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How to connect the music center to the TV


For those who like to watch movies with good sound, we will discuss below how to connect speakers to a TV. A properly tuned speaker system ensures comfortable audio experience regardless of the TV model.

The main problem of modern flat TVs is that they do not have enough space to install good speakers. The integrated processor translates the picture very high quality, but for a good sound amplifiers are connected.

What types of connectors exist

Initially, it determines which speaker outputs are on the device receiving the television signal. Modern TVs are equipped with such inputs for connecting speakers:

    special connectors (Scart, RCA) - In this way, computer speakers are connected via USB, which do not have a built-in amplifier. It is only necessary to choose acoustic equipment of such power so as not to exceed the permissible load limit,

RCA and SCART connectors on the TVline input and headset jack - apply if the TV does not have special connectors for connecting speakers with a built-in amplifier to the TV. For such a connection, you need an adapter for the tulip,

TV line outHDMI (digital jack) - used to pair the most modern speakers with TV. As an example - a home cinema that allows you to enjoy high-quality sound. Only the newest TV models have this connector.

HDMI connector on the TV

How to connect speakers to a Samsung, LG TV or other TV receiver model? Inspect the rear panel of the equipment to understand which external inputs are provided by the manufacturer for installing audio systems.

Active Speakers

Active speaker centers have a built-in amplifier as standard. Power is connected to them directly from the network, without the need for any auxiliary devices. Most often, active systems are in computer speakers.

The equipment is connected via round 3.5 mm outputs, which are located on the rear panel of the receiver and are signed as TRS or MiniJack. It is easy to find them among the other sockets - headphones are drawn above this output. To connect the speaker system to the TV, the rear panel must have the same connector as on the computer.

Many are trying to figure out whether it is possible to connect speakers to a TV with a large diagonal, where instead of a mini-jack connector, a “tulip” is mounted. For such a connection, you will need to pre-buy a re

How to connect the music center to the TV

There are several ways to connect music centers to the TV, all of them have some features defined by the model. The following describes the process of connecting the equipment of the South Korean brand LG.

Of the possible connection interfaces, of which there are several, it is easiest to choose the use of a stereo audio cable. On one side, the device is connected to the audio output of the TV (audio out), the second - to the audio input of another device (audio in).

Simple actions are performed quickly, after which you can enjoy high-quality viewing of digital content, accompanied by an excellent audio signal transmitted through the speakers of the speaker system. Just remember to make the necessary settings and set the switches, otherwise the sound will not play.

Regardless of the characteristics of the devices of specific manufacturers, it is possible to determine a sequence of actions common to all models, which leads to the successful solution of the task. So, step by step instructions:

  1. First of all, carefully examine the panels of the music center and the TV to figure out what audio connectors are there. After finding the inputs and outputs, you can move on.
  2. Determine the type of cable that is needed to connect the devices and make the connection.
  3. If the required cable is not available or if it was not possible to deal with the connectors yourself, you must contact either the sales assistant or an electronics store or a service center.
  4. Choose the required connecting elements that are absolutely suitable for both the TV receiver and the acoustic equipment. Devices should provide high-quality sound transmission.
  5. Before connecting the center to the TV, they should be disconnected from the power supply.
  6. In the settings of the music center, you must activate the "AUX" mode. The sound should switch from the TV speakers to the speakers of the musical equipment.

Passive speakers

Such speakers do not have a built-in amplifier, which changes the order in which the system is connected to the TV. For these devices, you will need to connect the speakers first to the amplifier, and from it already draw wires to the screen.

When figuring out how to connect a subwoofer to a TV, consider the following:

  • the power of the amplifier should not exceed the power of the column by more than 30%. Connection is made using cables having a cross section of at least 1 sq. cm and more. The thicker the wire, the more reliable the connection.
  • the nominal output impedance of the amplifier should correspond to the resistance of the speakers,
  • It is important to maintain the correct polarity: connect the left to the left channel, and the right to the right. If this rule is not observed, the sound quality may be affected.

Note! For stereo systems consisting of several speakers with a passive system, you can connect equipment through the AV receiver using a cable.

Connoisseurs of good sound can use devices of any power, enjoying high-quality sound. You can pick up equipment by ear, but technical specifications are equally important. The purest and most pleasant sound is transmitted through the HDMI output, since only through it is transmitted a high-quality digital signal.

Choosing a speaker cable

If the TV connector is used to connect the headphones, a pair cable with a white and red plug is required. Connectors of the same color must be found on the TV receiver and on the music center.

ATTENTION! If there are no matching connectors, you will have to use an adapter cable. It can be a 3.5 mm plug, TRS-RSA, RSA-RSA. If there are no audio outputs at all, you should connect via the HDMI or SCART ports. This is enough to transmit multichannel audio signal to the speakers of the music center.

Connecting the TV to the music center significantly improves the sound of the first, so you should spend some time searching for the cable and connecting both devices into one unit. It should be noted that to improve the sound component of the television receiver, you can use the connection not only to the music center, but also to other equipment.

How to connect a wireless speaker to a TV

Each modern TV has a built-in Smart TV and Bluetooth function so that the user can quickly and conveniently configure the pairing of speakers with the TV without using wires. It does not take a long time to figure out how to connect the bluetooth speaker to the TV, since the system is designed as simple as possible.

The connection algorithm may vary slightly, it depends on the model of TV and headset. You do not have to look for information on how to connect speakers to a Samsung TV, Philips, or any other company. The pairing setting is the same:

  1. Turn on the TV.
  2. We find the Bluetooth item in the settings menu.
  3. Turn on the headset.
  4. We are looking for devices available for connection to TV bluetooth.
  5. Select a column.
  6. The speaker system is ready to use.

For those who are more interested in how to connect the speakers to the TV LG, Sony, Philips or other manufacturers, you need to study the operating instructions that come with the devices.

Active speaker connection

A sound system with a built-in amplifier is powered by connecting it to a standard electrical network. No adapters are needed, the columns themselves are involved in transforming the electric current to match the voltage. The best example of active systems is conventional computer stereo speakers.

How to understand where to connect the speakers? Look at the back of the TV. There you can see a wide variety of connectors - some of them are needed for video, some for audio, often there are also USB ports for connecting flash drives or even keyboards. Not everyone knows what this or that port should look like, therefore, for the convenience of inexperienced users, each connector has a corresponding letter marking:

  • standard connectors for analog sound are painted in red and white and signed as Audio-R (for the right channel) and Audio-L (for the speaker outputting sound in the left channel),
  • 3.5 mm jack, as on a computer - for connecting the simplest two-channel speakers or headphones,
  • a connector designed specifically for connecting devices that output digital sound - S / PDIF,
  • the most universal input through which, in addition to sound, a digital image is output - HDMI.

If you are not sure that you understand what this or that input is for, it is better to look at the instructions for the TV - everything is described in detail in there.

Powerful speakers without an amplifier should not be connected directly to the TV - in this case, the microcircuit in the device responsible for processing sound can burn out, and then the TV will not be able to output sound either through the speakers or on its own. In this case, you will have to contact the service center.

So, the sequence of connecting active speakers to the TV is as follows:

  • speakers plug into an outlet,
  • audio cables are connected to the corresponding connectors on the TV,
  • TV and speakers are turned on.

All! Three simple steps, and the TV will sound in a new way. No additional configuration is required; more modern equipment will independently begin to output sound to where it is needed. It remains only to adjust the sound volume - now this can be done not only with the remote control, but also directly, with the wheel on the speakers.

Connecting a passive sound system

Such speakers do not have a built-in amplifier, so the power is added by connecting a separate device, which is already connected to the corresponding ports on the TV.

Keep in mind some important nuances of connecting passive systems to the TV:

  • the power of the amplifier should be at least a third of the power of the speakers, which can be found out from the instructions for sound equipment,
  • the wires are used not ordinary thin, like computer speakers, but thick, with a cross section of 1 cm2, better - more,
  • compliance with the resistances of the speakers and amplifier,
  • carefully monitor the correct connection of the channels - the sound from the left channel should go to the left column, from the right - to the right so that the sound is as it should.

