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Star Alliance Navigator for iOS free download


FRANKFURT, GERMANY - The Star Alliance has expanded its mobile device offering by introducing a customized Navigator app for the iPad. The new application complements the existing iPhone application and is a continuation of Alliance’s strategy to provide easy mobile access to its products and services.

A distinctive feature of the new tool is an interactive 3D Globe, which graphically depicts a network of more than 21,900 daily flights of 27 airlines covering 1,329 destinations.

A new feature for any Star Alliance or My Trip mobile offer is a feature that allows customers to save and control their flight routes and is only available on the iPad Navigator app.

Using the app, customers can also access many Alliance travel agencies, such as “flight search” - covering flight schedules for all Alliance member airlines, “flight status” - tracking any flight of an Alliance member and Lounge Finder - providing details of more than 1,000 lounges offered by Alliance and its member airlines. Information about the airport, including weather, city guides, lounge locations and details of the airlines serving the selected destination, is also available.

There you can also find the benefits for frequent flyers provided by the Alliance, one of the main benefits for the client, a dedicated section with their detailed description, along with information about Star Alliance Gold and Silver privileges. This section is complemented by videos, photographs and texts for client attorneys who represent the interests of the client, with a detailed description of the trip.

The application ends with a section containing information and facts about individual airlines, including reservations, contact phone numbers, pictures and videos.

How to download Star Alliance Navigator file for iOS

To download Star Alliance Navigator, follow simple instructions.

  1. To start downloading the installation file, click on the blue “Download from server” button located just above.
  2. After that, the server will prepare and scan the installation file for viruses.
  3. If the file is not infected and everything is fine with it, a gray “Download” button will appear.
  4. By clicking on the “Download” button, the file will be downloaded to your computer.

We do not ask you to go through a tedious registration process or send any SMS for confirmation. Just download and enjoy your health =)

How to install Star Alliance Navigator for iOS

To install the program, follow the simple instructions that apply to most programs.

  1. Run the downloaded file by double-clicking on it. All installation files are taken from official websites of developers. The latest update date for the Star Alliance Navigator version 1.3 file was January 07, 2017 at 9:23.
  2. In the window that appears, accept the license agreement. You can also familiarize yourself with the license agreement on the official website of the program developer.
  3. Select the components you want to install. Uncheck the boxes that may be installed to install additional programs.
  4. Select the folder on the computer where you want to install the program. In most cases, the program automatically selects a folder, for example in Windows it is C: Program Files
  5. In conclusion, the program installation manager may suggest creating a “Shortcut on the desktop” or “Folder in the start menu”.
  6. Then the installation process will begin. After completion, the installation manager may ask you to restart the computer for more correct operation of the program.

iPad as a GPS navigator

As mentioned above, the iPad version of Wi-Fi + 3G has a built-in GPS signal receiver. And accordingly, we can use it for navigation, whether it is a walk along the unfamiliar streets of a small town, or car navigation through a large metropolis. Also, if you use the iPad as your personal business assistant, and often travel on business trips, it will be very convenient to find any address in an unfamiliar city. With a 9.7-inch screen in the arsenal and good autonomy for these functions, it is almost perfect.

Yes, really using the iPad as a GPS navigator, I am very pleased. Being in a car that moves at a speed of about 100 km / h iPad finds satellites in just a few seconds, while accurately determining the coordinates. Well, it already depends more on the programs you use for GPS navigation and the maps that they have.

iPad GPS and bluetooth

Theoretically, GPS can be done for regular iPad Wi-fi. In foreign forums, I often came across the fact that a person bought bluetooth gps - connected to his iPad “with a tambourine” and he had a working GPS on a regular iPad Wi-Fi. In practice, two of my friends tried to do this, but the iPad did not want to work in conjunction with bluetooth GPS. They still need certain models that the Apple tablet is ready to accept.

In subsequent reviews, I will tell you about some of the programs that I use for GPS navigation on the iPad. Stay with us.

