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How to make a cover for a disc with your own hands


If you, despite the huge number of flash drives, still prefer to store movies, music, programs on CDs, then you probably thought about the issue, how to make a cover for a disc. The free SL Cover Editor makes it easy to solve this problem.

The program has a large number of templates to which you only need to add your information. Immediately in one style you can design a sticker on the disc itself, as well as front and back covers on the box. Of course, the program allows you to make covers for standard boxes under both CD and DVD discs. In fact SL Cover Editor is a small “sharpened” graphic editor for the task. There is nothing superfluous in it, everything is just a matter of business.

The result of the work can be saved in most graphic formats, including JPG and BMP. There is also a built-in function for compact printing of covers on paper. It remains only to cut them out and gently stick them.

The program could not find the official website of the developer, but downloading it is not difficult. The download link can be easily found by typing the name in the search engine. I hope this information will be useful to you and will tell you how to make a cover for a disc easily and quickly!


That's all for today. In this tutorial, I showed you disc cover making process in the free GIMP editor. Now, according to the presented algorithm, you yourself can make covers for DVD discs with your own hands and thereby arrange your home collection of photos or videos.

Bye everyone. I wish you success and good health! See you soon at GimpArt.Org

Sincerely, Anton Lapshin.

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Creating covers for CD / DVD discs - CD Label Designer 7.1.754 RePack (& ​​Portable) by ZVSRus

Russian | English installation and portable registered versions in one installer!

Dataland CD Label Designer 7.1.754 - This is a program for creating a variety of labels and covers for CD / DVD discs, booklets, business cards, envelopes, etc. The entire process of creating a cover proceeds under the strict guidance of the “wizard,” while it is possible to use it as ready-made templates (moreover, editing them is permissible) ), and apply your own. When creating covers for a music disc, it is possible to download track names from the CDDB database of the Internet. The interface is beautiful, clear and convenient for comfortable work. The program can print covers in real size, which are ideal for boxes from disks.

System requirements:
Windows XP | Vista | 7 | 8 | 10 (x86, x64)

Torrent Creating covers for CD / DVD discs - CD Label Designer 7.1.754 RePack (& ​​Portable) by ZVSRus in detail:
Key features of CD Label Designer:
• Design and printout.
• Create front covers.
• Create internal covers (can also be printed as a booklet).
• Create back covers (with text).
• Create covers for boxes for DVD discs.
• Create booklets.
• Create circular stickers on the disc.
• Create disc labels in the form of business cards.
• Resize function.

Repacking Information:
Type of: Installation | Unpacking. (Portable version from ZVSRus)
Interface language: Russian | English
Activation: Cured (key)
Cut out: Other localizations.

Command line switches:
• Silent installation of the Russian version: / VERYSILENT / I / RU
• Silent installation of the English version: / VERYSILENT / I / EN
• Silent unpacking: / VERYSILENT / P
• Do not create shortcut (s) in the Start menu: / VERYSILENT / I / NS
• Do not create desktop shortcut (s): / VERYSILENT / I / ND

Screenshots Creating covers for CD / DVD discs - CD Label Designer 7.1.754 RePack (& ​​Portable) by ZVSRus torrent: