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How to make a flashlight out of paper with your own hands


We firmly decorate houses for the New Year with garlands, a Christmas tree and snowflakes. Another tradition that came to us from China is Christmas paper lanterns that decorate the Christmas tree, make garlands out of them, or simply hang them in rooms. We suggest you follow the custom and make voluminous paper lanterns. Do not forget to attract children to this interesting work.

Traditional Christmas paper lantern

First of all, let's recall how we made flashlights in early childhood. Prepare colored paper, glue, and scissors.

  1. Fold a piece of paper in half in length.
  2. Use scissors to cut the folds of the sheet. Leave 1.5-2 cm of paper not cut.
  3. Expand the sheet, fold it into a tube in width, gluing the edges.
  4. It remains only to cut and glue the handle for hanging.

An interesting modification can be obtained by wrapping a notched sheet of paper around the inside of a paper roll. How to do this, clearly explain the scheme of paper lanterns.

How to make an original paper flashlight?

We suggest you do it yourself unusual paper lanterns. For their manufacture you will need: colored paper, scissors, hole punch, rope or thread.

  1. Fold a sheet of paper in an accordion and flatten it.
  2. Connect the edges of the paper, forming a tube, and glue them together along the entire length.
  3. On each face of the resulting figure, in the upper part at the same height, make holes in the hole.
  4. Do the same thing at the bottom of your craft - a paper flashlight.
  5. Fold the blank in the middle in half. Then straighten and fold to the other side, straighten again.
  6. Pull a thread or rope through all the holes and tie its ends into a knot. Do it top and bottom.
  7. Adjust the flashlight in the middle along the fold line. The original flashlight is ready!

How to cut an unusual flashlight from paper?

This flashlight is multi-layered. To make a paper lantern you will need the remains of wallpaper, wrapping or colored paper, glue, a pencil and scissors.

  1. Cut out a lot of such blank shapes from paper.
  2. Their number should vary from ten and fifty at your discretion. The main thing is that they all be the same and neatly carved.
  3. Each cut blank must be folded in half.
  4. Getting to gluing a flashlight. To do this, all the blanks are first carefully glued at points 1.
  5. Make sure that the same side is glued together if the paper has only one color side.
  6. Then the workpieces are glued on the other side at points 2.
  7. Then we connect the faces of the ovals between themselves, flashing them with a needle or gluing them with double-sided tape.
  8. At the end of the work you need to glue the two extreme edges. The flashlight is ready!

Wonderful do-it-yourself flashlight made of paper

You can very easily make a flashlight with your own hands, using all the same colored paper for this. In addition, prepare scissors, glue or scotch tape, thread, awl.

  1. Cut out strips of paper. For each flashlight, 15-16 bands will be enough. Their size depends on which flashlight you want to make.
  2. All cut strips must be stacked. Holes should be made at each end of the stack with an awl. Pass a thread into one of the holes and secure its end with tape or glue.
  3. Then pull the thread through the second hole.
  4. Pull the thread so that the entire stack of paper strips bends. The thread should be fixed in a knot.
  5. The stripes need to be straightened so that in the end they form a sphere - a flashlight.
  6. Especially advantageous are several of these flashlights suspended from the ceiling.

We hope that the proposed ideas of paper lanterns with your own hands will be successfully implemented by you.

In addition to flashlights, you can make garlands and other elements of New Year's decor.

Split flashlights

For the most affordable way Making paper lanterns, which children of the elementary grades will perfectly cope with, will need:

  • paper of various colors,
  • Ruler and pencil,
  • straight or curly scissors,
  • glue or stapler for fixing parts,
  • beads or sequins for decoration.

To begin with, we fold the A4 color sheet in half lengthwise and draw a line, retreating a centimeter from the edge. From the bend, we make incisions to the outlined line. By expanding the paper, we get the outer part of the flashlight.

For the inside, it is better to use paper of a different color. We retreat two centimeters from the edge and draw a line. We cut this strip off, then use it as a pen, and twist the rest into a cylinder, fixing the edges with glue or a stapler.

To connect the outer part and the inner one, apply a strip of glue on the top and bottom of the cylinder, and then press the outer part on both sides.

It remains to fix the handle with glue - and the decoration is ready.

You can experiment with sizes and different color combinations. And decorated with beads or sequins, this element of decor will take an even more festive look.

If you fix small paper lanterns on a Christmas tree garland, you get a beautiful Christmas decoration. However, for this purpose you can use only those garlands whose bulbs do not heat up during operation.

Paper Strip Decorations

Round lanterns that are made of strips of paper look like Christmas balls. They are easy to make and impossible to break. The sizes can be completely different - from tiny balls to huge paper balls.

For manufacturing you need:

  • paper with a beautiful pattern or spectacular structure,
  • ruler with a pencil,
  • stapler and hole punch.

The paper is cut into strips of the same width. The larger the ball you want, the greater the length and width of the strip should be.

At the ends of the strips, stepping back a few millimeters from the edge, it is necessary to make holes.

The strips are stacked, and rivets are inserted into the matching holes, bottom and top. Rivets fasten and begin to distribute strips in a circle, pushing in turn.

Do-it-yourself round Christmas lantern made of paper looks very decorative, if you attach a bead or thread brush to the bottom and make a decorative loop on top.

Cardboard circles

Original look crafts from cardboard circles. In order to make a flashlight out of cardboard with your own hands, you just need to cut 10 circles of color cardboard and bend them in half with the front side inward. Circles stick together in pairs. In the center of the sphere, a straightened paper clip is fixed with hot glue and a convenient hook is obtained, for which it is easy to hang the jewelry. The finished product can be decorated with ribbons, lace or beads.

Christmas stars

Star-shaped paper lanterns bring a Christmas atmosphere of comfort and wonder to your home. To create this beautiful decoration, you need to print and cut patterns from a suitable paper according to the scheme, as seen in the photo. How many rays the star will have, so many parts we procure, and then we glue them together.

Tissue paper flashlights

Elegant and light products are obtained from tissue paper. They look especially impressive with backlighting from the inside.

You need one sheet of tissue paper to make put on another and bend in half in length, smoothing the bend. Then the paper should be developed and assembled with an accordion, without separating the sheets. The width of the folds is 1−1.5 cm. First, on one side and then on the other side of the sheet, a dense thread is pulled through the accordion with a needle. The thread must be tightened, folds evenly spread and double-sided tape fasten the edges of the sheet.

If the loop is not tightened to the end, you get a no less original version of the flashlight from tissue paper.

Such a decoration, like a paper flashlight, it is easy to fit into any interior and combine with the rest of the festive decor. In addition, it is believed that such crafts drive away evil spirits! And if you involve relatives and friends in the process of creating magic lanterns, your house will not only be originally decorated, but also filled with an atmosphere of joy, love and creation.