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18 unusual ways to apply lip balm


Dryness, small wounds, cracked skin on the lips are not uncommon in frosty, windy and even the hottest weather. Such an ailment causes a lot of problems and discomfort, which is very difficult to get rid of.

Do-it-yourself homemade balm will help moisturize your lips. You can find all the necessary ingredients at home or in a pharmacy, and as a container use small clean jars left over from a previously used cream or balm.

The composition of a moisturizing lip balm with your own hands - the basic components

The recipe for a natural harmless lip balm is very simple and affordable for every woman.

To prepare it, stock up on the following ingredients:

  1. As a basis, solid components are used - beeswax, shea butter, mango oil or cocoa butter.
  2. Base oils for intensive hydration - a little jojoba, grape seed, avocado, olive or vegetable oil, coconut, almond, etc.
  3. Natural supplements - liquid honey, vanilla, juice or aloe gel, glycerin, etc.
  4. Liquid oily vitamins, such as A or E.
  5. Essential oils - mint, rosemary, carrot seeds, tea or rosewood, citrus fruits, etc.
  6. Dye for color.

Do not forget that essential oils, which you can include in the composition of the balm, have certain healing properties and in their own way affect our skin. So carrot seed oil helps restore weathered lips and smooth the skin, and tea tree oil has antiseptic properties, due to which it is effective in fighting cold sores.

In order for your balm to leave a pleasant delicate color on your lips, add a piece of your favorite bright lipstick, food coloring or concentrated juice from berries or vegetables that have a rich color. Raspberries, currants and beets are perfect.

Finely chopped fruit and vegetables should be boiled for a couple of minutes, filtered and diluted in base oil. If you want to get a more saturated color, boil the juice for a while to evaporate some of the excess moisture and make it more concentrated.

Food coloring will give your lip care almost any shade from the most delicate to insanely bright. They are gradually added to the finished composition, gradually bringing the balm to the desired shade.

The best recipes for making homemade lip balm

The lip balm recipe is notable for its simplicity, and the process itself takes no more than 15 minutes. With a ready-made product, you can daily lubricate your lips, face and body skin, if you do not add saturated dyes to it. In addition, it is suitable for women, men and small children.

First of all, you need to grate a solid base on a fine grater or grind with a knife. Then it needs to be melted in a water bath to a liquid state. Place the dish with the base on the work surface, put the base oil in it and mix thoroughly.

The proportions of solid and liquid components should be 1 to 2, and they can be mixed and combined with each other in various combinations.

If desired, you can add various natural supplements to your home balm like honey and aloe juice or a liquid vitamin complex.

At the very end, add essential oils, which will give cosmetics a pleasant aroma or taste, as well as food coloring. Mix the finished mass again and transfer to a small convenient mold for solidification.

If the mass did not work out the first time, the mixture can be heated in a water bath and add the required amount of certain ingredients. To thicken, add a little more solid oils or wax, and to give softness - a drop of liquid oils.

Ready care balm should be stored in a cool place and it is advisable to fully use it for six months. The home remedy nicely lies on the lips and is prepared only from natural ingredients, making it the best winter “helper”. Also, before using it, it is recommended to use a lip scrub to exfoliate the skin from keratinized particles and help useful ingredients penetrate deep into the cells.

Sea Buckthorn Balm

  • Cocoa Butter - 1 tbsp.,
  • Shea butter - 1 tsp,
  • Sea buckthorn oil - less than 1 tsp,
  • Almond oil - 0.5 tsp,
  • Vitamin E - contents of 2 capsules.

According to the recipe, melt the solid oil in a water bath, add all the liquid components to it and mix thoroughly.

Due to the presence of sea buckthorn oil in the composition, the finished balm takes on a red tint. Because of this, the balm is not recommended to be applied in a dense layer and gently applied on the street.

Chocolate Vanilla Balm

  • Cocoa Butter - 1 tbsp.,
  • Natural beeswax - less than 1 tsp.
  • Shea butter - 1 tsp,
  • Sweet almond oil - less than 1 tsp,
  • Vanilla essential oil - a couple drops.

Bring solid oil to a liquid state using a water bath. Next, carefully pour in the liquid components, mix and pour into small molds.

Honey Lemon Balm

  • Natural beeswax - 1 tbsp.,
  • Olive oil - 1.5 tsp,
  • Liquid honey - 0.5 tsp,
  • Vitamin E - contents of 2 capsules,
  • Lemon essential oil - a few drops.

Mix the melted wax with liquid oil, add bee honey and drip the essential oil to give the mixture a rich citrus flavor.

