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What the stars of the comedy "Mean Girls" look like after 14 years


Do you always want to be as fashionable as the girls from Bounty from the movie Mean Girls? This guide will help you dress according to their rules.

  1. 1 # Do not wear a shirt for 2 days in a row! It is worth saying that you should have a lot of shirts of different colors. But you must have the following colors: white, black, pink, brown / gray. Once you have these colors, you should go on even brighter. You also need to buy a large number of different color sweaters and cardigans that will be in harmony with your T-shirts.
  2. 2 # You can tie a ponytail only once a week! If it’s very hot for you or you just want to tie it, then let it be an unusual braid or a beautiful hairstyle, in which the hair is combed up. But, as a rule, your hair should be wavy, curls / curls (Gretchen) or perfectly straight (Regina). The only exception for ponytails is if you exercise.
  3. 3 # Pink Wednesday! You should wear pink on Wednesdays. Wear either a pink shirt, skirt / shorts or a pink sundress with a strap. A pink shirt and white jeans with neutral pink jewelry are a good choice. However, don’t wear everything pink, or else you will look like a dressed up little girl.
  4. 4 Before you buy any item of clothing, show it to your friends. If they are not with you, take a photo on your phone and send them.
  5. 5 Jeans, pants / leggings you can wear only on Fridays. You need a lot of skirts. The two most important skirts that should be in your wardrobe are a black tight skirt and a white mini skirt or a pipe skirt. You can wear bright jeans or with a print every day, because these are not simple blue jeans, but never wear pants on any days other than Friday. You should also not wear sports shorts if it is not Friday or you are not engaged in physical education.

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  • The film is based on the book by Rosalind Wiseman "Queen Bees and Wannabes" (2002).
  • The original version of the picture earned a rating of "R" for quite risky and vulgar jokes. They were subsequently cut out, and the film received a rating of PG-13.
  • In the book, based on which the picture was set, the most popular girl of the school bears the title - “Royal Bee” (Queen Bee). In the film, Mademoiselle named Regina becomes that girl, which means “Queen” in Latin.
  • Actress Amy Poehler, playing the role of Mrs. George, is only seven years older than her “on-screen daughter” Rachel McAdams (Regina George).
  • Amanda Seyfred, who plays the role of Karen, also went on a casting for the role of Regina, and was even approved for a while, until the producer Lorne Michaels decided that the role of “The Idiot Girl” would be more suitable for her.
  • Shortly before filming, Tim Meadows broke his arm and was forced to wear plaster, as a result of which the crew had to make small changes to the script.
  • There was only one candidate for the role of Gretchen, after the first casting for the role, Lacey Chabert was approved.
  • Initially, the actress Julia Kem claimed the role of Janice Ian. However, after the casting, the role went to Lizzy Kaplan. As a result, Olympia Lukis played a disabled girl Jessica Lopez.
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I love this film very much. I don’t know why, but I love it. In my opinion, everything is great in this film. Exceptionally everything.

The acting is undeniably amazing. Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams especially liked. They are real actresses. Who would have thought that the charming Rachel could play such an exquisite "pure evil, Regina Jords. She only seems to be a narcissistic bitch and a rotator, in fact she is much worse. ”And Lindsay Her stunning acting experience made itself felt.

And the other actors also played, in my opinion, just fine - the stupid blonde Karen, who in the film said no more than 10 sentences, but by her manner of speaking and her behavior you can immediately understand what kind of person she is. And Gretchen Wieners One of her phrases is “I have not told you this. What is worth.

Next, the music. The highest score. That's what, so the music here is simply amazing. It would seem that completely incompatible and dissimilar compositions (Pink, Gina Rene, Kelis, Peaches, Katy Rose) so beautifully merged into one stunning film.

Also very pleased with the plot. Although, at first glance it seems that this is the usual meaningless American comedy for teens. No, no, and again NO! In no other film did I see anything similar to the fact that an American came from Africa, and soon became the queen of the so-called "hive", or the Bounty Society. Yes, there were a lot of problems on her way. Love, rivalry, betrayal of friends, problems in the family, striking changes in character were overcome by the so-called Cady Chiron.

And lastly, I really liked the phrases from the film, which can now be heard at every step: the combination of “class” and “cool” - kless, “You overdid yourself”, “for a bit”, “consoled by a hot dog” and many others.