Pavel Shah specially for the site All about iPad

Good afternoon! I am very interested in how to use ipad as a navigator. installed the motionx program (from appstore). However, I just can’t figure it out - for example, I choose the end point, but the route is not drawn. just connects two points in a straight line and that's it.

I wonder who wrote this nonsense.
GPS is a global navigation system that is in no way connected with either telephone or any other kind of communication. If you have only WiFi in your iPAD, then your cards will work if the Internet is working and your location is determined by the IP address of the card, if you have 3G then your location will be determined by the operator’s cell towers. If no connection is working then the cards will not work.
As you know, GPS works everywhere regardless of cellular networks, even in the center of the Pacific Ocean! open space and access to satellites are important to him.

What do you boil so?
iPad c 3G has GPS! What you write about is called A-GPS technology.
A-GPS (Eng. Assisted GPS) - technology that accelerates the "cold start" of the GPS-receiver. Acceleration occurs by providing the necessary information through alternative communication channels. Often used in cell phones containing a GPS receiver.
The keywords here are "containing a GPS receiver" :)

Andrei said everything correctly, there is no built-in GPS receiver in the iPad. This is a-gps and it works only with the help of Internet networks. If you turn them off, you will not be able to download either your location or any other map features.

mobile networks (correct)

The biggest problem for the GPS receiver is the so-called “cold start”. It is at this moment that the search for satellites occurs. Depending on external factors, the start-up process may be delayed, which not only causes discomfort, but also leads to increased energy consumption. A-GPS technology helps to cope not only with this problem, but somewhat simplify the life of the GPS receiver.

In the case of the iPhone, this means that the current position will be determined using GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile operator stations (Apple craftsmen managed to use only 2 antennas for all this, which are located in unexpected places - a ring around the camera, an audio jack , a metal rim around the screen, etc. All this data will be processed by the auxiliary server, and this is the advantage of A-GPS over GPS: the first one works much faster, and the second one slows down during a cold start when it searches for satellites With a conventional GPS receiver for I position you need some strong signals and a certain amount of time to obtain the coordinates. When A-GPS assistance server itself tells your phone, where the nearest satellites, thereby reducing the time to look. In addition, this approach saves more battery

Everything is correct, he wrote us and geolocation is not one and the same navigation does not work.
Some programs work but the disgusting I flew with the wifi ipad.

Since this is a jailbroken iPAD, you must install BTstackGPS from the BigBoss repository. It’s paid, it costs $ 5 (

140r, even funny), paid with a stick. I did not find normal grunted versions on the network, and with those that are - judging by the reviews, one useless gimor. After that, you need to turn off the bluetooth in the main settings and run the program. It will start, find all the bluetooth devices, including nearby phones and your ZhPS. You need to select the ZhPS in the list, it will connect and display your map and your coordinates (if the ZhPS receiver itself found satellites by then). After that, you need to press the lone round button and start the navigation software. A red circle with the word “On” will appear on the program icon on the desktop. To disconnect, run the program again and select "Disconnect" in the upper left corner. Tested with Google and Yandex maps, iGO and CityGuide. A convenient option if the iPAD does not have 3G, and navigation is needed. I also often use on my ipad instead of the standard AGPS, which instead of satellites actually uses the data of the cellular network. Cons - satellites do not catch under bridges and in tunnels pluses - shows the coordinates where they did not hear bumps about cell phones, but there is an open sky above your head.

Does anyone know which program allows you to view the number of satellites and the quality of reception?

“Has a built-in GPS signal transceiver”

The authors are clearly humanists. There are transmitters only in satellites, in phones and GPS-navigators only receivers. Correct the text, do not disgrace.

Author)) Pavel cheated something
I corrected the text - for this, in fact, we need comments on the site in order to have feedback from the reader)

I have an iPad 2 and Motorola Milestone as a result got Igo on Ipade. I experimented with a samsung with GPS a little dancing with a tambourine and ... again everything works. A bunch of iPad and Motorola are all insanely stable.

A little refinement iPad 2 with Wi-Fi (without 3G)

Mid, I think everyone will be interested in how you did it!