If several speakers are included in the passive sound system, you can combine them with an AV receiver, for which a separate cable is used. At the same time, you can use devices of any power, getting the highest quality sound. The best thing, of course, is to use an HDMI cable that provides the very best digital audio conversion.

Using the music center as speakers

The sound from the TV can be easily output to the speakers of the music center, tape recorder or radio, which are specifically designed to produce the highest quality sound. In this case, the audio tracks of your favorite films will sound most pure and bring maximum pleasure.

Connection is very simple: take a TRS cable, 3.5 mini-jack or an ordinary tulip, one end plugs into the TV, the other into the music center. It is important to observe only one requirement: both on the TV and on the stereo system there are connectors marked with the word "in" through which sound is input into the device (for example, from a game console) and connectors "out" through which it is output. Accordingly, for the audio to go from the TV to the tape recorder, and not vice versa, you need to connect the “out” connectors of the TV to the “in” inputs of the music center.

Main connectors

Before connecting, you should first make sure that you have the appropriate socket. Samsung’s modern television sets use a lot of audio jacks, for example:

  1. "Scart"
  2. "RCA."
  3. “OUT” is a linear type.
  4. Headphone or headset jack.
  5. HDMI
  6. Optical digital audio port.

Mostly used headphone jacks and AUX.

When interacting through Scart or RCA, it should be borne in mind that the speakers have an amplifier and they will have to be selected according to the power level. The line jack and headphones are used only in the absence of other conclusions. Such devices do not have a built-in amplifier and are connected via mini jack or through 3.5 mm. Digital optical ports are used in all modern technical devices. For example, a home theater, the sound of which is sometimes not inferior to a real movie theater. Almost all modern TVs have outputs for HDMI or audio port.

Types of Acoustics

Having dealt with the main types of inputs, it remains to understand the variety of acoustic types that should be connected to the TV. The most common are:

  • External speakers with digital optical input.
  • Stereo system.
  • Soundbars (mainly use bluetooth).
  • Wireless speakers.
  • Headphones.
  • Multimedia centers.
  • Compound stereo system.

Simple speakers

If the speakers are accompanied by an amplifier and volume control, you can get a chic sound. In this case, they are connected to the power supply. Connection is via a 3.5 mm TRS jack. These include computer, sold for 300 rubles and expensive 5.1 systems for 50,000 rubles.

Regular speakers are divided into passive and active. They are distinguished by the presence of a signal wire and a power cord. Passive speakers require an external amplifier.

Multimedia center

Such acoustics provide good sound, unlike ordinary speakers. The sound quality directly depends on the materials of the cable, cheap cords have a high attenuation coefficient of the signal, so low and high frequencies are greatly cut.

Connect such a center is not difficult. To do this, you will need to purchase a TRS adapter or tulips (bells). By using the OUT output on the TV and IN on the center, you can get a fully functioning audio system.

Compound stereo

The name speaks for itself. It consists of a multi-channel amplifier and several passive speakers. An active subwoofer complements the kit.

Types of composite systems:

  1. 2.1 - 2 speakers and a subwoofer.
  2. 5.1 - 5 speakers and a sub.
  3. 7.1.
  4. 7 and above.

Connection is made using any of the methods listed above, having previously prepared an RCA or TRS adapter. But there are devices of the active type. The connection is made through adapters recommended by specialists. If you purchase a proprietary adapter, you can improve the sound quality several times.

Home cinema

The home cinema option is the highest priority. In this case, you will get the highest quality sound format in 5.1 format - a speaker and one subwoofer. In this scheme, there is both a powerful amplifier and a professional-type receiver that complements or cuts off certain frequencies set on the equalizer. The most preferred method for connecting a home theater to Samsung TV is HDMI. When using HDMI, you can get the highest quality sound. A digital cord transmits a signal at a higher speed.

