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How to wear a mini skirt so you don’t look vulgar


The desire to provoke sexual desire and attract male looks is inherent in almost every woman. Any girl wants to look seductive and enjoy success with the stronger sex. But you need to know a few rules for choosing a set of clothes - and we will help you understand how to dress sexually, but not vulgarly. In this sensitive issue it is important not to overdo it. It is quite possible to be sexy and at the same time remain chaste if you dress correctly enough and follow the advice of stylists.

What to look for

The basis of the sexual image is illusion and symmetry. It is important not to open too much body, leaving room for the imagination of others. Several dresses with a neckline and a V-neck in the wardrobe will be able to emphasize the beauty and elasticity of the bust. If you are the owner of a flat tummy, then by all means wear tight-fitting things and a fitted jacket. It is important to choose the right underwear for your clothes - no protruding seams. Panties should not have shovchiki at all. Thongs and corrective underwear are also suitable - tights and belts that tighten the stomach and eliminate cellulite.

Remember that only women who have no taste dress too openly. Emphasize your merits with your clothes - slim legs, waist, hips. A woman with the art of seduction in any outfit will be successful in men.

Red lipstick and fishnet tights are in the distant past. To look sexy, you don’t need to wear a mini and demonstrate your chest too much. The necessary passion can be expressed even in restrained clothes, a wide-brimmed hat, and exquisite accessories.

There are several special pieces of clothing whose use will make you irresistible and truly sexy.

"Naked" dress

The phenomenon of the so-called “naked” dress was discovered by Marilyn Monroe when she appeared in public in a flesh-colored model. The beige color, merging with a shade of the body, made a splash. Made from a thin, light cream-colored canvas, the item allows you to look almost naked. Even if the dress will be up to its heels in length, the woman in it will certainly attract men's looks. The model does not have to be made of transparent fabric. Even a completely closed dress with a deaf collar will still give the effect of a naked body. The shade of nude, of course, is associated with bare skin and excites the imagination. Such a sexy dress is a sure way to look luxurious and attractive.

If you decide to wear a similar thing, then consider the features of your figure. She must be perfect. Otherwise, curvaceous forms will spoil the whole impression and will not allow defile in a “naked” dress. Correct small flaws in the figure using special corrective underwear.

Dressing in furs, a woman awakens the primitive instincts and the call of ancestors in the surrounding men. Fluffy long-necked boa, elegant short fur coat or stylish fur vest make any girl more feminine and attractive. In luxurious furs, powerful energy, luxury, wealth and passion are felt. The fur worn on top of a fashionable dress looks especially sexy. A great addition to the image will be high-heeled shoes. This outfit gives chic and personality.

Expensive fur wardrobe details must certainly be emphasized with a stylish hairstyle and skillful make-up. Without well-laid curls, any fur will look ridiculous on a woman. Therefore, putting on a fur boa, be sure to take care of an elegant hairstyle and perfect makeup.

High heel

High-heeled shoes are an indispensable attribute of any seductress. Exquisite model shoes emphasize beautiful slim legs. She makes the silhouette more feminine and the gait more sexy. You should not think that high heels are synonymous with cheap glamor. Especially attracting the attention of men is the red sole on the louboutins. Summoning scarlet notes flickering when walking on the sole of the shoe are recognized as sexual symbols. The red color of the sole and high heel allows any man to appreciate the captivating female legs.

Putting on stilettos, it is important to learn how to gracefully walk in them. Otherwise, you can spoil the whole impression with your clumsiness. Be sure to practice at home walking in high-heeled shoes before going outside.

They attract male attention and look quite sexy in flesh-colored boats. Such shoes should in no case be worn with tights. The nude shade creates the aforementioned effect of a naked body and as if continues your legs, showing special insecurity. The classic shape of the pumps pumps emphasizes the fragility of the graceful female foot.

Bracelets and watches

The role of stylish wrist accessories cannot be underestimated in creating a sexy, attractive image. Women's hands attract the eyes of men no less than their legs. Well-groomed thin wrists are fascinating, so they should certainly be decorated with exquisite details. To attract a man, it is enough to twist a pen or any other stationery in thin fingers, and the man will definitely pay attention to you. Be sure to decorate your fingers with rings, and your wrists with bracelets and watches.

Female hands are ready to transmit the encrypted messages of sensuality to the opposite sex. Do not be afraid to attract the attention of men with your hands. This can be done with an exquisite stylish bracelet. Remember the important rule, hands should always be well-groomed. Peeling varnish and burrs are unacceptable.

