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Rules for storing frozen cakes


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Freezing the cake can be useful if you are not going to immediately eat your pastries. Maybe you want to keep your friend’s birthday cake in a week. Or you prepared the basis for a special dessert in advance. It doesn’t matter for what reason you want to do this, you have come to the right place. Read the article on how to freeze cakes, and what nuances should be paid attention to during the freezing process.

How to freeze a cake without glaze?

To keep frozen cakes without glaze in the freezer for a long time, it is important to know the following:

  • After self-baking the dessert, the hostess needs to leave it to cool. This will take about 3 hours. If the cake was bought in a store, then this item can be skipped.
  • It is forbidden to place cakes with a low fat content in the freezer. They do not freeze.
  • Before sending the pastry to the freezer, it should be wrapped in packaging material. For this, food foil or film is used. The cling film is quite simple and easy to use. To wrap a cake, you need several layers of it. Otherwise, moisture may get inside. The most reliable packaging material that protects the product from moisture, bacteria and light is food foil. Its disadvantage is low strength.
  • Cake in the freezer should not be located next to products with a rich smell (for example, seafood, fish). Wash equipment thoroughly beforehand. Performing this action guarantees the dessert preservation of taste and the absence of a specific aroma.
  • Dessert can be stored in the freezer for several months. After this period, it must be discarded. It acquires a specific taste. And the use of such a product can lead to poisoning.

Cake frosting

So that frozen glazed cakes do not lose their original attractiveness, the housewife needs to properly prepare packaging materials. She will need a baking sheet or metal tray, cling film, and a plastic container. Dessert should be placed on a baking sheet or metal tray and sent to the freezer for 3-4 hours. After this time, the cake can be pulled out. If he stuck to the pallet, then it is worth using a knife with a thin blade. Then you can wrap the dessert in cling film. It should fit tightly to it, but at the same time not spoil the icing, cream. So that the product after defrosting does not change its taste and aroma, it is recommended to re-wrap it in a plastic wrap. To prevent dessert from losing its appeal, you need to use a plastic container.

Cakes with fruit filling or low fat are not freezable.

Frozen Cake: What is the Difference?

As it turned out, the secret lies in a special way of processing the finished confectionery product, which is frozen in order to preserve its consumer properties. At the same time, deep shock freezing is used, which increases the shelf life of cakes - they will be just as fresh and tasty for a whole year, and without the use of preservatives that are far from healthy for health.

An ordinary cake can be eaten no later than three days after its baking. At this time, it includes delivery by the manufacturer to the shops, sale to the consumer, serving and eating. It happens that the sellers, when the expiration date of the confectionery product expires, go to various tricks, so as not to be at a loss. The most common fraud is fake cake expiration date.

Benefits of Frozen Cakes

Unlike usual, frozen cake can be delivered to distant settlements without fear of expiration. Typically, such confectionery products are transported in special boxes made of corrugated cardboard, which is an excellent thermal insulator. Due to this property of the packaging material, frozen confectionery products do not melt for a long time and retain their shape.

To defrost such a cake, you don’t need any special conditions: just leave it for two hours in the kitchen. You should not use a microwave for these purposes, because only the outer layer can melt, and the core of the dessert will remain frozen. For the convenience of customers, such confectionery products are sold in an already cut form - you do not need to defrost a whole cake, you can get as many pieces as you need.

Delivery from abroad

If one of the tourists wants to bring an unusual tasty souvenir to his family as a gift, then you can always take the opportunity to treat them with a real masterpiece from foreign confectioners. An ordinary cake is not easy to deliver fresh from abroad, but thanks to modern freezing technologies, you can try original foreign goodies, for example, authentic Italian tiramisu, US cheesecake, French pastries. By the way, it is not necessary to bring these goodies from abroad yourself, because now many industries have home delivery services.

Frozen desserts are popular not only among tourists - many cafes do not have their own confectioners and treat visitors with such delicacies, as this is more profitable than paying for a specialist.

Frozen cakes: recipe and features of freezing

What does the technology for making such a treat look like? To get a frozen cake, you need to place the dessert on its production day in a special chamber in which shock freezing is performed, and then sharply lower the temperature to -15º. -25ºС. According to confectioners, using this method, pathogenic bacteria are destroyed, so the final product is completely safe for the consumer.

Many are interested in the question: is it possible to freeze a cake at home? Production of products by deep shock treatment is a technology that requires considerable financial costs and the availability of special refrigeration equipment, therefore not many catering enterprises are engaged in such activities. It is much cheaper to use preservatives to increase the shelf life of your products. Accordingly, it is unlikely that it will be possible to cook and freeze baked goods at home.

So different and delicious

According to manufacturers of frozen cakes (photos of desserts are placed in the article), such technologies do not pose a threat to the health of consumers and do not negatively affect the quality of confectionery products. This method of freezing can be used to preserve all types of desserts. The only exception is cakes with oil filler or cream of vegetable origin cream, as it may lose its presentation as a result of deformation during transportation.

Freezing Napoleon cake is also not a problem - desserts produced by both Russian and foreign companies are on sale. Many sweet tooths love this unpretentious masterpiece from puff pastry, but it is not always possible to cook it yourself. Acquiring a favorite treat in this form means that by placing it in the freezer, you can always be ready to meet unexpected guests. Conversation with fragrant tea with a delicious cake - what could be better?

Future technology

Consumer market research experts positively evaluate this freezing method, which is environmentally friendly. With its help, the shelf life of such perishable products as cakes is increased to 12 months. The main thing is that this does not affect their appearance and taste. By the way, after defrosting, such confectionery can again be stored longer than regular cakes - for 120 hours.

Specialists in the field of nutrition believe that soon humanity will move away from the use of preservatives and will retain the beneficial properties of products through deep freezing. This technology already occupies a leading position in European countries.

So, if you see a box with such an unusual cake, do not hesitate - buy and appreciate its taste!