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How to tie a beautiful ribbon bow: master class


Making a gift is of great importance. A beautifully wrapped box with a lush or original bow produces a good effect. In the article we will present several options for how to tie a bow on a box in various ways. To do this, you need to purchase a satin ribbon in a hardware store and wrapping paper in stationery.

There are many options for decorating a gift. This is the simplest single bow, a bow with two rings, a lush multilayer. You can make a flower or ball separately from ribbons and then enter it into the binding already finished. You will also need templates from dense material and scissors for this. Some people just plant such a finished flower on scotch tape in the middle of the lid without tying the box itself.

The tape is used in completely different widths. It can be very thin - 5 mm, or you can take it wider - 5 cm. It all depends on the creative idea of ​​the author. If this is your first time trying this simple art, then see how to tie a bow on a box in the easiest way.

Plain Single Bow

Begin designing such a bow by launching a ribbon under the bottom of the box. From the top center or with a sideways shift, both ends intersect, and the long edge of the tape is once again held under the bottom of the box, but in a vertical position. Then, at the intersection of the two ends, a knot is tied. It remains only to make a simple bow, as on shoelaces.

With this method, there will be no knot on the bottom of the box, the ribbons are even, so that the gift will have a solid base. The edges of satin ribbons can be cut in different ways: bevel, corner, evenly. It is advisable to singe them with a lighter or a candle so that the tape does not split.

Lush bow

Let's look at another way to tie a bow on a box. The tape is divided into two parts. From one is a gift strapping. The tape is held under the bottom of the box and knotted in the center. Further work begins on laying another piece. To make the bow luxuriant, you need to fold the ribbon in coils one on top of the other, as in photograph number 3. Then this bundle is woven into a knot. To do this, they put it in the center of the box and tied the ends of the first tape.

The more turns, the more magnificent is the finished decoration. It remains only to spread each ring with your fingers and turn it around so that they are arranged in a circle.

Such a magnificent bow will turn out only from a soft and thin ribbon, if the material is more dense, it will be puffed up and the knot will be rough and thick. This can be avoided if you know how to tie a bow on a box in the following way.

Stitching individual items

This jewelry is made separately. Subsequently, it can either be glued to the box using tape, or tied into a ribbon in a finished form. Such a flower is made from several strips of different lengths. Since the coils are sewn in pairs, you need to prepare two long segments for the lower part, two middle and two short ones for the design of the middle. Let's look at how to tie a satin ribbon bow.

1. Prepare segments of the desired length. The shortest is the middle, it is presented in a single copy.

2. From each segment, you need to collapse the figure eight and sew the middle with a stitch.

3. The same eights folded perpendicular to each other and sew together. Cross-shaped workpieces are obtained.

4 - 5. All parts are fastened together. Below - the largest, then - medium size, above - the smallest. A part represented by a simple ring is inserted in the middle. Place it with a seam down so that it is not visible.

6. The result was a lush and durable bow. You can make it from any material, even from dense rep or velvet.

Paper version

From a special paper packaging tape, you can make a beautiful composition. To do this, you will need a template and sharp scissors. Instead of the template, you can make several turns around the palm. Then it is folded in half and cut off on two sides from two sides, as in the photo below. This is done so that the central node is not thick. The ribbon is turned so that the cuts are in the center, and tied with a thin strip. We look further on how to tie a beautiful ribbon bow.

It remains only to smoothly turn all the turns and deploy them in all directions. This is done so that they are distributed throughout the circle. At the end, the bow is attached to the gift box or knitted into the interweaving of stripes around the box.

Several similar options

Now you know how to tie a beautiful ribbon bow. But you can differently design the edges of a lush flower, and it will look more original.

1. A lush paper bow is made, described in the last section. Next, you need to cut each round of the ringlet with scissors in half. If you look at the red sample, then all the edges are cut by corners, forming the aster’s petals.

2. The second version of the pink color in the photo has rounded edges with a recess in the middle. To do this, each end of the tape was folded in half and a corner was cut from one side and the other.

3. The flower looks pale green. Before you tie a bow on a gift, each turn of it in the middle of the ringlet is cut into several parts by the ends of the scissors, depending on the width of the ribbon. It turns out a chrysanthemum, which looks very impressive on gift wrapping.

