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How to get bitcoins


The rise in the value of BTC to $ 20,000 has led to the strengthening of the “Bitcoin fever”, which began long before that. More and more people tried to find the answer to the question “How to get 1 bitcoin for free?”. And it cannot be said that with the fall in the value of this digital currency, such people decreased. So how do you do this? The answer is in this article!

How to get bitcoins (types of mining, investment activity, etc.)

How to get 1 bitcoin, and do it as quickly as possible? If the main thing for you is the speed of crediting 1 bitcoin to your account, the best option would be an exchange through specialized online services. What could be simpler - indicate the currency we plan to give, in the “Receive” field, select bitcoin, the amount is 1 BTC. We fill out several other fields of the application - and after a maximum of 30 minutes we get our bitcoin to the wallet.

But this method only has one drawback that the cat Matroskin once said a long time ago: “To sell something unnecessary, you must first buy something unnecessary, but we don’t have money.” Of course, it’s unlikely that bitcoins can be called “unnecessary,” but this phrase betrays the main point - as long as you do not have another cryptocurrency or fiat money on your account that you can give in return for 1 bitcoin, you will not receive your 1 BTC.

Our task is to understand how to get bitcoin for free and quickly. Alas, in most cases, “free” and “fast” in relation to the process of receiving bitcoin are difficult words to combine. Unless some kind uncle with a bunch of BTC on the account decides to transfer 1 bitcoin to you by kindness, but the likelihood of this is also extremely small.

Fortunately, everything is not as sad as it might seem. Today, there are a huge number of ways to get btc for free, that is, without giving away another currency in return. We will now consider them:

1. Mining. Bitcoin mining - This is a very popular way to earn cryptocurrency number one in the world. However, the complexity of mining bitcoins is constantly increasing, and therefore you can immediately forget about mining BTC on your own computer. The received crypto money will not be enough for you even to pay for the electricity that will be spent on this process.

So, is it better to forget about BTC mining right away? In no case. After all, mining is different. If you create your own mining farmequipping it with powerful graphics cards and pumping it in full, you can get bitcoins. But, as you know, demand always creates supply, and an increase in the number of miners has led to a significant increase in the cost of video cards. So this method of mining BTC can hardly be called “free”, because you have to invest a lot of money in creating a mining farm. However, these funds will be repulsed after 6 - 12 months, and your mining farm will begin to make a profit. But why bother with buying powerful graphics cards if bitcoin mining is inappropriate anyway? There is a small nuance: it is impossible to mine BTC on video cards, but in this way we can mine other, less expensive coins, the mining of which is much simpler. When these coins are mined, we can exchange them for bitcoins.

High level of payback will provide mining at ASIC. But here there is one minus - the ever-growing complexity of the network leads to the fact that ASICs quickly become obsolete. Another once popular type of mining is on graphics cards (GPU). Previously, in this way it was possible to mine bitcoins, now it is unlikely. Even when using powerful Radeon or GeForce graphics cards, you can get dash, monero, maximum - ethers. With bitcoins, it will be harder to do.

Consider a few more types of BTC mining:

  1. Browser This type of bitcoin mining is attractive because of its simplicity, and consists in executing a JavaScript script. We do not recommend it to you, since with a low degree of effectiveness you risk your safety. Most browser mining services are created by fraudsters, and without the knowledge of the user, they inject a hidden miner into the file system.
  2. Hidden. A virus spreads that settles firmly in the computer's memory. Removing it is almost impossible, many antivirus programs are powerless. Next, the victim’s PC is used to mine bitcoins.
  3. On laptops and smartphones. Low efficiency even when using the most powerful PCs. The maximum that this type of crypto mining is suitable for is to familiarize yourself with the mining process.
  4. Mining on the HDD. Suitable for the extraction of coins that have recently appeared on the market. The essence is to provide disk space for crypto mining, and receive rewards for this. That's just to earn only $ 1 per day, you will need to provide about 500 terabytes. How beneficial is it? The answer is obvious. One way or another, getting bitcoins for free in this way is a myth, not a reality.
  5. On server. It is irrelevant for Bitcoin, except for coins such as Monero, and even then at a low cost of electricity. However, it is quite advisable to mine new cryptocurrencies in this way.
  6. Cloud mining. Miners rent equipment and mine cryptocurrency. How effective is this type of mining BTC? The answer to this question will depend on 3 factors - the current cost of BTC, the amount of equipment rental fees and network complexity.

We conclude on mining: We are no longer talking about any free Bitcoin mining. Free methods are only such in theory, in fact, with almost zero efficiency, you will also go into the “minus” due to the cost of electricity. For really effective bitcoin mining, you need to have impressive computing power, and buying and even renting such power is not cheap.

