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How to make a book out of paper with your own hands?


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Making a book out of paper is a simple and exciting experience. The book can serve as a diary, a notebook for drawing, or a pleasant home-made gift. Children will also surely enjoy making such a book with their own hands. A paper book made by yourself will be much cheaper than a ready-made notebook, and you can choose any cover and pages to your liking.

DIY clamshell

The manufacturing process is simple. How to make a folding book out of paper? You will need: thick sheets or cardboard for the base of the pages, adhesive tape, glue, scissors. On the pages of the clamshell book you can stick painted fairy-tale characters, colorful figures from colored paper, printed and cut lines of children's poems.

How to make a baby book out of paper with your own hands? First you need to prepare the pages. To do this, cut out thick paper or cardboard squares or rectangles (depending on which book you want to make) of the same size, for example, 30x30 centimeters or more / less. Next, prepare drawings, poems, carved figures, stick in the right order on the base - sheets of thick paper. Even pieces of fabric or flat natural material (for example, dried tree leaves, flowers) can be glued onto the base.

When everything dries, you can begin to fasten the pages with adhesive tape. So they will be well bent and laid out.

Book with a real binding

You can make a book with a real binding, so as not to read a literary work or lectures from a computer screen. Of course, the process is more time-consuming than creating a baby book for a child. But it's worth it. How to make a book out of paper? First you need to print the necessary text on the printer so that you can then fold the notebooks for the book block. Then you should make a binding, glue bookends and cover. Now about each stage, how to make a book out of paper, in more detail.

Printing sheets of a future book

The main point is the correct printing of book sheets so that they then fold correctly in a notebook. Most do not have the ability to print sheets in a format larger than standard A4, and special paper that is used in printing houses (with the direction of the fibers along the short side), so we will proceed from these input data. However, you should not worry about this; the book is no worse than the usual one.

How to make a paper book? First prepare the text and print it on the printer. But the pages on the book sheets are out of order. In each notebook of the classical book there are sixteen pages of A5 format, that is, four A4 sheets folded in half. To create a layout for printing, you can use OpenOffice Writer, Word or any other text editor that allows you to choose the font style and size of the font, set margins and page numbers. When ready, save the book in PDF format.

But text editors or PDF readers, as a rule, cannot print pages in random order, as is necessary for a book, so you need another program, for example Foxit Reader. In the settings you need to select landscape orientation, as well as print two pages on one sheet. A larger font will come in handy, because the actual page size will be reduced when printing.

Page numbers (what to print for) can be calculated in the table editor. The following is an example of a page sequence for a book with 137 pages. Every two lines in this table indicate the printing order for one notebook (two gray lines - one notebook, the next two white ones - the second notebook). First you need to print one side (eight pages), then turn the paper over and print the second half of the notebook.

Do not print everything at once. Firstly, it’s easy to get confused (it’s better to collect notebooks one at a time), secondly, you need to first understand the specifics of feeding paper with a specific printer, and thirdly, if something goes wrong, you will have to retype it all over again, and this is an excess of ink and paper, not to mention unnecessary work.

Book Block Preparation

When all the notebooks are ready, you need to bend them in half in the correct sequence. You can bend each sheet separately and assemble it into a notebook, or you can bend four sheets of one book at once. The second option is preferable, since the notebook turns out to be more solid, and this greatly speeds up the work. It is better to press the fold line additionally, for example, with a dining spoon. Further, it is desirable to put the bent edge of all notebooks under some temporary load.

While the notebooks are under the press, you need to prepare a template for piercing holes. You need to take a sheet of cardboard and mark the edges (according to the format of a sheet of a book notebook - 210 mm). Next, you need to make outlines one centimeter from the beginning of the fold of the notebook, five centimeters, six centimeters, ten, eleven, fifteen and sixteen centimeters, twenty. A picture with a ruler (for clarity) below.

Still need to prepare a tape for sewing a book block. In this case, a fabric tape with a width of 5 mm is used.

How to make a book with your own hands out of paper? First, each notebook needs to be marked by a fold and pierced with an awl from inside to outside - this is preparation for binding. Next, pieces of fabric tape need to be glued with tape on the edge of the table at the desired distance. The preparatory stages are over, the sewing (binding) of the book block remains - the most critical part of the work.

Notebook binding

For sewing, you can use thread for embroidery in at least two additions - they are quite dense and do not tear during operation. Such threads are easy to find, and you can also choose any color you like. It is also desirable to use the load. So everything will be smooth, notebooks will not go astray. Every two stitched notebooks need to be fixed in a knot, the tape is braided on the outside. The last notebook also needs to be fixed with a strong knot.

The book block is almost ready. Now all the notebooks need to be put under the press, secured so that the block protrudes slightly. Next, you need to glue the edges with ordinary PVA. But glue is needed quite a bit, so that it only penetrates a little between the notebooks for fixing.

Bonding Bookends

How to make a book out of paper? Bonding bookends and making the cover is the final stages. Bookends will combine the book block into a single whole. If you used ordinary office paper for printing, then you need to prepare a thicker one for bookends. But first you need everything to dry well.

As soon as the book block is already with bookends, you need to place it under the press and cut off the protruding edges with a very sharp (really really, really sharp) clerical knife. If it is possible to perform this step on special equipment in the printing house, it is worth trimming the edges there, since the work is complex and requires extreme accuracy.

Build completion

Approaching the completion of the assembly of the book block, you need to glue all the details again. You can do this this way - first stick a layer of gauze on the end, then - captals (pieces of fabric tape, in which one edge is thicker than the other) at the corners. The wide side of the tape should extend to the outer edge.

Cover making

For the cover you will need two dense cardboard boxes, another oblong piece of cardboard on the end of the book (thin or thick - it all depends on the thickness of the book). The cover can be made of fabric, but it is better to take a dark cloth - it does not show minor design flaws, glue. Of course, the fabric must first be ironed. The fabric must be wrapped in a cardboard cover, glued. You can also decorate the cover with various elements, pre-print the name on the fabric.

Final fee

How to make a book out of paper? The final step - collecting all the elements - is the easiest. It is necessary to lay sheets of paper between the sheets of the bookend and the book so that the glue with which we will stick the cover does not spread over the book itself. Next, glue the end-leaf and cover with glue. There should not be empty places (especially at the edges), but the layer must be made very thin so that the sheets of the flyleaf do not go in waves. When the cover is glued, you need to put the book under the press until it dries completely.

Another binding option

How to make a small book out of paper if the classic binding seems too complicated? Of course, there is a simpler way. The entire stack of printed pages (you can even A4) must be placed under the press with the spine facing you. The edge should protrude a little. Next, you need to thickly glue the root with PVA glue and let it dry for several minutes (do not remove the load). Then you should move the book completely to the table and press it completely with the press so that the edges are already well dried out.

When everything dries, you need to again move the pack to the edge and make 2 mm cuts at a distance of 2-3 cm. Next, you need glue, a brush and a rope. The rope must be inserted into the cuts, cover with gauze on top and glue again. A strip of thin paper is glued on top of the gauze for reliability. When everything dries well, you can start to deal with bookends and cover.

Now the question of how to make a mini-book, a cot or even a real book out of paper has been resolved. This activity is very creative and fascinating.

Do-it-yourself little paper book (master class)

To make it you will need:

  • Sheets of white or colored paper,
  • Scissors,
  • Stapler or needle with thread.

Manufacturing steps:

Steps for creating a cover for your book.

Gently fold the pages so that you get eight parts: first along, then across. Then in half again short sides.

  • Smooth each fold with a pencil or any hard object.
  • Expand it, you should get eight rectangles.
  • Cut vertical fold lines, do not touch horizontal lines.
  • Expand again. You should get a cut between the four central rectangles.
  • Fold them in half: long side to long side.
  • Fold in the shape of a book. Cut edges should be on top. Start shifting the ends so that you get four “wings”.
  • Fasten them with a stapler. If you don’t have one, you can sew them with a needle and thread.
  • Do-it-yourself medium-sized paper book at home

    One option for what the craft might look like.

    To make it, you will need the same materials as for making a small book.

    First you need to decide what you need this book for, in order to know how many pages it should have. Know, from one page it turns out two. Do not forget about the cover. She will need colored cardboard.

    If you are going to make it for a gift, then it is better to use paper with a beautiful texture.

    Do not use lined paper.she does not fit.

    Let's move on to manufacturing:

    • Fold it in half. Add each page one at a time, and not all at once. This is necessary so that the fold lines are even.
    • Smooth the fold lines with a solid object.
    • Folded - fold one into one. If there are a lot of them, then fold the pages in blocks: four or two by six).
    • Secure each stack with a stapler. The brackets of one stack should not coincide with the brackets of another blog. This is necessary so that when they are joined there are no ugly bulges.
    • Now fold them. All edges should be even.

    The main part is ready. How to make a binding.

    Do-it-yourself book binding (phased master class)

    Bindings can be completely different. His choice depends on the thickness of the product and your desires.

    1. First you need to make a cover. To do this, you need dense colored cardboard. Fold it in half.
    2. If your collection consists of several parts, then they need to be glued with adhesive tape. Cut the tape so that it is longer than your stuff. Stick it on the front and back pages: half the tape in front and half in the back. Excess tape must be cut off.
    3. Glue it to the product.
    4. There is another way to attach parts and covers - a ribbon or cord. If you choose this method, then you don’t need to fasten them with a stapler and tape.
    5. Put the parts in it.
    6. Align the edges.
    7. Using a hole punch, make two holes.
    8. Pass the ribbon or lace into the holes and tie a beautiful bow.

    If you want to make a children's voluminous book for a child, then use strong cardboard. Only in this case, the child will not be able to break it.

    Coptic binding

    Coptic binding- This is the fastest and easiest way to fasten pages together. Even a child can make this look, but it will take a lot of time and patience. A thing with him will be a great addition in your office or hotel.

    To make it with such a binding you will need:

    • Cardboard,
    • Paper,
    • Thick thread and needle,
    • Awl,
    • Ruler
    • Pencil.

    Coptic binding workshop:

    1. Fold the sheets in half, put them into stacks of three sheets.
    2. For each - the fold line should be marked with a pencil with a ruler. Put five points at the same distance from each other. Pierce them through with an awl. On the rest - you need to put the same points and pierce too.
    3. We make a cover out of cardboard. Bend it in half and put the first part inside.
    4. Now flash the back and first part. From the inside, insert the needle and thread into the first extreme hole. A small tail will remain in the fold. With the same thread, grab the cover from the outside and pull the needle between the stack and cardboard.
    5. Circle the needle around the stitched thread and reinsert it into the first hole.
    6. Tie the tail and thread into a knot and tighten tightly.
    7. The same operation must be done through the second hole. So you need to flash all five holes.
    8. Now put the second block on the first and sew it in the same way.
    9. The latter will be flashed with the cover. The needle must be inserted into the outermost hole on the outside and pulled out between the stack and the cover. Circle the thread around the stitched stitch between the two previous ones and put it into the last hole of the last pile, pull the thread inward.
    10. The same operation must be repeated with a neighboring hole. On the spine you should get a beautiful pigtail.
    11. Fasten the thread in the middle of the fold of the last part
    12. The original book is ready.

    To learn how to make a book yourself, watch this video.