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How to run correctly? Running from scratch


Effective running training consists in the intensity and duration of the session. However, there is a factor that plays a decisive role in the development of body muscles and body modeling. This factor is running technique. Having learned how to run correctly, you can increase the results at times, and minimize the chance of injury. Therefore, pay due attention to the topic!

The right running technique

Running technique is divided into phases. In each there are moments where gross errors take place. Correction of these errors is the key to the speedy achievement of an attractive figure and result. An important condition for the running technique is the position and movement of the upper and lower limbs.

Foot. The setting of the foot in running occurs from heel to toe. This is a simplified version of the run, which is well suited for overcoming long distances. Professional middle-distance athletes run in a complicated version - on toes. This allows you to develop high speed, but requires good physical fitness.

Sock. During running, the toe should be turned slightly inward. If the socks are turned in different directions from each other, the running speed is much lower.

Knees. Try to raise your knees as low as possible. Proper knee movements will save energy.

Torso. Try to exclude the rotation of the body. Excessive body movements result in a loss of speed and increase the cost of power. Keep your back straight so that the common center of gravity remains in the pelvic area. The body is slightly inclined forward 5-7 degrees. Do not tilt the case below, otherwise you may lose balance.

Hands. Bend your hands at the elbow, squeeze your hands into a fist. During running, hands should touch or pass close to the ribs. The frequency of movement depends on the set pace. Try running fast with your arms while running and feel your legs need to accelerate.

Head. Head position while running matters. A downcast head increases the load on the back of the neck. Therefore, try to run looking forward.

The jogger must maintain the correct posture, without stoop. Movement of the body to the sides should be excluded. Hands are in a relaxed state, their movement is due to inertia as a result of running.

Running has two phases:

  1. Reference phase. The body occupies two supporting positions. The main mistakes are strong bending at the knees and turning the body.
  2. Fly leg transfer. Otherwise, it is called the “flight” phase. The most common mistake is a long and long step. Jogging is accompanied by short steps with a minimum time of touching the ground and freezing in the air. In other words, the runner must be on the ground and in the air for the same amount of time.

When mastering the technique, you need to pay attention to how the movements are performed. If you devote the first few runs to work on technical aspects, then in the future you will not have to relearn, and the acquired skill will allow you to perform each movement on automatism.

How to breathe while running?

Changing the respiratory rate allows the body to adapt to the loads and perform them for a long time. Again we turn to the position of the torso and even posture. Accepted by the body, this position allows the breast to straighten out as much as possible, and the lungs to increase air throughput.

Proper breathing while running consists in inhaling air through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. True to comply with this rule is not always possible and even wrong.

Inhalation occurs smoothly, so the nasal cavity and its small volume allow the lungs to get the most benefit from the inhaled air. Exhaling through the mouth takes less time. We exhale the processed air, so it makes no sense to hold it in the body for a long time.

Often during training, there is a lack of oxygen. This makes you forget about the rules of breathing and use two organs at the same time. Take 3 deep breaths.

This breathing technique is suitable at the beginning of the race. In the future, inhaling through the nose, and exhaling through the mouth becomes difficult and even stupid. Therefore, use the proper breathing technique for warming up exercises or for starting a distance.

There is a breathing technique in a few steps. Otherwise called the rhythm of breathing. To run at a slow pace, use 3 steps to inhale and 3 to exhale, if the running speed is high, the breathing rhythm can be 2 steps to inhale, 2 exhale, or 1 for each movement.

If you run into a side illness while running, go for a slow run and breathe slowly and deeply. Sometimes, maintaining the pace is an important condition for training, and you cannot lower the speed of your run. To side has passed, take a breath on the opposite foot to the side. If the left side hurts, take a breath when the right leg is in front. And vice versa, the right side is the left leg.

When to run right?

Time of day matters for jogging. The main difference between training in the morning and evening is intensity. In the early hours of the day, the body is not ready to fulfill the load of increased complexity. In the morning, it is best to do a long workout at a low pace. In the evening, the intensity can be increased by reducing the time of classes.

In the morning pulse is lower than in the evening. This is the main argument to run at an easy pace and not even sweat. The body has just woken up, and a high load will lead to rapid fatigue, which will remain for the whole day.

Evening well suited for muscle strength training. The right time to go to the gym and do leg exercises. For example, squats with a barbell, flexion and extension of the legs or leg press lying.

If we talk about seasonal changes, then winter is well suited for training endurance and willpower. Proper equipment will not allow you to get sick and improve your health. Summer is a good time for developing speed-power abilities and working on running techniques.

How to choose a place to run?

When choosing a place to run, try to avoid frequent crossings of the road, especially in places not designated for crossing. A useful addition is the presence of natural barriers in the form of ups and downs.

There are several options where you can run.

Stadium. The most comfortable place for running training. The stadium bases are different, but everyone has a designated place for running, a flat surface and the presence of horizontal bars, bars, stairs to complete the workout and muscle stretching.

Parks. Convenient place for jogging. Parks are distinguished by a large number of trees and fresh air. The tracks have a flat surface, which allows you not to worry about the possibility of dislocation of the ankle. People walking in the park are unlikely to become a serious obstacle.

Streets. Running on the city streets is a good way out if the rest of the infrastructure is far away or does not meet the requirements for training. The downside is the high content of emissions in the air, because sidewalks are along roadways. The rest is suitable for jogging no worse than a park.

Forest. The presence of natural barriers in the forest is a good incentive to conduct a workout. Changing the surface topography in the form of sand, leaves and cones will allow you to train your overall endurance. Running through the forest is harder, but the amount of calories burned is higher.

How to quench your thirst?

During training, the body spends energy and water. To make up for the lack of essential elements, drink drinking water without gas. Drinking is worth no more than 3 sips every 15 minutes of running.

After training, it is useful to consume mineral water. Mineral water contains dissolved salts and trace elements that are released from the body through sweat.

Be careful. The label for the bottle labeled carbonated drinking water does not contain salts, as in its essence is distilled water with gases. Choose water labeled “mineral” - such water should have a slightly salty taste. By the way, therefore, sweat tastes salty.

Running is the most affordable way to lose weight, build leg muscles, overcome fatigue and even quit smoking. However, the maximum benefit is achieved by understanding how to run correctly and observing the running technique. Therefore, follow the movements while running, breathe correctly and be happy!

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What is running and why is it needed

First, a little about running. Why is he so wonderful and why I chose him as the main sport when I decided that sport should be firmly strengthened in my life. I thought about sports for a reason. Sooner or later, everyone will remember him, when the body begins to malfunction, when you begin to understand that you are not growing, you are not healthy, you are not developing, but you are aging slowly. A sedentary lifestyle, ecology, nutrition with all kinds of rubbish did their job, and I began to notice that I was getting weaker, more often sick, stooping and somehow somehow I didn’t feel very well. At 25, I finally realized that I want to be strong and healthy. Drew attention to running. How did he attract me?

First of all, by the fact that natural run, one of the most powerful anabolics. In simple words, this means that during the run, the formation and renewal of cells, tissues and muscle structures occurs. It is believed that intensive jogging exercises dry muscles, inhibit their growth, so gym lovers neglect jogging, work on muscle mass, and as a result they can’t run 300 meters without shortness of breath, or climb the steps above the 2nd floor without a break. It's a delusion. Running creates strong prerequisites for muscle growth. In simple words, it looks like this. The main factor limiting the growth of muscle mass is energy. The “energy stations” of the cells are mitochondria. The protein synthesis in them is weaker than in other parts of the cell, but the ability of the cell to synthesize protein molecules directly depends on the ability of mitochondria to generate energy. I do not want to describe in detail the process of muscle growth. I can only say that running “trains” the mitochondria, because no other exercise causes such a pronounced energy deficit in the body. Look at the lean figures of long distance runners. The muscles of the runners are very small for the reason that they just do not train them for volume. But they are well trained in "energy supply". When the runner begins to engage in power sports, the mitochondria of his muscle cells come to life and begin to provide the process of protein synthesis with the necessary amount of energy. And energy supply is the most important, key process of protein synthesis in muscle cells. Therefore, protein synthesis in muscle cells proceeds as quickly as possible.

