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Filming children in advertising and cinema - how to start a career? Secrets of Success


If your child has a strong desire to conquer the stage, but does not know how to become an actor, you should help him. The very first thing you need to do is to give it to a children's theater studio or school, meaning professional (and not an extra-curricular theater group). Thus, in the first place, the child will get the opportunity to be noticed, not to mention the mass of necessary knowledge for the future profession.

How to make a choice

In order to make the right choice, you will have to do some research. We need to try to find out if there were any children’s stars in this educational institution who started their career here in the same way. It is best for the first time to go on reconnaissance without a child in order to find out thoroughly whether there are any objects you need for your future star. If at least one of them is absent, you can not waste time in vain, because there is no point in staying here.

When the choice is finally made, you should be aware of the seriousness of the situation, as well as set your child to the fact that he will have to listen to, which does not need to be afraid. Even if you fail to get in the first try, do not despair, you should support the baby in order to try your hand for the next year, otherwise the desire to become a star may be forever ruined.

VGIK preparatory courses - think about it in advance

Preparation for admission to the institute should begin in advance, no later than one year before the entrance exams. Your success depends to a large extent on the choice of repertoire. The repertoire must certainly be selected in such a way that it complements the personality of the future actor, and does not go against his role.

Of course, you can do the training yourself, or you can invite a tutor, and even better go to VGIK for preparatory courses that last for several months, but there will be an opportunity to prepare thoroughly. By the way, it is recommended that everyone prepare not one version of each genre, but several at once (we are talking about a fable, a poem and prose), so that there is an opportunity to demonstrate oneself from different angles. The text of the works should be clear, you like and evoke emotions.

How to become a movie actor to fulfill your dream

In fact, in order to fulfill your cherished dream, you first of all need to have a huge desire. It is most important. Even if you do not have a special education, but have a desire to learn how to become a movie actor, your dream has every chance to come true.

There is another point in favor of actors without education. It very often happens that it is extremely difficult for a theoretician to work with a director, because they sometimes demonstrate their character, trying to show that they are versed in acting not only worse, but better than the director. They are even called "difficult material." Therefore, it is often preferable to actors without education, endowed with talent and identity, which are simply easy to work with.

Speaking of talent. He must be present for you, because it is he who first of all opens all the doors in front of you, and also makes everyone believe in you, despite the lack of diplomas about education.

You must have the right diction and beautiful speech, in connection with which it is highly advisable to first pass the lessons in correct speech, and only then go to the casting.

You must be endowed with the courage and determination in front of the camera, because working for the camera is the most important part of the work of a movie actor. Listen to the operator, do not get lost in the light of spotlights directed at you, because fears do not belong here.

You must have a good memory, which is also excellently improved through acting classes. After all, the actor has to memorize a lot of texts, the volume of which can be very large, and the remarks of the partners also must be remembered in order to know when to insert your own.

These are the basic required skills that you must possess if you really want to become a movie actor.

Child models: how to grow a star? How does a kid get to the casting and pass the test? Tips from the casting director and model agent.

Many modern mothers dream that their child will appear in an advertisement or a movie, or on the cover of a magazine. How to make a baby a star? Questions 7i are answered by Oksana Abdukhanova, PR-director of President Kids, a modeling agency, and Olga Dimchevskaya, casting director of advertising and film.

- At what age can a child begin a “career” model?

Olga Dimchevskaya: - Children are ready to shoot from their very birth, I had a casting for kids Once we did an advertisement for the Ministry of Health, so there was a very little girl there - two weeks! The plot was like a baby being born - but the doctor does not hit the ass so that she cries, as was customary before. Parents brought the child to the shooting, and there they already gave it to the actors. Somehow I had to remove my own daughter at the age of 7 weeks, but my husband allowed only at home and in my arms.

Oksana Abdyukhanova: - You can become a model from birth, as there are castings and offers for the very youngest - advertising baby food, diapers, cribs, strollers, medicines, etc. But the most suitable age to start with - At this time, the child is easier to explain what you want from him. In addition, the baby can already study in schools for actors, models, which greatly simplifies the filming process.

- What children are most often needed on the set: gender, appearance, age?

O.D .: - It is impossible to unequivocally answer this question: it all depends on the client’s desire. Usually gender does not matter much, but from experience I can say that among very young children - up to a year old - boys prefer, explaining that they are more “able-bodied”, more enduring.

