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How to control a fighter in GTA San Andreas?


Driving in GTA series games is an essential attribute because you will spend a lot of time driving. In these games there has always been a huge variety of cars that you could try. They have different controllability, can accelerate to different speeds and so on. Therefore, every gamer could get a lot of pleasure for long periods of time. However, it is worth noting that aircraft and other aircraft did not appear for a very long time. But in the GTA San Andreas, everything has changed, and a variety of means of air travel have become available to users. However, it is worth noting that almost everyone had difficulty managing, because this process was made more realistic, and you will have to make corrections for various factors. Therefore, special attention should be paid to how to fly a plane in GTA San Andreas. It is at this point that most gamers have serious questions.

Aircraft in GTA San Andreas

Before you consider in detail the question of how to control a plane in the GTA San Andreas, you need to understand the appearance of these vehicles in the game. There are more than ten of them, and they all have different characteristics. First of all, it is worth noting that they are divided into reactive and screw, each of the types has its own advantages and disadvantages, and most importantly - management features. To begin to control the aircraft, you first need to get it, and this can only be done in certain places. You can wait for the moment when you get a chance to fly in the air according to the plot task, or you can rush things and find the places where the planes are on your own. So, let's say that you have already found air transport for yourself. What do you do next? How to fly a plane in GTA San Andreas?

Airplane control

Do not think that this action in the game is something unimaginable. The fact is that you have to use almost all of the same keys as when driving, but at the same time you will need much more diligence and attention, as well as smoothness in movements. But still, how to fly a plane in GTA San Andreas? First of all, you should understand that you will need all the same movement buttons. The A and D keys are responsible for turning left and right, respectively, but for a smoother rotation, it is better to try the Q and E keys. The W button is responsible for acceleration, that is, you can increase speed when you hold it and slow down when you release it. Do not forget that the plane can also rise higher and lower. The up and down arrows are responsible for this, but just pay attention to the fact that the down arrow allows you to rise higher, and the up arrow - lower down, and not vice versa. That's all the basics of flying control, the rest is a matter of practice. Perform missions in the GTA "San Andreas", in which you must use the plane, fly on your own, and over time you will be able to pilot any vehicle without any problems.

Jet Aircraft Search

First of all, you should find "Hydra" - the only fighter available in the original version of the game. It is located in the following locations:

  • On an aircraft carrier in the port of San Fierro.
  • At the secret military base "Zone 69" in Las Venturas.
  • In Bown County (north of Las Venturas) at the "airplane cemetery."

CJ will also receive the Hydra fighter after completing Mission 93 under the name Vertical Bird. The aircraft stolen from the Navy will be further parked at the Verdant Meadows airfield - on an abandoned runway.

If you do not adhere to the rules of fair play, you can use the code "JUMPJET", Having previously settled down on a flat and free area.


To get to the helm of the aircraft, click Enter or F.

Subsequently use the keys:

  • «8» (numeric keypad) - enable horizontal flight mode.
  • «2» (numeric keypad) - enable vertical flight or hover in the air.
  • «+» or «2» - concealment and exit of the chassis.
  • "W" (hold) - a set of speed.
  • "S" (hold) - braking.
  • Q - left turn.
  • "E" - right turn.
  • "A" - roll to the left.
  • "D" - roll to the right.
  • «↑» - the inclination of the nose of the aircraft up.
  • «↓» - tilt the nose of the aircraft down.

You can use the fighter for its intended purpose, shooting at targets. Bombing is done with three keys:

  • Space - capture of the target.
  • Alt (left) - a shot from a machine gun.
  • Ctrl (left) - rocket launch.

Alternative management

However, this is not the only way to control the aircraft, there is also an alternative. It is not recommended to use it when you need to complete important missions in GTA San Andreas. The fact is that here you need to be very finely skilled in a computer mouse, since control is carried out exclusively with its help. With the right button held down, you can look around, otherwise you will control the plane. This is not very convenient, but if you can’t play the keyboard at all, you can try this method - suddenly it will be easier for you. You can also help in this case in the game GTA "San Andreas" codes. You can get planes by entering combinations of characters, and not exploring the city in search of the right tool. However, please note that the codes will not teach you how to fly, so you have to deal with this yourself.

Taking off is one of the most important moments of the flight. Naturally, if you can’t take off, then you don’t have to learn how to fly a plane, so first of all deal with this process. Here you have two additional keys that you need to learn. Num 2 allows you to retract the landing gear, and Num 8 lets you take off directly. So, if you want to take off horizontally, then you will need to accelerate to a certain speed, which varies from plane to plane, and then press these two keys to take off the ground and remove the chassis. It may seem that Num 2 is not a very important key, since you can fly with it, but it is not. It will be much more difficult for you to control the aircraft if you do not remove the landing gear. Also note that this key allows you to take off vertically if you have a fighter jet that supports this feature. In this case, also do not forget to turn off this mode so as not to experience difficulties with management. Aircraft for GTA San Andreas are a real find, because fans like this innovation incredibly. But the management raises a lot of questions, however, if you study this instruction, you can soar like a bird without any problems.

But landing is the stage with which users have serious difficulties. And here it is very difficult to advise something, because in this case, everything is decided by practice. Do not forget to release the chassis, sit down only on long, flat sections without any obstacles, and approach the landing smoothly along the tangent - that’s all the tips. Here you will have to practice and, possibly, even break a couple of planes, but over time you will develop the necessary skill.

A variety of aircraft and codes for them

What pleases many in this game is the variety of different aircraft. By the way, there is a way that will allow you to add even more aircraft to GTA San Andreas - mods. Airplanes are added without any problems, but even those that are in the game will give you incredible pleasure when you learn to manage them. If you are reluctant to search for aircraft around the city, you can use the codes. For example, JUMPJET gives you the coolest fighter, and URKQSRK - a simple propeller plane.

Recommendations and secrets

When flying, do not fly over “Zone 69” in Las Venturas and at the naval base in San Fierro — in these places anti-aircraft missile systems are installed, and if you approach them, fire opens. However, “barrels” and sharp turns can lead to missiles fired towards the fighter.

Hydra is capable of regeneration with minor damage. The only exception is wings; they cannot be restored on their own.