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How to straighten doll hair: a few simple steps


The plastic the doll’s hair is made of is a low-temperature plastic, so it’s actually malleable in boiling water. The hair of the dolls over time gets jagged (like our split ends), so by keeping it in boiling water and combing we actually restore the strand.

Hot water helps unravel doll hair. Some materials can withstand boiling water, and some only with hot water, but not boiling. Try it with hot water (as a rule, something hotter than flowing from the tap is required).

Without shampoo and soap, you can restore tangled, but not dirty doll hair. This is the easiest way..

You know how doll hair gradually becomes a “washcloth”: at first everything is smooth and shiny, and after a few years the poor toy looks as if it fit into a socket. And no cleaning solves the problem. Just too tangled curls become less tangled. Boiling water comes to the rescue.

Remove all nodes first. Then boil water, pour into a shallow bowl, dip the doll’s hair and comb, and so many times in a row. It's amazing how well it works.

Once the hair is smoothed, dry it with a towel, comb it so that it lies as you would like, and then dry it.

But strongly soaked tips will not fix it. You have to cut the doll a bit.

Children's shampoo and conditioner, which are described later, slightly enhance the effect of boiling water, and at the same time washed the dirt. They can also be used in colder water, although boiling water is most effective.

2. Fabric softener (conditioner)

Soak the hair in a fabric softener (rinse aid). Choose a brand rinse, quality. Pour into a bowl or cup. How much you need depends on the amount of hair on the doll. You need to completely soak the doll’s hair. To avoid wasting extra rinse, start by adding a small amount, gradually add.

Place the doll’s hair in a bowl, using your fingers, rub the product into the head, untangling the hair along the entire length. Continue until the hair is completely covered with the product.

Set the doll aside. Leave the softener on your hair for at least an hour. If the doll’s hair is in terrible condition, you can leave it even at night. If they have time to dry during the night, moisten them again in the morning, let the doll lie down so that the glass is excess moisture, and work on.

Next, comb right with the softener in the hair, it should act as a conditioning agent, smoothing the doll’s hair along its entire length. For large dolls, if you do not have a brush for wigs (it is best suited for work), any wide-tooth brush is suitable. Comb slowly so as not to tear out your hair. With a small doll like Barbie, a comb may work better than a brush. Metal combs for animals are well suited.

Next, rinse your hair under cool tap water in the sink, completely wash the product from the hair, because if you leave it, in the long run it can damage the hair. Periodically squeeze your hair until completely clean water flows from it.

Wipe with a clean towel or just let dry without wiping.

Never blow dry the hair of a doll: they are thin and delicate; they react poorly to such a procedure.

When the hair is dry, comb it again, but with a frequent comb to straighten the hair and make out all tangles, if any.

How to put a doll in order?

To put the doll in order, you must have the following:

  • Plain water. It should be a little warm. If it is heated too much, the doll's hair may curl.
  • Shampoo. You can use the one with which you yourself wash your hair. The cheapest detergent will help to cope with the situation.
  • Air conditioning. It is better to take one that does not have to be washed off. It will soak into the hair of the toy and make it soft and silky.
  • Hairbrush.
  • Towel.

It is not recommended to use the comb you use. Due to the particles that are on it, the doll’s hair will become very dirty.

How to untangle hair?

In some cases, the doll’s hair is very confused and more like a washcloth. If you are interested in how to straighten the doll's hair in order to get rid of this problem, you must use the following method:

  • Undress the doll. It should be borne in mind that absolutely all details should be removed: shoes, hair clips, elastic bands.
  • Gently comb your hair. Of course, you can use any comb. But it’s better to take the one that comes with the toy in the kit. Here you need not comb too carefully. After all, the main goal at this stage is to remove all excess from the hair.
  • Take a glass and fill it with warm or hot water. For washing, it is better to use not ordinary shampoo, but baby soap. They soften hair better.
  • Then the doll should be turned upside down. This will allow excess fluid to drain through the arms and legs. Do not blow dry the doll: this can lead to its deformation. It is better to put the toy on the windowsill and leave to dry for 30-40 minutes.
  • After that, it must be combed and left to dry again until completely dry.

Preparation for washing hair

Before you straighten the doll's hair, you must thoroughly wash it. Before starting this process, it is recommended to wrap the doll with cloth and cover the face with cling film. Due to this, excess moisture will not get inside the toy. Of course, if some water still got inside the doll, you can gently wipe it, especially since now almost all dolls are collapsible.

How to wash them

Many are interested in the question of how to straighten the hair of a Barbie doll. This process will end well only if you wash its hair before starting it. You need to wash it in cool water, adding a little shampoo. Some wash their hair twice, but this is not necessary. After the wash is over, the doll should be wrapped with a terry towel. Do not rub your hair, as some of them may break off. Moreover, this can cause them to become even more confused. After this, apply conditioner to the doll's hair.

Combing hair

Before you straighten the hair of the doll, it should also be combed. In this case, you can comb both wet and dry hair. That is, there is no need to wait until it is completely dry. It should be combed in small locks, starting from the tips. You must act very carefully, otherwise you can pull out too many hairs. So you can comb the hair of any degree of confusion.


Many are interested in how to straighten the hair of Monster High dolls. This is nothing complicated. The main thing is to have an iron and a cloth. But in this case, you need to use not a regular iron, but tongs. It is usually used for curling the hair of little girls. If you have such a device, you can safely get to work. Let's look at how to straighten the hair of the Ever After High doll:

  • To begin with, comb your hair. As a rule, a small comb is sold with the doll. With its help, you can easily cope with this process.
  • Select the strand and wrap it with a cloth.
  • The tongs do not need to be heated too much. Because of this, the hair may overheat. A not-so-hot iron should be drawn through the hair wrapped in a napkin.
  • After that, the hair will straighten.
  • So it is necessary to do until the very end. It will look good if you straighten only the upper part of the hair, while the tips remain curled.

Thus, the tangled and wilted hair of the doll can be restored to its previous appearance. After that, the toy will look almost the same as before.

What toys can you wash your hair with?

Kukle Barbie water is not scary. It is made of plastic, and the hair is sewn to the head. Her hair is a synthetic material.

To clean hairstyles with wooden or porcelain dolls will have to be careful. You should not completely dip your head in water.

Before washing hair from natural hair and mohair, make sure that they are stitched. Often this type is attached to glue, like an ordinary wig.

Woolen toys must not be washed.

Wash the doll’s curls by hand and dry thoroughly in a ventilated area.

Preparatory Activities

At the first stage, you need to comb and untangle the curls with your fingers, as much as possible. The following recommendations will help in this matter:

  • First, proceed to those knots that can be untangled by hand, and only then use a comb.
  • Comb your hair from the ends, gently rising higher.
  • A wide-tooth plastic comb is a great tool for untangling knots. But if there is a “reanimation” of the hair of a Barbie doll, it is better to give preference to a scallop with small teeth.
  • In curly dolls, you need to comb each curl separately.
  • It is better to proceed with particularly heavy nodes after treatment with one of the agents described below.

Hot water

Doll hair is often made from low temperature plastic. Therefore, under the influence of hot water and a comb, tangled strands can be made more pliable and all roughnesses in the structure can be eliminated.

This method is only suitable for clean, but tangled strands. For curly hair, it is better to choose a different method.

You need to act like this:

  1. Remove the nodes as far as possible.
  2. Heat water and pour into a bowl. Not all materials can withstand boiling water, so use hot water, but not boiling water.
  3. Dip hair and comb. The procedure will have to be repeated many times.
  4. When the strands are smoothed out, dry them with a towel and carry out the final combing.

Fabric softener

This method will help to wash ringlets from dirt and give the hair a decent look. There is no need for hot water - which means you can handle curly hairstyles.

The process of unraveling consists of the following steps:

  1. Pour conditioner into a bowl.
  2. Dip the doll’s head in there. Rinse aid should cover hair completely.
  3. Leave for 1 hour in this condition. If the case is severe, wait until morning.
  4. Take out the doll. Comb her. Movements should be slow so as not to accidentally tear a lock out of your head. If the hairstyle is long, try to untangle the knots by hand before using the comb.
  5. Wash the air conditioner under running water.
  6. Wipe the strands with a towel. They must dry on their own.
  7. The final stage is combing with a frequent comb.

Shampoo for newborns

Frequent use of this tool will worsen the structure of the strands. But if you just need to untangle and wash your hair from dirt, shampoo for newborns is perfect.

  1. Pour cool water into a bowl.
  2. Add 0.5 teaspoon of baby shampoo and the same amount of dishwashing liquid. Stir until smooth.
  3. Put doll hair in a bowl. Water should cover them completely.
  4. Massage the strands all the way until foam appears.
  5. Leave on for 10 minutes.
  6. Rinse your head a few times.
  7. Wipe your hair with a towel.
  8. When the hair becomes wet rather than wet, it can be combed. Having shaped them, leave the toy to dry completely alone.

If you can’t wet the doll itself

If the doll itself can not be wet, you can only process her hair.

Using a spray gun, a softening solution (water and conditioner in a ratio of 1: 1) is applied to the hair, while they are combed. Then you need to rinse under running water, so as not to wet the hair roots and the toy itself. Comb wet strands. Put to dry so that the hair does not touch the toy.

That's all the tricks of the "rescue operation" to restore the hair of your favorite doll.