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Instructions on how to remove lenses with long nails


The co-author of this article is Shaune Wallace, OD. Dr. Wallace is an optometrist from Nevada. He graduated from the California College of Optometry in 2012.

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If you just recently switched to contact lenses, then at first it will not be easy for you to get them out of your eyes, especially if you have long nails. If you know how to get the lenses right, then you will minimize the risk of damage and infection.

Wash hands thoroughly.

After preparing the container attention should be paid to hands and nails. They must be cleaned not only from dirt or dust, but also from any cosmetics.

Best for washing pH neutral soap, without perfumes, creams or lotions in the composition. Lathering and washing is necessary:

  • skin on the palms, on the inside and back,
  • areas between the fingers
  • overgrown tips of nails on both sides (you can use a brush for this).

Wiping your hands after washing is better with paper towels or napkins. - they will not leave fibers on the skin and under the nails.

This is important, since any hair or lint can damage the surface of the lens and cornea, cause irritation or dryness.

Choose the right place to remove lenses

It is better to take these optical means of any type while sitting at the table. A sufficient amount of light should fall on its surface, and it should also be clean.

This protects the optical products from contamination if they suddenly fall during removal. On the table you need to install a mirror and carry out all manipulations in front of it.

How to remove soft lenses with long nails?

Unlike owners of short nails, girls with long nails have to show more dexterity and care when removing contact optical products.

This is especially true for soft contact lenses (MKL), which are fragile. You can shoot them in 3 ways:

  • pinch method
  • tweezers
  • closure of the eyelids

Pinch method

In the first, the procedure will be as follows:

  1. Spread your eyelids. It is most convenient to do this with any 2 fingers of one hand. One of them concerns the middle of the eyelash growth line on the upper eyelid, the other on the lower eyelid. The eyelids move apart up and down, respectively.
  2. Pinch the lens. As soon as the edges of the MKL appeared when the eyelids were opened, the fingers of the second hand need to be pinched to each other. The product practically folds in half and is easily removed from the eye with the help of finger pads. They should be parallel to each other so that a long manicure does not touch the optical product and the surface of the eye.

Eyelid closure

The method of closing the eyelids involves the following actions:

  1. Fixation of the eyelids. As in the first case, one finger touches the middle of the eyelash growth line on the upper eyelid, the second on the lower eyelid.
  2. Reduction of eyelids to each other. With your fingers, the eyelids gently move towards each other. In this case, the MKL simply falls out of place.

Hard Lens Removal

Unlike the soft type of products, hard lenses are worn mainly at night.

In the morning, your eyes may become dry therefore, before removing the LCD, it is better to drop 1-2 drops of liquid with moisturizing properties on the cornea.

LCDs are removed some time after waking up. The eyelid closure method is best suited for this.

In addition to the above method, it can be done without fixing the eyelids with your fingers in the following way:

  • the finger of any hand presses the outer corner of the eye,
  • stretching the skin, he moves towards the temple,
  • while the eyelids close, and the LCD falls out of the eye.

This method is more convenient for girls with extended nails., since the nail is at the safest distance from the cornea and the lens itself.

As with the removal of soft optical products, hard ones must immediately be placed in a container with a solution.

Using a suction cup

Given atconstruction is most suitable for removing hard type optical media.

Its use completely eliminates contact of the fingers with the eyes, so long nails will not be an obstacle.

Before using the suction cup, it must be washed with soap and water. Then dry naturally or pat dry with a paper towel.

Then proceed step by step:

  1. Open your eyes. This is done with the fingers touching the eyelash growth lines on each eyelid. The eyelids move apart in opposite directions so that the eye is as wide as possible.
  2. Install a suction cup. To do this, touch its tip to the middle of the lens. Then gently pull out. The optical product is removed from the cornea.

Useful video

In the video you will clearly see how to remove lenses with long extended nails:

As you can see, there are several ways to remove contact lenses that are suitable for owners of long nails. If you adapt, then this process will be quick and safe.

