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Super mario world


Super mario worldknown in Japan as Super Mario World: Super Mario Bros. four (ス ー パ パ マ リ オ ワ ー ル ド ス ー パ ー マ リ オ ブ ラ ザ ー ズ 4 Su: pa: Mario Wa: ore: su: pa Mario Buraza: zu Fo:) Is a platformer released by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in 1990. The game was produced by Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development Studio under the leadership of Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuki. . Super mario world hit the starting lineup of SNES games.

Super mario world

The cover of the North American edition of the game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System console
DeveloperNintendo EAD
Part of a seriesSuper mario
Release dates
CERO: A - All ages
  • Everyone
    OFLC (A): G
  • General
    PEGI: 3
    USK: USK 0 [d]
  • Creators
    SupervisorTakashi tezuka
    ProducerShigeru Miyamoto
    ArtistShigafumi Hino
    ComposerKoji Kondo
    Technical details
    PlatformsSuper Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy Advance, Wii, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS
    Game modessingle-user, multi-user
    Carriers4-megabit cartridge (SNES),
    32 megabyte cartridge (GBA),
    Digital Distribution (Virtual Console)
    Official site(Jap.)
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    In the story, Mario and Yoshi must save the Dinosaur Land from the tyranny of Bowser - the main antagonist of the series. Mario and his brother, Luigi, have a journey through seven worlds, at the end of each of which they must defeat the boss. Game process Super mario world similar to previous franchise games. However, there were new, increasing the ability of the protagonist, bonuses that were transferred to subsequent games in the series. AT Super mario world Yoshi's dinosaur first appeared, the companion and horse of the protagonist in many subsequent games with the participation of Mario.

    The game was warmly received by critics and was a huge success among the players, becoming a bestseller - more than 20 million copies were sold worldwide. Many specialized publications called it one of the best games in history. According to sales, Super mario world ranks first among all games released for SNES. Due to its popularity Super mario world It was ported to various gaming platforms of several generations and was part of some collections.


    The plot of the game continues the events described in Super Mario Bros. 3. After saving the Mushroom Kingdom, the brothers Mario and Luigi go on vacation to the Land of Dinosaurs. However, while relaxing on the beach, Princess Peach disappears. When Mario and Luigi wake up, they go in search of her and soon find a giant egg in the forest. A dinosaur named Yoshi hatches from it, which tells the heroes that his friends were also trapped in similar traps. Soon, Mario and Luigi realize that all these ups and downs are the work of the villain Bowser and his servants. Together with Yoshi, they go to save the princess and friends of the dinosaur.

    The player controls the character (Mario or Luigi) from a third party. Passage of the game is carried out using navigation on two screens: world map and the game level itself. The world map contains approximate parameters of the current game location and there are several ways of its passage leading from the beginning of the map to the final goal - the castle. The routes of the map along which the main character moves are interconnected by illuminated icons: fortresses, so-called. Ghost houses, etc. They allow the player to choose different paths. Moving to the icon of a particular location, the character gains access to the game level. Most of the game takes place at these levels, which are filled with obstacles and enemies, and the player is free to go through them in various ways. At the end of each world there is a battle with the boss - one of the Kupalings. In the final game, the player must defeat the main antagonist - Bowser. Enemies on the way are turtles, armadillos, dinosaurs, etc.

    In addition to the power-ups from the previous parts of the franchise, such as “Super Mushroom” (turns little Mario into big) and “Fire Flower” (allows him to shoot fireballs), a new bonus costume was added - “Magic Cloak” (feather icon) - with the help of which Mario can fly and soar. In terms of game mechanics, he was similar to a raccoon costume from Super Mario Bros. 3which in Super mario world was removed. In addition to him, the developers decided to abandon several bonuses from the prequel: a frog costume (English Frog Mario), equipment with hammers (English Hammer Mario) and a raccoon costume turning into a statue (English Tanooki Mario). In turn, a new element (the so-called “spare item”) was added to the game - a cell located in the upper central part of the screen. This bonus works according to a certain scheme, for example, if the controlled character has a “Fire Flower” and receives “Super Mushroom”, then the mushroom is saved in an additional cell. A spare power app is activated automatically if the main character is touched by an enemy. In addition, this power app can be used by pressing a button on the controller. In addition, the so-called "Twisted jump", which allows you to break game blocks under the main character.