The advantages of this film can be listed for a very, very long time. But I just advise you to watch it, and if you have already watched it, then revise it again, since the picture deserves it!

P.S. It’s a pity that there is no point higher than 10

The life of a modern teenager in all its colors

Comedy, American and I want to continue the series, writing "stupid." But this is not the case. The film has a morality, vulgar jokes that oversaturated all youth comedies were avoided, but this film can not be called boring. He is easy, fun and instructive.

Schools in all countries of the world are the same, despite the fact that American students never greet teachers standing up and answering a question, it is not necessary to get up from a place, but in Russia we have all this. All schools in the world have their kings and queens, cranks, botanists, and so on. It is our life. The life of a modern teenager. Yes, sometimes she is cruel, but in the film this life of ours is shown, it seems to me, objectively.

Of course, it was not possible to avoid patterns like the main bitch blonde and the brand new girl, to whom the definition “not like everyone else” can be applied. But "not like everyone else" is becoming ordinary. Faceless bitch. This is true. She fell into the appropriate environment and changed herself. I recall the proverb “to live with wolves, howling wolf”. If at first it was hypocrisy on the part of Cady (which in itself is not good), but then she becomes comfortable in the role of a “bounty”. She does not notice how she forgets about the real values ​​of life and cannot cope with it. She is losing herself, her self.

In general, the film is worthy of attention. Of course, it won’t hurt to see it. You will have a good time, rest and, if there is a mood, think about the pressing problems.

Lindsey Lohan

Lindsey began acting in 3 years, and at 11, the actress played a major role in the comedy "Trap for Parents." One of Lindsay’s most successful projects was the comedy Mean Girls, after which paparazzi began to chase 16-year-old Lohan. And then something went wrong ... Transitional age, the burden of fame and stress from the first unsuccessful role: for the comedy "Kiss for Good Luck" in 2006, LiLo received the Golden Raspberry Award. At the same time, the actress begins to attend meetings of anonymous alcoholics, and a year later she undergoes drug treatment. What happened next, everyone knows. Arrests for drunk driving, theft of clothes on the set, shoots from the rehab, community service in the morgue. In 2013, the actress was in a debt hole because of the courts, the payment of a lawyer and detention in a rehabilitation center. Lohan tried to return to the movie, starring in the biopic “Liz and Dick” and the drama “Canyons”, but both films failed at the box office.

Rachel McAdams

Macadams played a 16-year-old high school student at 26. And woke up a star. In the same year, Rachel consolidated her success with the film "Diary of Remembrance," on the set of which she began dating Ryan Gosling.

A month ago, Rachel McAdams first became a mother: the actress gave birth to a son from writer Jamie Linden.

Amanda Seyfried

“Mean Girls” became the actress’s film debut - before that, she played in two series.

“I entered the first year at Fordham University in New York, and then I got an offer to star in Mean Girls,” Amanda recalls. - They told me that I was approved before a lecture on writing skills, which I hated. Then she thought: “Hurray! Finally, I have an excuse not to go to these stupid classes. " Neither a journalist nor a writer would come out of me. ”

In March 2017, the actress gave birth to a daughter from actor Thomas Sadoski, whom she married shortly before the birth of the baby.

Jonathan Bennett

Fans around the world dreamed of Bennett, but, according to rumors, handsome prefers men. However, almost nothing is heard about either the personal or the creative life of the actor.

Following the "Mean Girls" was followed by the comedy "Wholesale Cheaper - 2" and "Love on the Island." But despite commercial success, critics scolded Jonathan's game. Especially tough were the reviews of the comedy “Dukes from Hazzard: The Beginning”. The next tape with Bennett's “King of Parties - 3” did not even appear on the screens, but appeared only on DVD.

In desperation, the actor decided to change his profession and became a producer. But here is a failure.

Lizzy Kaplan

Remember the gothic Janice rioting against the clan of glamorous high school students? In that white raven, it’s hard to recognize the beautiful Lizzy Kaplan.

The starry hour of the actress became the main role in the drama series “Masters of Sex” (2013−2015). Kaplan played the sexologist Virginia Johnson, who became famous in the 60s for her bold research.

In the fall of 2017, Lizzy married actor Tom Riley.