in your product, and without risk selling your product cheaper than it costs in your opinion.

Allow customers in your area to pick up

Adding the option of local self-delivery to the product card does not mean that only local buyers must necessarily pick up the product themselves. Your listing will continue to be available to the whole world and it will be bidding. But such lists will appear as the “best hit” for buyers who used this eBay tool to filter their search near the seller - because they either do not want to wait or do not want to pay for delivery.

Use the right keywords to attract customers

“Think like a buyer,” said Danna Crawford, another eBay sales consultant. “What words would you place on this search bar to find your product?”

In the product description you can specify no more than 80 words. Some words are more beneficial than others. Researchers at Birmingham City University in England analyzed over 15 million words in over 68,000 eBay product listings. The results showed that carefully selected words increase the traffic to your auction and even affect the final price. Listings that used the word sneakers, for example, were priced higher than 52% than those who said trainers.

But what words should be used? “Follow the success of others,” says Crawford. She emphasizes the importance of studying other sellers to see what worked for them. The advanced search option on eBay allows you to filter sold and completed lists by category and purchase format (auction or fixed price).

So I found out that my tennis racket could sell for $ 150 instead of $ 75. Keep track of successful sellers and you will be surprised at how much more expensive you can sell your products.