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I annoy my girlfriend, how to regain my attitude?


Probably, sooner or later, every guy has a moment when he needs to reassure the girl. Female gender - emotional creatures, prone to experiencing various situations. If you know how to comfort your soul mate - this will be a plus for both of you.

Before you take any steps, find out what happened to your girlfriend. You must clearly distinguish 2 different situations:

  1. It can be simple whims with which a girl tries to manipulate you.
  2. Something really serious happened to her. For example, trouble in the family, retaking the exam, etc.

When a girl should not be reassured

This is just the first case. For example, you did something, she pretended that she really didn’t like it and sent a scandal. The purpose of such vagaries is to provoke: so that you apologize, feel guilty, and perhaps make amends for your “guilt” financially.

Try to look from the side at your action, which caused such a violent reaction in the girl. If it seems to you that everything is normal, then so it is. Do not give in to provocation and do not take any action. Next time, a friend will know that you are not involved in such matters.

When a girl should be reassured

Talk to her, find out what happened. Sometimes just because she shares her problem will become easier. Depending on the situation, proceed further: first, hug her. This helps a lot, because hugs give the girl a feeling of protection and calmness. Then, after you understand what the situation is, express your opinion on this matter.

How to reassure a girl with words

Try to look at her problem from an optimistic point of view and say that not everything is as bad as she thinks. Offer a possible solution to the situation and let it be understood that you will support it in every possible way and will do everything possible to ensure that the situation normalizes. Even if you do not know what solution to offer in her question, nevertheless try to make it clear that the situation is one way or another resolvable.

Use the following remarks in a conversation:

“You are not alone, you have me”

“You can always count on my help”

How to calm a girl in the distance

If the girl is not nearby, keep in constant contact with her through the phone, messenger, social network. Try to make her feel that, despite the distance, you are next to her. Say that if she becomes uncomfortable again, she immediately called you and you will support her.

How to console a girl

In order for your girlfriend to feel at ease, you must first take non-verbal actions. That is, those where fewer words. To do this, use hugs, touches, kisses, stroking. In the room where you are, create a peaceful atmosphere: cover the curtains, light the aroma lamp with essential oil (it soothes the psyche perfectly). You can do water procedures - take a bath together.

After the girl came to, you can go out into the fresh air for a walk, go to the cafe. This will help to change the environment and distract from different thoughts.

The psychologist answers the question.

Interaction is the communication of people. Interactions may be based on different feelings that affect actions and actions.

When the basis of a sense of fear, then people shy away from other people and themselves are less talkative or silent. Basically, such meetings are quick, as a person finds any reason to leave.

When the feeling of anger is at the heart, people are impatient, insist on their own, constantly control another person, making frequent calls, asking the question of where and with whom. This external activity becomes obsessive to others. People have been taught to interact in this way since childhood, but in fact there are other options for interaction.

When the basis is a feeling of joy, then people are open, joking. Each communication brings a new feeling of freedom and unity.

What kind of interaction a person chooses depends on himself. The main thing is to understand what basis of interaction a person uses and allow other options. And for the brain to ask a question: how else to observe their actions.

Interaction is a creativity that is unique and has no rules.

How to calm a girl down - tips for guys

The most win-win way is not to stand aside, but by all means to show genuine interest and willingness to help at any time.

The options that you can reassure your girlfriend during a tantrum are not few. Now it is worth noting how the man should behave before proceeding with the actions. The most important thing during a female tantrum is to be calm.

Do not be nervous, do not run in circles, count to ten and then proceed to action. Remember that your lady does not say in a fit of tears, do not try to calm her beloved by buying her a gift.

So your girlfriend will believe that you can get something from you by arranging a tantrum, and, possibly in the future, will resort to this method of pressure on you.

Like any negative phenomenon, hysteria is easier to prevent, and therefore, give your lady care and love, happiness and joy, and then she simply will not have reasons to be sad.

How to calm a crying girl: an algorithm

Everyone knows that when tears roll down the cheeks of women, men become weak and defenseless, all their courage disappears somewhere, they become unassembled, uncertain and confused. So what to do, how to console your beloved?

You can start by trying to understand the causes of stupor of men, when they need to reassure the girl, you can give practical advice on how to control yourself, but it is unlikely that all this will help calm the lady. Even in some cases, on the contrary, it will aggravate the situation and can provoke a tantrum, therefore, by all possible and impossible ways, try to pull yourself together and calm her down.

Here are some ways to calm a crying girl:

Firstly, immediately, without finding out the reasons, you should hug your soulmate and try to calm. How to do it? There are a lot of options, you can gently stroke your hair, gently kiss, hug, hugging to yourself. Try to understand why your beloved is crying, why she is alarmed. Make an assumption about the causes of what is happening.

In no case can you mock female tears, otherwise you can’t avoid a quarrel and then you will look for ways not only to calm the girl, but also how to make peace with her.

It is best to demonstrate your sincere interest and provide moral support. Tell the girl that she is the best, charming, wonderful, how much she means to you, and how much you love her.

Hug your beloved, stroke her hair, kiss easily.

Speak as many pleasant and soothing words as possible. Do not forget about the most important words - words of love. Bring a little romance into her sadness - right on the spot, give the girl a holiday - put her in pillows, cover with a blanket and organize a tea party in bed - bring sandwiches, tea or coffee, juice, fruits, sweets, then she certainly will not want to be upset.

Make some pleasant surprise to your beloved. If possible, order her a bouquet of flowers and a cake, or go after them yourself, mysteriously warning the girl that if she stops crying, she will be surprised.

In no case do not ask unnecessary questions, as this can only exacerbate the already deplorable state.

Do not be nervous and do not fuss. Better bring her a glass of cold water.

If none of these options helps to reassure the girl, then ask the girl, maybe something hurts her, then she needs only your care, and maybe even the help of a doctor.

Never make promises that fulfill any request of her, if only she calms down, otherwise in the future your beloved will often throw you tantrums in the hope of getting the necessary thing.

In no case do not resort to reproaches towards your beloved, do not reproach her for such a receptive nature.

If nothing helps and the girl does not calm down, it’s worth considering: maybe your beloved has something to hurt, and she doesn’t want to tell you about it? Then she will need special emotional care, and no one can do this better than you.

And finally, if all of the above methods were ineffective, then just let your beloved cry, do not bother her. But nevertheless, the main thing, no matter what happens, because of which your sweetheart may not cry, the main thing is that you should not be the cause of her tears.

Applying these simple tips, you can certainly calm the girl and achieve a smile and a happy sparkle in the eyes of your sweet girl. Now we can say with confidence that you know exactly how to console your beloved.

How to console your girlfriend

If your girlfriend doesn’t even want to look in your direction, sheds tears, is silent about something - most likely, she has some problems and before helping her to solve them, one must try to console her beloved and restore her good mood. To do this, you must adhere to several rules.

If your girlfriend very often emotionally expresses her feelings, this does not mean that she is hysterical (although sometimes you can think about it), it’s worthwhile to just take this as a fact

Perhaps in such a stressful situation, you should sweeten the atmosphere by creating a romantic atmosphere or a fun one. Make tea and try to get into a dialogue, find understanding. To console your beloved, make some small surprise, all the girls love surprises,

Want to reassure a girl? Try watching a movie with her. Perhaps even the movie that you watched repeatedly and it never bothered you, but only on the contrary only aroused positive emotions,

If you entered into a dialogue, then you should not immediately bombard the girl with questions to console her beloved. Be gentle and affectionate with her,

Sometimes you just have to make it clear that in any situation you are always ready to support her, to substitute your shoulder. And, perhaps, such tactics will help dispel the sadness of your beloved,

Spend a romantic weekend with your girlfriend. You can have a picnic or a tourist trip to romantic places, now many tour operators offer such services. You can comfort your beloved,

Let the woman please herself and spend her favorite pastime with her, where you can have fun,

If your beloved is sad because of problems that she can’t solve in any way, you can console and reassure the girl by solving her problems, whatever they are! After all, you are a man, and you must be her defense and support. Even if the beloved says that she can do it herself, tincture for help and say that she is yours “a little girl who should not solve problems, but she has you for this lesson”. From such words, any girl will melt, and happiness will pour in her heart and soul.

In general, if you talk about how you can comfort your beloved, you should know that it is worthwhile to find time to spend time together in an unusual way for both of you, which would give joy to both of you. But necessarily together, joint business is very pleasant for women. Love your woman, give her compliments, say how important she is to you and what she means to you, because the look and attitude of a woman is an indicator of your love.