Useful Tips

Paper hearts


To design an origami heart, you need rectangular paper with any color.

Manufacturing work:

(Step 1)

    mark the middle of the sheet,

(Step 2)

  • we stack the material as in the manufacture of an airplane,
  • unbend the workpiece and repeat the second point on each side,

    (Step 3)

  • after bending, a bulging rhombus forms in the center of the material,
  • turn the corners a few centimeters,

    (Step 4)

  • stack the material along the marked lines.
  • The heart is ready. It can be used as a greeting card or as an addition to a bouquet of flowers. Such a heart with paper flowers would be ideal. We talked about how to make them in one of the previous articles.

    3D origami paper heart

    Before you make a heart out of paper in volumetric execution, take a standard set of materials for origami.

    We observe the following instructions:

    1. Take a paper base. Using a pencil and a ruler, draw a rectangle, the ratio of which with the paper will be two to one. Fold the paper in a diagonal direction. We unfold the material, you should get two cross-shaped lines.
    2. We work with one of the parties. On the obtained crossed lines, fold the paper towards the center point. We do the same from the other end of the material.
    3. Now from the center of the material we make inversion of all elements to the edges. We open the formed valves and tuck one of the sides of the future heart.
    4. Turn the craft over. We bend the corners and turn the heart over again. The resulting additional valves (eight pieces) are opened in turn. When they are open, carefully tuck them.

    Heart origami bookmark

    You can make not just an origami paper heart, but a useful bookmark for books. Such a gift is sure to be appreciated by a book lover or someone who has to work in book spheres. The origami bookmark in the form of a heart will provide an opportunity not only to fix the desired section of the book, but also to decorate your favorite literature.

    We offer you several manufacturing methods:

    First way

    For the first production you will need a paper square of any color. Getting started:

    1. We bend the square in half and then fold the bottom edge. Expand. In the center of the material you should get a line to which we apply one edge of the square. Turn the paper over.
    2. We wrap the corners located below so that they are connected to the central vertical. A corner forms below. Turn the material over again.
    3. We press the corners to the top. The extreme point of the triangle should lie on the upper middle of the sheet. Turn the workpiece over again.
    4. Bend the strip at the top and you can notice the triangles. We straighten them. First we bend the small corners, and after them the two lower corners.
    5. We turn over the resulting product and wrap the side parts towards you.

    An origami paper heart in the form of a bookmark is ready.

    Master Class

    1. Cut a square and fold in half.
    2. Lay out and divide half into four equal stripes using a ruler and pencil.
    3. Flip the square with the white part up.
    4. Fold the top strip inward.
    5. Flip the square with the pink part up.
    6. Fold vertically in half and straighten the edges towards the center to form a triangle.
    7. Wrap the top of the triangle below the bottom and straighten the edges as shown in the picture.
    8. Fold the remaining paper along the lines.
    9. Insert the ends of the strip into each other.

    The heart-shaped paper ring is done! It will be a wonderful gift for your wife or girlfriend, especially if it is made from a large denomination.

    Second way

    Now consider the second way to make a book heart out of paper. For manufacturing, we again need a square.

    We do the work based on the following instructions:

    • cut the prepared square into two identical parts,
    • fold one part in length,
    • bend the resulting figure from right to left, unfold the bends,
    • fold the two angles located below to the center to get an angle,
    • turn the product over
    • fold the top edge a few centimeters and wrap the corners,
    • turn the product over, you should get a heart.

    Origami paper hearts can sometimes cling to corners for pages. To prevent this from happening, we recommend fixing every corner with glue. This can be done with the core of the craft, where the center line diverges.

    Option one

    Prepare for work:

    • thick enough paper
    • glue,
    • pencil,
    • ruler
    • stationery knife or scissors,
    • template.

    We have already prepared a template for this box for you.

    You can do basic work:

    • Transfer the drawing to thick paper and cut it out,
    • grease all joints with glue and glue,
    • wait until it dries completely (it depends on the type of substance used, if it's PVA, just wait half an hour).

    The box is ready. The beauty of this design is that it can be made of any size.

    Second option

    Now we will tell you how to make a box of paper hearts using the second method. You will need the same materials as in the previous master class.

    Getting to the production of:

    • draw a template on the main material,
    • lines where you need to make bends, indicate the dotted line,
    • point the outline of the craft with a felt-tip pen with a color several tones darker than the main manufacturing material,
    • fold the product according to the dotted lines and connect everything with glue.

    The box is ready. When everything is dry, on the front side of the product you can write a few warm words, and put a pleasant surprise inside. For example, a paper crane, which we talked about in previous articles, and a few sweets.

