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To organize a bachelorette party before the wedding is a beautiful and beloved tradition by many. Even in Kievan Rus, it was decided to spend the last evening of the unmarried life of a girl in the circle of sisters, friends and other representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Over time, the script of the holiday has undergone significant changes, however, the tradition is not only preserved, but also actively popularized.

Who should organize a bachelorette party?

According to tradition, it is on the shoulders of close bridesmaids that the organization of interesting entertainment for a bachelorette party lies. In addition to organizational issues, they are also responsible for the material costs of the event.

Most often it’s the friend who organizes the evening, prepares a surprise for the bride

It is best to warn the bride and girlfriends about the upcoming party in advance, so that everyone can carve out a free evening. When planning entertainment, it is important to consider interests and tastes of the hero of the occasion. Do not drag your girlfriend to male striptease if she is shy and does not like such noisy events. And for those who like to “light the dance floor”, it’s not worth organizing a home pajama party, it is unlikely that she will appreciate such leisure.

In some situations, the bride herself organizes such a holiday and thinks what to do at the bachelorette party with her friends. If you are one of them, there will be no unexpected surprises for you, you can choose a place, time and entertainment according to your desire and preferences. Perhaps you have long dreamed of going to karaoke with your friends and having fun, the bachelorette party is a great opportunity to spend time the way you always wanted to. There is another option for organizing a bachelorette party: contact the organizers to help you find the best evening for everyone.

Contests and games at the bachelorette party

Often, before everyone goes to celebrate, the bridesmaids read out a comic oath at the bachelorette party, the meaning of which is to take a promise from your friends to never tell anyone about what will happen at the upcoming holiday. In turn, girlfriends can also come up with an oath for the bride.

The place, time, number of invited friends is all simple, but not everyone can come up with an interesting scenario for a bachelorette party. We are ready to help in this, so that your evening in the circle of close friends does not turn into ordinary friendly chatter, but still becomes really a real bachelorette party.

Bachelorette party tasks

Bachelorette party should be happy holidaydedicated to the bride, who is already so exhausted by the pre-wedding bustle that she just needs to relax and rest in the circle of close friends before such a significant event in her life.

Therefore, it is better to conduct it in a relaxed, carefree and cheerful atmosphere, and to maintain a good mood all kinds of contests and tasks for the bride are necessary

When planning a bachelorette party scenario, all the girls present should be considered so that no one is bored.

A new tradition of pre-wedding celebrations - goodbye to maiden name. This symbolizes the farewell of a girl with an unmarried life. Often this ritual is performed at the bachelorette party on the eve of the wedding. The launch of balloons with the name of the girl written on a sheet of paper or a wooden tablet, which they together launch into the sky, looks beautiful and symbolic. Also for these purposes, you can use: Chinese lanterns, a paper boat, a message in a bottle, the flame of a candle over which burns the name of the bride, written on paper, or a candle made to order with the name that is lit at the beginning of the evening and does not diverge until it burn out.

Farewell to the maiden name at the bachelorette party

Can arrange quiz for the bride. To do this, friends who are familiar with the groom need to conduct a blitz survey with him in advance, and then ask the same questions to their girlfriend. If the answers of the bride and groom do not match, the bride must fulfill the desire made by her friends. This is a kind of payment for the fact that she does not thoroughly know her husband. When compiling such a quiz, you can come up with funny questions for the bride about the groom.

Today, all kinds of quests, tests and riddles. You can start a bachelorette party with a hike on a quest or come up with it yourself. For example, according to your prompts and riddles, the bride should find the place where her farewell party with her friends will be.

Contests for the bride at the bachelorette party

However, if you plan to make a quest plan yourself, you will have to work hard and think through everything. Such active leisure 100% will appeal to active and purposeful girls and will be a great start to a noisy friendly party.

What you can think of at a bachelorette party: contests and games

To organize a fun, interesting and memorable bachelorette party is not an easy task. Not everyone can plan and think over entertainments for the whole evening, so that everyone likes them. But still, if you are faced with such a task, you will have to prepare in advance. Of course, I want new contests and tasks that may be taken by surprise, and perhaps they will amuse everyone well.