If there is no mount for the iPad in the car, then there’s no sense from the navigator. Either you need a person in the seated seat who will say where you are turning, but you can do this with an ordinary paper card, or you can do something like a traffic accident while looking at the tablet lying on the ruts.
Caught on the road in this situation, I had to make a mount from a gun strap. Which I fastened at one end to the grill of blowing the windshield, and at the other end, a loop made a loop over it on the tablet case. Fortunately, the cover was in the form of a book. And in the end, the iPad was hanging in the middle of my panel, above the tape recorder. Very comfortably)))))

Maybe I needed to share this “invention” in the iPad iPad section?)))))

I wouldn’t mind - I’m interested in the iPad theme in the car, since I myself can’t test it, and a lot of car enthusiasts read the site :)
If you send photos and a description of how you did this, we will post.

My car was in an accident, so the photo only after I fix it. Or buy a new one.

I beg your pardon, but I still don’t understand where to go in the iPad to start navigation?

For example, in Google Maps, Yandex maps are a free option, but require an Internet)) You can also buy a GPS application of some type Sygic:

Question: in the standard Maps application, is it possible to enter GPS coordinates to determine the location and accordingly read them, if necessary?

I am very worried about the ability to use an iPad instead of a navigator, while not getting into a debt hole due to roaming! I love traveling abroad in comfort (by car with a navigator and adviser “Tamara”). But I don’t want to drag a bunch of gadgets. Is it possible to use an iPad with the appropriate program without inserting a SIM card?
If I have iGo on micro SD, can I somehow add it to the iPad?
Speaking of needlework)) I once went to the Pyrenees and the navigator “spoiled my view”. I glued it with double-sided tape to the panel. It cost, so to speak, without a strap from a holster)))

I would like to know if any of the members of the forum tried to install Tom Tom as a navigator? I accidentally heard a conversation between two guys, they said that they tried in Germany - just fantastic. I decided to buy at Arr Store, but I always get the answer “Your request could not be comlplited”) Maybe someone will tell you something about this. I'm going to go to Europe for a long time by car, I wanted to buy a stationary navigator, but it bites (12-15 pieces), and the software in Arr-store is on the west. And East. Europe in the amount of about 150 bucks.

Set myself GPS Navigation 2 - skobbler - Car Navigation From skobbler GmbH It costs a penny, it works without a sim card. I traveled around Russia so far, but to wilderness! Pretty well.

On ipad2 you go to the app store you find the navigator program (for free) you put it works fine.

So. Once again, for the gifted, repeat someone. You are welcome.

I have iPad 2 without a SIM. What do I need to do to have navigation in it, or is it even possible?

Better sell it. unnecessarily recently there was such a question with navigation in the car.
IPad + 3G will solve many problems. unnecessary devices that need to be recharged on the road will not be needed. As a rule, each device has its own cable. For me personally, the resolution of the iPad + 3g problems.

There is no risk that some device will not be compatible with the iPad.

One cable for recharging.

It might be funny to someone ... But I only got to know the work in iPad TODAY))) I bought a mini today ... Tell me options for using it as a navigator in a car. Better free)

I have an iPad 2 with SIM Life, and iPhone 5 I plan a trip from Odessa to Russia. Tell me if the navigator will work ??

Hello, dear forum users!
Explain for dumb people that where you need to enable or download to make navigation on the ipad 4 3g work without inserting a SIM card in it and without using WIFI. What program will work !?
It is necessary not to have WIFI not on a SIM card to have navigation in Russia and Europe! Tell me how to do it! I have not bought any program yet. I read it in one forum: I bought Sygic, installed it, it says there is no SIM card and no connection. There is no answer to the question of what to do and how to make everything work without a sim and wifi ... no one answered. Help please.

Connoisseurs, tell me, turn on geolocation and turn off data roaming and 3G? One way or another, so as not to stick to money. Explain step by step

Devils programmers! A simple woman, hell make out your tongue! Where not to rush in Russian it is impossible to find the answer!