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Wi-Fi Internet distribution and other Connectify Hotspot features


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Connectify HotSpot allows you to share your Internet connection with others, turning your computer into a virtual Wi-Fi router. After starting Connectify HotSpot, other devices can share your Internet connection, which is especially convenient when traveling. Installing your access point is simple and free, all you need is Connectify software, a computer with a Wi-Fi adapter running Windows and an active Internet connection.

Using Connectify Hostspot

Connectify Hotspot is available in the free version, as well as in paid versions of Pro and Max. Limitations of the free version are the ability to distribute only Ethernet or an existing wireless connection via Wi-Fi, the inability to change the network name (SSID) and the lack of sometimes useful modes of a “wired router”, repeater, bridge mode (Bridging Mode). In Pro and Max versions, you can also distribute other connections - for example, mobile 3G and LTE, VPN, PPPoE.

Installing the program is simple and straightforward, but you must definitely restart the computer after installation (because Connectify must configure and start its own services to work - the functions do not rely entirely on the built-in Windows tools, as in other programs, so this way of distribution is often Wi-Fi works where others cannot be used).

After the first launch of the program, you will be offered to use the free version (“Try” button), enter the program key or complete the purchase (you can do it at any time if you wish).

Further steps for setting up and launching the distribution are as follows (if you wish, after the first launch, you can also view the simple instructions for using the program that appears in its window).

  1. To easily distribute Wi-Fi from a laptop or computer in Connectify Hotspot, select “Wi-Fi Hotspot Access Point”, and in the “Internet Sharing” field, specify the Internet connection that you want to distribute.
  2. In the “Network access” field, you can select (only for the MAX version) the router mode or “Connected by a bridge”. In the second version of the device, connected to the created access point will be in the same local network with other devices, i.e. they will all be connected to the original distribution network.
  3. In the “Access Point Name” and “Password” fields, enter the desired network name and password. Network names support emoji characters. By default, when you log into Windows, the Connectify Hotspot program starts automatically in the same state that it was at the time the computer was turned off or restarted - if the access point was started, it will start again. If desired, this can be changed in “Settings” - “Connectify launch options”.

A useful feature, given that in Windows 10 the automatic launch of the Mobile Hotspot access point is fraught with difficulties.

Additional features

In the Connectify version of Hotspot Pro, you can use it in the wired router mode, and in Hotspot Max - the repeater mode and Bridging Mode.

  • The “Wired Router” mode allows you to distribute the Internet received via Wi-Fi or 3G / LTE modem via cable from a laptop or computer to other devices.
  • The Wi-Fi Repeater mode (repeater mode) allows you to use your laptop as a repeater: i.e. it "repeats" the main Wi-Fi network of your router, allowing you to expand its range of action. Devices essentially connect to the same wireless network and will be on the same local network as other devices connected to the router.
  • The bridge mode is similar to the previous one (i.e. devices connected to Connectify Hotspot will be on the same local network as devices connected directly to the router), but distribution will be performed with a separate SS> Connectify Hotspot can be downloaded from the official website http: //

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01/27/2018 at 10:47

Hello, I have such a problem: I wanted to install the game from a CD-R disc, and a CRC installer vice error pops up. It seems that the disk is not damaged, and I do not know what to do :). Thank you in advance!

01/27/2018 at 11:04

Is it possible to completely copy the contents of the disk to the computer? The problem can really be caused by data corruption (it’s enough that one byte is missing, you will not notice this visually).

01/27/2018 at 12:15

Will someone tell me what kind of a jerk and why did they invent a PPPoE connection with login and password? because of it so much hemorrhoids I apologize to windows

01/28/2018 at 09:27

This is since the ubiquitous ADSL connections. I don’t know the details, but there it is technically simpler to implement this type of connection.

01/28/2018 at 14:22

after creating a WIFI network in Connectify Hotspot Pro. There is no access to the Internet, connection settings get lost, I turn to the provider. Tell me, please, what's the problem?

01/29/2018 at 10:07

I do not know. Perhaps you have some special connection parameters with which connectify does not work correctly.

02.02.2018 at 09:07

Dmitry, didn’t you have to work with Internet repeaters? The problem is this: how to share (relay) a Wi-Fi network in which the password is entered in the browser window, and not in standard authorization (WEP / PSK)?
The repeater was purchased on Ali, it is called Wireless 300 N. There are no problems with sharing networks with normal authorization, in this case the password is entered in the repeater’s web interface

02/03/2018 at 09:05

Hello. When a password is entered in a browser window, it’s not a password for connecting to a wireless network, but a password for “connecting to the Internet” (in any case, I have only met such options) and a connection to a wireless network is performed either with a password or without it at all (i.e. e. open network).
If all the assumptions here are true on my part, then there should not be any peculiarities with the repeater - it should relay this open network, and authorization via http is already being performed from connected devices (we have a provider in the region with such authorization and it’s enough to log in only on one of the devices on your network so that the Internet is available on everyone else).