Appearance also depends on the wishes of the client. Most often, children with clean fair skin are needed - you can’t put such makeup on crumbs. Still need to have big eyes. And, of course, the most important thing is the character of the child: how the baby reacts to strangers, his sociability, cheerfulness. The child should look happy - because in advertising everyone is happy and always smiling.

Age often depends on which product is advertised and the plot of the video. I can only add that adolescence - from the age of up to 15 - is not very popular, such children are rarely removed.

O.A .: - Both boys and girls are needed, but with girls it's easier: moms and dads see models of daughters rather than sons much more often. Appearance is in demand, as a rule, European, but there are orders for ethnic children (mulattos, Asians). The main thing is that the child should be outwardly attractive, cute. Girls appreciate long beautiful hair. Boys also should not have "soldier" haircuts - this complicates the change of image. The weight of the child is very important, since overweight children wear non-standard clothing sizes and, as a rule, are not very photogenic.

- As they usually look for children: through modeling agencies, the Internet, acquaintances? Which search method brings the best result?

O.D .: - Differently. Sometimes it was necessary to arrange a “street casting,” that is, to look for children right on the street, in parks, game rooms, and in stores. Generally looking everywhere! In fact, it is very difficult to work with children, and many, many kids have to watch before you find the one you need. Recently, an Internet search has yielded better results: you place an advertisement for casting on websites where mothers live, and you are waiting for a response.

- How long does the casting take? What about shooting?

O.D .: - Casting itself for a child takes a little time. It is important that the child sleeps, eats and is in good mood. From experience, I can say: it is best to bring a child asleep, leave with someone in the car, take a queue - and in no case wake him up! If you wake the child, no matter how sociable he is, it will be difficult to get him to do what is necessary.

Shooting usually takes one or two days. If the child is very small - up to 5 years, then usually 2 days are laid - just in case.

The shooting takes into account the mode of the little "actor": when he wakes up, eats, sleeps during the day and lies down in the evening. Toddlers are allowed to go for a walk - to scatter. A doctor is present on the set, before the picture he examines the child to make sure that he is healthy. Clowns or a special person are often invited to entertain a child. In general, when a baby is removed, everything revolves around him.

O.A .: - Castings are different, as are shooting. There are castings on the photo, but it happens that the child needs to be present and the process drags on for several hours. Filming can also last an hour, or several days, weeks and months, if it is a movie.

- Are there any tricks to make the child do what is needed according to the script? Or should the mother provide the necessary behavior?

O.D .: - Oh, oh, lots of tricks! And this is the most difficult question, perhaps. The main thing - for the baby, everything should be a game. It happens that the devices and the camera are hidden so that the child is not distracted by foreign objects. Sometimes they hide mom - and the second director or the casting director works with the child. On trials, it is usually clear how to communicate with a small actor to get the desired result.

O.A .: - Of course, there are tricks on how to make a child laugh, or, conversely, “make” him serious. But, as a rule, this is a dialogue - the experience of a photographer, operator, model or actor is important. Mom just does not have to, except to accompany her child. Unfortunately, this is sometimes a problem in the children's modeling business: for some reason, it seems to our mothers that they know better what kind of dress a customer should advertise, what hairstyle a stylist needs to do, how to shoot a photographer, and models to pose. But we are working on it.

- Do babies often take off with their mothers?

O.D .: - No, unfortunately, not often: instead of mothers actresses are removed. Sometimes, when there are scenes where the adult’s face is not visible, a real mother can also be shot - say, if the child does not want to sit in the arms of a “fake mother”.

O.A .: - It happens, but very rarely. The roles of moms and dads are usually taken by professional models or actors. And this is right, in my opinion: everyone should do his own thing.

- Why do you think some mothers want their children to be filmed in a video or magazine? What are their goals?

O.D .: - All mothers are different, but rather, it is a desire to see their child on TV, because even after casting, many mothers ask for samples of their baby.

O.A .: - There are several reasons why parents are interested in the modeling business: satisfying their own ambitions and the desire to be proud of their children, showing photos in magazines at alumni meetings and girlfriends, the desire to develop a child in all directions, including in the modeling business. There are those who fall into the modeling business by accident - and often achieve a lot, but there are also, unfortunately, who want to make money on their own children.

- How much can a child model earn - and does it depend on age?

O.A .: - It does not depend on age, it depends on the fee and the contract. A model can earn from a gift, toys up to hundreds of thousands of rubles per project.