And you won’t have to say goodbye to a beautiful manicure that decorates any girl like that!

How to wear lenses with long nails: basic recommendations

Before putting on optical products, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Ophthalmologists advise using an antibacterial liquid without perfumes. Soap your palms thoroughly, paying particular attention to your fingertips and the space under the nails. Then rinse well and dry with a towel, preferably without lint.

Before using optical products, you need to carefully inspect their surface for various mechanical damage. If the nails are long, the risk of damage to the optics grows significantly. If a scratch or crack is found, it is necessary to dispose of the product immediately, since it is already unsafe to wear it.

In addition, before putting on, you need to make sure that the lens is facing you (not turned inside out). To do this, put the product on the tip of the index finger of the hand you are writing and carefully examine its edges. If they are straight and raised up, you can start using.

How to wear lenses?

  • Put the product on the index finger of the hand you are writing,
  • Pull the lower eyelid down with the middle finger of the same hand,
  • Hold the upper eyelid with your free hand for a while so as not to blink,
  • Look up and carefully place the correction tool on the eyeball,
  • Gently release your eyelids. Close your eyes for 15 seconds to get the lens in the correct position,
  • Repeat the same procedure with the second eye.

When interacting with an optical product, use only the tips or sides of the fingers, but not long nails - this can cause damage to the optics or cornea.

How to remove lenses with long nails?

There are two ways to safely remove contact correction products if you have long nails. The most popular is the pinch method. It consists in gently squeezing the lens from two sides and delicately removing it with your fingertips. Reviews on the forums indicate that most girls with long nails prefer to use their forefinger and thumb. However, it all depends on individual preferences. Try different combinations to determine how easy it is for you to coordinate the process.

How to remove contact lenses by pinching:

  • Look up and slightly pull the lower eyelid with the middle finger of the hand that suits you best.
  • Gently squeeze the lens inward with your fingertips (from the edge to the center).
  • Grip the correction tool between your fingers not too tight so as not to break it. At the same time, its edges should not be allowed to touch.
  • Carefully remove the contact lens from the eye.

Consider another way to properly remove contact correction with long nails. This is a scrolling method. It is suitable for those who have difficulty coordinating fingers using the pinch method. If the nails interfere, and you can’t get used to it, we recommend that you try an alternative method.

How to remove lenses by scrolling:

  • Look up and slightly pull the lower eyelid with the middle finger of the hand that suits you best.
  • Touch the bottom edge of the correction tool with the index finger of the same hand.
  • Push the product down so that it slides from the pupil into the white area of ​​the eye.
  • Gently lower the lens down until it touches the lower eyelid.
  • Lower the optical product under the eyelid and continue to pull until it rolls over.
  • When the lens begins to protrude, like eyelashes, pick it up with your fingertips and carefully remove it.

After removing the optical products, you must definitely treat them with a multifunctional solution and place them in a container filled with fresh care liquid. The exception is one-day lenses, which are immediately to be disposed of after the first use.

How can you increase the comfort of using lenses?

Often, newcomers who decide to abandon glasses in favor of means of contact correction encounter discomfort in the eyes. This is due to the fact that all optical products have a certain adaptation period. It will take some time for your body to adapt to the use of lenses. To simplify and speed up this process, ophthalmologists advise using moisturizing drops. These products additionally wet the surface of the optical products, as well as reduce their friction with the cornea, which increases the comfort of use. If you are afraid that the first time you put on the lenses there will be unpleasant sensations, first rinse them with a multifunctional solution that simultaneously has moisturizing and disinfecting properties.

If you regularly feel discomfort with long nails when putting on and removing lenses, consider shortening them a bit. This is especially true if you have repeatedly damaged the surface of contact correction tools.