02/04/2018 at 12:01

Thanks, I tried it. But it turns out this way: the repeater expands the network, and then on each device you need to enter the password in the browser. The provider launches only one device per password. (
I solved the problem by setting WISP mode on the repeater and turning on its DHCP server

02/03/2018 at 12:53

I am using the free version of the program. The speed on a laptop is 90 megabits, on a smartphone 20-30 with a ping> 200. The smartphone is so slowly giving out the Internet, as if the speed is about zero. Do not tell me what's the matter? Why is such a ping so big? Can this program normally distribute the Internet?
And then other programs can try.

05/10/2018 at 17:03

I downloaded the file from the site and found the trojan in the downloaded file on virustotal

05/11/2018 at 09:20

One or two detections on VT (in your case - one) almost always indicates a false positive.

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Installing software for Wi-Fi distribution

There are many utilities for distributing the Internet, but we recommend that you use the proven and simplest utility, which is called Connectify. Download it from the official site by clicking on the link, and click on the tab Download.

The site will offer you to buy the full version or download a free analogue. Free Connectify contains all the necessary functions to create a full-fledged Wi-Fi network, so it makes no sense to spend money on a version for home use. After the download is complete, run the installation file, study the agreement and click the "Further" (I Agree).

There is no Russian version of Connectify on the official website, but you can search for it on the Internet. We are waiting for the installation to complete and we restart the computer - the program itself will offer us to take this step.

Configure Connectify Hotspot: Step-by-Step Guide

After turning on the computer, the Connectify shortcut will appear. We launch the program and proceed according to the following instructions:

  1. In the welcome window, we need to click on the “Continue" (Continue) The program will again offer us to purchase the Pro version. Push "Continue working in the free version » (Lite) and move on.
  2. The first settings will be made automatically, but we need to change them so that using the wireless network is convenient and safe. Open the system tray and click on the Connectify icon. The screenshot below shows which menu we need:

  • Now go through the points. OppositeHotspot Name » indicate the name of your network. It is not recommended to use your last name or first name when creating a network.
  • The most important point is “Password » (Password) With this word, you can connect to a Wi-Fi network from other devices. Create a complex password, because you will need to enter it only once on the desired device. After that, a smartphone, another laptop or tablet will independently connect to the network. The password can be changed at any time if the code word has become known to third-party users.
  • In point "Internet to Share » you need to specify the active network card. You must select an adapter with a connected ISP cable.
  • Go to the item "Sharing Over » - here you need to specify the adapter for distributing Wi-Fi, usually it is only one, so you definitely won’t be mistaken.
  • AT "Sharing Mode » you need to specify whether the network will have a password (EncryptedWEP) or without it (Open).
  • Item “AllowInternetAcsess » it is not available to us, since it is only in the Pro version. "AllowInternetAcsess » Allows you to block network access for a specific device.
  • The final step - click on the button "Start Hotspot » (launch access point).

  • Done, the Wi-Fi network is created, now you can connect to it from any device using the specified password.

    You can create an access point without using third-party programs. There is such a function in the latest Windows - from the "seven" to the "tens". We chose Connectify for the reason that it is easier and faster to work with. If you want to use the standard service, then go to "Network Settings » and select the section "Create a new connection ».

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    Detailed Connectify Configuration Instructions

    To fully configure the program, you will need stable access to the Internet. It can be either a Wi-Fi signal or a connection via a wire. For your convenience, we will divide all the information into two parts. In the first of them we will talk about the global settings of the software, and in the second - we will show with an example how to create an access point. Let's get started.

    Part 1: General Settings

    We recommend that you first do the steps below. This will allow you to adjust the application in the most convenient way for you. In other words, you can customize it to your needs and preferences.

    1. Launch Connectify. By default, the corresponding icon will be in the tray. To open the program window, just click on it once with the left mouse button. If there is none, then you need to run the software from the folder where it was installed.

    After the application starts, you will see the following picture.

    As we said earlier, first we configure the work of the software itself. Four tabs at the very top of the window will help us with this.

