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New super mario bros


Previously, his son played on a smartphone in Super Mario Run. The game is arranged in such a way that every 4 hours the opportunity to purchase tickets for participating in the "races" opens. I didn’t buy a game, and in the free version the game with a computer is limited to the levels of “World 1”, but to compete with other players you can spend one of these tickets for one competition. Somehow he spent it all, tired of free levels and he found on Youtube the passage of games with the participation of Mario. And he really liked the video with the game "Newer SUPER MARIO BROS", but for now I’m afraid to allow him to Nintendo Wii, because my TV screen is not armored, and the Wii console at the set-top box tends to break the screen. Not everyone, but there are favorites. It seems to me that my child is just like that, but I do not want to check my guesses :) In connection with this, I installed the Nintendo Wii game console emulator on my computer, but I connected the XBox One gamepad (plus a mouse) for control.

A game Newer SUPER MARIO BROS, settings for the XBox One gamepad (plus a mouse for selection).
0. Choose the type of remote Wiimote 1 - Emulated Wiimote
1. Click the Configure button.
2. As the control device, select “XInput / 0 / Gamepad”

3. In the Buttons section, press the right mouse button on the A button and insert the code in the input field:

This will make it possible to make a choice using the left mouse button in the menu, and at the same time in the game use the “A” button on the gamepad.

4. In the Buttons section, press the right mouse button on the B button and insert the code in the input field
`Button B` | `DInput / 0 / Keyboard Mouse: Click 1`
5. The rest of the buttons of the virtual Wii-remote I configured as follows:

6. The next section is responsible for moving the cursor using a virtual Wii remote (sensitivity settings are highlighted in red):

Codes for the values ​​of the IR field (To enter them, you need to press the right mouse button on the button, not the left one):

  • Up:
  • Down:
  • Left:
  • Right:
  • Forward - Scroll the mouse wheel forward
  • Backward - scroll the mouse wheel back
  • Hide (Remove the remote control from the screen) - click on the mouse wheel:

6. The slope of the Wii-remote does not play a role in this game, but for several levels I had to look for an answer in the internet. As a rule, Mario attacks enemies by simply jumping on them. But Vovka got to the boss in a tree with honeycombs. Cubes were scattered on the screen, which, logically, had to be raised and thrown at this boss. As a child, I played Mario, but there wasn’t such “wisdom”, so the child’s question “how to defeat him” baffled me. After searching for a solution, it turned out that the action needed is:

Button "1" while facing an object and giving the remote a quick shake should work

Stand in front of an object (cube), hold down the “1” button on the remote control and shake the remote control. There are no gyroscopes on the gamepad, so if you shake it, nothing will change. In my configuration, I use the “B” button for running (shooting), and in order for the game to think that I shook the gamepad, I went to the “Shake” section and assigned the right trigger to all three axes:

Now, if you approach an object (springboard or ice cube, etc.), hold down the B button on the controller and press the right trigger, then Mario will raise this object.