Mint and Chocolate Balm

  • Beeswax - 1 tbsp.,
  • Cocoa Butter - 1 tbsp.,
  • Shea butter - 2 tbsp.,
  • Almond oil - 1.5 tbsp.
  • Coconut oil - 1.5 tbsp.,
  • Glycerin - 1 tsp,
  • Chocolate without additives - a few pieces,
  • Peppermint essential oil - about 15 drops.

Melt cocoa butter and natural wax in a water bath, add dark chocolate and mix thoroughly. Then add the remaining oils and mix again until smooth.

It remains to add cosmetic glycerin and essential oil. The mixture can be beaten with a mixer for the last time and put into molds.

Tea Tree Oil Balm

  • Beeswax - 1 tsp,
  • Almond oil - a little more than 1 tsp,
  • Cocoa Butter - 1 tsp,
  • Oil Vitamins E - contents of 3 capsules,
  • Glycerin - 0.5 tsp,
  • Tea tree essential oil - 10-15 drops.

Melt beeswax and cocoa butter as usual, add liquid ingredients and essential oil. Beat well and distribute in jars.

Lip Balm

1. Calm your irritated nose

The constant wiping and blowing of the nose with colds or allergies often leads to dryness and irritation of the skin around the nose. To alleviate irritation, use lip balm in this area.

2. Cuticle cream

If you notice chapped cuticles on your hands that could lead to burrs, apply a little lip balm to these areas.

3. Prevention of blisters

Shoe blisters are the result of friction between shoes and leather. To reduce friction and avoid painful blisters, apply a layer of lip balm to these areas.

4. Protection for hair coloring

To prevent hair dye from getting on your skin, apply a layer of lip balm around the hairline.

5. Pacify naughty or static hair

Naughty hair is easily pacified with a lip balm. Just slide your fingers over the balm and put your hair back in place.

6. Eye cream

If you woke up with bags under the eyes, lip balm can easily replace your eye cream.

7. Model naughty eyebrows

Lay the naughty eyebrow hairs with light strokes using a lip balm.

8. Remove any remaining labels.

To remove stubborn residue from stickers, apply a layer of transparent lip balm to these places. Wait 10 minutes and wipe off the balm with the loose residues.

9. Remove smudges from the carcass

Mascara smudges that occur after laughing, crying, allergies and sweating can be easily removed with a lip balm. In addition, this method does not spoil the tonal foundation or makeup.

The use of lip balm at home

10. Open the jammed zipper

To open a jammed zipper, apply a small amount of lip balm to the zipper teeth where it is stuck. This will lubricate parts of the zipper and help unzip the zipper.

11. Tie the laces tightly

If the laces are constantly untied during the day, lip balm can be your salvation. Simply rub a little lip balm into your knot with your fingers to create friction and hold the knot.

12. Clean shoes

If your shoes have become dull, but you don’t have shoe polish on hand, use lip balm and polish them with a dry cloth.

13. Remove the jammed ring

It makes no sense to pull and pull the ring that is stuck on the finger. Simply apply lip balm to your finger and gently slide the ring forward and backward.

14. Lubricate mechanisms

Apply lip balm to the racks of cabinets and windows to make it easier to open and close.

15. Protect the pet's paws on ice

Snow, ice, and salt can irritate your pet’s legs in winter. Cover the paw pads with a clear lip balm before going outside. Balm will protect sensitive paws.

16. Protect the bulbs from rust

When a street light burns out, it can be difficult to unscrew it, since moisture from snow and rain leads to the formation of rust. Coat the thread of the new bulb with lip balm before screwing it in. This will prevent water from entering and oxidizing the metal. When the time comes to change the light bulb, you can make it much easier.

17. Drive a nail without splitting the wood.

When you drive a nail into a wooden surface, this can often cause it to crack. Apply a transparent lip balm before starting work, which will help drive a nail much easier.

18. Make a candle yourself

Open the lip balm and insert a match into it. The match will serve as a wick, soaking up the lip balm wax and keeping the fire burning. Although such a candle will not burn for long, it may come in handy for a temporary solution.

DIY lip balm

  • 2 tablespoons of beeswax
  • 4 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • ½ teaspoon vitamin E
  • Essential oils to choose from

Melt beeswax and coconut oil in a water bath.

When both ingredients have melted, remove them from the heat and add vitamin E.

Add a few drops of any essential oil to taste.

Pour the mixture into containers (you can use the remaining tubes of lipstick or a container for lenses)

The benefits of homemade balm

In the purse of each girl or woman you can find one, or even several hygienic lipsticks, the effect of which does not always correspond to the manufacturer's statements. Most often, the composition of purchased products contains artificial paraffin, which is a cheap replacement for natural oils and wax.

