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When is it better to rent, and when to rent an apartment?


Is it possible to earn good money by renting out suburban housing? How not to regret later on the wasted investment? How to find clients for long-term accommodation and still not be in the red? Build a house or buy, which is better? Muscovites tired of living in a stone jungle, what do they most want, comfort or privacy?

We will try to find answers to these far from unambiguous questions in this article.

House for rent. Build yourself or buy?

Before renting out suburban real estate, it should first be purchased or built (while having a land plot in the suburbs). Here a dilemma arises: what will be more profitable and will pay off faster?

Experts say that it’s an absolutely foolhardy idea to purchase a cottage or a cottage for subsequent rental. Even the cheapest house, worth 2.5-3 million rubles, will pay off at best in 12-15 years.

Of course, everyone wants to get high rental income. But, it should be understood that expensive houses, in elite villages, are most often rented out by the owners due to temporary relocation abroad or to another city. And here we are not talking about business - it is supposed to care for housing and pay for utilities, although of course the owners will get a good profit.

You also need to consider that for a very expensive, large-area house, it will be difficult to find tenants for a long stay. Previously, it was mainly foreigners. Today, wealthy Russian businessmen and officials - the public is extremely closed.

It is not recommended to conclude short-term deals on elite housing; this threatens with spoiled furniture and the loss of the overall presentable appearance of your cottage.

Now, in the rental market, small cottages with an area of ​​up to 100 square meters are in greatest demand. m., and at a distance of no more than 20-30 km from Moscow. If you own such a land plot, even a small one (from 6 to 10 acres), you can build an inexpensive, but neat house for a rental business - this option will be interesting to tenants with a high degree of probability.

If the land is located at a greater distance (from 60 km from the Moscow Ring Road and above), then “bothering” with the construction site does not make sense, since it is not profitable to hand over such real estate.

Having decided to build a house for rent, it is better not to pay attention to cheap frame or panel prefabricated houses - they are often not made of the highest quality material. Aerated concrete is the best building material, it retains and retains heat very well, has a long service life and is quite affordable. Using a tree is very expensive, such a house will not pay off in 15 years.

How to become a successful investor and not lose money?

How not to lose out on the delivery of country houses, cottages and summer cottages, what should be taken into account for this?

To have a steady income from suburban rental housing, you must at least take care of its presentability, a small distance from the capital and, of course, comfort.

Cottages and cottages on Rublevka, on the Novorizhsk and Mozhaisk directions always remain in demand. If you find bona fide tenants, it’s quite possible to get 100-150 thousand rubles a month from rent.

Today, employers pay great attention to the congestion of routes, many of them get daily to work in Moscow. In addition, for a successful business, you yourself need to look for tenants, when you contact the agency, the profit risks decreasing by exactly half.

How to quickly find a tenant for your house, cottage, cottage?

Housing should be fully prepared for living, not require repair and furnished with all necessary plumbing and furniture. Empty "mansions" few people like. Naturally, the furniture should be new or look like that. Old, worn and broken hardware will significantly reduce the rental value of your home, or even completely scare away the client.

If the village where your cottage is located has a developed infrastructure (shops, kindergarten, playgrounds, entertainment complexes) this will be a huge plus, because most often the employers are family people.

There should be 3 or more bedrooms in the household - for family members and maintenance staff (at least, it can be a nanny).

It is good if the cottage is located in a picturesque place (near the forest, near any reservoir). For such places you will not have to look for tenants for a long time. A small orchard on the plot, a garden with berries and fruit bushes will also increase demand.

Typical picture

The rental segment is most affected by seasonality.

In autumn, the demand for rental housing reaches its peak: in August, September and even October, realtors receive a large flow of requests from those wishing to rent an apartment. The excitement comes at the expense of students who want to find an apartment or room, and an increase in the flow of visitors who need to find work in Moscow. In addition, the period of summer vacations is ending, and business activity in the market is increasing. At this time, the gap between supply and demand is narrowing, and the market is turning towards the landlord. At the peak of demand, landlords have the opportunity to rent out housing on more favorable terms. Some owners, taking advantage of the situation, are trying to reconsider the rate for existing tenants. The contract does not prohibit price increases if such a decision is obtained by mutual agreement. However, in practice this does not work much.

