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Rating software for copying laser CD and DVD discs


DVD discs are easily scratched, lost, as a result of which it becomes impossible to use them. Early backup of movies from DVD, in this case, will allow you not to say goodbye to your purchase forever. For a number of reasons, creating a copy from a DVD is not an easy process. Because of the anti-piracy mechanisms and the established region, even if you manage to create a copy of your disk, it is not a fact that it will work. But, if you follow the steps described, you may be able to back up your DVDs.

Programs for copying CDs and DVDs

All utilities intended for working with disks serve a common purpose, but, in addition to the standard set of options for creating copies, some software can recover data from old damaged disks. Such an opportunity can be just a salvation in some cases when it is not possible to return data in another way, for example, if the information is not public in nature, is not distributed over the network, but is present only in a single copy. Additional options included in the functionality of programs in addition to the main one may be important to the user in one way or another. It all depends on the situation, because sometimes it is enough to implement a specific goal, and other functions will not be applicable, then downloading bulky software does not make sense, so each one will have an individual choice.

Nero Burning ROM

Probably, each user came across a multifunctional service from a well-known developer. An old-timer in the market of this category of software is still in operation and offers users a wide range of features that fits in one program. In addition to recording information of any format on different types of media, the Nero Burning ROM toolkit includes conversion, creation of covers and other options. Despite the huge functionality, working with Nero is simple, the interface is convenient and understandable even to an inexperienced user, the Russian language is supported, and there is also an assistant that facilitates the development of the program. You can customize the toolbar according to your requirements. Algorithms Nero Burning ROM provide an extension of the life of the media, which is important when the disc is often overwritten.

After starting, you need to choose which CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc will work, and determine the type of project. Recording discs can be performed in one step or using the multisession option, which provides the ability to add media as needed, as long as there is free space.

Alcohol 120%

No less popular product Alcohol 120%, designed to create and mount images of CD, DVD and Blu-ray. This is a powerful tool with which you can make up to 31 virtual drives and work with them simultaneously. In essence, Alcohol 120% replaces the optical drive, which is necessary only for the first copy of the image. Saving ready-made virtual disks to a computer, you can always return to them to quickly record information on CD / DVD discs. The program supports various image formats, and also allows you to create a copy directly from one medium to another. Among other benefits, it is possible to bypass media protection. The functionality also includes cleaning CD / DVD RW, checking the quality of the recording.

1. Regularity and frequency

Backup data should be as regular as taking pills. It is for this discipline that you can thank yourself if any collapse suddenly occurs. Sometimes losing even just a few working days due to the fact that backup is not done can be very painful. To answer the question - how often can I backup, realizing what data for what period of time you would be the least painful to lose. One of the best options is to backup data once a week on weekends.

Ashampoo burning studio

A powerful tool for copying CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs. The package contains all the basic and additional options that the user may need. Impressive functionality that allows you to create images, write various information on blanks, back up and restore information from them, copy directly from one medium to another, make covers, disc menus (the ability to create slide shows and apply sound effects) and much more. Using software, you can write both in multisession mode, then continuing to record, or without it, the fifteenth version of the program also involves the creation of bootable discs.


It is advisable that the data is stored on a separate external hard drive (or other medium), stored in a separate place from the main data. The principle is quite obvious - if a problem occurs, it will be localized in one place. For example, if a hard drive on a computer crashes, the backup drive will function perfectly. However, it is worth striking a balance between ease of access and security. A hard drive next to a computer significantly increases the motivation to use it for its intended purpose. And at the same time, this is not the safest option for very important data that cannot be lost in any case. That is why there is a distinction between data backup and archiving.


As soon as the first backup copy of the data has been made, you must immediately verify that this data can be restored from it! This does not only mean that files become visible. You need to open several files to choose from and verify that they are not corrupted. It is advisable to repeat such a check once in a certain period (say, once a year).

Paragon Easy CD / DVD Recorder

A multifunctional software product from a famous developer. Despite the abundance of options, working with the recorder is easy, the interface is simple and intuitive. In addition to the standard recording and dubbing capabilities of CD / DVD media present in the arsenal of any similar software, the program can create bootable disks, supports a test mode, emulating burning before a real action, it has the option of laser calibration and many other interesting functions. The recorder writes in one step or starts / continues a multisession, at the user's choice. Advanced users can use the expert mode of operation and configure certain recording parameters independently.

A program for copying DVDs, as well as Blu-ray, converting to other formats and processing video files. The tool allows you to copy, convert and compress DVDs so that the information fits on the disc with a minimum of quality loss. It is possible to split the video file into two discs with the presence of the same menu, as well as remove commercials from the movie and other useful options. Using the tool, you can copy information to a computer, reformat Blu-ray to DVD, selectively burn files, extract audio tracks from a video stream, and convert video.

A small but quite functional program for recording CD / DVD / Blu-ray media that supports a large number of image formats. The ImgBurn tool provides in detail information about the disk, its status and all sessions performed, when it comes to RW. The program can create images from disks or files, write them or individual objects to media, and also check for readability.

A program for the Windows operating system that allows you to create, edit and convert various image formats, as well as write discs. The tool copies CD / DVD media, can emulate finished images and burn a copy of a CD or DVD. The program is easy to use, does not require special skills from the user and, despite the small functionality, still has the necessary options for working with disks.

The program copies DVD-films to the media, hard disk or ISO-image with full preservation of all data, including menus, subtitles and other elements. A disc clone can be created at the user's discretion, deletion of unnecessary data, such as ads, some audio tracks, subtitles, etc. can be performed. Clone DVD allows you to bypass protection, as well as split a file into two discs or compress information to one medium.

