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Lip gloss is one of those products of decorative cosmetics, which must be present in the arsenal of any woman. There are several reasons for this: this is an express way to transform, it is suitable for both day and evening makeup, it moisturizes well, hiding cracks, peeling and other imperfections.

The main thing is to apply lip gloss correctly.

How to make up lips gloss: the secrets of makeup artists

Shine in our usual form is a product that appeared in the mid-1930s. Over its relatively short history, it has become so popular that today there is a huge variety of its types and shades. All of them are united by one key property: the product gives volume to the lips and at the same time preserves their natural beauty.

This makeup product is popular among women of any age. Girls appreciate the lightness of the texture and the naturalness of the shades, the older women - its ability to moisturize lips well and hide small wrinkles. To make the gloss look really good, it is important to apply it correctly. Makeup artists have developed a certain technique, observing which, you will get exactly the effect that you expect.

  1. Apply emollient balm to restore skin softness and firmness.
  2. Due to its liquid consistency, the product may spread and look messy. To prevent this, use a pencil contour of a nude or shade matching the color of the shine.
  3. To extend the life of makeup on your lips, prepare the base. The pigments of the product are better absorbed if you first apply powder or foundation.
  4. Also, according to makeup artists, you can use a combination of gloss and lipstick in this order: powder, lipstick that needs to be wet with a napkin, another layer of powder and a thin layer of gloss. This recipe will help to achieve the very seductive effect of puffy and moist lips.
  5. To create a natural make-up, apply the product on the middle of the lower lip and simply evenly distribute it with a sponge or brush. So he will lie in a thin layer, and not a thick sticky film.
  6. If you use gloss-plamper, then remove the remnants of a sticky top layer with a napkin. So the lips will look natural.

Choose lip gloss

Initially, this product for lip makeup consisted of a simple formula: a mixture of vegetable oils, plus a natural coloring pigment (red, as a rule). The composition of modern shine also includes nutritional components that are not limited to oils. Moreover, part of these nutrients is more than a coloring pigment, which gives this lip makeup its caring properties.

When choosing a shine, be guided by such criteria:

  • texture: it should not be sticky, contain a lump or grains, the ideal product is one that is imperceptible on the lips,
  • composition: choose a product that contains emollients and caring components, for example, petroleum jelly, glycerin, vitamin complex,
  • Shine is designed to create the effect of natural lips, so choose a tool of natural shades.

Lip gloss is a universal make-up tool that will successfully complement a low-key daytime and favorably emphasize a spectacular evening make-up.

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Lip gloss - reviews by independent experts

New CID Cosmetics iogloss Lip Gloss

It’s a very smart device, because when you press the button it starts to glow, and you can shine in the dark using the mirror side surface of the stick (very convenient in a taxi).

Our experts got the tone of M-onstone ("Moonstone"), a kind of holographic crystal pink. It looks great if you apply it in a thin layer on top of lipstick, but if applied independently in several layers, it looks too “disco”.

Reviews: “Would I buy this lip gloss? Yes, yes, and yes again! Easy to apply, very shiny, non-sticky, moisturizing. The color to the very point, and I liked the shimmering shine. My lips are like Angelina Jolie’s! ”

“Just shocked by this high-tech tool. Remarkably moisturizes and at the same time transparent. "I bought it for five of my friends, and my husband was surprised at how long we talked about this."

Lancome Juicy Tubes Ultra Shiny Hydrating Lip Gloss

Juicy Tubes has a cut tip for easy application. They became a cult due to the limited release of tones and aromas. Our experts got the tone of Melon 22 ("Melon 22").

Due to the very strong shine and often fruity aroma, Juicy Tubes have become a tool that is either loved or hated. Our experts love this lip gloss. (True, some found it too sticky.)

Reviews: “A nice transparent color that adorns and moisturizes very well.

Dry, rough lips received instant relief. And even became a little more chubby. "

"For shine, he keeps well; he is always with me."

Yes to Carrots Lip Gloss With Me Shine Lip Gloss

This product is completely natural, EC9 is 98% organic, looks like a balm and gives the lips a light shine. And it has a really minty cooling taste. We sent our experts a peach shade - Carrot Kiss - which is suitable for most skin tones.