What is the disadvantage of such lipstick? It creates a film on the surface of the lips, which, as a rule, disappears within an hour, and at the same time leaves the sponge without food and moisturizing. And this is a significant minus, especially in the cold season, when the skin of the lips needs additional protection. Another negative point of such cosmetics is the gradual addiction to it.

That is why it is best to use home-made balm, the main advantage of which is the use of only natural products. In addition, you will know exactly what is contained in the composition of the cosmetic product, and not be afraid of an allergic reaction, since during the preparation process you will take only those components on which you are not allergic. Another advantage of homemade balm is the lack of addiction, as well as nutrition and hydration of the lips throughout the day.

Cooking rules

If you think that making a lip balm with your own hands is a troublesome business, we hasten to please you that this is not so. The process of creating a cosmetic product will cause you a lot of positive emotions and will not take much time, unless you just have to visit the nearest pharmacy to buy the missing ingredients, as well as pick up a container for storing balm (an empty cream jar is suitable).

Not sure if you are allergic to the components that you plan to use to prepare the balm? Then test them. To do this, alternately apply each ingredient to the wrist. If after 15 minutes at this place there is no redness or itching, then you can use.

How to add color to balm

Prefer the bright colors of the balm? Well, nothing complicated about that! We recommend using natural dyes for this, for example, bright berries (raspberries, strawberries, cranberries), sea buckthorn oil (gives the balsam an orange color), as well as food colors, provided that you are not allergic to them.

Follow these rules:

  • When using sea buckthorn oil, 2 drops are enough, if you use more, the resulting shade will be bright carrot.
  • Decided to use red berries for coloring? Then grind them, and then boil in liquid oil, which is used to create a balm. When the color of the oil becomes the way you want, carefully remove the berries, strain.
  • Want to use food coloring? Pour them into the finished product during thickening. Add a little dye, then mix well.

Waxless Lip Balm

Many girls ask how to make homemade balm without using wax, and can this be done? In fact, this component is a bonding agent. If it is excluded, this will lead to the fact that the finished balm will easily melt and have an extremely low melting point.

Lip balm can be prepared without wax

But in some cases, you can do without wax:

  • Prepare any composition you like, pour it into a jar, use it only at home and store it in the refrigerator constantly.
  • You can prepare a solid balm for carrying in a tube, but you should slightly adjust the recipes for the preparation of funds. For example, melt the shea butter and add some favorite ether to it. Pour the resulting mixture into a tube, then put in the freezer. When the tool hardens, it can be used.

Homemade Lip Balm Recipes

Well, are you ready to create a cosmetic masterpiece to protect, nourish and moisturize your lips? Below we will tell you how to make a lip balm at home! Take a pen and write, or better yet, add the article to your bookmarks so that it is not lost!

By the way, if suddenly the first time it did not work out to prepare a balm (the composition is too liquid or solid), do not worry! The mixture can be melted again, only in this case add more solid wax (to thicken) or liquid oils (to give more softness).

Basic recipe


  • honey - 2 tsp,
  • almond oil - 50 g,
  • wax - 10 g.

How to cook: Melt the wax using a steam bath. Add the rest of the products. Stir, wait until all components are completely dissolved. Pour the resulting mass into a suitable container, refrigerate.

How to use: Apply the balm 2 times a day on dry lips.

Almond Balm


  • beeswax - 25 g,
  • almond oil - 30 g,
  • hard cocoa butter - 3 tsp,
  • tea tree ether - 1 drop,
  • vitamin E (in an ampoule) - 15 g,
  • hard shea butter - 5 tsp

How to cook: Heat the wax in a water bath until liquid. Add cocoa butter, mix, add shea butter. Prepare the product until solid products dissolve in the wax. Pour in almond oil. Stir, remove the composition from the steam bath. Continue stirring as the mixture cools slightly, pour vitamin E into it. Stir the mixture until it has completely cooled. When the balm is a little warm, drip tea tree ether into it, then mix again. Pour the composition into a special container, then refrigerate.

How to use: Apply the product on clean and dry lips 2 times a day.

Result: Tea tree ether has an antiseptic effect and gives a fresh balm flavor.

Restorative balm


  • beeswax - 7 g,
  • cocoa butter - 7 g,
  • jojoba oil - 3 g,
  • tea tree ether - 3 drops,
  • liquid vitamin E - 3 g,
  • peppermint oil - 7 g.

How to cook: Solid oils, heat the wax in a water bath until liquid. Remove the container from the bath, pour in the remaining ingredients. Stir well, pour the composition into jars, put in the refrigerator.