I deliberately stopped at this moment, because I went to the gym for a year and I know that most of the bodybuilders who can’t get out of there do not do aerobic exercise at all, and as a result lose their stamina, agility, and simply slow down muscle growth.

What else is good in running? It rebuilds the entire hormonal sphere, improves the cardiovascular and nervous system, strains and develops almost all the muscles of the body. I do not want to dwell on this in detail, I will only pay attention to one fact. Any physical activity leads to activation of nerve cells that synthesize catecholamines, but running in this regard is the most “strong” exercise. The release of catecholamines during running reaches such large values ​​that a peculiar running euphoria appears - a mood increase after a running training. I immediately noticed this effect, but at first I thought that it was just from walking through the woods, from directly running, which I like. Later I found out that it was no accident. The mood is really improving, and you want to return to this activity again. This is my main motivator. I don’t have to force myself to run, I really like it and enjoy it, so I get upset when I have to skip a workout.

What clothes are best for running in summer and winter

After a short introduction, we proceed directly to the running process itself. In order to start running you need a few simple things. Clothes, shoes, territory for running. Most of all I like to run in shorts. Top t-shirt when cool sweatshirt or sports jacket. In winter, you don’t need to wrap yourself up much, just sweatpants and a light autumn jacket are enough. You will not have time to freeze if you keep moving. So we leave the house and immediately run at an easy pace. We are counting on our run so that at an average pace everything runs and has time to return home. You can’t rest in the winter while jogging - you will freeze.

Choosing comfortable and right running shoes

A separate topic is shoes. There are a lot of misconceptions in this regard, and at first I succumbed to one of them. In general, most people don’t know how to run, have never seriously run a run in their life, and they don’t have any equipment, so they run like they run. And this is very bad, since in running it is very important to run correctly, only in this case you will not injure yourself. Most people run on their heels. And this is no accident. If you come to the sports shoe store, then on the running shoes you will see a thickened heel, which is higher than the toe. In such shoes, running in a different way will not work and the springy heel just pushes to step on it. And this is completely wrong. When stepping on the heel, a strong blow occurs that shakes the whole body, joints of the legs and internal organs. With prolonged running, pain in the joints thus appears, if you do this for a long time, then you simply destroy all the joints for yourself. Of course, I had glue sports sneakers with exactly such a heel at home. It was in them that I began to run and it was stepping on the heel. So my joints ached. They constantly hurt me. The first week I ran every day, the second week every other day, the third already as 2-3 times a week. Then I had to stop training for 2 weeks, as my legs hurt a lot and I just could not run.

Safe and proper running technique

Then I found out that during the run you need to land not on the heel, but on the toe, amortizing the landing by the muscles of the foot and calves. This is the right run. You need to gently land on your toe, cushioning the landing and only then put your heel on. During the run, the legs should always be slightly bent at the knees, the run should be soft and silent, no need to beat the heels on the ground, breaking the legs. At first, running on toes was hard. In ordinary life, the muscles that are involved in such a run do not work and are poorly developed. But during my classes in the gym, I myself don’t know why, but I rocked my calves. As a result, they were quite well developed, so the first time I was able to run 2-3 kilometers on toes. This led to muscle pain, but over time the legs got used to. Now I calmly and naturally run 5-10 kilometers using the correct technique. You need to run in shoes with a flat sole. No need to be afraid and listen to consultants in stores talking about how important it is to cushion your legs. This is nonsense and nonsense. This is all advertising and marketing. You need the right running technique and then no shock absorbing sneakers are needed. The correct way is running, turned into a sequence of jumps with springy landing on the front of the foot, legs bent at the knee (running should be silent). When landing, the foot should be directly below the center of gravity of the body. (This is when walking, not running, a person puts a straightened leg on his heel).

