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Why is mucus collecting in the throat - what should I do?


Sputum is a secret that is produced in the bronchi, passing through the respiratory tract, nasal mucus is added to it. Typically, such discharge is transparent, but if a person smokes or works in dusty conditions, the liquid may have a gray tint. It often happens that the mucus in the throat does not expectorate at all.

Causes of phlegm in the throat

Typically, sputum accumulation occurs as a symptom of a disease. When coughing, mucus can be easily spit out, but if there are no catarrhal symptoms and sputum becomes dry, getting rid of it is more difficult.

Most often, this symptom is associated with ENT diseases, but there are other options.

Possible diseases

If sputum in the throat is constantly present, but there is no severe cough, this indicates the following:

  • bronchitis - due to inflammation of the bronchi begin to intensify the production of mucus, which is periodic in nature,
  • allergy - Allergy sufferers know firsthand what sputum is. It appears with almost every flowering or due to other provoking factors, plus to all this, it starts to stuff up the nose,
  • hormonal failure or metabolic problems - These items are often accompanied by increased sweating and strong work of the bronchi, during which they secrete mucus. The appearance of a cough is also periodically noticed,
  • throat inflammation - in such a situation, the appearance of sputum only enhances pain and aggravates inflammation,
  • rhinitis - This disease is always accompanied by great discomfort, the appearance of thick sputum. Usually it is difficult to expectorate, because of which it settles on the walls of the pharynx and continues to stand lumpy.

In addition to these points, the cause may be a person becoming infected with an infectious disease, and often this can be a consequence of bronchial asthma.

The main symptoms of sputum include tickling in the throat and tickle, there is a feeling that a lump begins to get stuck in the throat. The patient feels that the mucus is in the nasopharynx and rolls into the larynx. Deriving it can be extremely difficult.

Moreover, the process worsens with the onset of the evening, when the patient takes a horizontal position, and after sleep, sputum accumulates and it becomes easier to cough.

Attention! Often there is a deterioration in appetite and nausea, sometimes even vomiting. During the above diseases, the mucus in the throat stagnates, stops coming out, creates a favorable environment for microbes and bacteria, which entails the emergence of chronic diseases, which must be treated immediately.

Which doctor should I go to?

There is a whole list of doctors who can be consulted if sputum occurs, it all depends on the symptoms and the area of ​​the disease:

  1. ENT. Mucus is continuously excreted in diseases such as pharyngitis, rhinitis, tonsillitis. In this case, only ENT can help,
  2. allergist. For people who are familiar with allergies, the appearance of sputum will not be a surprise either, and you need to get rid of allergic stimulants,
  3. gastroenterologist. With inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, upward discharge of gastric mucus can often be observed. This occurs with gastritis, stomach ulcers and esophagitis,
  4. pulmonologist. This specialist will help with bronchitis, pneumonia and tuberculosis.

For other diseases, you can contact the therapist, who will already determine by the symptoms which doctor should be consulted.


After contacting a specialist, a number of special analyzes are prescribed, with which you can understand the nature of the pathogenic bacteria, the cause of the appearance and the final diagnosis. Against the background of the results of the analysis and a thorough examination, the doctor will prescribe treatment or an additional examination in case of inaccuracies.

Drug treatment

If sputum is detected, homeopathic remedies such as Sinupret or its analogues are prescribed to relieve symptoms. The tablet will help relieve swelling, and therefore, improve the possibility of sputum leakage, and cleanse the body of it. In this case, mucus will be excreted through the nose, without touching the throat.

After the appointment of facilitating drugs, it is necessary to cure the focus of the disease itself, depending on the detected disorders.

Folk remedies

At home, you can also cope with this symptom, but it is worthwhile to understand that the patient only removes sputum, and does not fight with the causes of the appearance. If these are colds, then you can often recover at home, but if the issue is more serious, then it is better not to do without the help of a specialist.

How to get rid of sputum at home?

The first thing to do if the question arose of how to get rid of mucus in the throat is to give up smoking and alcohol. These two factors exacerbate the whole problem, with their presence it will be extremely difficult to get rid of sputum.

