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99 proven tips for becoming slimmer


The co-author of this article is Michele Dolan. Michelle Dolan is a personal trainer certified by BCRPA from British Columbia. Works as a personal trainer and fitness instructor since 2002.

The number of sources used in this article is 31. You will find a list of them at the bottom of the page.

Fashionable and exotic diets can be quite an expensive way to lose weight and become slim. In addition, they involve the rejection of certain foods or whole groups of foods. If you prefer to lose weight naturally and maintain a balanced diet, do not use widely advertised diets. Small changes in diet and lifestyle, as well as sports will help you become a slender natural way.

How to include more vegetables in your meal plan while losing weight

26. Instead of alcoholic drinks, drink tomato juice.

27. Cook the vegetables deliciously! For example, sprinkle a salad of grated carrots with pine nuts - it will turn out incredibly tasty!

28. Make vegetable salads with colorful beans. Such mixtures are sold in supermarkets.

29. Do not forget that vegetable soup contains vegetables: eat it!

30. Potato is also a vegetable! Do not delete it from your list of products.

31. Use baby vegetable purees (only without butter and milk!) When cooking. Add it to sandwiches, instead of pasta sauce, salads, soups.

32. Make sure that your refrigerator always has fresh vegetables and herbs.

33. Really don't like vegetables? Relax Choose the ones you like or eat fruits (oranges, mangoes, melons).

34. Do not forget to “keep” packages of frozen vegetables in the freezer. They save if you have little time to cook.

Slimming Nutrition

35. “The best serving of junk food is the smallest. The best portion of vegetables is the biggest! ”

36. “The taste of the product will disappear in a few seconds. So you can enjoy a small piece! ”

37. “I want to be mobile, even when I have grandchildren - so I have to take care of myself!”

38. “You always need to move forward, even if something does not work out!”

39. “Getting fat means driving the body into even more stress, it’s easier to lose weight”

I eat right, but still not losing weight. Which mistakes?

40. Skip meals. Many do not eat breakfast, and then eat up at night.

41. You “allow” yourself to get fat: eating a chocolate bar of 600 calories per day is as easy as shelling pears!

42. You do not follow the servings: many eat 4 servings of pasta instead of one.

43. You consume high-calorie snacks - dried fruits, not counting their number or high-calorie sandwiches.

44. Move a little.

45. You have a snack with nuts: nuts are very high in calories and are not suitable for daily snacks!

46. You think that all vegetables and fruits are low in calories.

What to include in the food if you do not want to (do not have time) to cook

47. A glass of kefir with natural berries and whole grain bread.

48. A small sandwich with a serving of vegetables (without sauces and mayonnaise) and an apple.

49. Sandwich with peanut butter, a glass of milk and an apple.

50. Ready-made chicken breast and frozen vegetables (cooked in 5-7 minutes in the microwave).

51. Vegetable salad (fresh vegetables) + cheese or cottage cheese.

52. Fresh vegetable salad with boiled egg.

53. Frozen vegetables (cook in the microwave) with cheese and nuts.

54. Boil quick porridge (buckwheat, oatmeal).

55. Prepare a sandwich of whole grain bread, chicken breast and tomato.

56. Preheat the soup.

57. Fruit - the fastest and easiest dinner!

58. Make any veggie sandwich.

59. Cut fruit and mix with yogurt - the fruit salad is ready!

How not to gain extra pounds on holidays and on vacation

60. Do not say to yourself: “everything is possible on vacation!”

61. Eat on time! Do not forget to eat before a party or birthday: people do not meet to eat!

62. At a party, try to stay away from food.

63. Do not eat high-calorie food: after it will be hard to stomach.

64. On vacation, do not put on loose clothing: be careful not to get better.

65. If you arranged a holiday at home, then try to distribute all the food to the guests at the end of the holiday. You will not be tempted to eat a harmful piece of cake or eat a salad with mayonnaise.

66. On vacation, choose a long walk instead of a hearty dinner.

67. Make fitness and exercise your first priority.

68. Do not forget about dancing at the party! Smiles, movement, ease in the stomach are provided to you!

I love sweets. how to limit food sweets

69. First of all, if you can’t live without sweets, then leave a calorie limit for such pleasures.

70. Remember that the more sweets you eat, the more you want! And they are high-calorie. Replace them with apples.

71. Remember that there are less nutritious desserts than chocolate and cake. Choose dried fruits, marshmallows, marmalade and marshmallows.

72. Try to live at least 2 weeks without sweets: you will understand that there is a dependence on sweets!

73. Allow yourself to eat more fruits, then sweets will not be your cherished desire.

74. Control sweet calories: 150 kcal of sweet - no more!

75. If you want to eat candy, then it is better to eat a piece of dark chocolate. If you want to eat caramel, then choose healthy and delicious candies with natural fruit juices.

How not to eat too much at night

76. Be sure to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. People who eat at night skip meals, especially breakfast. And then they don’t want to have breakfast, what can be breakfast after a hearty dinner? The circle closes. Tear it up. Try not to eat after 6, and then you will understand how you want to eat in the morning!

77. Be sure to eat at the table in the evening!

78. Have a cup of raspberry tea. This taste creates a feeling of fullness.

79. Find something to do for the evening! A person often eats from idleness, and not from hunger.

80. Learn to cope with stress without absorbing an immense amount of food! Here are some ways to get rid of stress.

81. Put a sign on the refrigerator: "Closed after 19-00"

82. Brush your teeth immediately after dinner: a signal will be sent to your brain that you no longer need to eat.

83. Do not eat while sitting at the TV, at the computer or reading a book.

84. "Do not eat in the evening" - does not mean "lose weight." If you eat a lot during the day, then this will not save you. Watch the quality of food!

Like dieting, don't harm your health

85. Do not exclude fats from the diet. A little - it is possible and necessary!

86. Do not skip breakfast - otherwise you will feel tired.

87. Do not forget about the variety of fruits and vegetables - they are the basis of our diet according to the new pyramid of proper nutrition.

88. Eat small yogurt instead of another cup of coffee: a combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates gives a feeling of fullness and improves well-being.

89. Replace mayonnaise with lemon juice and olive oil.

90. Eat frozen vegetables. Having cooked them for a couple you will get the maximum benefit and minimum calories.

91. Take vitamins. The body needs vitamins and minerals.

92. Fitness workouts are not the cause of increased appetite. On the contrary, they reduce it! Do not neglect them!

93. Do not forget about water. With age, the need for water does not decrease. But the sensitivity of this need is reduced. As a result, a person lacks ordinary water, while it seems to him that he wants to eat. In addition, dehydration reduces metabolism by 3%.

94. Listen to audio books or nice music. Take a walk and do not focus on food.

95. Think calm yoga is not for you? Think again! Using yoga, you can burn from 250 to 350 calories per hour. Energy costs are comparable to an hour's walk. So, if you do not want to leave the house, do yoga. Watch yoga exercises for weight loss.

96. Do not forget about hot meals. What could be better than mushroom soup on a cold winter day?