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Do-it-yourself wire and stone photo holders


Today, most people have thousands of photos on smartphones and computers, but rarely when they get their hands on print them. But if the photographs are still printed, the question arises of how to arrange them at home, because frames or holders are needed. Today we propose making very simple and fun DIY photo holders. Children can be involved in the project!

Tools and materials:

  • stones (river),
  • copper wire,
  • pliers,
  • pen-pencil,
  • paints for stone (acrylic, chalk),
  • brushes of different sizes
  • adhesive for decoupage.

How to make wire and stone photo holders


  1. Wire,
  2. Pliers
  3. Wire cutters,
  4. Chipped stones
  5. Glue gun
  6. Paint in the spray can.

We bite off a piece of wire about 20 cm long with wire cutters. Using pliers we create the first curl, and we wind the remaining turns around it. The leg should be bent a little to the side, and paint the workpiece in the desired color.

Chipped stones must also be painted, for example, with gold paint from a spray can.

Well, after the paint has dried, glue the base. We put glue on the first pebble, put the next one on top, put glue on it as well and quickly put the last stone. Well, from above we glue the wire spiral on the leg.

At the end, the product should once again be covered with a layer of paint at the places of bonding.

In general, supports can be of various levels, they can be made of one pebble, and a wire spiral can be glued without a leg. It all depends on your imagination. And the color can be any, not necessarily gold. Well, since we are talking about gold, here in this review we showed how to make a crown from foamiran. They also showed how to make a three-dimensional letter from golden sequins, for the decor of a birthday, a wedding, a party or to complement the everyday home interior. Pleasant homemade, see you in the next reviews!