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Indian gymnastics contains exercises to strengthen the entire body, including the facial muscles of the face. In yoga, the lion pose of a sore throat helps to solve the problem of a sore throat, a catarrhal inflammatory disease that affects the area of ​​the ear-throat-nose. The effect of treatment is explained quite simply: a rush of blood to the diseased organ helps to remove the inflammatory process in a short time. The female sex uses the asana of the “king of animals” to tighten the muscles of the face, replacing plastic surgery to rejuvenate and hide wrinkles.

The starting position is used almost any that is convenient and easy for a person to do: sitting, standing, on all fours. You can complicate or facilitate the performance of the asana of a lion.

What is the benefit of doing asana

Lion Pose Helps Heal Throat

The therapeutic effect is noted when performing Simhasan's yoga pose:

  • increased tension of the neck muscles causes a rush of blood to the affected organ, washing of which helps to reduce the inflammatory process,
  • tongue cleansed, bad breath eliminated,
  • hearing, voice improves,
  • the whole muscle system of the body is strengthened,
  • deep exhalation helps relieve stress, counteract stress, calm,
  • the jaw muscles, tensing, remove the "second" chin, help smooth small wrinkles on the face. A natural anti-aging process occurs.

Regular performance of the lion asana in yoga is the prevention of colds of the respiratory system.

How to do exercise

As performed in yoga, the lion pose for the throat:

  1. Bending your knees, sit on your heels. Hands should rest against the knees, fingers spread out with tension. You can complicate the beginning of the exercise by sitting in the lotus position.
  2. From a standing position, the lion's asana is performed as follows: to spread legs 35–50 cm wide, to bend down, making an emphasis with hands with spread apart fingers just above the knee. Further execution is the same as from a sitting position.
  3. You can start the exercise on all fours: stand on knees shifted together with the palms resting on the floor with fingers spread out in tension. Pull the chin to the chest.
  4. Bend your back in the scapular region, moving your shoulders back and down. Open your eyes wide. Press your chin to your chest.
  5. Take a deep, slow breath, and as you exhale, open your mouth, emitting a long, lion-like roar, the sound “ha”, stick out your tongue as far forward and down as possible. In this case, it is necessary to maximize the tension of the muscles of the neck, throat, as well as the whole body and abdomen in the region of the solar plexus.
  6. With increasing tension, it is necessary to pull the tongue forward.
  7. Hold your breath on full exhalation for 5-7 seconds.
  8. Restore normal respiratory process with relaxation of all muscles.
  9. Repeat the exercise is recommended 4-5 times.

When you inhale, the body relaxes, and when you exhale, all the muscles from head to toes are tensed. It is not advisable to strain the painful joints; the initial position can be replaced by sitting on a chair.

Particular attention should be paid to the neck: it is recommended to stretch it up while inhaling, and pull it down as far as you can, trying to increase its length.

If there are sore throats with fever, redness of the throat, it is advisable to do the lion's asana every 2 hours. With this intensity, you can get rid of inflammation and tonsillitis in 1 day.

For treatment, it is recommended to do gymnastics in the morning, immediately after washing and brushing your teeth.

Also, the high efficiency of the lion pose is noted with stuttering, speech therapy speech problems. It is recommended to regularly perform asana for people who, according to professional requirements, speak a lot: lecturers, teachers, singers, broadcasters.

In esoterics, it is believed that a deep exhalation when performing a pose counteracts the evil eye and spoilage. All negative comes out of a man with a "roar", contributing to cleansing from malice and envy.

The maximum benefit of the lion pose in yoga is only when properly performed, when the requirements of breathing, tension and relaxation of the muscles of the body are observed.

Yoga Lion Pose

There are several options for performing this asana.

One of them is described by Dhirendra Brahmachari:

Squat, on your heels. Toes and heels together under the anus. Lower the chin into the cleft fossa (Jalandhara Bandha), direct your eyes to the point between the eyebrows. The mouth should be open as wide as possible. Tongue stick out as much as possible. Hands should be placed on their knees or on top of each other (overlapping).

Take care that the heels touch the anus (Sivani Nadi). Leaning on socks, the feet should be vertical and deployed so that the heels touch each other.


Two other embodiments of Simhasana are described by B. K. S. Iyengar.

How to cure a throat quickly, or So I believed in yoga therapy

When they ask me to give an indisputable argument in favor of yoga therapy or to teach a simple exercise that is accessible even to an unprepared person, I usually start with this topic: how to quickly cure a throat? Or even more radical: how to cure a throat in 1 day? Moreover, it was she who at one time convinced me of the effectiveness of yoga therapy. Now that the rain clouds seem to forever tighten the October sky and the nights are threatened with frost, it's time to touch on this question: how to quickly cure the throat? And for women, this exercise is generally prescribed all year round - for the purpose of non-surgical facelift.

As a preface, I admit that sore throats have haunted me throughout my life, from early childhood. I don’t even know how I managed to avoid the removal of tonsils. Then it was fashionable. And despite considerable experience in the treatment of tonsillitis, tonsillitis and just SARS, as well as close friendships with otolaryngologists, I never managed to cure my throat in 1 day. At best, I could manage in a week.

And then one day, at the dawn of my hobby for yoga, I remembered Simkhasan - Leo's Pose - just in time, on the same day when I woke up with pain in my already pretty "throat" throat, with a temperature of 38.3, and with the need to be tomorrow “like a cucumber” - a serious presentation was coming up at the seminar. And I set up an experiment on myself: I performed Simhasan every 40-60 minutes all day. Yes, this is even more than recommended. But! By evening, the blisters on the throat were asleep, the redness faded, and the thermometer depicted 36.6. Since then, I always know the answer to the question: how to quickly cure the throat?

A properly performed asana can, of course, seem tedious with such repeated repetition, but you will have a double motivation: not only to quickly cure your throat, but also to work out a non-surgical facelift.

I perform the classic version of Simhasana - with a chin lock, and preferably also with an abdominal one. And I advise everyone. In general, if you want to cure a goal in 1 day, strive to achieve this ideal:


What is the secret of Simhasana? What mechanism allows you to quickly cure the throat? It's simple: Leo's pose dramatically increases blood flow to the neck. And this is the most reliable method in getting rid of infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract. But not only. Simhasana cleanses the tongue, improves voice and hearing, and even ... eliminates bad breath. In parallel, Leo's Pose strengthens the ligaments of the throat, muscles of the neck, face, abdomen, arms and legs.

Performing Simhasana, we portray the furious king of beasts. Do not restrain anger and other manifestations of aggression, throw them out. As a result, Leo's Pose relieves tension and stress, soothes. So yoga therapy smoothly flows into yoga therapy :-).

First of all, Leo's Pose is recommended for diseases of the throat and upper respiratory tract. But here yogic therapy is gradually transforming into yogacosmetology. The cosmetic effect is secondary, but pleasant - smoothing facial wrinkles and preventing the appearance of new ones. Simhasana helps to get rid of the second chin, although other exercises will come in handy. In fact, Leo's Pose is a complex and, most pleasantly, non-surgical facelift.

In addition, Simkhasana is useful to everyone who has to speak a lot and loudly: lecturers, broadcasters, singers, etc., as well as people with speech impairments.

Execution technique

1. Take the pose of Vajrasan - sit on your knees and heels, place your palms on your knees, strain and spread your fingers apart.

2. Stretch your neck by making a chin lock, that is, pressing your chin to your chest. Bend your back in the shoulder blades, shoulder back and down. Tighten your eyes, staring fiercely and sneaking right in front of you or between your eyebrows with bulging eyes.

3. Take a breath, and as you exhale, open your mouth wide and begin to stick your tongue forward and down as far as possible, straining the whole body, especially, of course, the neck and throat. It is advisable to make an abdominal castle - Uddiyana Bandha.

4. Pull your tongue farther and lower as you can, with continuous and increasing tension.

5. After exhalation, hold your breath for 4-5 seconds. Then relax and breathe.

6. For diseases of the throat, you can do the exercise 3-4 times in a row, in one approach.

Important details

- On inhalation, intensively stretch your neck upward, lengthening it, at the same time press your tongue to the upper palate (this has a therapeutic effect on the ears). - As you exhale, continuing to stretch your neck, press your chin to your chest and stick your tongue out.

- While inhaling, relax your body and arms, and as you exhale, strain each muscle while maintaining tension while holding your breath.

- To achieve the maximum effect, performing Simhasana, exhale with a long sound “Хххххааа”, imitating a lion's roar, which additionally activates the vocal cords.

Attention! For knee injuries or poor joint mobility, perform Simhasana while sitting on a chair.

How to simplify?

Perform Simhasana while sitting in a chair.

How to complicate?

Sit in the Lotus Pose - Padmasana, put your hands on your knees, inhale, craning your neck up. As you exhale, use your hands to get to your knees, leaning on your hands set in front, bend in your chest, throw your head back and with your eyes up (trying to look at the glands from the inside), stick your tongue out as far as you can with the same uterine sound “Xxxxa”. Perform 2 to 4 times with each version of crossing the legs in the lotus.

Thus, the urgent problem of the offseason - how to quickly cure the throat, and even how to cure the throat in 1 day - can be considered resolved. Non-drug, purely methods of yogatherapy. But for cosmetic purposes, non-surgical facelift Leo Pose should be practiced more often than periods of a cold. Moreover, such periods do not happen often in yogis.

Execution technique

Proper execution influences the effect of this practice. Or positive, or none at all. As in all other exercises, it is important to follow the technique and breathing, concentrate and relax. How to do it right?

  1. First you need to sit in the Vajrasana pose (the pose in which a person sits on his heels, bending his knees) and spread his knees to the sides.
  2. Straighten your arms, put your palms under your hips, while taking your elbows back.
  3. The eyes should be open, as in Shambhavi mudra (the gaze is directed to the area between the eyebrows), and the mouth is covered.
  4. Breathe slowly and deeply through the nose. At the end of the inhalation, stick out the tongue from the mouth as much as it turns out, but so that it does not bring discomfort.
  5. With the tip of your mouth reach for the chin. Exhale also slowly, uttering a low “a-a-a” sound. You can’t strain your throat. At the end of exhalation, close your mouth and breathe through your nose again.
Reference! This is one whole cycle. Repeat it as many times as you have the opportunity to complete. When treating a throat, it is useful to do about 5-10 cycles.

Performing this exercise, follow the recommendations:

  • do not throw your head far away, otherwise the neck muscles will not be involved, which will be bad. Stretch it as high as you can,
  • the tongue also needs to be pulled to the maximum in order to feel the basal muscles,
  • stretch your fingers to relieve excessive stress.
Important! Simhasana - a pose that can be performed at any time, but still do not overeat before performing.

The body should be comfortable. And not just yours. Make sure that the sounds made do not disturb others. Also, the performance of this pose may be of interest to young children. Imagine this in the form of a game, they can try themselves in the role of the beast of the jungle, which makes the lesson not only useful, but also fun.

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