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Box design: ideas, materials, recommendations


Any gift will look more effective if it is packed in a beautiful gift paper. You can do this by contacting the store’s representative in the gift department or by performing simple steps yourself. In this article, we will examine in detail how to pack a box.

Tools & Accessories

The easiest way to make a beautiful and memorable gift is to pack a ready-made box in a stylish wrapping paper. To do this, you will need the following tools and accessories:

  • Gift paper roll
  • spectacular decorative cords and ribbons,
  • ordinary scissors (you can use small manicure),
  • transparent double-sided tape.

You can either make or purchase a ready-made bow to decorate the middle of your ribbon on a gift. But how to pack a box if it has a square or rectangular shape? How to calculate the right amount of wrapping paper?

How to make accurate measurements of packaging material?

So, take the source material in which you will pack your box, lay it on a flat surface and lay your square or rectangular gift in the center.

Attention! Before you pack the box in gift paper, you should initially rehearse on a regular newspaper or a small section of wallpaper. Thus, you will understand how correctly you calculated the paper size, and also see possible shortcomings when working with adhesive tape.

Further, on the right or left side (vertically placed edges of the paper are meant) of the holiday wrapper, fold one edge and glue to it a small strip of double-sided tape. Then bend the second edge and small pieces of paper placed horizontally, remove the tape from the tape and gently smooth the ends. It turns out that large sections of the wrapper will be fixed with tape.

How to pack a box in paper: bend the edges and glue them

At the next stage, we advise you to turn the box upside down with glued sides and bend the corners on the sides of the box (it should work like when wrapping chocolates). Then, stick tape on an empty area of ​​paper and lean it against the end of the product.

Smooth the ends with your hand. Repeat the same process on the opposite side of your box. A festive wrapper for a standard rectangular container is ready. Now you know how to pack a box in beautiful gift paper.

How to decorate a gift wrapped in paper?

There are many options for decorating paper-wrapped boxes. For example, you can take a small strip (about 5-8 cm) and wrap it right in the middle of your gift. And neatly fasten its ends with tape. And then again walk along this strip, which should have a color different from the wrapper, with decorative ribbons and cords. On top of them you can also stick butterflies, flowers, rhinestones and bows at will. As an alternative, you can take a beautiful braid or ribbon and decorate the corners of the box with it. Moreover, you can not be limited only to a tape of one color, the more there are, the better.

Packing boxes in double-sided gift paper

Not sure how to pack a box beautifully using double-sided gift paper? Start by choosing the side. For example, if your wrapper contains a brighter and faded side, decorated in pastel colors, then it is best to place the first inside and leave the second on top of the gift.

Moreover, for a larger effect, you can leave a small allowance in width (the brightest part of the paper is best for this), bend it along the line and smooth it.

After this, wrap the box in the aforementioned manner. However, unlike the previous version, you will no longer need to cut an additional strip to create a special contrast in the center of the gift. Here's how to pack a box beautifully using festive decor and double-sided paper.

Recall that instead of it you will already have a bend from the inside of your wrapper. Further, it remains only to supplement the design with holiday ribbons. You can also use white lace, braid and other decorative elements of a small format.

Original design options in accordance with the type of celebration

Theme of the celebration will be able to simplify the task when making gift wraps. You must also consider the size of the gift. There are universal options that everyone will like without exception.

Ideas for decorating gift boxes:

  • A custom box for a small gift for a man is easy to make with your own hands. A rectangular package with hard walls that looks like a shirt with a tie or bow-tie.
  • For a woman, you can prepare a package with notes of aristocracy. Tape the box with sheets of music. Wrap the case with satin ribbon and chop with cameo. A small note with wishes stuck under the tape may become an addition.
  • A gift sealed in an ordinary jar with a twist-off lid will become non-standard. Previously, you can glue beads, beads on the walls of the container. To create drawings, it is important to use stained glass glue. Attach a tape to the cover, securing with a bow.

