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Shirt with a dollar bill tie


There are several varieties of origami, and one of them - moneygami - money origami.

Origami figures from money (notes) are made without the use of scissors and glue, so they are a great gift. Such a gift will not be unnecessary, because if desired or necessary, figures can be expanded and banknotes used for their intended purpose. This is a great way to give a man or boy money in an original way for a birthday or on February 23rd.

You can also use the origami figurine from the bill as a talisman and put it in your wallet.

There are many schemes for money origami on the Internet, but many of them are very complex. And even a schoolboy can even make an origami “shirt” model out of money (we added this model with my first-grader daughter — I folded one shirt, the other one).

A banknote can be of any kind (rubles, dollars, etc.) and of any value.

Before making this craft out of this bill it is MANDATORY to practice several times on plain paper of the same size.
Using the instructions from this article, you agree that for any of your actions that entailed the damage of money, its author does not bear any responsibility.

How to make origami from money (from a bill) "shirt"

  1. Bend from the bottom about a third of the bill.
  2. Turn the workpiece to the other side.

Here is the result.

And here is another color scheme for an origami shirt from a 500 ruble note.

The same model can be folded not out of money, but out of paper.

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What we need:

  • just one bill of any value. The newer it is, the easier it will be to use.

Step 1: Watch this video

It explains in detail each step of creating crafts.

Step 2: start folding the bill

Fold the bill in half first, and then unfold it again. Next, fold it so that both edges meet on the central fold.

Step 3: Paper Airplane

Unroll the bill fully again. Fold one end the same way as when making a paper airplane: take one corner and fold it into a triangular shape. Repeat with the adjacent corner.

Step 4: Wrap

Fold this end of the bill with an acute angle to the president’s face so that the tip lies on the central fold.

Step 5: Fold the Tie

Small difficulties may arise here, but do not despair if the first time fails. In the figure, the necessary folds are marked in red. First unfold the folds made in the previous step. Then, make two folds from the edges of the small white triangle on the tip, diagonally back so that they touch on the fold in the previous step. The second and third figures show how the bill should look after you do everything.

Step 6: Finish the Tie

Turn over the bill so that the folds made are seen from the back. Fold the sides of this large triangle so that they lie flat under the tie. Then fold it again along the fold in step 4. The tie is ready!

Step 7: Fold again from step 2

Fold both edges to the center, as in step 2. But this time, slip them under the tie.

Step 8: Start Making A Collar

Fold along the white strip on the bottom of the bill.

Step 9: Finish the Collar

Turn over the bill. Bend the corners to the center to get diagonal folds. The exact length of these folds is not that important. The main thing is that they are relatively similar to each other, and both corners are almost in contact at the center.

Step 10: We are close!

Fold the bill so that the collar is directly under the tie.

Step 11: Fold the Sleeves

Expand the fold from the previous step and push the folds out (in the opposite direction), then repeat the fold, after which the collar will again be under the tie. This will produce two sleeves, one on each side of the collar.

Step 12: Shirt and Sleeves

Wrap the bottom of the bill (which already has sleeves and a collar) over the top so that the sleeves align with the shirt.

Step 13: Add a Collar

Fold that part of the bill from which the collar is made from the back side. From the front, slide the edges of both sides of the collar toward the shirt so that the tie is centered between them. Press all completed bends so that they do not unfold.

Step 14: Congratulations! Your origami from a dollar bill is ready!

How to make a dress from paper. Manigami - crafts from notes

I propose to do it differently. Let's make a paper dress using the manigami technique. This is also origami. Only it is made from a completely different material. Having received a dress with manigami as a gift, your girl will not be upset.

After all, a manigami dress is a completely different matter. This is a gift that looks like a souvenir. In the future, the girl herself will be able to choose an interesting model of clothing for herself. And buy what you like.

This tutorial shows the process of modeling dresses with manigami. It is made from a small denomination bill. You can practice on the same source material. You can take jokes of bank jokes for training. After training, you can easily perform such crafts. And for a gift it is not forbidden to use more expensive banknotes.

How to make a paper dress using the manigami technique - manufacturing process

It is very difficult to see any figure in the banknote. There are detailed folding schemes. They solve this problem. It is not difficult to make a model of a dress with short sleeves-lanterns, a long and magnificent skirt. We offer a detailed lesson.

  • Take a smoothed bill.

  • Bend the rectangle in the center.

  • Fold the resulting two-layer workpiece in half again. Do it all the other way.

The beginning of the formation of pleats of paper dresses

  • Expand the previous bend.
  • Rotate the two-layer rectangle so that the blank side is at the top. Let the sides of the former rectangle drop down.
  • Bend toward the center one side first.

  • Then bend the second side.

  • Flip the bill back to you
  • Fold the side to the center again. Make it the opposite direction. It should make small folds

  • Make the same fold on the opposite side

Collar Formation

  • Fold over the upper corners. So you show the little collar of clothes

  • Bend the top down. Do not fold in the center. Let it be a little higher.
  • Fold the paper back with your finger. We form the back of the collar

Waist formation on the circuit board

  • Again, lift the top of the dress up. Leave a crease at the waist.
  • Separate the sides of the skirt

  • Turn the dress back to you.
  • Bend the small triangles on the sides at the waist. This is done so that the paper in this place holds well.

Sleeve Forming

  • Fold the small corners down at the top of the craft.
  • Turn the dress over to face you. Now the clothes appeared sleeves.

The manigami dress model is ready.

Depending on how financially expensive you want to make a gift, take the number of notes and the value of their face value. And do a couple more dresses. This gift idea is almost universal.

You can safely give gifts with manigami on any holiday. Do you have a men's holiday party in spring? Make a gift with a manigami - shirt

That's all for today. Another preparatory lesson with crafts gifts passed. Craft from paper for mothers - the dress is ready.

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