A great option for copying CDs, if you do not need advanced functionality. The program exactly transfers files from one medium to another, allows you to create an image of a copied disk, which is useful when there is one drive. Many users will be interested in the ability to bypass some protection methods.


Best practice is to categorize data. The category may be their importance to you, the frequency of updates, or just the topic.

Often backup programs make so-called "images" (image). They look like one single file. So, in each such image it is better to save different data.

What is it for. Data of different importance requires different treatment of oneself, this is obvious. You will probably want to keep your important documents more carefully than, say, a collection of films. By dividing the data by the refresh rate, you can, for example, save the time taken by the backup. Topic - what data is desirable to restore together in one step? A striking example of two types of backup that should be done separately:

DVD Decrypter

A handy tool for quickly copying encrypted DVD media data to your computer’s hard drive. The program has a convenient and simple interface, easy to learn, so the user does not need special knowledge to use it. Among the software features, saving data as images or individual files, folders, writing images to disk, cleaning media, cache synchronization, and many other options. The program supports many formats, the advantage of its use is also the speed of work with high quality of its execution.

Daemon tools

A popular program that emulates CD / DVD drives. A very useful tool that allows you to create disk images in different formats and use them as if the optical disk was actually in a real drive. Functionality Daemon Tools also supports bypass copy protection, there is also the option of recording images on physical media, but in the paid version of the software. Daemon Tools Lite is distributed free of charge, its capabilities are somewhat limited, but this does not prevent it from becoming an excellent assistant if emulation of a CD / DVD drive is required.

Where to backup

1. External hard drive. Often you can buy directly in the box. There are laptop ones - such disks are small in size, but more expensive. Ordinary hard drives can be bought relatively cheaply with a volume of 2 TB - then you don’t have to worry about disk space for a long time.

+ Reliable enough (if you don’t drop or shake excessively)
+ Relatively inexpensive

-Need to remember to connect a disk for backup yourself
-Not very convenient to carry (does not apply to laptop drives)

2. USB-stick - suitable as an additional tool when you would like to transfer data from one computer to another and / or have it at hand. Also, if the data itself does not want to be stored on a computer.
There is one big thing - the flash drive has a limited number of records, so if you store application data on it that will record intensively, then the USB stick will tell you to live quite quickly. In addition, in my personal impression, they often break down. My friend, buying the most expensive flash drives, which were positioned as "not killed", received a broken flash drive for a month or two. In fairness, I must say that so far not a single flash drive has broken, some have been working for about 5 years. Nevertheless, I would not store data on only usb-stick`e.

+ Mobile storage
+ Takes up little space
+ Very cheap

3. Storage of data on a remote server (or in the cloud).

There are pros and cons:

+ Data will be available not only at home, but also at work, while traveling.
+ Location separation of the main data and backups (for example, if it happens, God forbid, fire data survive)
+ There is no need to connect a hard drive for backup, as a rule, everything is done completely automatically.

-It is desirable to encrypt data, since it is not known who can access them
-A large amount of traffic is being spent (if it is limited, then problems arise)
- Often for free you can only store data up to 2 GB. So, such a backup is an additional expense item

A list with a good description of the services can be found here.

How to backup

Here is a list of applications that you should pay attention to (in my opinion) when backing up to your hard drive.

Of paid good

Of the free are popular

1. Genie Backup Manager - a very convenient program, but it slows down a bit when working
2. Handy Backup - a simple interface that works quickly.

Programs for copying from damaged disks

There are media that have already seen a lot, scratched, having other mechanical damage and often are unable to reproduce. There is software specifically designed for the purpose of recovering data from such disks. Of course, the programs are not endowed with magical properties, and they do not imply resuscitation of completely useless media, but it's worth trying to save the necessary information with their help.


Often there is an option in backup program settings - to do incremental or differential backup. The practical difference is quite simple. With differential backups, you can save on the space it occupies. But there are only two recovery options: data in the state when a full backup + data was made at the moment when differential backup was made.

Incremental backup also allows you to roll back to any of the moments in the past when the backup was done. However, especially if changes in the data have occurred frequently, the place will be eaten up quickly.

Badcopy pro

A small but very effective program for copying files from damaged disks and other media, it can be used to recover data from CD / DVD, memory cards, flash devices and others. The utility can be used on all popular Windows operating systems from XP to dozens. The BadCopy Pro tool supports a large number of formats, includes the ability to recover data after formatting or damaged disks if the media has been damaged (scratched). Software is distinguished by automation of the process, which will be convenient for non-advanced users.


The software is designed to copy data from unreadable, damaged media CD / DVD, hard drives, floppy (if any are still used), memory cards, USB drives and others. The utility collects the broken file together, allowing you to read the information. In the case when it was not possible to recognize any elements, the lost areas from the damaged disk are filled with random data. Information can be copied in three ways: from the medium to the computer, immediately make a full copy of it or, after copying, burn it to a blank. Despite the fact that there have been no software updates for a long time, the program copes quite well with its task, resuscitating information that is often not obtained by standard means.


A program designed to unprotect DVDs. With Any DVD HD, it is possible to view video from a drive whose region code does not match the media. According to the developer, the program is able to crack any DVD data encryption code, remove protection and restrictions on user actions. The functionality also provides for the removal of subtitles, watermarks, reminiscent of the prohibition of copying, etc. Any DVD HD works with any drives, DVD-media and software for burning discs.