If your party is planned in a noisy place, then, of course, there may not be many contests, for example, “The most thrifty! " The essence of the competition is that all the girls present take out the things contained in their purses and whoever has more things will receive a prize. As a rule, there’s nothing in women’s handbags, so such a contest can amuse everyone.

Another contest - "Relay race of emotions”, The essence of which is to take turns to pronounce the same phrase, but the first girl speaks any phrase in a calm voice, the second speaks louder, the third speaks even louder and more emotional and until the most loud and emotional phrase is obtained. If your bachelorette party is at home, you should be careful, maybe the neighbors will not be happy.

How to have a bachelorette party: games and contests

A fun and fun competition for bridesmaids can be "Catching a taxi driver." The bottom line is that every girl phoned from his phone book all the men who have a car and convinced one of them to bring her home. At the same time, to say that she is not at all possible for slumber parties. This is not only a funny contest, but also useful, so maybe each of your friends will get home for free, and even by car, and maybe the next one will get married.

There are also some ideas for fun contests:

  • "Sensitive tongue." You will need various food products (honey, sugar, flour, nuts, spices, etc.), the task is to try and guess what product it is blindfolded. It’s best to pick up tasty and palatable ingredients.
  • «Sensitive pens similar to the previous contest, only hands are already participating here. In separate bowls pour or pour loose and flowing means (liquid soap, cream, oil, shampoo, shower gel, sour cream, soda, spices, flour, sugar and much more). The blindfold task to the touch identify all of these substances.
  • "Sell a set." All the attributes of a modern man — men’s magazine, socks, beer, cigarettes, a flash drive — can be put in any basket or bag in advance. Now this set must be sold to completely unfamiliar men. At first it will probably be uncomfortable, but over time it becomes very fun and interesting.

Bachelorette party contest: sell a set

  • Hen party game "Question answer": the bride sits in the center, and each girl has the right to ask the bride 2 questions, one of which may be of an intimate nature. The bride may not answer only 3 questions.
  • You can also organize an alcohol game for a bachelorette party, for example, "I have never." So, in turn, the girls say the phrase: "I have never ..." - the continuation can be anything. All who agree with this, drink a glass of alcoholic drink. Such a game will bring everyone together, and possibly reveal some secrets of each other.
  • Loved by many Fanta at the bachelorette party Before the wedding with tasks will be great entertainment for the evening. It is important to come up with interesting tasks for your friends that they can complete without difficulty.
  • Game in "Crocodile", cool skits will also be a great option to have a good time.
  • What girl doesn’t like to tell fortunes, but fortunetelling at the bachelorette party before the wedding - the most interesting and fun.

What games to play at a bachelorette party

When choosing entertainment for a bachelorette party, include imagination, ingenuity, because any template competition will become unique and original if you approach it creatively. In addition, it is important that everyone present is involved in the entertainment, then everyone will not boring and fun. Bachelorette party is not only an occasion to meet close friends, but it is interesting and fun to spend time together.

How to quietly fart (teens)

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How to be a “Couchcote”

You just read the description.

Kachgot is a cross between a pitching and a goth. Exercising is good for developing physical strength. Now you will be accepted into your company by both athletes and Goths.

Congratulations, you know that there are kachgots. Perhaps you are one of them. Thank you for not being hipster.

Casting for the role of wife

So, the hero of the occasion was getting married. But is she ready to be a wife? Many games and contests for a bachelorette party are served as an exam for the bride. At the end of the party, the bride receives a colorful diploma or cup with a playful inscription confirming “professional suitability”.

1. Details: cards with questions and answer options, basket or hat.

The presenter puts the cards in the basket, mixes, invites the girlfriends to take out the cards in turn and read out the questions and answers. For example:

Wife meets husband from work

A) Pies
B) Origami
C) kicks
D) Flip-flops

On her mother-in-law's birthday, the daughter-in-law gives her

A) Mushrooms
B) lotions
B) Flowers
D) Troubles

The husband should always be clean

A) Whiskey
B) Nipples
B) Socks
D) Socks

Only one or all of the answers can be correct, or all can be wrong (then the bride is invited to voice her own version).

