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How to make a ribbon bow for hair: a step-by-step process of creating


A bow for hair will help to make the simplest hairstyle more original and festive. Today, stores offer a huge selection of bows of various shapes, colors and sizes, however, a do-it-yourself accessory does not compare with the purchased one.

This article will give several workshops on creating original bows of various difficulty levels. Even the child will cope with the simplest option, but you will have to work hard to create a more intricate decoration.

Do it yourself do a multi-layer ribbon bow for hair

A fairly simple technique for making a volumetric bow, which can then be attached to a hairpin or elastic band.

1) First of all, we cut the tape into pieces of the desired size (see. Picture). Then we take parts of the same length, bend them so that the edges converge in the center. Sew.

2) We fasten two stitched particles together, tying them in the center with a thread. The third is also tied with a thread, but do not attach to the rest.

3) From the longest ribbon we build a bow with two loops and ponytails, tightly fasten with threads in the middle.

4) It turned out three blanks. We begin to collect the bow. First we put a blank of two loops, then - of four, at the end - the largest bow with tails. We fasten them to each other with glue and threads.

5) The middle part is wrapped with the shortest part of the ribbon, closing the threads. The ends are fastened together with glue on the back.

That's all, it remains only to attach the bow to the hairpin and wear with pleasure!

We create a stylish bow from a satin ribbon in a master class

Another way to create a voluminous bow that is attached to an elastic band and decorates the girl’s head. It is very simple to make such an accessory if you follow the advice of this master class. It will tell you how to make a bow with a minimum volume. If you want to get a lush and large bow, you should take a wide ribbon and make more layers.

1) Satin ribbon (at least 1 cm wide),

2) Needles and threads,

5) Elastic band for hair.

1) Cut the tape into small strips, process the end with a lighter.

2) Bend each small ribbon in half and start flashing closer to the edge with one thread in turn.

3) Having collected the strips, we tighten them, fixing the result by threading the thread into the first bent tape.

4) Next, we attach the bow to the elastic with the same thread, giving it the necessary shape.

It turns out here is such a nice satin ribbon decoration!

Continuing the theme of gum bows, you can try to make a gentle and airy accessory from taffeta. Any girl will be delighted with such decoration. A step-by-step instruction with photos will help in the manufacture.

2) Decor of choice (beads, beads),

3) elastic for hair,

5) Needles and threads,

1) First of all, cut out a circle from the material, the diameter of which is 20 cm.

2) Next, we burn the workpiece to prevent sprinkling of fabric.

3) Then we string the edges of the circle onto a needle with thread. When the entire workpiece is strung, we tighten the thread, getting a kind of bag.

4) We decorate the bow at our discretion. You can sew a flower to the center, supplementing it with beads strung on threads.

5) Finally, on the back, we fix the elastic.

Huge bows come back into fashion again, the desired style and color of which are not always found in the store. It is easier to make such an accessory with your own hands from a dense fabric, which will be discussed later.

1) A large piece of polka dot fabric,

2) Needles, threads and pins,

Production Instruction:

1) Cut the fabric. In size, it should be four times larger than the planned bow. Fold it in half with the inside out, getting a rectangle. Pins with pins.

2) Sew along the pin line with the usual middle stitches. We also pass along one of the narrow sides of the rectangle. Then we turn out the workpiece.

3) Once again, fold the material in half and sew. Turn the craft over so that the seam is inside, and the stitched ends in the middle.

4) Hand hold the workpiece in the center and form the necessary bow style. We fasten the result with a small rectangular piece of the same fabric. We cut off the excess particles and attach the resulting bow to the hairpin.

Bows for any taste

Colorful hair jewelry options for little fashionistas

Specifically, in such cases, we recall that everything can be done at home, especially since bows made of ribbons on hair with their own hands are not so difficult to create as it seems at first glance (read also the article “Hair clip Crab: one for all occasions ”).

Naturally, this is a matter of minutes, here you will need patience and perseverance, but the time spent and your work, believe me, you will be rewarded - exalted looks and compliments will be provided to you.

On how to make bows from ribbons for hair, we will tell further.

We create various forms of bows.

Stylish look for small and adult

Before you start work, determine what shape and size you would like to make the product. Do not be afraid to show imagination and experiment with size, material and colors, combine different quality and colors - this way the device will come out especially unusual and unusual.

Pay attention! Before work, pay proper attention to the choice of tape material. Try to take the one that is quite compacted - then the bow will keep the given shape. Materials such as satin, silk, satin, linen, cotton, velvet, etc. are suitable.