You can come up with your own method of notching the edges. It will be the most unique design decision.

Original decoration

How to tie a satin ribbon bow? It is simple, and this method looks unusual. After all, the bow is horizontal. You can do it by different methods. The first option is to correctly fold the tape in turns, from the largest to the smallest in the center. It is better that the bow does not creep into pieces, fasten it with glue or grab it with stitches.

The second option is to make a composition of individual elements by gluing together pieces of different lengths folded in half. In the central turn, insert a separately cut piece of strip and tie a bow nicely. A larger number of turns can be cut from a satin ribbon, then it will be more magnificent. A matter of taste and quality of the material.

Composition of several elements

Gift wrapping made of several ribbons of different quality and color looks beautiful. Consider the option of making a bow. Two pieces are cut from a satin ribbon, wide and narrow. For a change in the creation of the product, you can include an element from another material, as in the photo below. Then, three bows are sewn separately in descending order.

Then you need to attach the finished bow to the package.

In the article we introduced you to the various basic options for tying bows. These skills will be useful not only to those who don’t know how to arrange gifts in a box or bag, but also to mothers who want to learn how to tie a bow to their daughter’s dress beautifully. So try, and maybe come up with your own way, the most unique and original. After all, this is a creative and interesting process.

Preparatory work

We use bows not only during the holidays, but also in everyday life. They can decorate the house (for example, cling to curtains), decorate hairpins, clothes, use in needlework. There are a lot of options for their use, as well as ways to tie a beautiful ribbon bow. First you need to choose the most suitable material for your craft.

Choose a tape

First of all, you must clearly determine what you are going to make a bow for and what kind of color it should be. If you are packing a gift, you must choose the width of the ribbon depending on the size of the box: for large presentations, wide ones are better, and for small ones - narrow. Although, if you decide to go against the rules and tie a huge wide bow on a small package, it can look very good.

Remember the golden rules

If you plan to make a beautiful bow from a ribbon for a dress, pay attention to
its texture. It should go well with the fabric from which the clothes are sewn.

To determine the length of the ribbon for the gift box, you can use the following method: wrap the gift twice and add about 60 cm to the resulting length for the bow itself.

Most often, to tie a beautiful ribbon bow, use satin fabric. But if you do not have experience in this matter, this material may seem to you too slippery and inconvenient for creativity. In this case, it is better to objectively evaluate your abilities and give preference to a rougher material.

A very convenient option for bows for gifts and bouquets is a ribbon with a thin wire attached to the edges. It allows you to give the product any shape and keep it for a long time.

Always remember the most important rule when choosing a ribbon: if you can tie it into a tight knot that does not fall apart, then it is perfect for your creation.

We collect the remaining materials

To make a bow, you will also need:

  • glue (test it in advance for the ability to fix the fabric),
  • sharp scissors that will clearly cut the tape and not chew its edges,
  • floristic wire (this material is not always required, but in the manufacture of some models you can’t do without it),
  • additional decor elements - beads, flowers, stars and any other trinkets with which you want to decorate your product.

So, we picked up the materials to make a bow from the ribbon. Everyone can master the master class on its creation, regardless of their experience in needlework.

Classics of the genre

To begin with, let's try to make the most ordinary bow, without the best layers and details. But do not think that if it is simple in execution, it will look less advantageous than its magnificent brothers.

So, how to tie a beautiful ribbon bow? You must follow these steps:

  1. Measure the required length and cut the desired piece. It is better to take material with a margin so that it is probably enough, and the bow tails are long and elegant, not microscopic and sticking out in different directions.
  2. Remove all unnecessary from the table and lay out the tape on it (you can do it on the floor or bed - this is not important, the main thing is that you have a flat surface that is not cluttered with foreign objects).
  3. Spread it and spread it out in front of you. If there is such a need - iron with an iron.
  4. Cross the ends of the ribbon in the center to properly tie a satin ribbon bow. If you did it right, you should get two even eyelets of the same size. These will be the ears.
  5. Before taking the next step, carefully check the sizes of the parts so that one half does not work out more than the other. Make the same measurements with tails - they should also be perfectly identical (unless, of course, you have conceived the concept of a bow with ends of different lengths).
  6. Now we cross the droplets, superimposing them on top of each other.
  7. Wrap the left eye around the right and pass through the loop that appeared in the central part.