Clothes opening shoulders and back

Partial exposure - a sure option to conquer any man. Clothing with bare shoulders or back is appropriate in any public place and at a social event. A provocative seductive outfit can be created using a top, a dress with a neckline, an outfit with bare shoulders.

The male imagination is surely thrilled by the graceful curves of the neck, open collarbones and regal posture. Models of dresses with a carmen neckline are suitable. Wearing a similar dress, do not stoop your back and shoulders. A hunched figure will not make the desired impression.

The seductive hollow of a breast attracts men's looks always. The sexiest and most attractive blouse is the one that has a deep V-neck and beautifully outlines the chest. This neck shape helps to shape the bust in the most favorable light.

Of course, for business negotiations should not wear a blouse with a similar neckline. The style is suitable for a city walk, a romantic dinner, a visit to the club.

Stockings are traditionally considered the sexiest elements in women's outfits, unlike regular tights. If an elastic band from a stocking flashes coquettishly in the section of the skirt, then male attention is guaranteed to you. Stockings can be worn in the cool of summer and fall. This is a supernatural accessory recognized by all stylists.

In stockings, any woman feels like a true insidious seducer. However, it is important not to overdo the image. You can also wear stylish golfs. However, this item of clothing will not be appropriate in a formal setting. Remember that knee-highs are a flirtatious attribute for young people. A mature woman in them will look ridiculous.

Oddly enough, but it is a thin tie that makes a special highlight in a woman's sexual image. The famous sex symbol Marlene Dietrich once wore a men's suit and tie for the first time. Since then, the presence of men's accessories on a woman has been exciting men. Nowadays, suspenders and a tie in a women's outfit will not surprise anyone. Wearing a tie carries a special sexual connotation. A simple addition to the costume is not at all a gender imbalance. The tie attracts the eye, emphasizes the line of the bust and looks provocative. Of course, it is better not to wear a tie and suspenders in the office due to the ambiguity of these wardrobe items.

Pencil skirt

The style sexually tightens all the bends of the female silhouette. Once, a revolution in the fashion world was made by André Currège and Mary Quant, who showed everyone a pencil skirt. The bbka opens slender legs and tightens the hips. Moreover, it has a completely conservative length - to the knee. Saturated mini is suitable only for young ladies. A woman over 30 will be adorned with a pencil skirt and emphasize all the advantages of her figure. The skirt model perfectly fits the hips and perfectly hides the flaws.

When choosing clothes for a sexual image, you need to focus on your own mood and comfort of the thing. It is important to give room for male imagination and not expose anything personal. Even an everyday outfit can look quite sexy if you combine the deep-necked blouse and the skirt correctly.

You can wear a top with skinny leggings and skinny jeans. Such a set favorably emphasizes the smooth bends of the hips and draws attention to the feminine silhouette. A midi skirt with a chiffon blouse, plain tight tight T-shirts, and short shorts also look sexy.

You can always look sexy if you adhere to the above recommendations of stylists and correctly combine the clothes in the kit. It is important not to cross the fine line between refined sexuality and vulgarity and not to fall into the abyss of bad taste.

How to wear a mini skirt

Blouse trim

The basic tip for miniskirts is balance. That is, a short skirt should be combined with a blouse that does not open much of the body. Choose loose flowing blouses, without a strong opening of the neckline.

High neck tops

In autumn and winter, preference should be given to high-neck sweaters that cover the neckline, and the image, nevertheless, will remain sophisticated and sexy.

Wearing matte tights with a miniskirt is very convenient, practical and safe for the look. The legs are completely closed and no longer look frivolous. In this case, you can even wear high-heeled shoes if the tights are restrained, and laconic shoes if the tights are bright.

Another win-win option for wearing a miniskirt is with high boots. Like matte tights, such shoes allow you to close your legs and save the image from excessive sex appeal.

Denim skirt and sweater

In autumn or spring, try wearing a denim skirt with a knitted sweater. A thin-fitting sweater is inappropriate in this case, and a voluminous knit is well suited as a pair to a short skirt.

In most cases, the miniskirt is banned for a strict business style. But it turns out that nothing is impossible. Several layers of clothing, leggings, boots, a sweater with a high collar will help such details as a miniskirt to become part of an exquisite style.

Wear short skirts with a top in the same or similar shade. This is much better than contrasting combinations that break the silhouette. In this case, a rather integral, concise and stylish image emerges.