Peak values ​​gradually decrease, and the gap between the volume of supply and demand begins to widen again. A similar situation is absolutely normal for spring. Apartments are vacated, and this period, compared to the fall, is more relaxed. I note that demand persists throughout the year, but in some months this indicator is greater, in others - less.

The rental market itself is dynamic: there will always be customers who need to change the area or living conditions by moving to another apartment.

Imprint of instability

The seasonality factor affects the market, however, recently we notice that the demand curve begins to smooth out. A vivid example is last fall in the market of the arena of apartments in Moscow. We observed the expected rise in business activity, but there was no boom in demand, typical of this time.

You need to understand that there are circumstances that have a huge impact on the market. Among them are political and economic factors, changes in the migration sphere. However, you need to look at the realities of the market much more widely. For example, the increase in the number of jobs and average wages in the regions that we have seen in recent years can also have an impact on the rental segment in Moscow. Moving to another city in search of a new job and possible earnings often makes no sense from an economic point of view, since the cost of renting metropolitan housing is quite high.

It is possible that, given the uncertainty in the economy and related problems, this fall will be similar to the previous one. As it should be this time of year, we expect an increase in the number of rental applications, a reduction in the exposure time of the apartment and a possible increase in rental rates, but a sharp jump may not happen.

As for March, now we are witnessing a growing demand in the rental market in Moscow. However, this does not yet cancel out the growth in the supply volume characteristic of this time. Moreover, soon we expect an influx of applications from those who plan to rent an apartment for the summer season. People who have their own house or cottage rent out urban housing in the summer and move to live outside the city, closer to nature.

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Where is it better to build a cottage for rental?

There is a risk of not finding tenants by building a house in a remote village, even if it is not far from Moscow. Quite often, people can’t find tenants for a lovely, cozy house with a pool and well-groomed territory, but located in an unsuccessful place.

The fact is that either it is located too far from roads and bus stops, or in a small village, without any infrastructure and with always drunk residents. It is absolutely clear that a land plot in such a place will cost much cheaper, and, saving in this way, you can subsequently remain without tenants and profit.

Most people, when renting a country house, want to be sure of their safety. In this case, the protected, fenced cottage villages “look” more advantageously. Old cottages are also not very suitable for the rental business, since most often the level of comfort and the infrastructure of living in such facilities leaves much to be desired, not to mention security.

Successful apartment building. What should be in it?

If you decide to build a house and improve the land, for their subsequent lease, you should decide on the target audience:

  • families with children
  • Foreign citizens,
  • lonely elderly people, etc.

A small playground will add an advantage to your property in the eyes of couples with kids. A small gazebo, in the shade of trees - will be an additional convenience for the elderly.

It is good if your rural cottage has its own small pool, bathhouse or sauna. The parking lot for 2-3 cars will also increase the rent.

A concrete or asphalt road to the house (with the possibility of year-round access) is one of the important factors. A person imagining that he will have to travel hundreds of meters on mud and earth every day, can even refuse a completely satisfying offer.

How to create a comfortable layout?

When building a house, you should carefully choose a designer-architect. It is advisable to give preference to an already recommended specialist, even if it will cost more. Uneducated "specialists" can draw a penny project with one bathroom on the ground floor, while there will be at least three floors or make the windows too small, so that the house will be dark ...

Particular attention should be paid to the stairs, they should not be too narrow and steep. There must be a railing - comfortable, made of safe materials (preferably wood), forged ones can be unsafe for children.

The excesses in the premises, in the form of stained-glass windows and walls stuffed with windows, will not add value to the house, but will reduce it.

Communications functionality

During construction, pay special attention to communications, so that later most of the money does not go to their maintenance and repair. Use high-quality, durable materials - these costs will pay off.

Keep in mind that the average cost of maintaining a cottage in the suburbs costs monthly from $ 200 to $ 1,000.