Firmly tighten the resulting knot so that it does not come loose at the most inopportune moment. Correct every part of it - and that's it, our decoration is ready!

Plug to the rescue!

If you want to make a small beautiful bow from a thin ribbon, it is very convenient to use auxiliary objects when creating it. Since it is quite difficult to tie it manually, you will need the most ordinary fork for these purposes.

This cutlery, which is in any home, will help you to make even the smallest beautiful bow from a ribbon. You can independently adjust the size of the future product by increasing the width of the teeth with cardboard. To make a beautiful bow with a fork, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Flatten the tape and wrap it around the appliance.
  2. Invert one end and stretch it under the tape between the middle teeth of the fork.
  3. Lift this end from the opposite side. So you wrap the entire plug.
  4. Pass the same part of the tape in the upper zone, pull it to the front of the cutlery.
  5. On the one hand, you have a loop that you don’t need to touch yet.
  6. Keep working with the same tip. Wrap it on the right and stick it through the bottom into the loop.

Now tighten the resulting composition, carefully remove it from the fork - and that's it, the miniature bow is ready.

The wire won't hurt either

Another useful helper for creating bows is floristic wire. With its help, you can make both classic single-tier and magnificent crafts.

For gifts, bouquets, hair ornaments, clothes and interior decor - you can use such a bow from a ribbon anywhere. The master class on its creation is extremely simple:

  1. Cut the length of tape you want.
  2. Lay it on a flat surface and smooth it.
  3. Bend the material on both sides and cross the ends in the center. Lay them on top of each other. Thus you will form the ears of the future bow. Do not forget that their ends should hang freely in the form of tails.
  4. Keep the resulting composition in the central part so that all its elements remain in place.
  5. Wrap the workpiece tightly in the middle with wire.
  6. Cover the junction with a piece of tape of the same color or go well with the main one. Fix with glue or sew with thread.
  7. Tidy the ears and ponytails, correcting them and spreading them symmetrically.

So we make a beautiful ribbon bow. Feel free to use it for any decorative purposes.

Two in one

If you want to make a simple bow, but not with two ears, but with four folded in two layers, you do not need to cut each element of it separately. To create this craft, as in the case of a regular bow, you also need one complete tape.

This jewelry is perfect for decorating gifts, as well as for decorating hairstyles and any other kind of decor. So, let's get down to business.

  1. Cut a large piece of tape and lay it in front of you.
  2. Bend the first chain, then the second. Do not let the central part out of your hands so that the composition does not fall apart. If you find it difficult to hold the tape and work with it at the same time, ask someone to help you until you learn how to do it yourself. When you get the hang of working with the tape, you can make multi-level jewelry in this way, but for now it’s better to limit yourself to a two-layer craft.
  3. Cut off the excess parts of the tape, and drag the rest in the center with wire or sew with thread.
  4. Wrap the central part with a suitable color tape so that the fixing point is not visible. Fix it with glue or sew it too.

You made a beautiful two-layer bow. Now you can cling to it wherever your heart desires!

Making a bow with curvy shapes

To make a beautiful bow from a wide ribbon, it is best to use a material along the edges of which a wire is stretched. In this case, it will be much more convenient for you to give the decoration a shape and volume. This craft is perfect for gift boxes.

For a medium-sized presentation, you will need the following materials:

  • about 2 meters of tape,
  • glue gun
  • double sided tape.

So, your steps in order to make a beautiful ribbon bow:

  1. Wrap the box in gift paper,
  2. Cut the right amount of tape and wrap it around the presentation.
  3. Fix the future bow on the box with glue. At the same time, you can not trim the ends of the tape, since you will need them for further creativity.
  4. Bend one end of the material to make a loop. Glue the formed droplet to the box in the central part.
  5. Fold the loop a few times to form folds. Each of them is a separate ear of the future bow.
  6. Fasten the loops together and stick them to the packaging.
  7. Similarly, you can make even more of these droplets and fix them on the box.
  8. Do the same operations to create the second half of the bow.
  9. Use scissors to tidy the hanging ponytails.