Basically, the decor of the boxes is to create an original composition that will hold paper or tape together. An unusual print on the wrapper will also matter.

What materials can be used to decorate boxes

Creative design of the box involves the use of non-standard materials. It is important to combine and combine them with each other. Options that can be used to decorate gift wrapping:

  • Standard wrapping paper for gift wrapping.
  • An alternative to it can be newspapers, wallpapers, cellophane, baking paper, food foil.
  • A standard decoration after packing the box is to dress the sides with a satin ribbon. A bow should be formed from textiles.
  • Alternative options can be: lace, decorative twine, burlap strip, any textile.

Recently, it’s important not to form a bow on top of gift wrapping, but simply to bandage it. Under the dressing, you can put a twig of a tree, a herbarium of plants, natural or paper flowers, a toy, a note.

Birthday: original decoration of gift boxes

The design of the birthday box can be completely different - the main thing is to show imagination. Inspiration should be sought in the seasons. The option of seasonal decoration of birthday boxes is relevant:

  • For the autumn birthday, you can prepare such a wrapper: wrap a box with a gift in translucent white or colored paper. Insert maple and other sheets between the layers. You can dress the packaging with a decorative twine, into which you stick a small bouquet of dried leaves and a sprig of acorns.
  • The winter version can be a reminder of summer days if the gift is for a girl. To do this, you need to wrap the box with light plain paper, tie it with a wide satin ribbon. At the top, place a mini-bouquet of daisies or chrysanthemums. For a man, the bouquet is replaced by a photograph with winter landscapes.
  • Spring packaging may consist of plain paper, a wide serpentine ribbon and sweets. Wrap the gift in accordance with the standard scheme, and stick candies around the perimeter. The original appearance of the package will depend on the appearance of the sweets.
  • Summer is the time when you can find a lot of material to form a holiday package. As a basis, you can take paper or tape. A standard package will be able to decorate a composition of berries. Twigs of red, white or black currants, cherries or cherries on the handle, apricots or peaches with leaves will look beautiful.

There are many other decoration options that will depend on the preferences and occupation of the birthday.

Gift wrapping principle using standard material

You can also prepare presentation packaging for a gift at home. It is enough to prepare gift paper, scissors and scotch tape. Work will take about 10 minutes with the experienced, and 15 with the beginner. Many have seen and know how to wrap a box with gift paper. However, you can use innovative methods that are creative.

Master class design of the box using ordinary wrapping paper according to a non-standard scheme:

  1. Need to cut 2 strips from a roll of paper. The first should have a parameter for the width of the box, the second for the length.
  2. Glue the first strip to the corner of the box with tape. Fix the second part of the cut with tape too.
  3. Lay the second cut crosswise and repeat the paper fixing procedure.

Further, further decoration of the package is made.

How to pack a round or oval box?

The process of packing a gift will be a little more complicated if the shape of your box is round or oval. How to pack a box in gift paper in this case? First you should measure your gift in height. Then cut one strip of festive wrapper, which should be about 2-5 cm wider than the height of the box.

After that, turn the container on its side and wrap it with paper around the entire perimeter. However, be sure to leave an allowance of 1 cm for the bottom and 1-2 cm for the top. In this case, you must first remove the box cover.

In the next step of our step-by-step instruction, code-named “How to pack a box,” you need to carefully glue the ends of the paper. And then cut a circle or oval from the wrapper, the size of which will be slightly less than the diameter of the bottom of the box. Next, glue the cut circle to the bottom of your package so that no paper allowance is visible.

Then take the lid and cut a circle slightly larger than its size. And then glue this circle on top, creating spectacular decorative folds on the sides. After that, cut a small strip of paper that will exceed the height of the cover by about 1 cm.

Glue it flush with the top of your cover, and the resulting allowance should be turned inwards. The top of a packed round or oval box can be decorated with ribbons and other decor. By the way, it is much more convenient to wrap such gifts in corrugated paper. And knowing how to pack a gift box in corrugated paper, you can easily wrap a container of round or oval shape.