Then there are some more important rules:

  • drink more water. Do not forget that the body consists of 80% water, which is why when used regularly in sufficient quantities, even sputum will be easier to tolerate,
  • tea with honey and lemon. Acid dilutes sputum and improves its output, and honey softens the throat, and it stops hurting,
  • any warm drinks will help to dilute and quickly remove phlegm from the throat,
  • it is better to refuse dairy products for a while, they only contribute to the secretion of mucus,
  • a hot shower helps to soften sputum, which means it will be easier to remove from the body,
  • you should always spit out allotments - this is an important rule, which is forbidden to be ignored. Dry napkins or a handkerchief should be carried with you so as not to accumulate harmful mucus.


As a solution for the procedure, the salt option is perfect: dilute a tablespoon of salt in a glass of warm water. The procedure must be done at least 2 times a day.

Another proven option is this type of solution: in a glass of warm, pre-boiled water, a teaspoon of soda and a teaspoon of calendula tincture are diluted. Rinsing will help not only soften sputum and improve its excretion, but also kill germs.

Breathing over potatoes is an old grandmother’s recipe; oddly enough, it always works with a problem such as viscous sputum in the throat that does not go away. It is necessary to boil potatoes in a peel to a state of richness, cool the pan with the resulting water to 30-40 degrees, bend over the container and cover your head with a towel. It is important to understand that steam should not be scorching, just enough to be warm.

Reference! As ingredients for inhalation, you can use essential oils (tea tree, eucalyptus, fir), simply adding them to hot water immediately before the procedure.

And you can use decoctions of useful herbs, such as chamomile, calendula, or even whole fees.

Compress number 1: an effective treatment for colds, which will improve coughing, will be a vinegar compress. Vinegar with water is diluted in a ratio of 1: 3, after which a terry towel or gauze, rolled up in several layers, is moistened in the solution.

A dampened cloth is applied to the chest and wound with a bandage, after which the patient must be covered with a warm blanket or just warmly put on. The procedure is performed for three hours.

Compress number 2: honey will also help to cope with sputum, for this the breast area is smeared with a small amount of honey and covered with gauze and a terry large towel or wrapped in a warm scarf. The procedure is best done at night, so that the bed patient is with such a compress for at least seven hours, and removed in the morning.

What to do with sputum in a child?

If a mucus secretion is detected in a child, you should immediately consult a doctor, because the child’s body is very fragile, unlike adults, and there can be many causes of the disease.

After the doctor has prescribed medications, you can help treat with folk remedies to facilitate the removal of sputum. Such a tool can be:

  • regular honey, just take it on a teaspoon three times a day, and it will become easier to clear your throat,
  • honey can be diluted with cranberry juice in proportions of 1: 1 or in the same quantities with aloe juice, also giving such a remedy to the child in a teaspoon three times a day,
  • chamomile or mint tea in small quantities should appear in the diet for the period of the disease.

Possible complications

If you ignore the appearance of sputum, hoping that everything will pass independently, complications will begin to form. First of all, an existing disease can become chronic, and then it will torment throughout life.

Sputum is a favorable environment for bacteria, if you do not expect it or even swallow it, harmful mucus enters the stomach, after which inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract can develop.

Any disease requires immediate treatment, even if it seems insignificant, in fact, the problem may lurk deeper and be more dangerous.

Prevention of mucus in the throat

Prevention of any disease always begins with increasing immunity and improving the condition of the body as a whole. There are several rules that you should adhere to in order to minimize the risk of sputum:

  • proper nutrition, without it, not a single advice about health is worth it, you should abandon fast foods, flour, frequent use of sweets and limit fatty, fried and smoked foods in the diet,
  • drink at least 2 liters of pure water per day,
  • if you have an allergy, you should stay away from provoking factors,
  • give up cigarettes and alcohol,
  • at the initial stages of the appearance of sputum, you can immediately begin to gargle. If the situation does not improve within 2-3 days, then it's time to consult a doctor.

And it is important to remember that ignoring the disease does not lead to anything good, medicine has long stepped forward and found options for a quick recovery. The sooner treatment begins, the greater problems can be avoided.

Other factors

Normal factors causing persistent sputum include:

  1. Adverse environmental conditions: a high content of dust, chemicals and other harmful impurities in the air causes mucosal irritation and increased secretion in the throat and sinuses.
  2. Long smoking history: nicotine kills the cells of the ciliary epithelium, as a result of which the mucus lingers in the lungs and is constantly expectorated in the form of sputum of a clear, grayish or brown color.