The choice of color, width, shape - always yours

Bows for hair from ribbons with their own hands are made by various methods and are of various types, the following are more common options:

  • Satin item. To make a regular hair bow from a ribbon with your own hands you will need a ribbon of approximately 20 cm, it will need to be folded in half. You will get a loop that needs to be lowered down. So you will have two small loops that need to be crossed with each other, turning one into a circle and slowly stretching.

Option to create a bow

  • Flower shaped bow. To create an unusual and beautiful device, it is better to choose a ribbon of medium width. You need to twist the tape in such a way that the formed first twist is crossed by the tip.

Such actions need to be carried out until the time when the splendor of the flower suits you - adjust it to your taste. Fastening is carried out by the last turn and knotting in the center.

  • Product with decor. To create a subsequent device, get a wide dense ribbon, the edges of which you need to sew together, so that a circle comes out. Sew two of these rings.

Fold the rings on top of each other and press down to form a joint at the seams. Cut a small piece of ribbon and tie a ring around it.

The size of the bow allows you to decorate it with additional decor - so you can stick sequins, rhinestones, and beads onto it. The middle can be decorated with a bead, a button or a huge stone.

Fork - a good tool for creating a little bow

  • Small bow. You don’t understand how to make a bow out of a small hair ribbon? Then the plug will help you.

Take a thin tape, wrap it with a fork, so that one edge of 5 cm remains free. Wrap the long tip around the fork and pull it out from the bottom of the short edge. Next, you need to hold it in the center of the cloves of the fork on top of the tape and lower it down.

Lift the end of the ribbon and thread it into the loop. Now tie a knot. Adjust the length of the tails.

A bow can be glued on an invisibility or a hairpin, it will look in a compartment with any hairstyle just fascinating.

Advice! So that the bow does not open and the threads do not interfere, carefully draw its edges over the fire, it is most convenient to do this above the candle, but be careful not to stain the ribbon with wax. Act swiftly so as not to burn the material, and the edges remained even with all this.

There are a lot of methods of execution, add your imagination here, and as a result there will be a unique hairpin

Sew a South American bow

How to make bows for hair from ribbons with multilayer loops? This question appears in many women who are already tired of standard bows. The multilayer bow is called South American, and to create it you need to prepare all the materials.

Rep tapes come in handy - for the base, take three ribbons, the width of which will be different. Ribbons of 3-4 types, the width of which can be 1-2.5 cm, will decorate the background.

In general, choose the size and sketch according to your taste, but so that everything together looks harmonious. Also prepare cardboard, scissors, glue, a lighter, a needle and a thread.

To make such a product will not be a huge complication, and a step-by-step annotation with a photo will help you to make a perfect South American bow:

To make curls, take a cardboard measuring 15 × 7.5 cm.

Using scissors in the center, cut a line approximately half a millimeter wide and about 4 cm long.

Prepare three cardboard templates, but the length of the cut strip on each should be reduced by 2.5 cm, the width remains constant.

Take a 2.5 cm tape and use the clip to attach it to the edge of the cardboard near the cutout.

Wrap the tape around the cardboard, and in the middle of the cut strip, pierce it with a needle. Next, remove the tape, with all this, without touching the needle.

Hold the tape so that its tail is on top, carefully separate the turns to the sides, but so that the center remains fixed with a pin.

Lock the center with a needle and thread, making a few stitches.

Do the same actions with other ribbons and patterns.

Cross a pair of ribbons of similar color and size, and pierce the center with a needle.

Do the same actions with the following segments, but with all this, lay layers on top of one another. Make a perfect X-shape. When everything is made, according to your opinion, perfectly, fix the middle with several stitches and wrap it a couple of times with thread.

Connect together all the resulting parts. You can do this by bandaging them with a thread a couple of times.

On the reverse side, fix the latch on the hair, for this you can choose an elastic band, invisibility, crocodile, or an ordinary clip.

Summing up, we want to note that do-it-yourself hair bows from ribbons are not only a saving of money, but also a manifestation of your features, because only you will have such an ornament. We want you to have creative flights and fantasies (see also the article "Kanzashi Hair Bands and Other Decorations").

Well, the video in this article will pleasantly depict the whole process of creating an unusual decoration.

How to make a bow out of hair: step by step instructions

Preparing hair for a hairstyle

Before you begin styling, hair should be prepared. They must be thoroughly washed and dried, so that you do not have difficulties with naughty curly curls, they must be leveled with an iron.