How to use: Lubricate the sponge with a cosmetic product 2 times a day.

Result: The use of this tool will help heal the micro-ear on the lips and protect them from frost.

Nourishing balm protects lips from chapping and dryness

Nourishing balm


  • beeswax - 8 g,
  • coconut oil - 5 tsp,
  • castor oil - 8 g
  • tea tree ether - 2 drops,
  • honey - 2 tsp,
  • hemp oil - 2 tsp

How to cook: In a steam bath, bring the wax to a liquid state, then remove the container from the bath and add coconut oil. Stir until the products are completely dissolved. Add the remaining products, mix again. Pour the resulting mixture into suitable jars.

How to use: Use twice a day.

Moisturizing Balm

This tool will help not only moisturize the sponges, but also give them a beautiful shade. This is achieved through the use of lipstick in your favorite color.


  • white beeswax - 2 g,
  • ароматизатор — 3 капли,
  • губная помада — 2-3 г,
  • витамин Е — 10 капель,
  • Shea butter, almond, cocoa - 2 g each.

Cooking: Melt the wax in a water bath. Add the shea butter and shea butter to the composition, wait until they become soft and dissolve almost completely. Remove the container from the bath, pour in almond oil, add lipstick. Stir everything well, and then place the composition in a cream jar.

Application: Lubricate the lips with balm in the morning and evening.

Chocolate Balm

This balm is prepared without wax, but with petroleum jelly! Use real dark chocolate!


  • cinnamon - 1 pinch,
  • petroleum jelly - 40 g
  • chocolate - 10 g.

Cooking: First you need to prepare the foundation. To do this, melt the petroleum jelly in a water bath. While the main product is melting, grate the chocolate on a fine grater. Pour it to the petroleum jelly, stir until it is completely dissolved. Pour cinnamon, remove the composition from the steam bath, mix. Pour the resulting composition into a jar, then place in a cool place for 2-3 hours.

Application: Lubricate your lips with balm twice a day.

Rules for storage and use

After preparing the balm, you should take care of where to pour it and where to store it. To do this, you can use a special container for lipstick, a glass or plastic jar of cream.

It is advisable to store the finished product away from sunlight and batteries, it is best to keep it in the refrigerator. The shelf life of such a product, subject to storage conditions, will be 6-12 months.

Balm is recommended to be used daily, with a thin and even layer, lubricating the lips in the morning and evening.

Now you know how to make a lip balm with your own hands at home. Use this cosmetic product regularly, and then your lips will be protected from the negative effects of the environment!

You'll need:

1)3 tablespoons of coconut oil (either olive or shea butter will do)

2) 1 tablespoon of beeswax in granules

3) 10-15 drops of any essential oil (the most “delicious” ones are citrus fruits, vanilla, cocoa, almonds, wholesome ones are tea tree, lavender, chamomile, etc.)

4)Plastic jars with a screw cap (you can buy special tubes for home cosmetics, or you can use those that remain from the purchase)

5) Two pots (large and small) for melting ingredients

Cooking method:

  • Create a water bath. We add wax and coconut oil to a small pot, and water to a large one. Then put the small in the big. Water should reach the edges of the small containers, but not be poured into it.
  • We turn on the heating of the stove and put on it the whole structure. The fire should be medium, the water should not boil. Wax and oil melt very quickly. During heating, the liquid must be constantly stirred, gradually adding essential oils. As soon as the solid ingredients have completely turned into a liquid state, turn off the stove.
  • The most “dangerous” stage. Wax vodka hardens very quickly in the air, therefore, as soon as you remove the pan from the stove, the balm must immediately be poured into jars.
  • Leave the lip product to cool for about an hour.
  • We use and enjoy!

Important nuance: Granular wax is a common part of many cosmetics. Finding it is not easy, but worth it. Granules can be replaced with ordinary wax, grated on a fine grater, but such a product is difficult to store and dose.

How to make a lip tint?

To add color to your home balm at the stage of melting wax and oil, you can enter into the mixture:

  • Beetroot Juice
  • Cherry juice
  • Blueberry juice
  • Carrot juice
  • Cocoa powder
  • Hibiscus powder (red tone)
  • Any food coloring

The color intensity depends on the amount of natural paint. For a light shade, a few drops or half a teaspoon of powder is enough. But if you want to use food coloring, then because of the high concentration of color, add no more than a pinch to the lip balm.

Beets and hibiscus have probably the highest resistance of natural dyes, so if you add these ingredients, then your handmade lip balm will turn into a fashionable tint.