Reviews: “Pleasant feeling, not at all sticky shine. Perfectly moisturizes lips and lasts a very long time. It gives the lips a pleasant moisture, and my thin lips seemed fuller. "

“Very strong shine, but not nasty. Soft color. The lips became so soft that I sometimes used it instead of a balm. "

“He did a great job applying over a flesh-colored lip liner, his lips seemed more puffy and shiny.”

Chanel Aqualumiere Gloss High Shine Sheer Concentrate

It is applied to the lips with a very thin brush. A high score for comfort, lack of stickiness, delicate radiance and transparent color of a delicate pink shade (73 Bonbon), which we sent to our experts.

Reviews: "It moisturizes perfectly, and the radiance is very attractive, I felt like a million dollars."

"The lips were comfortable, they became smooth and sexy, looked more puffy."

"It's amazing! Very beautiful soft pink color with the smallest sparks, so moisturizing. "

How to color lips gloss - makeup tips

The forms of lip gloss in the trade are very diverse. This pencils, and pens, and brushes, packaged in jars or pencil cases, equipped with brushes and sponges.

In any case, the main thing is to learn how to paint lips gloss correctly. It depends on you that the gloss lies in an even and beautiful layer, without erasing and spreading beyond the contours of the lips.

In order to paint our lips with gloss, we need:

  • lip liners,
  • shine
  • corrector or base,
  • lipstick or balm
  • paper towel.

    In order for the lip gloss to lie evenly, you should prepare the skin, make it smooth. To do this, you need to process it with a scrub or candied honey, rub it with a soft toothbrush to exfoliate dead particles and even out the relief of your lips. Using your fingertips, hammer in a moisturizing face cream and put a nourishing balm under the shine so as not to dry the lips.

Using a colorless or natural wax pencil, outline the contour of the lips. So the picture will be sharper and the gloss will not spread. Now with a brush or sponge we will paint the lips with gloss, being within the boundaries of the contour, we do this evenly and in small portions, excluding its flowing into the folds of the lips.

Too much coverage should be removed using a napkin. Also apply lip gloss with fingers, spreading it gently, patting on the lips. With natural makeup, this is the best option.

If you need to paint your lips in a brighter color, gloss can be applied on top of a layer of bright lipstick. In this case, having outlined the contour with a pencil, the selected lipstick is applied, with an emphasis on the middle, so that the mouth looks puffy.

A visual lip augmentation is achieved by applying a layer of a special, solid tone of the base. Impose it thinly, evenly, for greater naturalness, then drive it in with the fingertips. After waiting two minutes, you can apply a neutral shine over the base.

  • If the color of the lips is made richly dark, then they will appear to be reduced and narrowed. After applying the foundation, you should powder your lips. The gloss is carefully distributed on the lips, without falling into the contour of the mouth, and trying not to smear in the corners. If the tone is saturated, it should be checked regularly and updated if necessary. Therefore, always carry with you in a cosmetic bag shine in any form.
  • How to make up your lips with gloss correctly: video tutorial

    The right choice of gloss: basic rules

    If a lady decided to use the lip gloss of industrial production, it is recommended to adhere to certain rules for his choice.

    You need to acquire shine only after visual testing on your own lips. When choosing a cosmetic product from catalogs in online stores, you can make a mistake with the choice of colors. The composition of the ingredients may differ from the list. It is also not recommended to buy shine just because it suits a friend, relative. A certain shine tone can ideally suit one lady and spoil the appearance of another lady.
    When buying a product you need to carefully familiarize yourself with the composition of the components. In order for the sponges not only to look beautiful, but also to be healthy, it is recommended to choose a shine, which contains vitamins, moisturizing components.
    When testing, you need to pay attention to the sensations after applying the product: palpable grains of sand, bitterness, an unpleasant pungent smell indicates a poor-quality product.
    You can not get lip gloss from unknown persons with hands. It is better to prepare a cosmetic product at home with your own hands.
    Lip gloss should lightly tint the surface. Bright dense texture looks ugly on the lips of young lovers.
    In the summer months, it is recommended to choose a shine with UV protection. A special protective complex will help to avoid photoaging of the skin of the lips.
    Before buying, it is recommended to use a tester. If you experience unpleasant sensations, itching, bursting, you need to immediately remove the product from the surface of the lips with a napkin, then wash off the shine with a makeup deactivator.
    Modern products may contain components that, when applied, produce a “puffy lip effect”. In this case, a weak feeling of fullness, burning in the area of ​​the labial folds may occur. On the label, the manufacturer must indicate possible side effects when applying the product.
    Before buying, it is recommended to pay attention to the viscosity of the product. Too thin a gloss will not linger on lips for a long time.
    Lip gloss is supposed to be applied with an applicator or a special brush with small thick villi. The edge of the brush should be beveled at an angle of 450. A round or flat applicator will leave stains on the lips.
    Before buying, you need to pay attention to the date of manufacture of the cosmetic product. You can’t buy gloss with an expired shelf life.