To hide the place of fixation of all elements in the center of the craft, cover it with a separate piece of fabric.

Ennoble the ends of the tape

When creating any bow, every element plays a very important role. Not only the ears of the craft, but also its tails should look neat and symmetrical.

When we tie a bow from a satin ribbon (or any other), we need to ensure that its hanging ends are as long as possible. You can shorten them at any time, but increase them without loosening the loops, it is extremely difficult and virtually impossible.

To make the bow look neat, you need to correctly trim the ends of the ribbon. Thanks to this, the material will not crumble, you will remove excess threads protruding from the edges, and the whole appearance of the product will become much more presentable.

To achieve the best effect, use sharp scissors that will not chew on the fabric. To cut the ends, you can choose one of the two most common ways:

  1. Diagonally: go with a pair of scissors along the tape at any angle you like.
  2. V-образно: найдите точку в центре ленты недалеко от ее конца, пометьте ее карандашом или ручкой, отрежьте по направлению к ней две линии, идущие из углов хвостика. Если вырезанный вами треугольник не отделился от ткани самостоятельно, осторожно отделите его в месте, в котором он еще держится.

Choose additional decorations

Finishing the tips can be the last stage of how to tie a beautiful ribbon bow, unless, of course, you want to decorate it with additional trinkets. Depending on the occasion, your tastes and the content of the gift, these can be a variety of elements.

For example, a bow for a New Year's present can be decorated with a small decorative snowflake, a bell, Santa Claus. For crafts on a hairpin or clothes, rhinestones, beads, flowers, stars, hearts, etc. are suitable.

Decorate wisely!

In any handicraft store you can find a lot of suitable parts. They can be attached not only to the tape itself, but also to the wrapper near it, if we are talking about presentations.

When choosing additional elements for a bow, it is very important not to overdo it. It’s better to simply tie a beautiful ribbon bow and decorate it with one cute trinket, than to cling to a bunch of all kinds of jewelry that together will look cheap and tasteless. Create with wisdom and inspiration. And you will surely succeed!

Tape selection

Bows are made from specially designed ribbons.

Materials for tapes:

Table of features of materials for tapes:

Material NamePositive sidesdisadvantages
  • strength,
  • durability,
  • with proper care, the material does not lose shape,
  • completely safe
  • absorbs moisture
  • not electrified.
The fabric is heavy, when washing in hot water, it sits down, the raw edge quickly crumbles
  • strength,
  • form stability
  • tissue deformation is completely excluded,
  • rich appearance
  • does not require special care.
  • it costs expensive,
  • unpleasant to the body
  • poorly breathable
  • working with such a fabric is quite difficult.
  • elastic fabric
  • lightweight and durable
  • not wrinkling
  • holds heat well and allows air to pass through,
  • dries quickly
  • affordable.
The material does not tolerate high temperatures, it is electrified
  • strength,
  • density,
  • holds well,
  • lets air in and absorbs moisture,
  • not wrinkled.
The cotton type of fabric sits when washing in hot water, wash silk and wool fabric only by hand and dry in a horizontal position
  • strength,
  • ease,
  • smoothness,
  • material repels pollution
  • not deformed
  • does not crumple.
  • fully synthetic material
  • burns out in the sun
  • does not absorb moisture
  • does not warm.
PaperA wide variety of colors, glossy gloss, easy to work with the materialCrumpled and not smoothed, easily damaged
LaceElegant appearance, elasticity, fabric passes air wellRequires special care: do not squeeze, do not overdry
Cotton materialNatural, warm, durable, pleasant to the touch fabric.Easy to wrinkle, difficult to smooth, sits down, fades after washing


To make a bow from ribbons with your own hands, you will need:

  • tapes, as the main material,
  • ruler for measurements,
  • well-sharpened scissors,
  • tweezers for fixing the ends of the tape,
  • fire source for singeing ends
  • glue.

beads and rhinestones are used for decoration

General recommendations for the manufacture of ribbon bows

Before making bows from ribbons, the following nuances should be taken into account:

  • for a correctly made product, the front side of the tape should be visible, the wrong side should be hidden,
  • slices must be singe,
  • in order not to spoil the shape of the material, it is not recommended to leave the ribbons tied for a long time,
  • if the bow will be used as an element of decor for clothes, it is necessary that the bow material in its texture be compatible with the clothing material,
  • to determine the correct length of the tape for wrapping the box, you need to make 2 turns of the tape around the box and add at least 60 cm for the bow,
  • when tying the bow, it is important to leave the free ends of the ribbon as long as possible, and then shorten with scissors,
  • shorten the ends can be one of 2 options: cut diagonally or V-shaped.

for gift boxes and bouquet arrangements it is more convenient to use a ribbon with wire inside, the product will retain its original appearance for a long time.

How to tie a satin ribbon bow nicely

How to tie a bow from a satin ribbon in a classic variation:

  • determine the middle of the tape,
  • throw the tape over the index fingers, the loops should be equal, the bottom of each loop is clamped with the thumb,
  • cross the loops
  • thread one loop into another
  • tighten the knot.

To make a strict bow from a satin ribbon, you must:

  • lay out a strip of material on the table and determine the middle,
  • each edge of the tape is fixed with glue in the middle of the tape (if correctly folded, the side view resembles an infinity sign), smooth,
  • a small piece of tape (different colors can be used) wrap the joint,
  • glue the ends on the back of the bow.

To tie a double bow, you will need 2 ribbons of the same length.

  1. Tapes are stacked together.
  2. Throw 1 loop on the index fingers.
  3. Loops to cross.
  4. Pass one of the loops into the ring formed from below, tighten.
  5. Smooth the finished bow, straighten the ends of the ribbon, you can hide them inside the bow loops.

A double bow can be made differently, and it will look a little different:

  • take wide and narrow ribbons of the same length,
  • place a narrow tape on a wide one, glue the ends together,
  • fold the tape around, fasten the ends,
  • the joint of the glued opposite ends is located in the middle of the bow, the joint is fastened with the parallel part of the future bow,
  • wrap the contact area with thin tape.

You can tie a bow in the shape of a butterfly on a ribbon neck in one of two ways:

  1. Throw the tape over the neck, cross the ends.
  2. Skip up the right end of the tape, lower it down. The right side of the tape should grab the left side before crossing.
  3. Now the left half of the tape grabs the right, located in a horizontal position, and is passed into the loop. At the end, the knot is tightened.
  4. Position the tape on the neck so that its ends are different in length. Cross (and the longer part should be on top).
  5. Grasp the short part with this part of the tape and lower it down.
  6. Fold the short end in a semicircle.
  7. The long part is located in front of this and also folds in a semicircle.
  8. Pass into the loop, which is located behind the 1st half-band.
  9. Tighten, straighten.

The volume bow on the neck is tied like this:

  • tape around the neck
  • form loops
  • weave and tie
  • straighten the bow.

How to tie a bow from a ribbon on a dress:

  • the ends of the decorative strip are folded with loops, crossed,
  • the place of crossing is fixed with glue (in this case, rhinestones are glued on top) or with a decorative pin,
  • attach the accessory to the dress.

To beautifully tie a bow at the waist, you must follow this procedure:

  • wrap around the waist
  • fold the ends with 2 loops, cross,
  • skip 1 element into the formed loop,
  • tighten.

The original solution for decorating the waist will be a bow with a single loop.

Order of execution:

  • the tape wraps around the waist, its ends should be different in length,
  • a loop is formed from a long section of tape and crosses with a short end,
  • the loop goes down, grabbing the short end of the tape,
  • drags on
  • Adjusts the length of the ends of the tape.

How to tie a beautiful ribbon bow on chairs

Recently it has become fashionable to decorate the backs of chairs with bows. The decoration of chairs should be treated very carefully: the color of the bow should correspond to the nature of the event. In order for the bow to retain its shape for a long time, it is better to choose hard materials (organza), the edges of which should be well processed.

Most often, the backs of chairs are decorated with classic bows.

It is tied like this:

  • wrap the back of the chair with tape
  • at the free ends make 2 loops, cross,
  • wrap the other loop with one loop towards you,
  • tighten, straighten.

Another option for tying the tape on the back of the chair involves placing jewelry under the upper bar.