Smoking is one of the first causes of sputum.

Drug treatment

The drugs used to treat the causes of sputum include mucolytic and expectorant drugs, immunomodulators, antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial drugs.

ACC Long is an effective drug for the treatment of sputum

Drug groupEffect on sputumRepresentatives
MucolyticsThinns excessively thick sputum, improving the process of coughing and cleansing the throat of excess mucus.Bromhexine, Ambroxol, ACC
ExpectorantHerbal or synthetic drugs that stimulate sputum outflow from the lungs and larynx. They are used in the form of tablets and syrups.Herbion, Altay, Gedelix
Antiseptic solutionsTopical disinfectants kill bacteria, helping with bacterial infections.Chlorhexidine, Miramistin, Hexoral
Topical anti-inflammatory drugsPastilles, sprays and solutions locally affect the focus of inflammation, eliminating the cause of mucus in the throat.Cameton, Strepsils, Ingalipt
Local immunomodulatorsStimulate the restoration and strengthening of immunity, help cope with viral and bacterial inflammatory diseases.Lizobakt, Ribomunil
AntibioticsDestroy pathogenic bacteria, stop the development of bacterial inflammatory diseasesAmoxicillin, Ciprofloxacin, Trifamox
Antiviral agentsThey stop the reproduction and further spread of viral infection, eliminating the viral diseases of DP.Amantandine, Tamiflu
Antifungal drugsThey get rid of candidiasis of the oral cavity and other fungal diseases that provoke the occurrence of sputum.Nystatin, Fluconazole

Herbal harvest

Quickly remove phlegm from the throat will help herbal collection: plantain, mint, marshmallow and coltsfoot. A drink of them is prepared as follows:

  1. Take 40-50 g of each herb, grind and dry, if necessary, mix thoroughly.
  2. The mixture is poured into 1 liter of water and infused for 20 minutes in a water bath.
  3. After the drink should stand for 2-3 hours in a warm place.

Mucus-derived herbal drink as a sputum suppressant

Use the collection should be 2-3 times a day, on an empty stomach.

Pine broth

Pine bark and pine needles are an effective anti-inflammatory agent for many diseases of the respiratory tract. The broth is prepared as follows:

  1. According to 2 tbsp. l mix pine bark and needles, pour 500 ml of hot water.
  2. Cook the mixture for 5 minutes over low heat.
  3. The resulting broth is insisted for 2-3 hours, then strain.

Pine broth is an effective anti-inflammatory

The broth is used orally in 50-60 ml, 2-3 times a day, on an empty stomach.

Pine buds

In addition to pine bark and needles, to get rid of sputum, you can also use the kidneys in combination with milk. The mixture is done as follows:

  1. 1 tbsp. l the kidney is mixed with 200 ml of warm milk.
  2. The drink is cleaned in the refrigerator and infused for 12-15 hours.
  3. The mixture is carefully filtered and used inside.

For 1 reception, you need to drink 50 ml of the drug.

Black radish and honey

Honey helps with any inflammatory diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract. Black radish also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects.

  1. Grate 1 medium radish on a fine grater, if the parts turned out to be large - grind almost into dust.
  2. Mix the resulting mass with 2 tablespoons of fresh honey, liquid or preheated to a liquid consistency.
  3. Drain the juice from the mixture and take it inside after eating, 1 tbsp. l

Black radish and honey - an excellent antiseptic for the fight against phlegm

The mixture itself can be applied to the chest and throat as a compress.

Onion broth

Onion is an excellent tool for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. To remove sputum, it is used inside as a decoction.

  1. Peel 2 large onions, place in a pan.
  2. Pour boiling water, cook for 1-1.5 hours over low heat.
  3. Add 200 g of sugar to the broth.

Use the broth 3-4 times a day.

Aloe and honey

To remove sputum from the respiratory tract, aloe leaves can be added to honey as an additional component.

  1. Peel a leaf of a fresh plant, chop it thoroughly.
  2. Mix the resulting with 1 tbsp. l honey of liquid consistency and consume inside.

Aloe as an additional component to honey in the fight against sputum

You can use this mixture 2 times a day: morning and evening. For each reception, it is necessary to prepare a new mixture, otherwise it will lose its useful properties during storage.