    Stage 1: preparatory

    Lips are exposed to adverse weather factors (wind, frost, ultraviolet radiation). For protection, the body uses internal reserves: during the day, a microfilm is formed on the lips, consisting of the secretion of the excretory system - subcutaneous fat.

    Dust and dirt particles are trapped on the microfilm. The protective barrier thickens, makes the surface of the lips stiff. When applying decorative cosmetics, the protective film is corroded by the active components of the product, lipstick and shine can roll, forming lumps. An unpleasant sight will not please any lady.

    To prevent stiffness of the lips, it is recommended at least twice a week to cleanse the lip folds with a soft peeling.

    In the instructions for use of the product should be noted on the appointment of the product. The body peels contain coarse particles that can damage the delicate structure of the lips.

    Peel the surface.
    Apply a nourishing or moisturizing day cream.
    After five minutes, pat your lips with a paper towel to remove excess cream.

    Stage 2: basic makeup base

    It is not recommended to apply decorative cosmetics without a tonal foundation. The “base” may be colorless or contain coloring components. As a preparatory layer, you can apply foundation or powder. Advantages of the basic framework:

    Masking visual defects (small cracks, acne on the lip rim).
    On a tonal basis, lip makeup lasts as long as possible.
    Pencil edging looks more expressive on prepared lips.

    To apply the base coat correctly, it is recommended to use a soft applicator or sponge.

    Collect a small amount on the applicator.
    Spread the base on the surface evenly.
    Allow to dry naturally.
    After 2 minutes, pat your lips with a paper towel.

    Stage 3: lip correction with a cosmetic pencil

    There is an erroneous opinion: a pencil is needed only for drawing arrows on the eyes. Using a mechanical pencil, you can model and sculpt lips as you wish.

    To reduce the area of ​​the lips, you need to draw a pencil around the contour closer to the central surface of the lip folds by one millimeter.
    To visually increase the swelling, it is recommended to draw a line with a pencil one millimeter larger than the natural contour of the lips.

    The pencil is used not only for the contour, but also for covering the entire surface of the lips when performing evening makeup. After touching the lips of the glass, with a kiss, most of the decorative products on the lips are erased.

    Acceptance of full coverage of the lips with a pencil will help to maintain lipstick and gloss on the lips for a long time.

    Regardless of whether the lips will be painted with lipstick or only gloss, it is recommended to choose a pencil in the tone of the lips or a little darker than the natural shade. How to carry out lip correction:

    Draw a “tick” in the center of the upper lip with a pencil.
    From the corner of the lips draw a contour to the check mark: first on one side, then on the other.
    Draw a horizontal strip under the lower lip (0.5 cm), focusing on the tick of the upper surface.
    From the corner of the lower lip, draw a contour to a horizontal strip on both sides.
    Feather the contour with the applicator.
    Apply glitter or decorative lipstick.

    To create a “3D effect” of lips, you need:

    Repeat the basic movements with a pencil to draw a contour.
    Gently paint a small distance in the corners of the upper and lower lips with a pencil.
    Feather over the shaded areas with the applicator.
    Apply shine or lipstick.

    The composition and features of matte gloss

    The versatility of matte gloss is that it fits any look. He will make lips more puffy.


    • matte substances do not dry the skin due to the creamy structure,
    • gloss contains pigment elements that allow you to fit snugly to your lips,
    • useful vitamins, beeswax help to keep the skin healthy, moisturized.

    Protective filters protect against the negative effects of the sun.

    Advantages of liquid lipstick:

    • universal - suitable for day and evening make-up, for any clothes and event with the right shade,
    • comfortable to use, does not stick to clothes, hair, leaves no spots,
    • stable - due to the dense structure is not smeared,
    • useful - lips become soft, velvety.

