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If you want to get promising work and stay on it, if you dream of starting your own business or building ideal relationships with existing clients, then you should be aware that the image of a true professional in your field is of great importance for your career and further success. Suppose you have perfectly trained your speech and manners, however, you can easily lose the respect of colleagues or clients if you look like you just got out of bed. Yes, your appearance, business clothes are also an important and integral component of a professional image, because it gives the first and main impression of how you feel about work and the people around you.

Image of a business person

1. We begin our tour of your appearance from top to bottom, that is, from the head. Your hairstyle should be simple and neat, and simple enough so that you do not have to spend a lot of time styling your hair in the morning. Choose for yourself such a haircut that will not cause you any inconvenience and require significant time costs. Also, think about the color of your hair. School and student years are long behind, and therefore the cheerful red, orange and purple shades of hair are unlikely to look serious in the workplace. Alas, the time for experimenting with hairstyles has passed.

2. In modern society, the abundance of tattoos and piercings has become commonplace and even almost everyday, but this does not mean that it is quite appropriate to flaunt them openly at work. In most offices, by default it is customary to hide or cover such wearable jewelry. Do not forget that among your bosses and even more so key customers there may be people with conservative views, and this will not contribute to improving your professional image.

3. Appearance of a true professional in his field does not mean at all that you have to shell out a ton of money for the sake of updating the entire business wardrobe. Now many companies not only oblige their employees to follow the dress code, but also order fashionable comfortable clothes for work. Please note how beautiful the clothes of workers in various fields can be, presented on the website

To make your wardrobe in line with your business image, just review your clothes, conduct a thorough audit and decisively get rid of the old, inappropriate or worn out, even if you have the most tender feelings for it. Of course, you can idolize your shoes on a ten-centimeter hairpin, successfully bought at last year's sale, but in the office they are unlikely to be comfortable. Is there a tiny hole on the sleeve on the adored shirt? Leave it in case of out-of-town picnics; in the workplace, this inconspicuous gap can serve you poorly. If we are talking about the inevitable investment in your own wardrobe, then you can limit yourself to a little blood by spending on the purchase of key items of office clothing: dress pants, a pair of skirts and a pair of plain shirts, including a white blouse, a business jacket.

4. So, your hair, clothes and shoes are in order. What else is left unreached? For men, it is very important to have short clipped, clean and well-groomed nails. The same applies to women, only they will have to think about their reasonable length. Too long and bright nails will prevent you from typing on the keyboard at least, at least - look defiant. Some women feel uncomfortable without makeup, so try not to overdo it with him. The excess makeup looks good on the screen and in the photo shoot, in real life it creates the impression of unnaturalness and even comic.

Remember that everything has its own time and place, and therefore include common sense and intuition when creating your own professional appearance. Be perfect!

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How to solve this problem?

Women in hot weather want to show themselves at 360 degrees. For walking, they can wear dresses with a deep neckline, short skirts and shorts that slightly resemble underpants. But how can you dress like that in the office? It turns out that for work you need to choose other clothes, more modest.

Many argue that women at work should not be undressed even at high air temperatures. It is not permitted to wear sandals, shorts and a tight-fitting noodle dress. No doubt, the fair sex is very outraged.

Who sets the dress code? Women have long proved to everyone that they themselves have the right to decide what to do, and even more so how to dress.

Some companies have already canceled the dress code, management wants their employees to feel comfortable. In these organizations, women can come to work in shorts or even mini-skirts.

But, unfortunately, the leadership of many companies does not allow liberties in clothes. They do not allow wearing shorts, light translucent blouses, sundresses, which are remotely resembling beach dresses.

This is not about showing everyone their legs or flaunting their breasts. Women just want to wear things in the heat of light fabrics and feel comfortable. No one is going to show a full stomach, covering him with a narrow skirt and a tight T-shirt. Also, women will never show untidy legs in rubber slates. Ladies just do not want to sit at work and sweat.

Further, we will talk about how to dress appropriately, beautifully and easily at the same time.

Classic is everything

Ideal for heat are maxi-skirts and dresses. This clothing is light, and you will not confuse anyone with your appearance. Such dresses and skirts will suit any girl, such clothes are always appropriate and is the best solution.

A woman can wear trousers of any color from light, flying fabric, but pants with a complex pattern should be put aside and not put on in the office.

If the company’s dress code is not very strict and requires only decency, then you can easily get your beachwear and add it to the office wardrobe. The main thing is to combine correctly.

For example, you can wear shorts and a blouse instead of a top. The blouse should not be transparent. It is better to wear a top with trousers that have a high waist. Wear beach shoes with sandals instead of open sandals. We hope you understand what is meant - do not put on two beach clothes at the same time (for example, a top and a short skirt).

Dress with style

Do not forget about the style when you pick up a set of clothes for going to the office. Avoid ridiculous prints, shapeless things, and clothes that don't suit you.

For men, there are also two tips: do not wear shirts with a Hawaiian pattern and avoid open sandals (it doesn’t matter if you wear them with or without socks).