Banana Gruel

Banana in combination with sugar is an excellent folk recipe for better expectoration of sputum and accelerate recovery.

  1. Peel and grate 2-3 bananas.
  2. Add to them 2 times less sugar.
  3. Stir well and eat.

This recipe is harmless and very tasty, therefore it has no restrictions on the use.

Propolis tincture

Propolis tincture can be used as a gargle, compress, or throat lubricant to get rid of sputum.

  1. For lubrication: mix 25 ml of propolis tincture with 50 ml of peach oil, lubricate the mucous membranes of the throat and nose 2 times a day.
  2. To rinse: 2 tsp. dilute means in 200 ml of warm water, rinse 5-6 times a day.
  3. As a compress: mix 10 ml of propolis with 2 tsp. honey, put on a sterile bandage, apply to the chest or throat for 2-3 hours.

Propolis for rinsing, compressing or lubricating the throat with sputum

Tea with herbs and berries

Adding anti-inflammatory herbs, berries and other components to regular tea will help you get rid of the inflammatory process faster and say goodbye to sputum. As additives to tea should use:

Tea with the addition of anti-inflammatory berries and herbs for sputum

Tea with anti-inflammatory effect should be drunk 5-6 times a day.

Calendula with honey

Fresh or dried calendula is an excellent complement to honey: this herb copes with inflammatory processes in the body.

  1. Peel and chop 2 tablespoons of calendula petals, if necessary.
  2. Mix with 1 tsp. liquid honey, consume 0.5 tsp. in one go.

Calendula with honey against inflammatory processes in the body

The tool is used 2 times a day: morning and evening.

Prevention of laryngeal mucus accumulation

Preventive measures to prevent the appearance of viscous and thick mucus in the throat include the following:

  1. Refusal of bad habits: smoking, alcohol.
  2. Eating moderately spicy foods of medium temperature.
  3. Частые прогулки на свежем воздухе, по возможности – избегание вредных производств и районов с загрязнённым воздухом.
  4. Своевременное лечение воспалительных заболеваний дыхательных путей.
  5. Annual examinations by a cardiologist and gastroenterologist.
  6. The intake of vitamins in the autumn-spring period to reduce the likelihood of a cold.
  7. Drinking plenty of clean drinking water.

The appearance of sputum in the throat is a symptom that signals problems in the body. The separation of mucus never goes away on its own, so you should consult a doctor to avoid complications in the course of the disease.

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How is it formed?

Appearing sputum indicates that inflammation develops in the body. Mucus occurs as a result of exposure to toxic substances, allergies and food additives. It is formed in the respiratory, digestive and lymphatic systems.

Often, fatigue, poor health and digestion are the result of mucus and sputum in the throat. How to get rid of her? The answer to this question depends on the reasons for the appearance.

Mucus or snot accompanied by certain symptoms. Among them are the following.

  1. Runny nose.
  2. Sore throat coma.
  3. Discomfort when swallowing.
  4. Desires and coughing.
  5. Chills and aches.
  6. Sometimes headaches.

Do not worry if there is a mild sensation of mucus in the throat. How to get rid of her in this case? Simple methods will help (rinse, taking decoctions of herbs, inhalation, etc.). After all, sputum is a filter that protects against further ingress of microbes into the body. So the immune system responds to increased intake of viruses and microbes inside.

When looking for ways to get rid of mucus in the throat, you should first understand exactly why it arose. Snot talk about some recent illnesses that have already receded. However, the foci of infection still remain in the body. There are cilia in the nasopharynx directing sputum to the mouth. Over night, it accumulates and turns into a lump. It is possible to get rid of it by coughing.

So, snot appears in diseases such as:

If as a result of coughing it was not possible to get rid of it, then mucus accumulates in the bronchi and lungs. This leads to bronchitis and pneumonia. How to get rid of persistent mucus in the throat? Patients with bronchial asthma and lung diseases are concerned about this issue.

Common causes of sputum are the following factors.

  1. Colds - to eliminate viruses, sputum secretion increases. This is how the protection of the respiratory system is built. Then particles of infections enter the snot.
  2. Allergy - a protein substance is released when an allergen enters.
  3. Hot food - it contributes to increased mucus production.
  4. In addition, sputum appears with crying, stress, overheating, or, conversely, hypothermia.