    How to choose the right

    When choosing a product, it is necessary to be based on quality. High-quality cosmetics contain amino acids, sun protection filters. A pleasant smell, dense structure without lumps will help to make the right choice.

    The texture should not cause a feeling of tightness, drying out.

    By hair color and color type

    Cosmetic matte products look great on the lips in the palette:

    The right choice for the tone of blond:

    Skin color, eyesTones
    light skin, blue, greenpink, plum, coral
    white leather, brown, light brownpale pink, muted red
    yellowish skinbeige with gold

    A blonde should not impose a bright pink and red shine. A red-haired girl with white skin is suitable for dark red, brown, coral colors. No need to choose an orange, bright pink tone.

    Brown-haired woman with white and pink skin is better to choose dark pink, purple, light brown, pink colors.

    The right choice for a brunette:

    Skin color, eyesTones
    white skin, gray, blue eyesred, purple tone
    dark skin, dark eyespurple, dark red, brown, orange

    Background medium saturation matte shine can be chosen by all girls. A dark skin tone needs dark, saturated tones.

    Under a certain image and makeup

    For gentle daytime makeup, you need to use peach, terracotta tones. They will give fragility, tenderness in an everyday look. Not the best choice in matte shine - a pink palette. But there are exceptions.

    Для вечера при свечах не нужно выбирать оранжевые, коричневые тона для макияжа. Если освещение будет неоновым на мероприятии, необходимо применить бежевую, теплую тональность.

    По возрасту оттенки подходят:

    • сочные цвета для женщин средних лет,
    • light colors - to young ladies,
    • dark shades for adult women.

    When choosing a tone, you must take into account the day or evening event will be attended.

    Soft eye makeup provides deep lipstick colors. If the eye makeup is saturated, you need to choose a flesh-colored lipstick.

    A pencil for lips should always be chosen darker in tone than lipstick. This gives an interesting gradient.

    How to apply on lips

    It is important to properly paint the lips. If the task is to increase them, you need to choose light shades of lipstick, a dark tone will reduce the volume.

    The preparatory stage of applying gloss:

    1. Remove peeling. Apply peeling or rub the mouth with a toothbrush with petroleum jelly.
    2. Apply moisturizing gel or cream. Hygienic lipstick can be used. After application, get wet with a cloth. If redness remains, it is necessary to gloss over with a tonal agent.
    3. Apply a gloss brush. She will emphasize the shape of the lips.
    4. A cosmetic pencil will help to clearly define the contour, highlight the shade, make it deeper, more saturated.

    To paint lips with matte lasting gloss should:

    1. Apply evenly. Start from the middle of the upper lip, lead the brush to the corner of the mouth. Then go down to the lower lip, draw the lower outline symmetrically. After connecting the upper and lower lines, starting from the corners, moving up and down towards the drawn lines. Put the applicator rib, removing excess lipstick. When applying, use a thin layer so that the product is stored longer on the lips, does not roll.
    2. Apply a tone. The outer part of the shine is darker for the contour, for the inner part it is necessary to choose a lighter color. When applying, it is necessary to stretch the lips to even the edges. It is necessary to shade the unevenness around the mouth using a beveled brush or concealer.
    3. Makeup for 24 hours. The secret of application is in two stages: after the first layer, put a napkin on your mouth, and powder through it, apply the next final layer. The method will allow throughout the day to maintain a uniform fit on the lips.

    You can enlarge your lips a little beyond the edges of the contour. By following the rules, you can create a unique, complete image.

    Overview of popular manufacturers

    There are many manufacturers of matte products.

    The name of the companyBenefitsEffect
    Lorealrich in vitamins, hyaluronic acid, repeats shape, masks peeling, flat tip applicator, does not rollholds up to 5 hours.