Used types of cables

Almost all connected devices have third-party sound level adjustment, so the choice of such a system is of key importance. It is up to you to decide which cable and method of output to use, but the advice of specialists will help to improve the quality of the sound output and save time searching for information on and television outputs. We will analyze the most convenient ways to output to acoustic gadgets.

  1. Aux. Using this method, a 2-wire RCA audio connection is made. The connection is made using identical outputs both on the television receiver and on the output device. This type of solution is cheap and practical, therefore, experts recommend using this connection method if the budget is extremely limited.
  2. Scart. A cable of an exceptionally defined length that can be connected to a specific type of connector.
  3. If the device has a 2RCA output, and the speaker input is only Jack 3.5 mm, then the Jack 3.5 mm - 2RCA adapter is applicable to this case. This connection method will ensure a stable connection and eliminate interference.
  4. When the TV receiver is old and has only one output, it is worth using a transition system to improve the sound. Playback will be better if you use a CD and DVD player as the intermediary between the TV and the music system. This solution is optimal, you just have to choose high-quality adapters between TV and stereo.

Рекомендации специалистов

Специалисты данной области, рекомендуют производить подсоединение сторонней музыкальной системы с помощью блютуз, так как такой способ является простым и удобным. Bluetooth девайсы отличаются поддержанием стабильного канала, если расположены на небольшом расстоянии. Вывод осуществляется без помощи переходников, что может обеспечить наилучшее звуковое сопровождение при просмотре фильмов. In second place is the HDMI cable and other digital analogues. Thanks to the HDMI cable, you can get not only audio but also video. The picture will be impressively high quality up to Ultra 4K.


The development of TV devices allows the use of new digital devices that improve image and audio quality. The more modern the device, the more high-quality sound will delight your hearing. Expert advice helps you quickly connect speakers to your TV. If you still have questions, we recommend watching the video tutorial.

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Connecting a stereo to a TV

A good option is to use a compact two-channel sound system to play television audio tracks. The quality in this case will be better than when connecting ordinary speakers or a tape recorder, but worse than using a full-fledged home theater. It is worth remembering that you can only improve the sound that comes from movies from disks or flash drives, as well as the sound of digital TV channels. You won’t be able to improve the usual channels that the TV antenna receives, since the tracks in them are obviously of poor quality - interference and distortion can’t be removed if you wish. The only available setting for analog TV sound is volume.

To connect such a system, use the SCART connector on the TV, which, however, is not so often seen on modern TVs. To connect this connector to the sound system, you need a SCART-Tulip cable or SCART-mini-jack. The second plug, respectively, is stuck into the "in" input on the speakers.

Connecting a TV to a home theater

Such devices are the most "sophisticated" and involve the reproduction of the highest quality sound. They allow you to play multi-channel audio tracks, which, with the correct arrangement of the speakers in the room, will create surround sound like in a movie theater. In addition, the package includes professional amplifiers and receivers that convert sound with virtually no distortion - the human ear simply physically could not perceive audio of even better quality. Of course, using such systems is simple for watching television channels - only a small fraction of the possibilities, usually a modern Blu-ray player is connected to the home theater, allowing you to watch movies in the highest quality.

Most of the cables described above will not work for connecting a digital system to a TV. Of course, you can use the SCART connector, but it is inferior in quality to the most advanced method available - connecting the system via the HDMI port. In this case, not only the sound quality will be maximum, but also the convenience of connection will please - you need only one wire.

The connection sequence is as follows:

  • front, rear, center and side speakers are connected to each other in a single system,
  • all speakers are connected to the receiver to combine,
  • the receiver connects to the amplifier,
  • the amplifier is connected to the TV with an HDMI cable.

Settings, as in other cases, are not needed at all - after assembling the system, it remains only to plug it into the electrical network and turn it on. After that, you can start playing the movie and enjoy the highest quality sound available to man.

Remember only that for the exact match of all devices, you should carefully study the instructions for both the TV and the audio system. The user guides describe in detail all the connectors used, and it will not be possible to get tangled in wires.

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