Of course, you need to think, if there is a lot of mucus in the throat, how to get rid of it. In this case, the chronic disease, as a result of which it was formed, should be understood and treated.

Snot is felt even when the contents of the stomach enter the esophagus. This is felt by pregnant women at the end of the term.

It is easy to understand how to get rid of mucus in the throat for lovers of too hot or, conversely, cold food, as well as when working in harmful conditions or having bad habits (for example, smoking). By removing these factors, you will see that sputum disappears by itself.

Correctly diagnosing the disease can help the color of mucus.

Green and White Sputum

When green snot is allocated, due to which a lump forms in the throat, they speak of lung abscess. This disease is characterized by a purulent process, along with which chest pain, chills, and also coughing up with blood are felt. If you do not start the disease, then recovery will be simple. Otherwise, the disease becomes chronic, and in rare cases even leads to death.

If a white mass is released during coughing, it indicates a fungal infection or tuberculosis. The fungus in the bronchi or throat mucosa also occurs as a result of long treatment with antibiotics and other drugs that weaken the immune system. Excreted white mucus in a scarce amount when coughing will say about tuberculosis. And with a mass of bloody veins, it signals bleeding in the lungs.

Liquid expectoration indicates a viral infection or an allergic reaction. The latter appears as a result of a reaction to dust, pollen of plants, fumes and household chemicals.

How to be treated?

What is the best thing to do when throat mucus appears? How to get rid of folk remedies? Not hot, but warm drinks will help in this case. So, lemon tea has an excellent effect. It is purchased ready-made or made independently. In the latter case, two teaspoons of juice are squeezed out of lemon and poured with weak tea. It’s good to add quality honey to the drink.

Another universal remedy in the fight against sputum is chicken stock.

In addition, ordinary water becomes a truly effective remedy. The latter should be drunk in large quantities.

Quickly get rid of mucus will help spicy food. She sharply pierces her nose and clears snot. Of course, with stomach diseases, such a remedy, although it will relieve mucus, will ultimately serve poorly for the body. But cracker will not harm the body with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Meanwhile, this is an effective tool that will scrape sputum from the throat and safely send it to the stomach.

Rinse will help ease the patient's condition.

Flushing and inhalation

When the mucous membrane is too dry, thick mucus appears in the throat. How to get rid of her? Use moisturizers. In this, washing solutions are effective. Among the popular medicines, the following are used:

  • water with soda and salt (but 100 milliliters of hot water add half a teaspoon of salt, the throat is washed when the solution cools to 50 degrees),
  • water with the addition of potassium permanganate,
  • furatsilin
  • decoctions and infusions of herbs (a tablespoon of grass is poured with a glass of boiling water, insisted for half an hour and taken a little warm).

A lot of mucus accumulates in the morning after sleep. Then washings will become the most effective. After the procedure, the throat is lubricated with a Lugol solution and the neck is gently rubbed. In addition to the solution, vegetable oil with added salt is used for this purpose.

What else to do when there is thick mucus in the throat: how to get rid? In this case, inhalations are performed. To do this, use improvised means (pot or kettle) or a special inhaler, which is purchased at the pharmacy.

One of the most common foods is potatoes. In a purified form, it is boiled, then kneaded and a little soda is added. The pan is placed on the table, and the patient bends over it, covers his head with a towel and breathes from ten to fifteen minutes. It is also useful to breathe over a decoction of chamomile or calendula.

What should I absolutely refuse?

How to get rid of mucus in the throat quickly and effectively? Treatment will bring maximum benefit if the patient refuses:

  • smoking - often it is this habit that causes mucus,
  • the use of milk and products from it - they contribute to thickening of sputum,
  • being in places with a lot of chemicals.

In addition, it is important to purify indoor air. To do this, it is aired, humidified with the help of special devices, or wet-cleaned, but without using synthetic-based preparations.

What to do during treatment?

Treatment will become more effective if, in addition to taking medication and giving up bad habits, you follow a number of recommendations.

  1. Under the head put more pillows. Then the patient coughs less, and less mucus is secreted.
  2. A hot shower helps soften snot. Coughing up after it is much easier.
  3. Spit sputum. On the street, it is convenient to use a scarf for this.
  4. Humming the mucus will help humming melodies with your mouth closed.