    Moisturizing, nourishing, increasing

    Lankomdelicate texture, oils are present. Persistent, rich, matte finish, does not dry the skinprotective, moisturizing, enveloping

    Nyxnot felt on the lips, looks spectacular, comfortable sponge with a beveled tip, popular among Russian, American bloggers, 11 shades availablepersistent, saturated

    Giorgio Armanistylish unusual design, oval applicator, easy to apply, evenly covers, emphasizes the contour, is not felt on the lipsmagnifying, velvety

    Essensdill comes in, orange softens and protects the skinNourishing, gentle, firming care
    Mineral Energy (Belarus)micronized powder of citrine, dense texture, matte, price 360 ​​rub. Application is soft, even, does not stickpersistent matte effect, moisturizing, gentle care

    Belor Design (Belarus)medium consistency. No dryness, smooth gliding thanks to the silicone applicator, rich palette of shades. The cost of 450 rubles.moisturizing, saturated
    Vivienne Szabo8 tones, the most accurate shade, light texture, no dryness, tightness. Easy to apply, spread.velvet, nourishing, moisturizing, saturated
    Bourgeoisdense structure, no heaviness, lies flat, no lumps. For active girls, quick makeupsaturated, moisturizing, softening
    Reluy9 shades, the most accurate tone, light texture, no tightnessvelvet, moisturizing, high resistance
    Chanelsoft structure, natural shadesmagnifying, natural
    Lux makeuppleasant aroma, can be applied to flaky lips, even coverage, color retention for 12 hoursmoisturizing, velvet, persistent
    Anastasialight shape, nice texturemoisturizing, increasing
    Mabelinuniversal tones, uniformity during application, does not dry, easily erasednourishing, moisturizing
    Poppyoffers 2 types of product: lipstick with pigment, with a deep palette and a satin tool with a semi-matte propertyreinforced semi-matt

    Matte products are considered a real trend in makeup. They dominate glossy products with their velvet effect, uniform coverage and the maintenance of flawless makeup throughout the day.

    Cranberry Lip Gloss

    Pink shine can be prepared on the basis of natural cranberry juice.

    Honey - 30 g
    Almond oil - 30 ml
    Cranberries - 15 pieces
    Vaseline - 5 g

    In a glass heat-resistant container, mix the gloss components.
    Place the container in the microwave.
    Cooking time: forty-five seconds. Caution: Do not increase the time of thermal exposure.
    Pour the product into the prepared containers.
    Remove the blanks on the top shelf of the refrigerator.

    Lip Gloss

    Granulated Lemonade
    Liquid food coloring
    Petroleum jelly
    Vitamin E Capsules
    Cinnamon - 5 g

    Add half a teaspoon of boiled water to the lemonade powder.
    Add three drops of food coloring to the mixture.
    Stir the ingredients to a mushy state.
    Add a small amount of petroleum jelly or castor oil to the resulting mass.
    Pierce with a needle one capsule of vitamin “E”, squeeze the contents into the mixture.
    Add cinnamon.
    Mix the ingredients with a match, after removing sulfur from it.
    Pour the mass into molds.
    Clean in a cool place for 4 hours.

    Transparent Moisturizing Lip Gloss

    Wax - 40 g
    Almond Oil - 80 ml
    Vitamin E - 1 capsule
    Flower honey - 20 g
    Orange oil - 5 ml

    Melt the wax in a water bath.
    Squeeze the contents of the capsule into the wax.
    Add components from the list.
    Stir the mixture with a plastic stick.
    Pour the mass into molds.
    Put containers in a cold place for 24 hours.

    Chocolate shine

    Cocoa Butter - 50 g
    Dark Chocolate - 20 g
    Vitamin E - 1 capsule

    Melt cocoa butter in a water bath.
    Grate the chocolate on a fine grater.
    Put the chocolate powder in the microwave for 15 seconds.
    Mix butter and grated chocolate.
    Add the contents of the capsule to the resulting mixture.
    Mix the composition, pour into jars.

    Pomegranate Lip Gloss

    Castor oil - 20 ml
    Wax - 20 g
    Cocoa Butter - 20 ml
    Almond oil - 20 g
    Pomegranate juice - 25 ml
    Vanilla Extract - 10 ml

    In heat-resistant dishes add castor, wax, cocoa butter and almonds.
    Heat the mixture in the microwave (45 seconds).
    Mix the composition thoroughly with a wooden stick.
    Add pomegranate juice and vanilla to the mixture.
    Move the composition, pour into molds.
    Put the glitter containers in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

    If the lips often suffer from cracking, it is recommended to add liquid vitamin A, retinol acetate, to the balm. When preparing the shine, it is enough to add the contents of one capsule.