Once again, I pay attention to shoes and running techniques. This is very important, this is the most important thing that you need to pay attention to. It is from technology and shoes that the initial result will primarily depend. It is very important not to harm yourself. Keep healthy joints.

Best run places

So, we have clothes, shoes, we know how to run correctly. Now we need to decide where we will run. There are several options. It can be a stadium with a treadmill, it can be a forest or a park, or the streets of a city. I myself am running through a large park, almost through the forest. I think this is the best option, since the forest is just great. Clean air, birds sing, the forest makes a pleasant noise, calms. It’s convenient to run around the stadium, there may be a special coating, there you can find out exactly how much you ran and for how long. But running in a circle is not interesting and boring. The city is the worst option. The city has gas, people, dogs. Although you can optionally choose a convenient route with a minimum concentration of people and cars. Here, everyone chooses for himself. I recommend a forest or park. If not nearby, you can reach by car. I have a park near the house, I don’t need to go anywhere.

Running training program

We decided on the place, now we will determine the intensity of the training. Then I also miscalculated a lot when I started running. Мне так понравился бег, что я тут же решил, что буду бегать много и каждый день. Начал я с 3-х километров, через пару тренировок пробежал 4, еще через пару начал бегать 5км. Как я уже писал, бегал я неправильно, ноги болели, такую дистанцию я просто не осиливал, в итоге через какое-то время я перестал бегать, так как не мог. В это время изучал материалы и старался понять, что я делал не так. И я понял. В первую очередь стоит понять, что постоянные перегрузки идут во вред организму. Fatigue builds up and this leads to injuries and illnesses. This is exactly what happened with my friend and friend, with whom we started to run. The first one got sick after 2 weeks, the second got a leg injury, so he could walk with difficulty. They sat treated at home, but I just could not run from fatigue and pain.

How to adjust the load while running

How to adjust the load? At the very beginning, you need to run quite a bit as much as you can. Each will have its own limit, someone will run 500m, someone 1km, no longer needed. I myself remember that in the first race I ran at a slow, slow pace and ran 2 km, after which I died and took a step. It was necessary to stop much earlier when he felt that he was already tired. You need to choose the pace of running based on what while running, you can calmly talk with your partner. As soon as you begin to suffocate and it becomes difficult to speak, you need to slow down the pace. The second way to determine your load is as follows: the load is considered optimal if, after 20 minutes after running, you completely restore your normal pulse.

What to eat and drink before and after running

Some more important points. You can’t eat less than 2 hours before running and drink less than an hour. Also, do not drink water immediately after running or drink while running. If you eat, drink before running, it will be hard to run, pains will appear in your side. I usually drink fruit from red, black currant and sea buckthorn about 20-30 minutes after running.

How to breathe while running

A few words about breathing. There are two opinions. The first is that you need to breathe through your nose, the second - through your mouth. The arguments for the first method are as follows: the lungs are better trained, since it is harder to provide air to the body through narrow nasal openings, the oral mucosa does not dry out, and the body's moisture loss decreases. There is only one argument for mouth breathing - running takes place in conditions of insufficient air supply, so breathing through the mouth is mandatory for the full supply of oxygen to the body. At first I breathed through my nose, then I switched to breathing through my mouth. The argument in favor of this method seemed to me more convincing. How to breathe better - decide for yourself according to your condition. Many people have difficulty breathing through their noses due to curved septa or other diseases, and it is simply hard for them to breathe intensively through their nose, the body does not have enough air.

Along with jogging, I quit smoking and reduced alcohol consumption to a minimum. Nicotine and alcohol are completely incompatible with running. If the effect of cigarettes is not so noticeable, then after drinking alcohol, the condition of the body deteriorates sharply. You can clearly see the full harm from alcohol by doing sports. The result falls very much. About a week later, after a little booze, I was recovering and returning to the previous results.