  • fold the tape in half
  • hang the tape on the upper bar, the loop is located on the inside,
  • tails are threaded into a loop, tightened.

How to tie a bow on September 1

The most popular hairstyle decoration for September 1st is the bow.

You can tie it in one of 3 ways:

  • pleated bow
  • 4 petals
  • luxurious flower.

For the 1st option you will need a wide ribbon and elastic band.

  1. Hair is gathered together and tied with an elastic band.
  2. Then the hair is wrapped with tape, one edge of the tape is left long, the other is short.
  3. The long end is folded several times and tied up with a short one. The bow is ready.

Bow "4 petals" is done like this:

  • the collected hair is wrapped with tape and tied to a single knot, the ends of the tape should be the same,
  • hinges are folded from the tails and tied with a classic bow,
  • the remaining ends also fold and tie.

Before creating the next hairstyle, the tape must be prepared:

  • flash the tape along the center,
  • to put together an accordion
  • give the ribbon a bow or flower shape and sew it.

Attach a bow to the elastic band, put the hair together, pull it with an elastic band.

Bow on a box for decoration gift

Volumetric bows will always be appropriate on gift boxes.

Making a bow-ball:

  • fold the tape in several layers,
  • cut the corners of the resulting rectangle,
  • move the slices to the center by gently moving the tape,
  • tighten the narrowest part of the tape
  • in turn pull out all the loops, forming a ball.

To create a magnificent bow you will need 3 ribbons of different widths.

  1. Lay a strip of medium width in 4 layers, the layers should be located one above the other.
  2. Also fold a wide strip and arrange the tiers crosswise.
  3. Place the 1st bow on top of the 2nd.
  4. Tighten the center with a thin tape.

Big fluffy ribbon bow

To create a large bow you will need a very wide ribbon, from which a square is first cut out.

  1. It is necessary to place the base (a small strong box) in the center of the square.
  2. Top and bottom cover the base with the edges of the tape.
  3. On the short sides of the resulting rectangle, make several folds.
  4. In the middle, where the base is located, collect the tape and bandage it.
  5. Spread the bow loops.

Wide ribbon bow

A bow from a wide monophonic ribbon will look very beautiful and original if a narrow strip with an ornament runs along the central line along the entire length.

Bow creation scheme:

  • lay out a wide strip of tape on the table,
  • along the middle line and along the edges, with a hidden stitch, attach a narrow bright strip or a strip with a pattern,
  • wind the finished strip of fabric onto the arm,
  • to tie
  • remove from hand and straighten.

From thin tape

For lush bows, a decorative strip of thin material is more suitable.

For crafts, you need:

  • lay a strip of fabric over the entire length in turns, the turns should be located one above the other. The more turns, the more magnificent bow,
  • firmly tied in the center
  • straighten
  • arrange the rings in a circle.

Narrow ribbon

How to tie a bow from a ribbon of small width in the shape of a flower:

  • cut the tape of the desired length (at least 100 cm),
  • from one end measure 20 cm and form the 1st loop about 3 cm long,
  • Make the 2nd loop in the same way from the opposite end,
  • Make the 3rd loop on the opposite side near the 1st, continue the action until the entire strip of fabric is involved,
  • carefully tie the center of the folded strip of fabric with a special wire,
  • wrap the wire with tape,
  • straighten the loops in a circle.

From kapron tape

To make a lush bow from kapron, the tape must first be well ironed and the sections cut with fire.

  1. Now the tape bends along the center line and is sewn with small bends. In this case, the thread should be tightened.
  2. Twist the stitched tape spirally.
  3. Sew the edge assembled with an accordion.
  4. Attach the finished bow to the elastic.

A voluminous nylon bow can simply be tied to the hair.

To do this, you need:

  • to collect hair in a tail and wrap it with tape,
  • tie a single knot (cross the ends of the ribbon, wrap the upper end of the ribbon),
  • make loops on both ends of the capron strip, leave both free parts of the tape long, tie
  • form another loop from the remaining long ends, tie.