    Launch parameters

    Clicking on this line will bring up a separate window. In it you can indicate whether the program should start immediately when the system is turned on or if it should not take any action at all. To do this, check the boxes next to the lines that you prefer. Remember that the number of services and programs downloaded affects the startup speed of your system.


    In this sub-item you can remove the appearance of pop-up messages and advertisements. In fact, the notifications appearing in software are actually enough, so you should know about this function. Disabling ads in the free version of the application will not be available. Therefore, you will either have to get a paid version of the program, or from time to time close annoying ads.

    Network Address Translation Settings

    In this tab, you can configure the network mechanism, a set of network protocols, and so on. If you are not aware of what these settings do, it is better to leave everything unchanged. The default values ​​set up will allow you to fully use the software.

    Advanced settings

    Here are the parameters that are responsible for the additional settings of the adapter and the hibernation of the computer / laptop. We recommend that you remove both checkmarks from these items. Item about Wi-Fi Direct it’s also better not to touch if you are not going to configure protocols for connecting two devices directly without a router.


    This is the most obvious and understandable section. In it you can choose the language in which you want to see all the information in the application.

    Section "Instruments", the second of four, contains only two tabs - “Activate License” and Network Connections. In fact, this can not even be attributed to the settings. In the first case, you will find yourself on the purchase page for paid versions of software, and in the second, a list of network adapters that are available on your computer or laptop will open.

    By opening a section "Reference", you can find out details about the application, see instructions, create a work report and check for updates. Moreover, the automatic update of the program is available only to owners of the paid version. The rest will have to do it manually. Therefore, if you are satisfied with the free Connectify, we recommend that you periodically look in this section and do a check.

    Last button Update Now Designed for those who wish to purchase a paid product. Suddenly, you have not seen ads before and do not know how to do it. In this case, this item is for you.

    At this point, the preliminary program setup process will be completed. You can proceed to the second stage.

    Part 2: Configuring the type of connection

    The application provides for the creation of three types of connection - Wi-Fi Hotspot, Wired Router and Signal Repeater.

    Moreover, for those who have a free version of Connectify, only the first option will be available. Fortunately, it is he who is needed so that you can distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi to your other devices. This section will be opened automatically when the application starts. You just have to specify the parameters for configuring the access point.

      In the first paragraph Internet Sharing you need to choose the connection with which your laptop or computer goes to the worldwide network. It can be either a Wi-Fi signal or an Ethernet connection. If you doubt the correct choice, click “Help me pick it up”. These actions will allow the program to choose the most suitable option for you.

    In section "Network Access" you should leave the parameter "In router mode". That it is necessary so that other devices have access to the Internet.

    The next step is to select a name for your access point. In the free version you cannot delete a line Connectify-. You can only add your ending there through a hyphen. But you can use emoticons in the name. To do this, just click on the button with the image of one of them. You can completely change the network name to arbitrary in paid software options.

    The last field in this window is "Password". As the name implies, here you need to register an access code with which other devices can connect to the Internet.

    The section remains "Firewall". In this area, two of the three options will not be available in the free version of the application. These are the parameters that allow you to regulate user access to the local network and the Internet. And here is the last point “Ad blocking” very accessible. Enable this option. This will avoid the manufacturer’s intrusive advertising on all connected devices.

    When all the settings are set, you can start to launch the access point. To do this, click the corresponding button in the lower area of ​​the program window.

    If all goes without errors, you will see a notification that Hotspot has been successfully created. As a result, the upper area of ​​the window will change slightly. In it you can see the connection status, the number of devices using the network and password. A tab will also appear here. "Clients".

    In this tab, you can see the details of all devices that are currently connected to the access point, or used it before. In addition, information about the security settings of your network will be displayed immediately.

    In fact, this is all you need to do in order to start using your own access point. It remains only on other devices to start a search for available networks and select the name of your access point from the list. You can terminate all connections either by turning off the computer / laptop, or simply by pressing the button “Stop Hotspot Access Point” at the bottom of the window.

    Some users are faced with a situation where, after restarting the computer and restarting Connectify, the opportunity to change the data disappears. The window of the running program is as follows.

  • In order to again have the opportunity to edit the point name, password and other parameters, you must click Service Launch. After some time, the main application window will take its original form, and you can reconfigure the network in a new way or start it with existing parameters.
  • Recall that you can find out about all the programs that are an alternative to Connectify from our separate article. The information contained in it will be useful if for some reason the program mentioned here is not suitable for you.

    We hope that the above information will help you configure the access point for other devices without any problems. If in the process you have any comments or questions - write in the comments. We will be happy to answer each of them.

    Thank the author, share the article on social networks.