A few tricks for proper gift wrapping

When making a gift of any shape and size, you should know certain tricks that will help ease the process and give your product a special twist. For example, if you prefer plain colorless paper on a solid basis, then you need to complement it with a bright touch. So, in his role can be a large and bright flower or bow.

Themed gifts are best complemented by appropriate decor items. So, New Year's presents can be decorated with small Christmas trees, snowmen or snowflakes. Gifts for children are best packaged in the form of a large candy, which will cheer up little lovers of sweets.

In a word, connect your imagination, and your efforts on the topic will not be in vain. After all, now you know how to pack a gift box. Surely they will have the proper effect on the person being gifted and will be appreciated.

Use of corrugated paper for gift wrapping

Corrugated paper is considered a universal material for wrapping gifts of any size and configuration. It is necessary to prepare the main material, scissors, stapler or adhesive tape.

The design of the box with corrugated paper is carried out in accordance with the following scheme:

  1. Cut a piece from a roll of such a size that it is several centimeters more in girth than the box itself.
  2. Glue one side of the paper to the box, wrap the base and glue the second edge with an overlap to the cut.
  3. Fold the ends on the principle of an envelope. Wrap the smaller sides inwards, and cover with larger ones on top. Secure with tape.
  4. The final step will be decoration with decorative elements: banding, making decorations to hide joints.

Boxes of any shape and size are packed according to the same principle.

Decorating the inside of the gift box

In addition to external decoration, you need to think about the internal. If the gift consists of two or more parts, it is advisable to make a separation in the box itself. This is easy to do with cardboard strips.

The design of the box may imply a soft decoration. Such arrangement is especially relevant if the present is fragile. You can sew a decorative pillow or use foam, painted in a bright color. Small candy can be an interesting filler.

Small hay with elements of a flower herbarium will look original. Instead of eco-friendly material, you can use colored “paper hay”. It is enough to cut several sheets of colored paper into thin strips. Confetti, shiny tinsel, New Year's rain, serpentine can become an alternative.

Textile decoration of the interior. A cut of beautiful fabric will be the perfect solution for decorating capacity. They press thin multi-colored ribbons, textile drapery from hard material - all this will make the presentation of the gift more profitable.

Features of packaging large boxes

If the box is very large and there is no way to wrap it in gift paper, then you need to use another packing technique. To make a large box with a gift, you can use the simple option:

  1. Take measurements from the housing.
  2. From the wallpaper cut out a figure that will cover all sides and the bottom of the box. It is necessary to consider overlaps in order to hide sections and joints on the sides.
  3. Paste over the sides.
  4. Paste the box lid on the same principle.
  5. Choose an interesting decorative element.

To diversify the design, you can use paper of two equal colors. It is advisable to choose contrasting colors. Having cut several sheets of paper, you can create an application on the basis of gluing multi-colored squares. The fabric inserts will be useful.

Preparation of any box for clearance

If the gift will be packed in a box from under another item, then you need to pre-prepare the pack. It is from this stage that the design of the box begins. You can clean the image in several ways, it all depends on the initial appearance of the box. If the box is marked:

  1. Moisten the surface with a sponge squeezed from the water.
  2. With a rag, begin to roll up the coating.
  3. To clean rolled up parts with a dry piece of cloth. Next, make a decorative finish.

Smooth boxes are handled in a different way. Use scissors to pry off the laminate. Tear off the strips of the pattern until the entire surface is clean.

How to decorate custom boxes

Difficulties arise when you need to understand how to wrap a box with gift paper if the item has non-standard shapes. The simplest options will help to hide the flaws in the shape of the gift container body.

If the box is too long, but not wide, then put the container in the center of the cut and raise all the edges up. Tie a ponytail with a beautiful ribbon or thread. You get the option of packing candy truffles. Cylindrical or triangular boxes can be wrapped like candy wrappers. On the sides 2 tails are formed. It must be remembered that the design of the box with your own hands requires accuracy and creativity.