From paper tape

To make the Star bow from paper tape, do the following:

  • cut the tape with these strips: 1st 3 will be the longest, 2nd 3 stripes slightly shorter, 3rd and equally shorter than 2nd stripes,
  • each strip is folded by eight, the ends are fixed,
  • the first three largest elements are stacked in a circle, making up the lower tier,
  • a tier of medium-sized elements is laid on it just as well, the petals should be staggered, in the center the tiers are fastened,
  • last attached small petals in a similar arrangement.

wrap a small piece of tape in a ring and attach it to the center of the craft.

How to make a bow from a ribbon for an extract

To make the bow from the tapes on the statement look elegant, it is better to use ribbons of several combining colors and decor elements. Such a bow will be multi-tiered.

Manufacturer's instruction:

  • the work starts from the lower tier, the tape is cut into pieces 20 cm long, the ends of each piece are fired and stitched,
  • the petals are laid out in a circle and interconnected,
  • for the petals of the next tier, cut strips 15 cm long, also make petals of them and fasten in a circle,
  • place the upper circle of petals on the bottom, sew at the center point,
  • Decorate the middle of the bow flower with beads and rhinestones.

The plot of the bow for a newborn boy:

You can make a bow of 3-4 tiers. It is important to remember: the higher the petals, the smaller they are.


To make a two-color bow, you will need 2 multi-colored ribbons of different widths. A wider tape will form the basis and background, it should be monophonic. A narrow ribbon can be taken bright with an ornament.

Work process:

  • cut 2 pieces of the same length of a wide and narrow tape,
  • place a narrow tape on a wide one along the center line, fasten the ends,
  • turn into a ring
  • glue the joint
  • smooth out
  • tie the bow in the middle with a narrow ribbon, hiding the joint under it, tie it,
  • adjust the ends.

Openwork "Dior"

Bow "Dior" is somewhat different from other crafts from ribbons with loops and knots. It represents a semicircular half of a bow lying in one plane. For its manufacture, you can choose any ribbon, including lace.


  • rings of different lengths are made rings
  • the rings overlap one another from the larger to the smaller,
  • in the middle are fixed with a stapler, so each ring takes the shape of an eight,
  • the smallest ring is superimposed on top, fixed,
  • hide the fixing point under the tape that passes through the small ring.

Using a fork

To make a bow on a fork with your own hands, you will need a ribbon with a length of 15 cm and a table fork with 4 teeth.


  • wrap the teeth of the fork with a ribbon, cross on the inside,
  • determine the length of the ends of the tape, one of them should be much longer than the other,
  • stretch the long end through the middle gap between the teeth,
  • the same end is brought up between the 2nd and 3rd teeth,
  • the formed small loop does not need to be tightened yet,
  • the tape is looped inward,
  • pull the end of the workpiece from the loop, tighten the assembly,
  • remove the finished bow from the cutlery,
  • adjust the ends.

Kansashi Technique

How to make a bow from a ribbon using the kanzashi technique:

  • First, you need to cut the ribbon into small rectangles, the more rectangles (for example, 15), the larger the bow, a petal will be made from each rectangle,
  • put the tape face down on the table,
  • bend the upper corner to the bottom line and secure with a safety pin,
  • flip the rectangle
  • on the front side, bend an acute angle to the bottom,
  • hide the end
  • secure with a pin
  • do the same from the opposite side,
  • fold the blank so that the bent corners are inside,
  • flash the bottom edge, tighten the thread,
  • flip, straighten,
  • perform all the petals in a similar way
  • put on the thread for the lower tier and close in a circle of 7 petals, for the middle - 5, for the upper - 3,
  • stick the base to the middle of the lower tier from the wrong side,
  • on the front side, glue the middle, then the upper, to the lower tier.

decorate the middle with a large bead.

From rep tapes

How to tie a bow from a rep ribbon:

  1. Fold the tape with an eight, fasten the ends with pins.
  2. Bend the middle of each loop to the middle of the bow, fix, it turned out 4 small loops.
  3. Both bows are sewn in the center, the thread is tightened, the place of the stitch is wrapped with thread, the thread is fixed.

From ribbons of different materials, you can create a wide variety of bows to decorate with them clothes, gifts and home decoration. The technique of tying bows is extremely simple, any person can handle it.

Author: Doroshenko E.N.

Article design: E. Chaykina