Rules for short skirts in the wardrobe

Rule 1. Complicate the silhouette - add a vest, scarf or jacket.

Rule 2. Under a jacket with a short sleeve and opaque tights. The ensemble is acceptable for office style.

Rule 3. Pay attention to the legs. To balance bare feet, find a pair of shoes more closed, for example, ankle boots.

Rule 4. The miniskirt should not be rigid in texture - frills, ruffles combined with a romantic top.

Rule 5. If the miniskirt is conservative, soften it with a ruffle blouse and trim.

Rule 6. Balance the contrasts. A tiny skirt will look great with a large T-shirt or extra long jacket.

Rule 7. One of the simplest and most relevant options in the heat - slippers. They are perfect if you are going to wear a casual skirt, such as a denim mini. In this case, the bottom will be in harmony with the top.

Rule 8. Replace slippers with tennis shoes. They are also well suited for everyday mini outlets. However, here you need to be careful: give preference to options that look miniature and feminine, not sporty!

Rule 9. Contrary to the prevailing opinion that shoes without heels “weight” the legs, ballet shoes will look beautiful with a mini-skirt.

Rule 10. But fear need shortened boots. There are two options: either they make the legs too thick or too thin. Such shoes even visually make beautiful legs bulky and awkward, while thin ones will look like a pencil in a glass.

How and when to wear a short skirt

If you become the owner of a miniskirt, you definitely need to know about when it is appropriate to wear it, what rules to observe at the same time and with what items of clothing it is combined.

Many of the women like to wear a mini in the club: this is how they attract the attention of a strong half of humanity. It is very appropriate to wear them in hot summer weather, but avid mini-lovers do not refuse them in the cold season. However, in the cold season it is recommended to combine a skirt with leggings.

There are clearly defined etiquette rules on how to wear short skirts. In accordance with these rules, you should not bend if you drop something - just sit down a bit and take a fallen object. If you sit on a chair, try not to spread your knees and do not throw one leg over the other. To get into the car, as well as get out of it, you also need to keep your legs closed.

I would like to note that the miniskirt will look great with high heels: they will give you more harmony, grace and sexuality. But do not overdo it with the height of the heel!

Not sure which shoes to wear with a skirt? Think first where you are going to go in it, and only then decide what you will put on with it. A universal option is high-heeled shoes. If you add a light blouse to these items of clothing, then in this outfit you can safely go to a party or an evening walk with friends - it depends on the style of the blouse. Ballet flats will also be a good addition to a short skirt: they are both easy and convenient.

If you have a denim miniskirt, you can perfectly combine it with sneakers and again with ballet flats. Dressing on the beach, flip flops can be a wonderful addition.

But, despite all these advantages, wearing them, of course, has its drawbacks. It is not possible to appear in a short skirt everywhere - it is strongly recommended not to come to the office in it: for example, for an interview. This is due to psychological reasons: if you come for an interview in a mini, your potential boss will probably not perceive you as a future employee. But whether to go in a short skirt in rooms where a certain dress code is not respected depends only on your desire.

Lovers of mini want to please the fact that such skirts are likely to remain fashionable for a long period. Indeed, for a quarter of a century they continue to remain in fashion - and, perhaps, forever, because women want to be attractive every day and every second: this is female nature.

Delicate, pastel colors and textures.

Mini dresses and skirts do not look so provocative if made of delicate silk, chiffon or cotton lace-Richelieu. Light shades of pink, white, beige and yellow are not associated with passion and aggressive sexuality, but, on the contrary, with innocence and romance. Great choice for a date!

Loose and semi-adjacent silhouettes

Nowadays, wearing something super-tight is how to commit a fashion crime. Today, loose and semi-adjacent silhouettes in clothes are relevant. Let's not confuse them with overszie models. For example, A-line skirts and dresses, voluminous blouses and cardigans. Ruffles, ruffles and shuttlecocks also add volume. In this version, the miniskirts look playful, but not provocative.

Compromise combination

A tight-fitting mini dress, stilettos, a languid look, bright lipstick - each stroke in this image increases the degree of passion. Today, fashionistas act differently. In the image, one thing is enough, as they say, “with peppercorn”. If this is a miniskirt, then all other accessories are chosen in a neutral, romantic or sporty style. For example, shoes - sneakers or ballet flats at low speed. Blouse with frill or voluminous sleeves, men's shirt or oversized sweater. Hair collected in a careless bun, ponytail or braided in French braids give an image of relaxation.