    AT Super mario world Mario can travel on a Yoshi dinosaur that can swallow most enemies. If Yoshi is trying to eat the enemy, then before swallowing, he holds him in the mouth for a certain period of time, at which point he can spit out his victim and hit her with other enemies. If Yoshi holds the colored shells of the compartment in his mouth, he gains special abilities: the blue shell allows Yoshi to fly, with the yellow one he emits a whirlwind that hits the enemies around him, and the red shell allows Yoshi to spew three fireballs. Flashing shells allow the hero to get all three abilities, while green shells - none. By default, Yoshi is painted in green, but you can also find blue, yellow and red dinosaurs (each with individual abilities), you can get them by finding eggs in the Star World of the corresponding color (Eng. Star World). While swallowing a colored carapace, these dinosaurs gain an appropriate ability in addition to their color.

    AT Super mario world There is a multiplayer mode that allows two players to play the game in turn, alternating moves on the world map, the first player controls Mario, the second - Luigi. The game has a large number of hidden secrets, such as shortening the path, bonus levels, etc. In total, the game has 74 game zones and 96 exits from them, as in Super Mario Bros. 3 - The game level can be completed in several ways. At the same time, the player’s character can get to the secret level, and for this he must find a special key and deliver it to a special lock cell. By exploring these secret levels, you can access bonus levels, such as the Special World. Completing this location, the player can change the color of some sprites, as well as change the color scheme of the world map by entering a special code.

    The game was developed under the leadership of Takashi Tezuki. . The producer was Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of the series of games Mario and The legend of zelda, graphic design was done by Shigefumi Hino. The production of the game was entrusted to Nintendo EAD, led by Miyamoto. It took three years to develop the game, the team consisted of sixteen people. Miyamoto later stated that he felt that more ideas could still be added to the game, but development was nearing its end. Nevertheless, the producer expressed the hope that subsequent SNES games will allow for more intense emotional content and deeper stories.

    According to Miyamoto, he was still at the time of work on Super Mario Bros. wanted to create a companion for Mario - a dinosaur. However, Nintendo engineers could not bring his ideas to life due to the modest technical capabilities of NES. Miyamoto later said: “Thanks to SNES, we were finally able to move Yoshi from the sketches to the screens.” Super mario world was released in North America in the fall of 1991, simultaneously with the release of the SNES console.

    Reprints Edit

    After success Super mario world the game was released in a special version of the collection Super mario all-stars entitled Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World, which was published in 1993 in the US and Europe as part of the Super Mario Set, along with the Super Nintendo. In this version, Luigi has its own sprite (in the original, Luigi's sprite was just a repainted version of Mario), while the rest of the game remained unchanged. In 1995, two Chinese firms known as Hummer Team and JY Company ported a version without a license. Super mario world for SNES on the prefix of the previous generation of NES. Super mario world was one of the first games announced for the Wii Virtual Console service; this port was released on December 2, 2006 in Japan, February 5, 2007 in the USA, and February 9, 2007 in Europe. In 2013, this version of the game was released on the Virtual Console for Wii U. In 2016, a similar version was published on New Nintendo 3DS.

    Music Edit

    Koji Kondo composed music in Super mario worldusing only the electronic keyboard. All the music played in the game, with the exception of melodies that sound on the title screen, credits, level selection screen and during the battle with Bowser, are variations of the same musical theme. The melody sounds in the key of F major at standard levels. It slows down and sounds with an echo effect in the caves. At the same time, it is performed in a slow, undulating manner (waltz size 3/4) at underwater levels (which is a tradition for underwater levels in a series of games Mario) Against the background of air and forest levels, the melody sounds at a faster pace in order to accentuate a more risky atmosphere. A variation of the melody in the castles is a symphonic version in f minor. This variation gives the melody a more dramatic tone.

