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Blog # 1 on How to Seduce a Girl?


Portraying the inaccessible is a great way to attract the attention of a guy and show him that you are worth his attempts to win your heart. But in all this a very delicate balance must be observed. Your task is to look mysterious and inaccessible, but not to overdo it, otherwise the guy will decide that a meeting with you is simply impossible for him. So, how do you portray the inaccessible so that he wants you even more? Read on and find out!

How to use inaccessibility. Tips for men

Men often have to hear that a woman should be inaccessible. But what is hidden besides morality? It turns out that powerful toolwith the help of which the cunning representatives of the beautiful half of humanity skillfully stir up and maintain interest to your person.

And now the backfill question: can a guy use inaccessibility for his own purposes? Sure. And in this article I will tell you how and why this is done.

Surely you yourself noticed that the girl’s interest in you is rapidly increasing if you are busy with your own affairs. And at the same time, if you constantly write and call her, you are ready to come at the first call, she takes it for granted.

Why girls need inaccessibility

You must have heard the expression "stuffing its own price." So they say about girls who for the time being do not allow themselves to come in order to achieve any of their own goals.

Inaccessibility is the easiest check that allows it understand your value for you. In other words, if you show that you need her, she gets what she wanted. Now she plays according to her own rules, everything goes according to the thumb.

Those involved in seduction know the “closer / farther” rule, and correctly dose interest and initiative on their part. But guys who do not understand anything in female psychology almost always take too many steps towards (and often too soon), becoming dependent on the desires of the girl. You become a hostage of its inaccessibility, taking it for granted.

All this is hiding under the false wrapper of "gentlemanhood." However, this behavior cannot be compared with the behavior of a real man, because a woman perceives it exclusively as weakness. Therefore, the maximum that awaits you is to be fallback for her, while there is no decent candidate on the horizon.

Therefore, it is important to immediately let her know that this will not work with you.

Negative Availability Factors

Somehow imperceptibly in the public opinion, the stereotype was strengthened, according to which any girl is a “prize”, which you can get just spending a lot of effort. All this has been cultivated in young people since childhood - cartoons, words of mother, educators and teachers. In adulthood, nothing changes - cinema and the media (and today social networks) are doing their job.

But why exactly does a man become addicted in such a situation? After all, it is he who should become the one in need: he is the one who comes to the rescue, gives gifts, takes to the movies, pays the total bill in the restaurant.

It turns out that this has a perfectly rational explanation. The more effort and money you put into something, the more you value it. In a situation with a girl, you begin to need her, afraid to lose. This is due to the fact that she takes advantage of her inaccessibility, while you are always available to her.

The situation can be reversed in the other direction. Surely you yourself noticed how they value the relationships of girls who themselves invest in them. Everyone heard stories about how "he did nothing, and she dragged everything on her shoulders." Of course, this should not be aggravated so much, but skillfulyour use of inaccessibility make her cherish your attention.

Let her try

So, how do you demonstrate inaccessibility in practice, taking advantage of it? I will give two examples of such tactics.

Example No. 1. You must initially show her that your interest and attention are expensive. Then she will try to earn them. You need to achieve such an inner state that would correspond to the inner message: "You have to do a lot to get my location." Read what a real man should be.

Example No. 2. You generally behave in the way that girls like (do “closer”), give her enough attention, show your interest. However, you are in no hurry to contact her (meeting) with her, referring to strong employment. This literally drives the weaker sex crazy. To completely “tear down the roof”, be very cute and attractive, turn on all your charm and internal energy, and then just stop paying attention to it - stop talking.

If you decide to be inaccessible, then do not reveal yourself, otherwise it will turn out like with those girls who are stuffing their price. You not should simply wear a mask of inaccessibility, lifting it whenever she takes a step towards. Let yours interest in her is growing slowly and smoothly (and only if she puts effort into it), in accordance with the original plan.

Of course, you will want to quickly drop all this and meet the one you like. But so you quickly reveal yourself and fail on the way to the most important goal.

You must be in her eyes the one who not upset if you can’t meetbecause your life is so interesting and multifaceted that you never get bored.

The main thing to remember is that you should not comply with universal stereotypes in your behavior and be afraid of condemnation. You will immediately notice how the attitude towards you will change if you do not seek to win someone's attention. And women for whom inaccessibility is the norm of behavior react very sharply to it. This is your opportunity to receive the long-awaited interest in your person.

Sincerely, Roman Vinilov!