    Origami heart in the form of an envelope

    If you want to initially admit your feelings to your loved one, then the presentation of pleasant words in an envelope in the form of a heart is what you need. We take red paper and consider how to make a heart paper envelope:

    1. Fold the corners into a triangle. Iron the bends. We unfold the material and repeat the action, on the other hand. Unbend the workpiece again.
    2. We take one corner and drive it towards the center. Turn the sheet over. Fold the lower part so that the lower part is aligned with the top rim.
    3. We bend the left side of the crafts. Make sure that the edges meet the extreme point of a large angle. We repeat these steps, but on the other hand. You should already have something similar to an angular heart.
    4. We turn the product to the wrong side and carefully bend the corners located on the side. Then bend the upper corners by no more than one centimeter. Turn the product over.

    Themed origami paper heart envelope is ready. Put a note in it and delight your loved one.

    Paper heart with wings

    Now we will tell you how to make a winged heart out of paper. This craft will take its rightful place on the shelf at home or can be used as an original gift. Prepare twenty square by twenty centimeters of paper for work. The finished product will be half the size of the original paper size.

    How to make this craft:

    • fold the main material in half, straighten and repeat this action on the other hand, you should get lines,
    • bend the top and bottom of the paper in such a way that the edges touch on the center line, turn the workpiece over,
    • apply the strip to the center, squeeze the upper part back, and straighten the corners and iron,
    • fold the triangular shapes at the end of the strip, turn over the material,
    • mark the corners on the top of the heart.

    The craft is ready. You can admire.

    Heart-shaped paper ring

    Of course, the finished ring of paper will not be able to last for long if you wear it on your finger. But if you dress it as a decoration on a pen or pencil, then the service life can be long. Yes, and you can always replace a product, especially since it is done very quickly.

    1. Take a colored paper square, draw it with a pencil in four lines. The first two lines should be 1/8 of the width of the square. The third line should be 2/8 wide, and the distance from the third to fourth line should be 1/8 of the total size of the square.
    2. Fold the sheet vertically. Expand the material. Now you need to bend the first strip, which was drawn earlier. Turn the paper over with the multi-colored side toward us.
    3. Fold the triangle at the top. Now the workpiece resembles a future aircraft. We turn the corner in the opposite direction from us.
    4. Gently bend the border from the center of the product in opposite directions. Angles that stick out lower. At the top there should have been elements of the "ears", we remove their tips.
    5. We roll up a piece of material that has remained with a tube or accordion. Turn the product over. We connect the resulting belt and fix it.

    It turned out a charming ring. Let it not be diamond, be sure to present it to your soulmate.

    Bright modular hearts

    Have you already felt like a pro in origami technology? Want to make a bright and unforgettable gift to your loved one? Try to make a modular origami heart out of plain paper, it will bring a lot of joy.

    For work, pick up the paper of the shade from which you want to make a craft. Glue and scissors.

    What is required of you:

    1. Make a lot of paper modules. The more, the better, so as not to be distracted by the manufacturing process. By the way, get your children involved. The design process will not only go faster, but will also have a positive effect on the fine motor skills of the child’s fingers.
    2. After the modules are manufactured, you can proceed to the preparation of an integral composition. This procedure is not easy. If this is the first time you are doing this type of craft, we recommend drawing a heart on paper to adapt to the finished schematic image.

    By connecting the modules you should get a heart. We suggest starting with flat models. When you understand the principle of connecting modules, you will have the opportunity to construct a heart in any variation, even in volumetric.

    Simple bulk paper hearts

    See how original this wall decor looks!

    In order to make a decorative composition of hearts, prepare:

    • sheets of colored paper (not necessarily just red),
    • scissors,
    • pencil,
    • glue.

    ⇒ Step 1. On a piece of paper, draw hearts of different sizes. You can use the template so that the heart shape is accurate and correct. Scissors cut each figure.

    ⇒ Step 2. Make a small cut in the upper part of the figure, slightly bend the edges inward. Apply a small amount of PVA glue to the edges.

    ⇒ Step 3. Use your fingers to grip the edges with glue and press them well together on the back of the heart.

    ⇒ Step 4. Hold the glued edges for a couple of minutes.

    ⇒ Step 5 . Repeat steps 2-4 with the remaining hearts.

    Hearts can be first glued to a sheet of cardboard, and then hang the composition on the wall. Or attach directly to the wall using double-sided tape. If the convex shape of the heart makes it difficult to securely attach it to the wall, stick a corner of paper on the inside, these are:

    Origami voluminous hearts

    Origami technique offers a lot of options how to make various figures, including three-dimensional hearts. We have chosen for you the cutest, rounded and smooth. Such a three-dimensional shape is achieved by ... inflating the heart with air!

    For work, you only need scissors and colored double-sided paper.

    Detailed step-by-step instructions are displayed in the photographs below.

    Fold a square sheet of paper in half, then cut in half again and fold.

    Bend the corners as shown in the photographs.