Salary future husband

A) Hides in his pocket
B) Sees only in a dream
C) Stokes in a glass
D) Gives the country

The correct answer: gives to me, gives to his wife.

Such questions and answers for the contest for a bachelorette party is easy to prepare in any quantity. First, remember the well-known statement about married life, and then find the answers on the site to select rhymes. For example, a good wife never grumbles at her husband. "Grunts" is the correct answer. We go to the rhyme-site site and select joking answers: A good wife never "Knocks" on her husband, "She will not push the loan", "Do not drop the biscuit."

2. Details: cards with the names of dishes, a bowl, fruits and vegetables, berries, meat. Food is drawn on paper and cut out. Instead of beef, draw a cow, instead of mayonnaise - a package labeled "Mayonnaise." It is important that the bride has at her disposal all the “products” used to prepare the dishes indicated on the cards.

Girlfriends take out cards in turn and read the name of the dish. The bride should “collect” it from cardboard products, putting all the ingredients in a bowl. After all, the path to a man’s heart lies through his stomach!

3. Details: photographs of the future husband and photographs of other men printed on paper of the same quality (you can “steal” from VK, Odnoklassniki, etc.). Cut the photographs into pieces in advance (not very small, otherwise you will get bored).

This is one of the most popular and fun contests: the bride must “collect” the future husband from a pile of pieces. There may be several photos of the groom, so that it would be more difficult to find pieces that fit each other. The photo can be glued and framed with a playful inscription “Blinded from what it was”, “You will never stick out with me”, etc.

Laughing girlfriends

Most games and contests for girls at the bachelorette party entertain all the guests, not just the bride. After all, this is a common holiday, everyone is happy and having fun!

1. Details: colored markers, album sheet.

The host invites her friends to predict the future of a young family. Of course, predictions should be positive (they will buy a house, become parents, live together for 100 years, etc.). Felt-tip pens are given to the girls and the sheet is released in a circle. The girlfriend writes a prediction, wraps the written part of the sheet back (so that it is not visible) and passes the sheet to the next girl. The resulting "chronicle of the future" can be left as a keepsake or presented to the groom during the ransom (we came up with it, and you do it).

2. For a bachelorette party in nature, in a public place, etc. Props: action cards, commemorative prize. Each girl takes a card from the bag and performs the task. If she refuses, she leaves the game. The last remaining girlfriend wins. This is a very funny contest for a bachelorette party, but since girls can be very persistent, there should be a lot of cards.

  • ask for a phone number from three men,
  • kiss any stranger on the cheek
  • scratch the knee of a stranger
  • sell a swab to a stranger (at least for a penny),
  • take a picture with five men
  • to persuade a stranger to kiss your hand
  • ask a stranger for a condom
  • persuade a stranger to eat your ice cream or lollipop,
  • get autographs from five strangers.

The following girlfriends' bachelorette party competitions are suitable for any company and for a party anywhere. We will determine who is the most thrifty and most erudite girl. Do not forget about diplomas or humorous letters to the winners!

3. “Most Thrifty” - a list of things and points. Something like this:

Lipstick 10
Napkins or handkerchief 20
Pad or tampon 20
Phone number 10
Wallet 10
Analgin or any pain medication 30
Patch 30
Pen 10
Notebook 20
Hairpin, elastic 10
Comb 10
Deodorant 20
Mirror 10
Chewing gum (peppermint candies, tic-tac) 10

It is easy to guess that this is a list of items that fill a woman’s handbag. Friends take turns taking out what is there from the bag, the host writes the name of the girlfriend and the points earned.

4. "The most erudite" - a list of statements, in brackets the correct answers. This can be part of a bachelorette party script or a contest (who will give more correct answers). In fact, this is the game "True or Not?".