It is better to mine bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in pools (Maynergate and others), and it is better to forget about BTC solo mining right away, focusing on new cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Investments - This is another way to get bitcoins. But then again, we are not talking about any “free”. Your income will depend on the dynamics of the Bitcoin exchange rate, but one way or another, it’s unlikely that you will be able to buy BTC for a few cents and sell it for $ 20,000 - such an opportunity “disappeared” back in 2009-2010, and those who don’t went along the path of a lover of delicious pizza Laszlo, and retained his bitcoins, today they have become dollar billionaires.

However, investing in bitcoins is definitely not for beginners who are completely unaware of the principles of investment activity. The high volatility of BTC can lead to significant financial losses, and before investing at least 20-30 thousand dollars in the purchase of bitcoins, you should think carefully - are you ready to take such risks? If your answer is yes, then go ahead!

If you have absolutely no money, but thoughts about bitcoins do not leave you, you can consider the option with Microfinance BTC. It consists in the fact that you perform certain tasks, and for this you get Satoshi. Here, nobody will definitely offer you 1 bitcoin at a time, and you will have to spend a lot of time and effort to earn it.

Popular among beginners are PTC online services (Paid-to-Click).

The meaning of earning is simple - you look at advertisements, for which you get Satoshi. However, the simplicity of this method of earning pales before its main drawback - low efficiency. The maximum you can count on is 30-40 cents per hour. In addition, the number of advertisements is limited.

Bitcoin Faucets they will give you the opportunity to earn up to 10 cents per hour, while the creators of the cranes themselves often say: “With us you can earn up to 0.1 BTC in 1 hour!”. In reality, in 99% of cases, the user is paid the minimum amount. But ... there is such an interesting thing as a referral program. And many services make it possible to attract other users via a referral link, receiving approximately 25% of their income. Therefore, if you approach the issue of using cranes in all seriousness, you can make them a good source of BTC earnings without investment.

Completing tasks for bitcoins. Sounds good, huh? Alas, in this case we are talking about tasks such as posting on social networks, application testing, etc. The tasks are simple, respectively, and the payment for them is modest.

Writing posts and articles on cryptocurrencies. In order to earn bitcoins in this way, you must have a good understanding of cryptocurrencies. For example, using the BitcoinTalk service, you can earn up to $ 3 per hour just by leaving comments. But here there are some conditions. Firstly, these comments should be useful to forum visitors. Simple comments like “Wow, this is a very cool article!” Will not be rewarded. In addition, in the initial stages you should get ready for work for “thank you”. In the case of BitcoinTalk, to receive payments for comments you need to become a full member of the community. To do this, write a minimum of 120 useful comments. However, further for each post you will be able to receive 0,0005 BTC.

You can also negotiate with sites directly, receiving from $ 2/1000 characters or more, but for this you will need to not only have a good understanding of the topic of cryptocurrencies, but also be able to express your thoughts beautifully and concisely, know the basics of SEO, etc.

Giving money on credit. In order to earn in this way, you will have to have at your disposal a certain amount of funds in BTC. We become an investor in projects and get interest. You can also borrow funds to individuals, but it is better to do this through proven services so as not to lose your bitcoins.

Gambling Today, many online casinos accept bitcoins and are ready to pay generous winnings to customers. At least in words. In fact, uncontrolled excitement can lead to the loss of all savings.

Earnings on affiliate programs. A very popular type of earnings, where you can also earn bitcoins. The essence of making money is simple - you advertise products or services of a company, customers follow your affiliate link, make a purchase, and a certain percentage is charged to you. The disadvantage of this method of earning is that for it you will need a well-developed website with good traffic. If you just leave messages on the forums or send advertisements to the databases of e-mail addresses, you will simply be put on the “black list”. Nobody likes spammers - this is a fact.

The following diagram will best tell you what risks each method of making bitcoins carries:

Where to get bitcoins

With the popularity of Bitcoin, the number of sites on which these same BTCs can be earned has risen sharply. Alas, among these sites there are many scammers who simply use the labor of other people who want to earn bitcoins, or even infect their computers with viruses. So when you click on the links on the sites should be careful.

In general, if you and I try to list all the sites where you can earn BTC, we will simply lose our account. Already, their number is in the thousands. Therefore, it is better to immediately decide which method of earning attracts you - and then choose the sites you are interested in.

Let's say if you are interested in bitcoin faucets, the most famous of them is

If you are attracted to surfing sites, you can take a closer look at

On the KOPILKA PUTEVED website, you can earn coins by rating articles by other authors. You can also write your own articles, but only on topics that are not on the site.

The main thing is do not turn on the sound to the full when switching to this site 

As you probably understand, you will be earning 1 bitcoin on these sites for a very long time. If you are counting on more serious earnings, it is better to consider mining in pools and trading on the cryptocurrency exchange.

The best mining pools are:

  1. Nicehash. Great for beginner miners
  2. Miningrigrentals. The pool is interesting for its low commission and user-friendly interface.
  3. Minergate. The advantages of this pool are high power and the ability to mine several cryptocurrencies
  4. Zpool. Allows you to start mining, even without having to register
  5. AntPool. Withdrawals occur without commission
  6. BTC China. There is no Russian language, the use of English is limited. The rest is quite good, it remains only to learn Chinese

What to do with received bitcoins

Good question ... What do you usually do with money? You spend them on the purchase of the goods and services you need, place them in a bank account, invest and just keep them in your wallet.