Why do I need a heart rate monitor for running?

I will dwell on devices that help run efficiently. The first and most important device that will help us run is the heart rate monitor. It helps a lot to determine the recommended running rhythm. The first thing you need to monitor with a heart rate monitor is the maximum heart rate. We calculate it by the formula 220 - age = maximum heart rate. Exceeding the maximum allowable heart rate is not recommended. If you see your heart rate is up, you need to slow down. The range of heart rate at which fat burning occurs and endurance develops is 75% of the maximum heart rate. For example, if you are 20 years old, then the best pulse level during training for you is calculated by the formula:

220 - 20 = 200 * 0.75 = 150 beats per minute

If you are a complete beginner and just starting to run, I recommend keeping your pulse in the region of 120-130 beats.

The second useful device is a mobile phone with a GPS receiver. You can put a program on it to take into account distance and running time, save tracks, and compare results. There are a lot of programs of this kind, everyone can choose what he likes best and is suitable for his device. I personally used the Nike + Android app. Before starting the run, you start the program, it starts the timer and starts recording the jogging track, given the distance. Of course, such a record is not entirely accurate, but we are not preparing for competitions, but we are running for ourselves. So we will have enough accuracy to have an idea of ​​the dynamics of change.

That's probably all I wanted to share. Run to health and do not get sick. If you are interested, you can read my story about how I prepared and ran a 100 km marathon.

Walk a lot. Lots of

As is usually the case. Put on sneakers and a sports uniform, go out into the street or a treadmill and ... start at a high speed, as a result of which you run out of breath literally after 500 m, gasping for air and twisting from pain in your side.

How it should be. Everyone can become a runner. Running is our innate ability, you just need to remember how to do it right. New York coach Gordon Bakoulis advises you to start slowly and build up your pace gradually, but it’s better to start by walking! Just walk a lot. It doesn’t work on weekdays because of work, then do it at least on weekends.

Then you can start running at a very slow pace, alternating between running and walking. The pace should be such that you can talk throughout the run. As soon as you begin to choke, slow down or move on to walking. The number of workouts is three times a week. Over time, you can increase them up to 4-5 times.

10 weeks run and walk plan:

  1. 2 minutes of running, 4 minutes of walking.
  2. 3 minutes of running, 3 minutes of walking.
  3. 4 minutes of running, 2 minutes of walking.
  4. 5 minutes of running, 3 minutes of walking.
  5. 7 minutes of running, 3 minutes of walking.
  6. 8 minutes of running, 2 minutes of walking.
  7. 9 minutes of running, 1 minute of walking.
  8. 13 minutes of running, 2 minutes of walking.
  9. 14 minutes of running, 1 minute of walking.
  10. Run all the time.

Start and end each run with a 5-minute walk. If you feel tired before the workout is completed according to plan, then you either took too fast a pace, or chose too difficult a workout, or run for too long. Review your plan and choose something easier. And do not worry, even if you are moving a little faster than just walking, you are already a runner.

Always warm up well before training.

A good workout makes training easier and you can run longer, reducing the risk of injury to a minimum.

In addition, warming up is much more than just activating muscles and increasing blood flow. It also launches our neuromuscular system, with the help of which the brain commands the muscles to contract and be ready to run. Our body begins to actively produce fat-burning enzymes, which, in turn, help our aerobic system work more efficiently. The synovial fluid is heated, and this helps lubricate the joints.

During a hitch, our body cools down, all of our systems return to standard operation. Abrupt stop negatively affects the health of the cardiovascular system. For such a slowdown, it is enough to walk a couple of minutes after completing the run. As for stretching, if time is really short, you can do it at home before bedtime.

Unfortunately, not only beginners, but also those who gave themselves a second chance to become a runner after the first failure, ignore the warm-up and hitch, arguing that there is a lack of time and not understanding how important it is for training in general and feeling good both during and and after running.