Hairstyle bow from hair 1 way

Making a bow from hair

    We determine the location of the bow

First of all, determine where exactly your bow will be located? On the back of the head, top or side. At this point, we tie the hair in a regular ponytail. Try to use a thin elastic band, the color of which is as close as possible to the shade of your hair.

Making the middle of the bow

Carefully separate a thin strand (1.5-2 cm wide) from the top of the tail. Put it on your head, in the direction of your forehead. We fix it with a hairpin, in the future it will be needed to create a beautiful bow middle.

Around the middle of the tail we tie another elastic band. We carefully divide the hair between the elastic bands into two equal parts - these will be the “ears” of your bow. After separation, they should be formed by fixing with invisibility. We also divide the tail, which is located below the second elastic band, in half - and, twisting each strand a little into a bundle, we hide it under the “ears”. Gently lower the previously separated thin strand, forming with it the middle of the bow. We fix it with invisibles or hairpins with decor, and again we hide the tail under one of the "ears". A little hairspray and your amazing and stylish bow is ready.

Bow from hair 2 way (photo)

  1. The hair collected in the tail in the last gum revolution does not stretch it to the end. You have the end that is located in front of you.
  2. Then, divide the tail into equal 2 halves and smooth.
  3. We shift the tail back and fix it with invisibles. We hide the remaining tail with 2 invisibles.

3 way to make a bow out of hair

  1. We collect hair in a tail, with one thin strand we wrap a tail to hide an elastic band. We fix the end with an invisibility so that it does not fall out of the hairstyle. Spray our lock on the tail with varnish and smooth it with your fingers.
  2. Divide the tail into 2 equal halves and comb it carefully. After that, start twisting the lock on the finger from the end to make a hollow circle. Lay it near the tail, straightening the resulting roller. We fix it with invisibility on the reverse side. Invisibility choose the color of your hair. With the second strand we perform similar manipulations.
  3. The hairstyle is ready, we decorate it with a beautiful hairpin on the ponytail or in front of it.

Video instruction for creating a bow hairstyle from hair in 3 ways

4 way to create a bow from hair on your head

  1. Make the tail. We tie the elastic bands from above, from the base of the tail down. We hide each rubber band behind a lock of hair, fixing the end with an invisible one.
  2. We put the resulting tail in a bow so that it is in front of the tail.
  3. We end the end of our main tail with an elastic band to make it flat. Then we fix the bow with invisibles or hairpins and with the help of varnish or wax we make sharp ends sticking up.

Bow Malvinka

Separate the top of the hair at the crown and form a bow, as described above. At will, we select hair at the temples or leave curls. Having formed a bow, we do not hide the remaining strands, but we stack and wind them on curlers or curling irons, tongs.

Evening version in the style of Malvinka (video)

This is the easiest way to make a bow hairstyle. It is an ideal solution for owners of long, or medium length, straight hair. At the same time, using a corrugation curler will help to make your bow even more original and mischievous. To do this, at the stage of preliminary preparation of the hair, give them light waves.

Options for a bow from braided hair

Hair bow (photo) with weaving

There is another way to make the hairstyle more unusual and stylish. First we braid the pigtail-spikelet. The difficulty lies in the fact that you will have to weave not from top to bottom (that is, from the nape to the neck), but vice versa. Your pigtail will rise from the neck to the back of the head.

How to make such a hairstyle?
Tilt your head forward, carefully combing and greasing your hands with wax or mousse, begin to weave an ordinary French braid. Pick up strands on both sides and add to the main ones. Bringing it to the back of the head, we tie the tail and form a bow according to the previously described steps. The braid can be located not only below the bow.

How to weave such a braid, look at the video from Lily Moon

Secret: owners of "thin" or thin hair, this hairstyle is also suitable. It is enough to master the methods of adding volume described in the article how to make a wave on the hair. Paying particular attention to subsections with instructions on how to create waves.

If you want to make a bow with a braid, you should master the instructions on how to weave a French braid, described here.

To complement the hair bow with a spectacular small crown and all the secrets of its weaving are available at this address

Hairstyle of a bow from hair (video)

Pigtails can be braided on either side of it. Or, braid the braids in a tail prepared for separation, so that each passes along the outside of the formed “eye”.

If you do not want to form a bow from all hair, you can make it small by using a relatively small strand. To do this, tie the tail, after separating the hair on the back of the head. Curl a little strands that do not fall into the bow - this will allow you to create an incredibly gentle, romantic image.

