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Where is the best place to hide condoms and other little things from your parents?


Well, what are we, parents, not people or something. For example, I’ll buy my own son if something happens, when I grow up a little. And daughters always openly talked about it. Because, in my opinion, a condom is, after all, a reliable thing. And you don’t need to hide them, they should be in the medicine cabinet. (Well, in your pocket, just in case)

No need to worry that their parents will immediately take them away or pierce them with a darn needle. But since it’s inconvenient to keep condoms out of reach of parents, put them in a concealed pocket. And never take off clothes with this pocket with your parents.

To the parents' question: “And what is it you have in your hidden pocket” you can answer: “Well, not condoms. Chewing gum, of course, what else?”

Best answer

TheOne (19) 4 (1083) 1 7 11 years

why hide them? )))) parents will understand if they find, not stsy))))

Napalm 8 (100161) 12 70 256 11 years

19 years old, and you hide all the gadgets?

Pavlukha (28) 6 (10068) 4 33 91 11 years

in the shelf and on the key! :) technology!

ITwB 3 (915) 5 11 11 years

Hide, they’ll take advantage of it themselves. ,)

KaTazina 4 (1131) 1 3 7 11 years

such things cannot be hidden, they should always be in your pocket)))

deximus (35) 5 (4880) 1 3 10 11 years

Emax 7 (79403) 14 337 933 11 years

It doesn’t bother me. But where to hide them from children?)

titli 7 (89205) 7 55 229 11 years

In boxes from under tights, cosmetics, perfumes. In short, in unnecessary packaging, in which you are sure that your parents do not need them and they will not put their curious nose in there.

Xuliganochka 5 (4248) 1 15 41 11 years

neponimaju za4em prjatatj mne mama vobwe v let 17 sama ih davala

Wildfire (32) 6 (14072) 2 11 29 11 years

I carry all my things with me - in your purse, and keep the purse with me - not in socks, boots, gaskets, but hide them ..

Dj`Gift (28) 7 (32944) 5 40 115 11 years

V takom vozraste i prjatatj st>

Mixalich (2019) 5 (3678) 1 2 6 11 years

V sejfe poprobuj, toljko klju4ik nosi na wee i nikogda ne snimaj.

Kucher (30) 6 (10056) 3 22 57 11 years

blblblbl 8 (115661) 8 15 115 11 years

Equip the cache. My regularly served me all my childhood. In the armrest of a soft chair. There the plywood upholstered with cloth was torn off, there is a cavity. It remains only to attach a furniture magnet and the cache is ready.
Do not forget the control hair or an inconspicuous piece of paper that signals that strangers entered the cache.

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