Alternate different running surfaces

Many runners do not even think about the fact that diversity in running can be made not only by changing the pace, but also by changing the surface. Each surface brings something of its own, and our body adapts to it. For example, you can run on a treadmill for one week. The second - on the paved sidewalks of your area. The next you can try running along dirt tracks in the park, which then change to beach sand. Why not run, it’s concrete, since even asphalt is at least slightly springy. Concrete is absolutely solid and does not absorb shock bumps at all. Your legs will fully feel the force of impact on this running surface, which can lead to injuries.

Watch your body position

The quality of the run depends not only on how fast you are sorting your feet, but also on the work of all the other parts of the body.

Head. The gaze should be directed forward. The chin should not be pressed to the chest or, conversely, stretched forward.

Shoulders. Everything is very simple here: they should be relaxed. Many runners strain them, which causes physical fatigue and slows down the pace of running. If you feel that you are straining your shoulders, just shake your hands and try to relax them. Remember this position and try to keep your shoulders relaxed until the end of the workout.

Hands. Your legs do what your hands dictate to them. Remember this and try to work with your hands so that your legs run beautifully and straight. This means that the hands should move like a swing - back and forth - with good amplitude. Do not press them to the body with your elbows and do not swing them from side to side. The elbows should form an angle of 90 degrees, the hands are slightly clenched into fists, the fingers slightly touch the palms.

Body. It must be kept straight, avoiding leaning forward or backward.

Hips. Must be carried forward and straight by the muscles. Do not throw them back and do not wag them from side to side.

Feet and feet. Your feet should spring, pushing off the ground. Landing should be in the middle of the foot, and not on the toe or heel. You need to push off that part of the foot where the thumb pad is located. It’s as if you are rolling, and do not hit the heel on the ground. And do not take wide steps! Ideal: your foot should hit the surface right under your body.

Move forward slowly but surely

The phrase "You need to hurry slowly" is great for running. If you want to learn how to run fast and long, you should not rush in any case. A classic mistake not only for beginners, but also for those who started running after a break - to increase the pace or distance too quickly.

Remember the golden ten percent rule: increase the distance or speed by 10% every week from the previous one.

For example, if in the first week the total training time was 90 minutes, then in the second week you can safely run 9 minutes longer. Only for 9 minutes, not 20 or 30!

The same applies to distance: the first week is 12 km, the second week is 13.2 km.

Make a difference

Each runner's inspiration periodically disappears, and running becomes boring. What to do? Find different ways to diversify your runs. I am glad that there are a lot of these methods and everyone can choose the right one for him.

Music. Is it boring to run only under your own thoughts? Collect a playlist of your favorite tracks and enjoy the music. The main thing is to remember that we unconsciously adjust our pace to the rhythm of the music, so either watch yourself or choose special playlists for runners based on cadence (frequency). If you are not comfortable with music, you can listen to your favorite podcasts or audio books.

A group of like-minded people. If you are bored of running alone, find friends who are ready to support your sporting endeavors, or join a running club. Running will be more fun and responsibility will appear. Now you can hardly find 101 excuses why you should stay at six in the morning in a warm bed and not go running if your friends are already waiting for you on the street.

Running diary. This is an option for fans of keeping diaries of observations and studying statistical data. Tracking your progress and studying the processes and circumstances that affect running results can be your incentive. After all, now you are running for a reason, but you can track your progress, study the factors that influence it, draw appropriate conclusions and make adjustments necessary to improve results. This can be done using running applications or entire social health networks.

Meditation. Another way to diversify your runs is to include conscious meditation in it. You learn to listen to your body, understand your feelings and use all this for your own purposes, as well as pay attention to the outside world: sounds of nature, smells, landscapes. It helps a lot while running long distances.

Remember, it's never too late to start running

Never think that it's too late to start running at your age. It's never too late to run! No one requires you to sprint speed or stamina ultramarathonets. It can be jogging, going into walking. It doesn't matter what others think of you. Do not be afraid to look funny against the background of more experienced runners. The main thing is that it is non-traumatic, supports your health and brings you pleasure. Everything else is secondary!