    Final touch - inflate the heart through the hole below!

    Boxed Hearts

    And how do you like such hearts made in the form of a box? This technique can be used to make holiday packaging for a small gift. However, as an original craft, such hearts look very interesting, resembling pixel drawings.

    Necessary materials and tools:

    • thick paper (for gift wrapping - cardboard),
    • scissors,
    • ruler.

    ⇒ Step 1. Print or redraw the template on paper.

    ⇒ Step 2. Cut it with scissors or a clerical knife (X-Acto knife). Fold bonding areas. To make it easier to bend thick paper, help yourself with a ruler.

    ⇒ Step 3. Bend the main part of the heart along the lines, helping with a ruler. Put the figurine together. Apply a thin layer of glue to the corresponding protrusions, glue the heart.

    If you make a box, then glue the tabs for gluing inside the box, and you can attach a tongue to the “lid” on the side to easily open it.

    DIY hearts

    • Old newspaper or magazine
    • Glue
    • Scissors
    • Cardboard
    • Frame

    Making this fake is very simple:

    1. About 10 pieces of hearts are cut out from magazine sheets. You can do more if you want to make the composition more magnificent. We cut out the hearts of the same size.
    2. We bend in the center and coat with glue.
    3. We lay hearts on top of each other and glue to cardboard. Insert the cardboard into the frame. Volume heart is ready!

    Valentine's pocket

    • Thick paper or cardboard
    • Scissors
    • Markers or markers
    • Thread
    • Scotch
    • Little sweets
    • Hole puncher

    1. Cut two identical hearts.
    2. Punch holes in the edge of the notch. Hold hearts together to achieve symmetry.
    3. Thread paper hearts like a pocket. Fasten with a knot.

    The pocket for tasty sweets and warm confessions is ready.

    Heart bag

    Such a cute gift will delight your daughter or an adult connoisseur of self-made work.

    • Thread, scissors
    • Dense types of fabric in different colors
    • Stencils
    • Sewing machine

    1. First, cut out a paper heart. Then we apply it to the fabric and cut out the second heart according to the pattern.
    2. Using the same principle, we make the second heart out of fabric. And two more hearts, one smaller than the other. You should get 4 hearts: 2 of the same size and 2 smaller.
    3. From the remaining fabric, cut the ribbon and sew the two largest hearts along the bottom edge. You should have a handbag with a ribbon and a handle on the bottom and a heart-shaped sidewall.

    It remains only to fill the bag with pleasant little things.

    Heart-shaped soft plush toy

    You can make a soft and warm gift to a loved one. It will be not only beautiful, but also a useful thing. You can try on the size and from the toy you get an interior pillow. For those who love needlework, try fake using the patchwork technique.

    The cloth. Choose motley colorful materials, you can combine textures. Templates. Stuffing: cotton wool, foam rubber, synthetic winterizer. Sewing machine.

    We attach the heart template with needles to the fabric and carefully cut it out. The number of hearts and their sizes are a matter of taste. We sew along the perimeter with a sewing machine, not forgetting to leave a small hole for stuffing. Fill the heart with prepared material. Sew the remaining hole.

    The gift is ready, you can optionally decorate the pillow toy with ribbons, bows, beads.

    Heart box

    We draw the shape of the box, that is, 2 hearts, a partition between the sides and lapels for fastening. Cut out the shape, put along the lines. Glue the desired part and allow to dry. On the front side, you can write a few words and put a surprise in the box.

    Original modular heart as a gift

    Everyone will appreciate an unusual and beautiful gift, in addition, modular origami can serve a table for a romantic dinner or holidays. It looks very atmospheric and creative.

    The essence of this Chinese technique is to create any shape from the set of triangular modules. In our case, it will be the heart.

    How to assemble an origami module?

    1. To create volumetric triangles you need a rectangular sheet of paper. Take sheet A4 and fold it three times in half. Cut the paper along the fold lines to make 16 rectangles. It is possible to fold one sheet into four, then there will be 32 rectangles and they will be smaller.
    2. Fold one of the leaves in half along the wide part.
    3. Now fold along the short part. And flatten the paper. You should get guides for further work.
    4. Fold the sheet with the edges centered, as if you were making a paper plane.
    5. Fold the bottom edge to the center of the shape.
    6. And finally, bend the corners up and bend the resulting triangle in half.

    The paper module is ready!

    Now you need to figure out how to fasten the triangles together to assemble the figure. There are pockets on the outside of the module, and two triangles at the ends. You need to insert into the triangles of one module in the pockets of the other two. Having adapted, you can fold the figure on any subject and for any event.

    Do not say unnecessary words, because a person is valuable in his attitude and care. Make a gift with your own hands, enclose a piece of your soul and you will see how it touches people close to you. A heart given on any of the memorable days will leave an indelible mark.