How to make small bows? or braid with hair bows

Braid with small hair bows

Tender small bows can be added to almost any hairstyle with a braid. We braid a not-so-tight pigtail, and then, pulling a few strands out of it, form a bow. In order for the “ears” of the bow to hold well, they should be fixed with varnish.

Bow in 3 minutes

It is suitable for medium length and long curls. If you have hair of different lengths, it will be difficult to chop the ends with 1 crab, use several or invisible ones.

You will need: gum, comb and crab.

  1. To collect hair in a high tail. At the same time, you should have 1 more revolution for threading hair. Stitch invisible or hairpin dropping strands on the back of the head.
  2. Make a bundle by threading the tail through another gum revolution. You should get a bun and hair from the tail in front.
  3. We divide the beam into 2 parts and throw the remaining ends of the tail back through the middle. It turned out the middle.
  4. Wrap the ends of the elastic at the front to completely cover it.

Видео по созданию прически бантик за 3 минуты, оно работает, просто щелкните на него и начнет проигрываться:

Бантик с бубликами

To create a voluminous and festive bow you will need: bank gum, 2 hairpins, 2 bagels, hairpins and invisibility, silicone rubber bands.

  1. Using a rubber band and 2 hairpins, make a tail on the back of the head. We hold the collected hair by hand, fasten the hairpin and wrap it several times around the tail with an elastic band, the second hairpin is similarly fastened to the tail. Comb thoroughly.
  2. With a rubber band we tie it at the end. Divide the tail into 2 parts and lay on the sides.
  3. The tip of the tail should be in front, then shift it back and fasten. We process the tip ourselves with varnish and fix it at the back - this is the middle of our bow. We fix one more silicone rubber on the tip of the tail. And from the back we fix at the base of the tail.
  4. It remains to raise the sides of the bow. To do this, we hide the bagels in the side pockets and carefully hide them with our hands and varnish.

A tutorial video on creating a hairstyle bow with bagels from Eva Lormann:


To keep the bow well, it should be fixed with invisibility. You can make the hairstyle more stylish by adding decorative elements to it.
It can be:

  • beautiful studs with pearls or rhinestones,
  • artificial or natural flowers.

The choice depends on the image that you want to create.

The peculiarity of the hairstyle bow: it is suitable for a girl of primary school age and an exquisite socialite. The ease of creation and the elegance of hairstyles make it extremely popular with both ordinary girls and stars.

Multilayer ribbon bow

A finished multi-layered bow made by yourself is no different from your store counterpart. But, creating it at home, you can not limit yourself in choosing color, ornament and material itself.

To create such a variation of the bow you will need:

  • trimming the tape of your choice, namely 5 pieces, as shown in the photo,
  • a hairpin or elastic that will attach the product to the hair,
  • needle thread
  • glue.

The first step is to to doblanks. It is necessary to bend each of the three ribbons of the same length, which were prepared earlier, so that their edges converge in the center, and sew, as shown in the photo.

Two of the three finished petals are connected to each other by crushing their centers with a thread. Thus, a simple four-petal bow is obtained.

The longest ribbon should be wrapped so that a bow is formed with two loops and two tails. It should be tightly fastened with the threads in the middle.

As a result, you should get three pieces: from two loops, from four petals and a bow with tails.

All of them are fastened together in the above sequence using threads and glue for reliability.

To hide the center sewn with a thread, the last and shortest shred is used. They simply wrap the middle of the bow around, and behind the ends of the ribbon sit on the glue.

It remains only to attach a hair clip with glue on the back of the product, allow it to dry and wear with pleasure.

The creation technology is shown in the video:

Spectacular two-color bow

To create such bows for hair, you will need:

  • satin ribbon of medium thickness of one color,
  • thin satin ribbon of a different color,
  • very thin shreds of tape of any of two colors,
  • threads.

When creating bows, it is not necessary to adhere to those colors and materials that are described here. After all, you create a masterpiece with your own hands, so you also need to choose a style.

From the widest ribbon should be three layer bow base. To do this, you need to determine its diameter and begin to wind the tape evenly to get three full turns. Then fasten the middle with a thread. More clearly presented below.

Then you need to move on to creating top bow. It will consist of, as it were, two layers that are on each other. We fasten the ends of the ribbons in the middle and connect the two tiers to each other so that they do not fall apart.

Ready-made bows of this type will include three elements: a three-layer base, a two-tier model and two pieces of the thinnest ribbon that will hang down.

It remains only to put them on top of each other and tightly bandage in the middle with a ribbon.

Finished jewelry can be clung to the head with the help of hairpins or invisible, and those around you will never guess that it is made with your own hands.

Another option for creating an original bow: