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Please tell me a working way to edit a PDF file. I need to correct some text in it, but it doesn’t succeed.

In Word, the file does not open (more precisely, when you try to open, hieroglyphs appear), I downloaded a bunch of programs: but everywhere they ask me to pay for the purchase (with all this, it’s not clear, after payment - can I edit my document?).

Is there a working free way?

Good day!

Yes, there was a certain difficulty with editing PDF files, there is (and, probably, it will be for a long time). Especially when it comes to very large files (when opened on weak machines, they simply freeze.).

In general, in this article I will offer a fairly simple and effective way to edit PDF (suitable for the vast majority of files).

Note: in the article I intentionally do not provide any online services (since quite often in PDF documents confidential and private information is contained, which is extremely undesirable to show to outsiders!).

What is required

1) The file (in PDF format) to be edited. If you are faced with such a problem - then for sure you have it.

2) Office suite Libbre Office.

This is a free and very powerful office suite. It surpasses Microsoft Office in some of its capabilities and functions! In particular, if we talk about our topic, there is a Draw program in its arsenal that can easily and quickly edit most PDFs (even those that Word refuses to open)!

In general, I recommend having this package on your work computer / laptop (who knows?).

Another important point!

PDF files can be different (I do not mean now the number of sheets or topics, but the file structure.). There are PDF files with text, there are scanned sheets or photos (in fact, they are a collection of pictures arranged in order).

So, you can only edit the first type of file (i.e. text)! If you have the second type, then you first need to translate it into a text version (this operation is called recognition , for this purpose special. programs). More details about this here:

PDF file structure

Editing example

1) And so, we will assume that the Libre Office package is installed and running (the installation of the package is standard, so I don’t consider it. By the way, select full package (not stripped down)).

And so, the first action: click on the link "Open file" in the menu on the left. See the example below.

Open File - Libre Office

2) Next, indicate your file (as a rule, after 2-3 seconds the file will be imported into the Draw program and automatically opened). Please note that after opening the document, you can immediately put the cursor in the right place and edit the text.

Note: I took a file with a table specially for an example (as a rule, editing them is more difficult than just text).

The document was opened in Libre Office Draw

3) If you need to not only edit some block of text, but also add another, then:

  1. click on the text insertion icon (number 1, see screen below),
  2. set the text area in the right place and print the desired text (2),
  3. on the right side (in the menu), click on the icon with the key, and set the desired font size, underline, highlight, etc.

We start editing the line in the table (example) / Clickable (large screen)

4) To clearly show how I changed the text, I decided to place two sections of the document on one screen (see the example below). Moreover, the added text "" I also highlighted in yellow, so that it catches the eye.

The line in the table has been edited!

5) After you finish editing the document, go to the menu "File" and select "Export to PDF" . So to speak, where we started, we go there.

Note: in addition to PDF, a document can be saved in other formats: GIF, ODF, HTML, TIFF, etc.

File - Export to PDF / Libre Office Draw

Further, in most cases, just click on the button "Export" (without changing any settings). After you just have to give a name to the file and indicate the folder where it will be saved.

Export (settings in most cases can be left unchanged)

6) As a test, I opened the resulting file in Adobe Reader: the document looked like before, only one part of it stood out in “yellow” (which I edited, see the example below).

The resulting file was opened in Adobe Reader.

In general, the problem was solved.

Alternative option

If you have a simple text document in PDF (without any tables, figures, diagrams), then in most cases ordinary Word (which, moreover, is installed by most users, unlike Libre, will “cope” with it) Office).

Note: some users, by the way, do not realize that Word is able to open many PDF files and even allow them to be saved in the DOC / DOCX format.

How to edit a PDF file in Word (relevant for Word 2016, 2019):

1) first find the desired PDF file and open it in Word (see example below).

Open PDF file in Word

2) Next, accept the warning from Word (that it is going to convert your PDF). I note that for large PDF files it may take a considerable amount of time (especially if your PC does not “show off” with performance).

Word Converts Your PDF

3) After, you can start editing. As an example, I formatted the text and added a note about the site address (an example in the screenshot below).

I note that Word opens some files “very badly”: all the markup leaves, the text is shifted, instead of labels there are some stripes. Therefore, the method is relevant only for "simple" documents.

It was - it became - the document has been edited

4) To save changes, click on "File / save as." .

File - save as

Next, specify the type of the PDF file (the area is highlighted in the screenshot below), and click Save .

Select the PDF format to save

In general, done! The file has been edited.