Almost the same actions can be carried out with bitcoins. You can leave them in your wallet, let them just lie there idle. But it is even better to invest them so that they bring money. The main thing is to choose proven and reliable projects so as not to lose your money.

Every year, more and more stores accept payments with bitcoins, and as for online stores, here the popularity of BTC is even higher.

With your existing bitcoins, you can purchase mining capacities so that the invested funds bring you even more profit. In a word, the scope of Satoshi Nakamoto's cryptocurrency is simply limitless.

How to withdraw bitcoins

It is possible to withdraw bitcoins from the wallet and from the exchange account in just a few simple steps. As a rule, they come down to indicating the amount to the withdrawal, the address of the wallet to which the funds are withdrawn, and clicking on the “Send” button. When withdrawing bitcoins from, the user should specify a commission. He can indicate the minimum commission, can leave it at a given value (as a rule, the optimal size of the commission is selected), and can increase its size.

Why should the user do the latter, because it will increase his expenses? Yes, but his transaction will be faster. The formula is simple: the higher the commission, the faster the transaction.

If you need to withdraw bitcoins not to another wallet, but to a bank card, it would be better to use the services of exchange services. Here the scheme of work is also simple - first the user transfers funds in bitcoins to the bitcoin wallet of the exchange service, and the latter credits the amount in rubles to his card.

But do not immediately agree to the terms of the first service, because first you should compare exchange rates, commissions and other conditions with other services so as not to lose your money.

Another way is to register on one of the cryptoexchanges, replenish your account with bitcoins, then make the exchange operation “bitcoins - rubles / dollars”, and then withdraw money to the card. But it is important to understand that for each of the operations you will pay a commission. So compare the commission of your exchange with other exchanges to make sure that you are choosing the really best conditions.

You can also use the services of the Advanced Cash payment system to replenish your account with bitcoins, and then withdraw them to a card in fiat or replenish the account of another payment system.

How much can you earn on them

Everything will depend on which way of making money on bitcoins you choose. If your choice is Bitcoin faucets, visiting 30 faucets every day without days off and breaks, you can earn about 48,000 satoshi. If we are talking about freelance, everything here will depend on your development, the number of tasks that you will receive from the customer, and the price that you will agree with him.

Mining can earn about 600 - 800 rubles per day. But in this case we are talking about a powerful PC, and again, a lot depends on the BTC rate.

Well, if the exchange, you can trade profitably (many traders manage to close 9 transactions out of 10 per profit), and you also have a considerable deposit ... here we will already be talking about tens of thousands of dollars, or even hundreds. The size of the deposit decides a lot, because with 10 dollars you can close at least all transactions in plus, you will not leave for a million USD soon.

Yes, the amount of earnings on bitcoins is sometimes simply impressive, but it is important to understand that there are always risks, and they are especially high on the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, do not make hasty decisions.

Alternative ways to make money on bitcoins

In addition to the BTC earning methods already discussed above, there are also some alternative ways. One of them is the sale of goods and services for cryptocurrency. Let's say you have a new video card, and you sell it for bitcoins.

The next way to alternative earnings is to get paid. We are not joking. Today, in many countries, workers are asking their employers to pay their wages in bitcoins. Why do they need it? It's simple - to earn even more money on the growth of the Bitcoin exchange rate. So, working as a watchman can save up on the salary of the CEO директора

And another alternative way to earn money on BTC is to open your own exchanger. Why not make bitcoins by allowing them to be actively exchanged with other users. Our earnings, in this case, will consist in receiving a commission. But this method has 2 significant disadvantages:

  1. To open your exchanger, you will need to have a considerable initial capital. Нужно будет нанять профессионального программиста, арендовать сервера, запустить рекламную кампанию. И все это гарантирует вам успех? Ну, конечно же, нет. И тут мы плавно переходим ко второму недостатку открытия онлайн обменника как способа заработка биткоинов.
  2. Рынок онлайн обменников переполнен, конкуренция ведется ожесточенная за каждого клиента. Потому выиграть в конкурентной борьбе будет крайне сложно. However, if you do everything right, and the flow of customers rushes to you in order to exchange one cryptocurrency for another, for fiat or electronic money, you just have to rub your hands to calculate the profit.

In this article, we have examined many interesting points: how and where it is possible to get bitcoins for free, where to use BTC in the future, how to withdraw them from your account, what are the alternative ways to earn money and how much you can really earn on cryptocurrency. We are sure that you have found something interesting for yourself, and the desire to earn your bitcoin right now has covered you with your head. But do not rush, first carefully think over everything and choose a method of earning that is most likely to bring you profit so that you do not waste your energy, time and money in vain.