    Topic from Super Mario Bros. can be heard in a special location called “Special World”, which can only be accessed using bonuses. When riding Yoshi, musical accompaniment of any level is accompanied by bongo sounds.

    Melodies from the above-ground level and the “castle” location are present in the animated series based on the game, as well as in later franchise projects Super mario.

    Summary rating
    Gameranks94.44% (SNES)
    92.36% (GBA)
    Foreign language editions
    FamitsuGBA: 34/40
    Game informer10/10
    GamespotWii: 8.5 / 10
    IGNGBA: 9.3 / 10
    VC: 8.5 / 10
    Nintendo power9/10
    Nintendo lifeSNES: 10/10
    VC: 10/10
    Russian-language editions
    Game countryGBA: 8.5 / 10

    Super mario world It was enthusiastically received by critics, the authors of retrospective reviews also rated the game very highly. Portal Reviewer Nintendo Life set the game a top score of 10. The author noted the high replayability and the number of bonuses of the game, in connection with which he noted the convenient function of saving progress, praised the introduction of a new element - Yoshi, who radically changed the gameplay (among other things, some secrets could only be obtained with Yoshi’s help), however, he complained that the costumes from Super Mario Bros 3.calling it "shame." The reviewer summed up the article with the words: “In our opinion, this is the best game in the series - a huge amount of content, combined with a beautiful visual and classic music, help to become Super mario world one of the greatest games of all time. ” In the portal review IGN the importance of the success of the game for popularizing the Super Nintendo console was noted, a convenient innovation with a “spare item” cell and evolution of the game style with the introduction of the Yoshi dinosaur were noted. However, the reviewer complained about the graphic design of the game, which creates the feeling of a slightly modernized previous part of the franchise (Miyamoto supported this opinion and, according to his feelings, the schedule could be made better). He also noted one of the best level designs in the history of Nintendo, comparing it with the main competitor of the game at that time - a series about Sonic the hedgehog. In this comparison, it was said that the games are each good in its own way: Mario has deeper gameplay, while Sonic is a newer high-speed platformer. Summing up, the author of the review awarded the game 8.5 points out of 10, calling it the greatest 2D platformer franchise about the plumber Mario. The theme of rivalry between franchises about the "plumber" and the "hedgehog" was raised in his article by a journal observer Nintendo power, where he said: "I will change 96 levels of Mario to 20 levels of Sonic." In addition, he noted that the game is one of the best projects for SNES and awarded it a rating of 9 points out of 10.

    Site Reviewer called Super mario world a special game for Nintendo fans, as most of them got it with the console. The author of the article noted a great many ways of passing the game - “coupled with the save system, you can go through it again and again, finding new alternative ways”. “Like most Mario games, it has an amazing ability to completely absorb you for hours, days, weeks. The first three parts for NES made us forget about the world around us - but Super mario world surpassed them all in the ability to escape from gray everyday life, with its magical worlds, flying dinosaurs and other children's fantasies. "Maybe, SMB3 could be the first real world of Super Mario, but SMW will be the world for you, ”the reviewer concluded, giving the game 8.5 points out of 10. The AllGame portal rated the game five out of five stars, noting the high quality of the graphics, sound and replayability. The author of the review for the portal Kotaku called the design of the levels virtuoso - “I represent Miyamoto during the creation of the levels like Mozart at the piano or Hemingway in the bar” [comm. 1], the increased complexity of the game, in comparison with its predecessors, and a large number of all kinds of secrets, “Super mario world - a masterpiece [...] Every enemy, every obstacle, every aspect of the game has a pronounced individuality. And that makes her special. ” Reviewer in turn Kanobu noted that “the first 16-bit Mario to this day remains unsurpassed in terms of sound and graphics” by giving the game first place in the list of “5 best 2D games about Mario” and summarizing - “the game remains at an unattainable peak of technology (which are already from the 1990s) and the philosophy of game design (which is still from the 1980s). ”