Making a deal, you should correctly draw up a contract of employment. If the house is rented for a period of less than a year, a short-term lease is drawn up.

Such an agreement does not provide for:

  • Settlement of temporary residents not originally specified in the contract,
  • the ability to draw up a lease agreement,
  • the ability to change the tenant,
  • the tenant does not have the right to extend the lease term,
  • the owner has no opportunity to demand in court a delay in terminating the contract.

When transferring keys, it is imperative to conclude an acceptance certificate, even if you rent the house on weekends and holidays. At the same time, it is better not to be too lazy and list in it all valuable things and property, to prescribe fines for their damage. Otherwise, upon arrival, the owner runs the risk of getting a half-crushed or looted cottage.

What is more profitable: long-term lease or daily?

Undoubtedly, renting your house, cottage or cottage by the day can earn very well.

But keep in mind that you have to all free time devote to small organizational matters:

  1. engage in cleaning or hire a cleaning company,
  2. constantly search for new customers and control their settlement and eviction,
  3. draw up documents for rent, keep cash records,
  4. quickly solve small household issues.

Practice shows that most renters who work in the field of daily rent, and who build (or rent) several houses, usually hire a manager to help.

Keep in mind that there is a lot of competition in this market. With the development of the Internet, thousands of offers are available to tenants daily. The cottages with a unique design and design are the most popular among the "daily renters". If your house is built according to a standard project, it will be quite difficult to pass it.

How much can you earn by renting your house or cottage?

Renting a house in the suburbs with an area of ​​100 - 150 square meters. m, on average, you can earn 5-10 thousand rubles per day. The most “jackpot” for the owner is New Year's holidays. Here you can earn up to 50 - 100 thousand rubles per day.

So, why, if so beneficial, do most property owners prefer long-term rentals?

Daily rent involves many risks:

  • more frequent cleaning and wear of "consumables": linen, towels, carpets, etc.,
  • a less responsible attitude of tenants who leave behind themselves much more breakages and damage to the finish, which promises the owner more frequent repair costs,
  • high wear of furniture - its presentable appearance lasts a maximum of a year or two,
  • spoilage and loss of things
  • vandalism and even fires are not uncommon.

Therefore, if you rent your house by the day, it is recommended to insure both real estate and property.

Long-term rental is much more convenient. In this case, there is a small chance that something bad will happen to the house. In addition, for the owner, this is a constant, predictable monthly income, without "excess hemorrhoids."

To become a successful businessman in the rental market of suburban housing, you must consider the following factors:

  1. A good, not busy road leads to the house. The most popular destinations in the suburbs: Rublevo-Uspenskoye, Mozhayskoye, New Riga, Kievskoye, Ostashkovskoye and Yaroslavl highway. Suburban housing in the East and South of the Moscow Region is absolutely not in demand,
  2. A small area is enough - from 6 to 12 acres, but it is important that it is well maintained and landscaped. Ideally, it should have: a bathhouse, a gazebo, a barbecue, a place to relax,
  3. The distance of the cottage from the Moscow Ring Road is a maximum of 30 km for a long rental, in winter - not more than 15 km,
  4. House area - not more than 120 - 150 sq. m
  5. Additional amenities: a garage, a bathhouse, a concrete staircase, a swimming pool are welcome and have a positive effect on the rental price,
  6. We will be a plus if in the cottage: spacious rooms, several bathrooms, warm walls and a presentable view,
  7. An important factor is good ecology and environment. Ideally, a forest and a river or a pond are within walking distance,
  8. The site should be fenced, and the village should be guarded,
  9. Good neighbors.

It must be remembered that it is absolutely not profitable to buy a cottage or a cottage specifically to be rented out later - the payback is too large. But if you already own a land, then this all changes.

The cost of building a small frame house (120 - 150 sq. M) is 1-2 million rubles, which makes it possible to recoup the investment for a maximum of 3-4 years. The main thing - do not save on contractors, materials and communications - these are absolutely justified costs that will allow your cottage to generate income for many years.