Are there any other working editing methods? (without online services)

Well, that's all for now. Good luck

How to edit a pdf file

To upload, drag the file into the box above. You can also download a document from a computer or from the cloud.

This is how the universal PDF editor works. On the left you see page thumbnails. Select the one you want to edit. Above the page in preview mode, select the desired action. There are additional actions available (undo, revert change, increase). To change the color or font, open the Options menu.

PDF file editing program

There are several programs for editing PDF documents. The following are some of them - free and shareware PDF editors.

Adobe Acrobat DC is a freeware editor. A trial version can be downloaded from the Adobe website and used for free for 30 days.

In the future, you need to either purchase this product or use alternative tools.

Let's consider in more detail how to change a PDF file in this program.

Run the program and select the "Edit PDF" task.

Then indicate the path: which file to open the PDF file.

To edit the text, left-click and edit it as you wish. Changing the location of the text is done by dragging the text field to the desired location in the document.

Changing the font format is available on the "Tools" tab, activate it and specify the necessary parameters.

The search for the necessary words in the text and the replacement of one with the other is carried out using the "Edit" - "Find" menu or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F.

To edit an image, click on it with the mouse and activate the area with a picture.

To resize an image, click on its corner and drag the image to the desired height and width.

To crop a picture, flip it vertically or horizontally, on the toolbar, activate the "Tools" tab and select the desired action.

The possibilities of the program do not end there. Adobe Acrobat DC is one of the best PDF editing software. It allows you to change the text of the document, optimize graphics and crop the picture.

Foxit Advanced PDF Editor is another shareware tool. You can freely use it for the first 30 days.

After downloading, installing and running the program, you will see its working window (see the following figure). To open a document, go to the menu "File" - "Open" and specify the path to the desired file.

The Foxit Advanced workspace is largely similar to other text editors, so managing it is intuitive, despite its English-language interface.

To edit the text in a PDF file, activate it with a mouse click, after that you can make changes to the PDF document.

Pay attention to the toolbar, here you can change the size and font of the selected phrase, indicate its alignment: left, center, right, and also specify the style: bold or italics.

To change the image, click on it with the mouse of the computer. On the edges of the picture special sliders are displayed, the movement of which changes the size of the picture. Additional functions for working with images are in the Object menu.

The new picture is inserted through the menu tab “Edit” - “Images” - “Insert” or by pressing Ctrl + Shift + D. Select the downloaded image and move it to the desired location on the page.

Inkscape - a graphical editor that can edit PDF files. Unlike previous programs, this product is free.

The functionality of the program is similar to other vector graphics editors, such as: CorelDraw, Illustrator or Xara X. The program supports working with textures, contours, text, markers, gradients and other objects.

Due to the fact that the program is free and in Russian, many users will like it.

This is what the Inkscape popup window looks like.

As you can see, it managed to change the text in the PDF file.

We reviewed the programs, now let's move on to online services. They are useful to those who do not want to install additional software on their computer.

PDF editor online

You can edit a PDF file online for free using the following web services:

Google Docs is a free online editor of PDF files and other document formats. They can recognize text online.

Sign in to Google Docs using Gmail. If you do not have a mailbox, read this guide: How to create an email.

Let's see how to change PDF online in Google Docs. The functionality of this service is unusual at first glance. Nevertheless, having spent some time studying it, everyone can understand the principle of work of the PDF editor.

Once logged in, you’ll be taken to Google Drive. The first thing to do is set up file uploads. At the top right, click on the “Gear” icon, then go to the “Download Settings” section. Make sure that each sub-item is checked.

Download the file - at the top left, click the Up Arrow icon and select the one you need on the computer.

When the document is loaded, right-click on it and select "Open with" - "Google Docs".

In the editor that opens, the contents of the PDF document will be displayed - the pages will be in the form of pictures, under each of which should be recognized text.

Original images can be deleted, and the text can be changed at your discretion.

To add an image to a file, use the "Insert" menu.

Thus, editing PDF files online allows you to change the old one or create a new document based on it.

Saving changes to the document is performed through the menu “File” - “Download as” - “PDF document”.

PDFescape is another free PDF editor online. It works with documents containing no more than 100 pages.

Having come to the main page of the online editor, click the "Edit Now" button. Then select the “Upload to PDFescape” action and provide the path to the desired file. When the PDF document is loaded, you can edit it.

All work with documents is done through the toolbar located in the upper left.

The functions available in PDFescape's arsenal are divided into tabs: Insert (insert), Annotate (comments), Page (page).

Having given a little time to the service, you will understand its capabilities.

That's all, now you know how to edit PDF online and edit documents in programs: correct text and insert graphics.