    The game port for the Virtual Console service for the Wii console received flattering reviews. So, on the portal Gamespot it was noted that there was practically nothing to complain about the emulated version - “the game works in much the same way as on SNES”, however, in connection with this, the author of the review complained that there is still “a problem of braking when there are too many enemies. " For a complete immersion in the process, the publicist advised using the GameCube controller “because the buttons on the button match the SNES gamepad”, and summed up the article with the words: “Of course, many players have already tried this game in one form or another, whether it’s original or solid port for GBA. [...] But, nevertheless, if you are too young and still not familiar with Super mario world“Virtual Console is a great chance to try the game right now.” In an article on the occasion of the release of the game on Wii U, Morgan Sleeper, a browser for the profile site Nintendo life, noted the following: “Those who are still thinking about Super mario world - Download without hesitation. This is the pinnacle of a 16-bit platformer, the cornerstone and game canon. And most importantly, playing it now is as fun as it was twenty years ago. If you went through the original and you are full of nostalgia for the good old days, this port is a great opportunity to refresh your memories and again plunge into one of the best games of all time. ” The author awarded the game a top score of 10, noting that it became the gold standard for adventure platformers, and became the "muse" for games such as Super mario 64, Sonic adventure and Luigi's Mansion (English) Russian .

    Legacy Edit

    American game commercial for SNES.
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    Super mario world ranks 17th among the "Best Games of All Time" on the site Gameranks - where her rating is 94.44%. Super mario world ranked eighth in the magazine list Nintendo power “The 200 Best Nintendo Games.” In turn, the editors of the magazine Official Nintendo Magazine put it on the 7th line of the rating of “100 greatest Nintendo games of all time”, and readers of the publication Famitsu awarded the game 61st place in the list of "100 best video games." According to the magazine Empire, she took first place in the poll “The Greatest Game of All Time”. In 1991 Super mario world became an award winner "Game of the year" according to the editorial staff Nintendo power. In 2015, the portal USgamer called Super mario world "The best platformer of all time." In 2016, the game took 7th place in the list of the magazine Game informer "The 25 Greatest SNES Games of All Time." In 2017, the editors of the Russian gaming site Kanobu put Super mario world to the 65th place of its rating "100 best games according to Kanobu", noting that "in the entire history of SNES" Super Mario World "have not been able to surpass - neither as a flat platform game, nor as a video game in general. [...] The picture, sound and speed do not need any comments - they are not out of date 27 years later. ” The game also featured on several lists of "best video games of all time" of several specialized gaming publications, such as: Edge , Retrogamer , Gamespot and Nintendo power .

    Sales Super mario world over 20 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling video games in industry history. Previous game of the series Super Mario Bros. 3 was a bestseller, and for this reason, Nintendo, for commercial reasons, included Super mario world into the SNES set. According to observer Skyler Miller, the game helped introduce the public to the new SNES prefix, which was subsequently sold only in the United States in the amount of more than 20 million copies. In a 2008 Kotaku magazine survey, Yoshi took third place among the most popular game characters among Japanese players - the first and second were Mario and Cloud Strife, respectively.

    Impact Edit

    Менее чем через месяц после выхода игры в Америке, DiC Entertainment выпустила анимационный сериал Super mario world, который основан на игре, хотя в нём некоторые элементы видеоигры и имена персонажей были изменены. На волне популярности оригинальной игры компания Philips планировала выпустить её клон под названием Super Mario’s Wacky Worlds на своей приставке Philips CD-i, но в итоге проект был отменён из-за низкой популярности консоли .

    Йоши стал одним из самых важных персонажей франшизы Марио, он участвовал почти во всех проектах, связанных с серией (включая спин-оффы и спортивные игры). Йоши выступил главным героем продолжения Super mario worldSuper Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. The popularity of this game prompted Nintendo to release several more projects with his participation. as the main character. He also regularly appeared as a minor character in other franchise games: Super mario sunshine, New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Super Mario Galaxy 2. In addition, Yoshi is one of the main characters in the game. Super Mario 64 DS .