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How to fix whipped cream


A generous ball of whipped cream makes dessert even more palatable. But a delicious cloud of air, water and fat falls too quickly. "There is nothing you can do about it!", You think. But no. You can fix whipped cream, and your dessert with whipped cream, whether it is decoration on muffins, drinks, ice cream, will retain its original shape for a long time. Professionals prefer gelatin, but there are other options that are easier to prepare and suitable even for vegetarians.

How to make whipped cream: preparing your favorite sweet tooth treat

How to make whipped cream correctly, so that they turn out tender and airy, few know. This product is often used for the manufacture of various desserts and pastries, and almost everyone has tried the whipped cream cake.

And in the shops you can find ready-made whipped cream in cans, but they do not always have the proper quality, so it’s better to learn how to do this delicacy yourself. The process of its preparation has many subtleties and nuances, which will be discussed in today's article.

Tips Before Cooking

To know how to whip cream, pay attention to some recommendations before you start:

  • Calorie content ranges from 160-335 kcal per 100 g. This "range" directly depends on the fat content of the original ingredient. To reduce the number, you can add some milk,
  • You need to choose only the best, fresh and high-quality cream. The most suitable option is a classic product with a fat content of 33 percent. Beating will occur perfectly, in a strong foam. Non-fat dairy products (10 percent) or medium-fat (20 percent) are also suitable, but they will be very badly whipped and will not turn out to be airy. In this situation, you will have to use gelatin or egg whites to thicken,
  • Cream must be slightly chilled, but not frozen or warm, otherwise they will be stratified into oil and whey,
  • The whisk and dishes also need to be briefly placed in the freezer. Use metal utensils for cooking,
  • To prevent the tank from heating up during operation, keep it in ice water,
  • Do not whisk the entire portion of the product at once, but divide into 200-300 ml components,
  • Do not put the mixer immediately at high speeds, but increase them gradually,
  • The shelf life of the finished product in the refrigerator is no more than 12 hours.

Whip cream with a mixer

This is the easiest and fastest way to make your favorite sweet dessert.

  • Sugar sand - 50 g,
  • Cream 33% - half a liter,
  • Egg or gelatin to fix (optional).

How to whip cream with a mixer:

  1. Pour the dairy product into a deep metal container, wrap it with cling film and send it to the refrigerator for 50 minutes. Put in the cold and whisk nozzles - at the same time,
  2. We grind sugar into powder on a coffee grinder and additionally pass through a sieve with a fine sieve to get rid of large particles,
  3. We remove the dishes and tools from the refrigerator, remove the film and proceed to whisk in a circular motion, putting the appliance at the minimum speed, then gradually increase the speed,
  4. After about 7 minutes, the mass will begin to become thick. We begin to pour in powdered sugar a little - it will help whip the cream into foam and give them a pleasant sweet taste,
  5. We continue the process for another 5-6 minutes until stable peaks are obtained. Do not exceed the specified time, otherwise it will turn out oil,
  6. To obtain a thick consistency, you can add lemon juice, gelatin or an egg as a hardener. They must be included in the composition at the very end of cooking.

We put the ready-made whipped cream with powdered sugar into the bowls and send it to the cold, otherwise at room temperature they will quickly “float”.

Whip the cream manually with a whisk

Many chefs claim that this method is the best, because the product thus prepared is stable and lush due to the large amount of oxygen.

  • Powdered sugar - 30 g
  • Fat cream (33-35%) - 350 ml,
  • Vanilla Sugar - 10 gram sachet,
  • Lemon juice - half a teaspoon.

Recipe for whipped cream at home with a photo:

  1. We prepare convenient metal dishes with a wide top so that it is convenient to make intense movements with a whisk in it. We cool the tool and the main component according to the same instructions as in the previous recipe,
  2. Next, put the bowl in a container with ice or ice water and hold it under a slight slope. This will help the content to circulate better, accordingly, a stable consistency is formed faster,
  3. Slowly we begin to make circular movements with a whisk and gradually accelerate. When the mass becomes thick, combine it with sugar based on vanilla and powder, interfering them in small portions,
  4. We continue whipping, capturing the entire surface of the mixture and mixing it to the bottom of the container.

The milk dish will be ready when the characteristic relief pattern from the corolla begins to remain on the surface. The main thing is not to miss this moment and not to overdo it, otherwise it will not work to whip the thick cream, and they simply settle. At the end of the process, it is necessary to pour lemon juice, which acts as a stabilizer of consistency.

Whip cream powder

  1. 5 large spoons of this product are put in a glass, into which we pour water,
  2. We mix everything thoroughly,
  3. In a mass of 150 ml add a glass of milk, and mix all the components until smooth,
  4. We put the finished mixture in the refrigerator, and remove it in the freezer two minutes before whipping.

We prepare the cream using a mixer or whisk first at a low speed, which we gradually increase. After thickening, it must be reduced. The finished product must be placed in the refrigerator.

Such dry whipped cream is suitable for desserts, cakes and pastries.

Cream dessert with fruit

  • Mandarin, Banana, Kiwi,
  • 2/3 cup cream
  • A pinch of vanilla
  • 0.5 cups of powder.

How to make whipped cream with fruits:

  1. First of all, you need to prepare the fruit - we cut them into small slices or chop them using a blender. You don’t have to mix them together
  2. Beating is done using one of the methods described above, and we will begin to form our delicacy,
  3. Put the banana slices on the bottom of a beautifully shaped glass, cover it with butter cream,
  4. Next, make a series of kiwi, add the cream mixture again,
  5. The last layer is tangerines, which are also covered with a creamy composition, sprinkled with chocolate chips and sent to cool.

Chocolate cream cream for cake

Chocolate whipped cream for a cake can act as an independent dessert, and can also be used to decorate many other goodies.

  • 30 g of cocoa powder or 50 g of chocolate,
  • 2 cups cream (fat content - 20%),
  • A small spoonful of gelatin
  • 1/3 cup powdered sugar.

Step by step:

  1. Take 1/3 of the cream from this quantity and fill it with gelatin. After its swelling, put the dishes with the contents in a container of water, which we heat until the gelatin dissolves, not forgetting to stir,
  2. We remove the container from the stove and let the contents cool down,
  3. Take another 1/3 of the mass of the main ingredient, heat to a hot state and dissolve the cocoa powder in it well. If you decide to use chocolate, melt it first. Then it mixes easily
  4. Next, combine the creamy residues with powder and begin to whisk slowly. When the first foam appears, pour some delicious chocolate cream, and after a while add the gelatin.

Whipped cream for coffee

They can be made in the evening, put in the refrigerator and added to coffee in the morning.

  • 5 g of powder
  • 50 ml cream
  • Orange zest or chocolate chips.

Coffee Decoration Steps:

  1. Beat the first 2 ingredients in a thick foam,
  2. We make coffee, pour it into a cup, carefully spread the creamy foam over the top with a pot,
  3. Sprinkle with grated chocolate or orange zest.