Remember, before choosing an optical product, you must undergo an examination with an ophthalmologist and get a prescription indicating the required parameters: diopters, curvature, moisture content and oxygen permeability, wearing mode and replacement schedule, as well as other characteristics. It is advantageous to order lenses on the Ochkov.Net website. In our assortment you will find many popular products from global brands.

Preparatory procedures

Those who do not know how to pull out a lens with long nails need to adhere to certain conditions.

The first thing to do is prepare a special container for the lenses in advance. Such a container is first washed with a solution intended for this, then you need to give time to dry everything well, and if there is absolutely no time, you can wipe everything dry with a paper towel.

The second important condition is to wash your hands and nails, as hygiene should be above all. Soap should not contain creams, lotions, or any fragrances. The technique of proper washing is as follows:

  • lather palms on both sides,
  • further process the skin between the fingers,
  • special attention should be paid to the nails, they must be washed thoroughly from all sides.

After washing your hands you need to wipe with a paper towel, this will prevent the ingress of excess particles. In case of violation of a condition, there is a high probability of damaging the lens along with the cornea, or provoking dryness and irritation.

The next step in the preparation will be the removal of makeup from the eyes and the area around the eyes. Such a solution will prevent cosmetics from getting into eyes and lenses.

No less important condition will be a ban on smoking, at least before withdrawal. Particles emitted during smoking pose a risk of contact with the eyes. Experts advise to remove optical products in a sitting position at the table.

We take out soft lenses with tweezers

There are several ways to get soft lenses:

In the first case, to remove lenses with long nails, you need to push the lower eyelid with your fingers to such an extent until the edge of the lens appears. Further, with the help of tweezers, the lens is gently pried and pulled out.

Pinch method

The second way to remove lenses with long nails involves opening the eyelids with two fingers of one hand. One finger touches the upper eyelid in the middle of the eyelash line, and the other touches the lower eyelid. The eyelids naturally slide up and down, and as soon as the edges of the lens become noticeable, you need to pinch them with the fingers of your other hand so that the edges come closer to each other (as if folded in half).

So that long nails do not cause harm, you need to hold your fingers parallel to the eye, and get fingertips.

Eyelid closure option

The last third way of removing lenses with long nails involves fixing the eyelids. One finger should touch the upper eyelid in the middle of the growth of eyelashes, and the other finger is applied to the lower eyelid. After that it is necessary to bring them together. This process is done gently with your fingers, guiding the eyelids to the desired position. During such movements, soft lenses fall out on their own.

When using this method, before starting work, you need to lay a napkin on the table in front of your face, then the lenses will fall directly onto it.

Be sure to remove the lenses after putting them in a prepared container and pour them with a special solution.

Hard lenses

As for hard lenses, they are worn at night. Basically, after using them in the morning, the eyes become dry. To prevent dryness, it is necessary to drip a couple of drops with a moisturizing effect on the cornea of ​​the eye before removal. LCD is recovered after waking up after a certain time.

The most suitable method for removing such lenses is eyelid closure. This method can be slightly changed, instead of fixing the eyelids, do the following: press the outer corner of the eye with your finger, stretch the skin further and gradually move to the temple. During this procedure, the eyelids constantly twitch and the lenses simply fall out themselves. This method is very convenient for girls with long nails, because during movement the nail is at a safe distance from the lens and cornea.

There is also a method of withdrawal without any contact of the fingers with the eyes. Suction cups are used for this action, they make it easier for girls with long nails to work. Before using the suction cup, you need to thoroughly wash it with soap and water, then let it dry (or wipe it dry with a paper towel).

The suction cup is used according to this principle: the eye is opened with the fingers that touch the eyelash growth line on each eyelid. The eyelids must be moved apart so that the eyes are completely open, for this they are moved apart in opposite directions. When the eye is maximally open, a suction cup is inserted, this is done so that the suction cup with its tip touches the middle of the LCD. After carefully pull the suction cup out and remove the lens from it. If you can’t carry out such a procedure the first time, then the suction cup must be disconnected and everything should be repeated in a new way.