In Hungary, the groom must give the bride's parents a pork ham (no)

In Germany, part of the bride’s dowry is a hop intoxicated cock, tied to the broom with a foot (yes, this scares away evil spirits)

The wedding cake of Bermuda residents is decorated with a living tree (yes, at the end of the wedding, young people plant this tree in the yard as a symbol of prosperity and fertility)

A bride from Bangladesh spends three days in the jungle before her wedding (no)

In Greece, before the wedding night, the newlyweds must have children run and jump on the bed (yes, so that the wife is prolific)

In Denmark, the groom gives wooden shoes to all guests on their wedding day (no)

In Norway, the newlyweds before the wedding feast go to the stable and milk the cow (yes, to the abundance and longevity of the family)

A bride from Finland spends a week before the wedding in the groom's house, performing household duties at the direction of the future mother-in-law (yes, this way the girl is checked)

Wrong statements can be invented as many as you want, the correct ones can be found on the Internet, taken from articles on the topic "Wedding traditions of the peoples of the world."

5. Erotic games and contests for a bachelorette party are successful for the second part of the party, when all the guests managed to relax and dare not without the help of a couple of cocktails. Of course, it is worth considering the nature of the bride and the general mood, so as not to confuse any of the guests. Props: a thick scarf, bright lipstick, an attractive man with a naked torso in full growth. A man, of course, made of cardboard. Although ... The boys, after all, also have fun in their own way?

On the mannequin (or on the stripper?) The host draws three targets. For example, on the lips, on the chest and around the navel. The girl is blindfolded, untwisted and invited to kiss the mannequin three times, without trying to grope her outlines. The winner is the girl whose kisses will be as close to the goal.

6. Details: towel, chair, small items. Glass balls, pencils, brackets, etc. we put it on a chair, cover with a towel and offer the girls without the help of hands, "feeling" the chair only with booty, guess how many objects are hidden under the towel. The prize may be a cup or a diploma with the title "Princess and the Pea."

7. Details: two bowls, a handful of beans, Chinese sticks. The presenter offers the girls to transfer beans from one bowl to another, using only chopsticks. In order not to get bored, limit the time, for example, to 30 seconds. Whoever shifts more beans in the allotted time won.

8. The most popular, of course, funny contests for a bachelorette party that does not require active actions. Актуально в небольшом помещении, за столиком в кафе или для компании подруг, предпочитающих особо не шуметь.

Реквизиты: таблички с названиями животных, которыми называют девушек. Например, лисичка, белочка, пантера, кошечка, зайка и т.д. Таблички вешают за спины подружек так, чтобы никто не видел, что на них написано. Girls know only their nicknames. Girlfriends ask suggestive questions, trying to guess who is called. For example: “Are you furry?”, “Are you jumping high?”, “Are you a predator?”, Etc.

9. Details: prize wrapped in sheets of paper, in several layers. On each leaf is written a riddle. Girls pass the package in a circle, reading puzzles to themselves. Guessed - takes off the wrapper, not guessed - reads aloud. Who first guessed the riddle riddled, gets the right to remove the wrapper and try to guess the next riddle yourself. The prize is received by the girl who guessed the last riddle, i.e. removed the last layer of the wrapper.

10. This funny contest for a bachelorette party requires almost no training. The presenter asks her friends questions that need to be answered not only witty, but also with a sense of humor. Questions can be prepared in advance or invented during the game.

My mother-in-law unexpectedly came to you, and in the apartment a naked man in one sock. Your excuse

We came to visit, and from the doorway the hostess angrily asks: “Why are you in the same dress as mine?”

Husband's parents came to visit you, but, as luck would have it, the salad is salted, the meat is burnt, pies can be nailed up. Your excuse

At the end of the party, it is customary to arrange a symbolic farewell to the bride's maiden name (DF). There are several ways to do this:

  • write DF on the ball and release it into free flight,
  • write DF on a piece of paper, fold the airplane and let it fly in the wind,
  • write DF on a huge paper sheet, and at the exit from the restaurant (club) invite the bride to run through it, tearing the poster,
  • write df on a paper flashlight and run it. Better in the evening - beauty! Of course, only on the street, a burning candle and free flight indoors is not a good idea,
  • write df on the cake and eat it.

Happy bachelorette party, faithful girlfriends and happy brides!