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Perform duplex printing on a printer


If your printer supports duplex printing, you can send Word 2016 to print the document on both sides of the paper. If your printer is so blessed, follow these steps:

Press Ctrl + P when you are ready to print the document.

Make sure the document has just been saved.

Press the Duplex button on the Print screen.

Refer to the figure for the location of the button.

Use the Duplex button to print on both sides of the page.

Select "Print on both sides", "Flip pages on long sides."

Do not worry with the Short Sides option if you do not plan to anchor your document this way.

If you do not see the option “Print on both sides”, you need to manually print.

If necessary, make other settings on the Print screen.

Press the large print button to print the document.

Both sides of the page will be printed.

The word (actually Windows in fact) is not so smart when it comes to which printers are duplex and which are not. Alas, when Windows does not recognize your two-level printer as such, there is little you can do.

Perform duplex printing on a printer

There are devices that support automatic printing on both sides of the paper, however, there are few such models, and in most cases they are multifunction devices with a duplex copy function on the scanner. Next, we will give instructions specifically for such equipment, and then we will talk about the manual printing method.

Method 1: Text Editor Functions

If you typed the content yourself or have a ready-made document in a text editor, its built-in tools will allow you to correctly configure two-sided printing in the presence of more than two completed sheets. You will need to perform the following actions manually:

  1. Run the required document, for example, through Microsoft Word, then open the action menu.

Go to the section "Seal".

There, indicate the printer that you want to use to print the selected document.

Enter additional parameters if necessary, and then click on "OK" to start printing.

Before printing the desired file in mode "Manual printing on both sides" when using devices without duplex support, it is advisable to perform a test operation to understand which side you need to load the finished sheets, where the content is on only one side. The principle of this function is to print the odd pages first, and then the even pages, thus forming a book version of the project.

Method 2: Functions of programs for working with PDF files

The required documents are not always in text format, some of them are of the PDF type, which makes it impossible to open them through the text editors mentioned earlier. In such cases, you will need to resort to special applications for working with PDF, for example, Adobe Reader DC or Adobe Acrobat DC.

  1. Open the desired file and go to the print window by selecting the appropriate item in the menu.

From the pop-up list, select the printer suitable for printing.

Set item Odd or Even Pages in parameter “Only Odd”.

Start printing by clicking on the button.

When printing is complete, insert the sheets with the other side in the same order, and then change the setting to "Only even".

As in the previous method, it is necessary to consider the paper feed, so as not to print the text twice on one side of the sheet. If the program used to work with PDF has a built-in tool "Two-sided printing", use it instead of manually selecting even and odd pages only if you have a device that supports this technology.

Method 3: Manual 2-Sided Printing

This method is suitable for those users who do not have the equipment mentioned above. In such a situation, all the actions will have to be performed manually, indicating the program the necessary pages when sending to print. For example, all the odd pages (1, 3, 5, 7, 9 ...) are printed first - in that order they are indicated in the same text editor. After the procedure is completed, the sheets are inserted by the other side into the tray in the same order and printing of even sheets (2, 4, 6, 8, 10 ...) starts. Unfortunately, there are no other options for performing this operation, so you have to monitor the print yourself.

Now you are familiar with the three methods of duplex printing on various printers. You just need to choose the right one and proceed with the task.

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First way: duplex mode

First things first, consider the duplex mode. Of course, it is not suitable for every user, since it requires a special printer model, but if you still have one, then you are lucky.

How to print two pages on one sheet in the simplest way?

  1. Open the document you want to print. It can be a PDF or a DOC, no difference.
  2. In the application, call the print menu. Often this can be done by pressing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P. If for some reason you didn’t succeed, you can click on the corresponding item in the menu called up by clicking the “File” button in the program interface.
  3. A window appears in which you need to set the options for printing. Identify the printer first. If it is only one, it will be selected automatically.
  4. Set all other parameters as you like.
  5. Be sure to check the box next to the "duplex" line. Often it is located on the right side from above.
  6. Click on the “OK” button.

Immediately after completing these steps, the printer will begin its work. However, you may notice that each page of the document is printed on both sides of the sheet. That is, you learned the first way to print two pages on one sheet.

Second way: print two pages on one side of a sheet

When there is a printer with duplex printing, this is undoubtedly good, but what if it is not? Then, to save paper when printing, you can do a little different. Alternatively, you can print two pages of a document on one sheet. Now it will be told how to do it.

  1. Open the document in the program for printing.
  2. Call up the corresponding menu in it. Recall that this is done by pressing Ctrl + P.
  3. Like last time, select a printer.
  4. Set all the options you need.
  5. To implement the plan, it is necessary to enter the value “2” on the counter “Pages on a sheet”. It is located in the "Document Settings" category.
  6. Recheck all entered values ​​and press the OK button.

Now you know the second method, how to print two pages on one sheet. Of course, it may not be suitable for everyone, since the font will be much smaller than the original one and, perhaps, it will be uncomfortable to read it, but if the print is "for yourself", then this is a great option.

The third way: how to print on one sheet two pages on two sides

There are situations when it is simply necessary to print a document so that its pages are located on both sides of the sheet. We found out that a special printer is needed for this. Or not? There is another option how to do this, though it is quite laborious.

  1. Insert the print sheet into the printer.
  2. Open the document in the program.
  3. Launch the print menu.
  4. Set all the necessary parameters and be sure to print only one page of the document. In this case, the first one.
  5. Print the page.
  6. Turn over the printed sheet and reinsert it into the printer.
  7. Repeat all the previous steps, only now print the second page.

This method, how to print two pages on one sheet, has one huge drawback - if there are a lot of pages, then printing will take a long time. But if you just need to print a couple of sheets, then this method is ideal for saving paper in the printer.