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How to draw a cartoon minion - Despicable Me?


A brief description of the Despicable Me minions.

Minions are small, yellow, cylindrical creatures with one or two eyes.

Thanks to the minions, the cartoon Despicable Me and its sequels are even funnier.

On the Internet, some argue about whether the minions from the Despicable Me cartoon good and bad characters .

They are funny and funny, but they serve exclusively villains . Minions constantly do dangerous and hooligan things.

And with gender, they have a difficult situation at all - it is not clear whether they are boys or girls, although by their behavior one can figure out who is who.

Let's look at some interesting facts about minions and try to understand were there minions in real life, and what is common between cartoon minions and reality.

Interesting facts about minions

1. In the cartoon "Despicable Me" the minions' teeth are a little crooked, but in the second part ("Despicable Me 2") they are already aligned.

2. All minions have only 5 hairstyles, including lack of hair. For example, all high minions have the same hairstyles.

3. One-eyed minions are almost never tall.

4. According to the directors of the cartoon "Despicable Me", minions were added to the tape so that the main character Gryu fell in love with the audience.

5. Initially, it was planned to create minions as huge as orcs, but as the cartoon was created, they were reduced in size more and more.

6. The creators of the minions were partially inspired by the low humanoid Java from Star Wars and the umpa-lumps from the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

7. All minions have 3 fingers.

8. All the minions who played an important role in the cartoon have male names.

Funny minions

9. How minions multiply remains a mystery.

10. To promote the cartoon "Despicable Me 2" was used the airship, painted like a minion, which flew over the United States. Later, 15 such airships flew over different countries.

11. Minions can survive in space. This means that they do not freeze and can live without oxygen.

12. Minions are now the main mascot of Illumination Entertainment.

13. Minions speak a language that is a mixture between Spanish, English, and Italian, with some elements from Russian and Korean.

14. In the original, the voices of the minions are spoken by cartoon directors Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud.

15. Evil minions are purple, since purple is on the opposite side of yellow in the color spectrum.

Who are the minions?

The word "minion" in the 16th century in France called the favorites of noble persons. At court, they could play the role of advisers, security guards, and even lovers.

From French, "mignon" is translated as "baby," "cutie." The life and fate of these people depended entirely on their patrons. Minions fulfilled any desires of the nobility, so soon the word "minion" stood on a par with concepts such as licentiousness and corruption.

Minions of Henry III of Valois

It is these minions that have achieved significant success in their difficult work. With their impudent behavior and numerous intrigues, they excited the whole kingdom.

Minions loved to live in luxury, since they themselves did not grow up in the richest and most noble families.

Among them, it was customary to wear earrings, despite the fact that at that time it was very strange. It is worth noting that Henry himself liked to wear large precious earrings. He began to wear them after meeting with Elizabeth of England.

This portrait of minions can be found in the Milwaukee Museum of Art. The author of the painting is Lucas de Heere. The painting was painted around 1570 in oil on a board made of natural slate slate. Henry and his minion in the picture for about 20 years.

Since the minions wore slightly feminine outfits, courtiers often chuckled at them. However, many envied them, since the king loved to present his pets with various titles and lands. For the minions who died in a duel, Henry III even ordered the construction of a magnificent crypt.

What other minions are there?

Incandescent lamps. Characterized by low power and a small base diameter.

Small print, which is often used in mini-books, as well as when creating ads.

A gramophone record on which from 4 to 8 works were recorded (2-4 compositions on each side) with a total sound duration of about 30-40 minutes.

17th century Dutch painter, still life master.

What is the name of the minions in the cartoon

A smart and balanced minion that can make logical decisions.

A cool and independent minion. Rebel and rock musician. Often plays the role of a naughty teenager.

The youngest minion. He never parted with his toy - soft teddy bear Tim. Kevin takes care of Bob.

An episodic character who sometimes loves bully with Stuart.

Minions (photo)

Phil loved transforming into a maid. In the cartoon Despicable Me 2, it was Dr. Nefario who abducted him in order to turn him into an evil minion.

We can say that this is Kevin's twin brother: two eyes, protruding hair and high growth.

It was he who howled a fire siren.

Few people remember him, but in this fragment with a copy machine it is he who sits on top.