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Where to work for shy people?


According to the warehouse, the psyche of people can be divided into extroverts and introverts. The former easily come in contact with the people around them, adapt well in any team, prefer a team work style and are able to openly express their thoughts. Contact with people is necessary for this type of air.

Introverts are the exact opposite of extroverts. They prefer to be silent, do not like new acquaintances, and in the company of new people they feel rather constrained. They are as if immersed in their inner world. Their achievements in the professional field may not be immediately noticed. Although among introverts, it should be noted such great people as Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Franz Kafka and others.

Shy people often suffer from the comments of superiors. They are ignored in the office, regardless of how talented and competent they are in their profession. But this does not mean that restrained, calm employees should act as hired personnel without the right to vote.

In the course of sociological studies, professions were identified in which the introvert can prove himself in full, and also receive decent wages.

Biochemists and biophysicists

Average salary: 60,000 rubles.

Biochemists and biophysicists study the chemical composition, as well as the principles of functioning of the cells of living organisms, their electrical and mechanical energy and related phenomena.

Biomedical Engineers

Average salary: 60,000 rubles.

Biomedical engineers work in engineering, biological, and biomechanical fields, design, develop, and evaluate biological systems and products, such as artificial organs and prostheses.

Geologists, not including hydrologists and geographers

Average salary: 50,000 rubles.

Geologists study the composition, structural features and other physical indicators of the Earth. They apply geological, physical and mathematical knowledge in the exploration of natural resources such as oil, gas, minerals or groundwater. Also, with their assistance, the process of waste disposal takes place, land reclamation is carried out and various environmental problems are solved.

Material scientists

Average salary: from 40,000 to 80,000 rubles.

The work of material scientists is to study the structure and chemical properties of various natural or synthetic materials, including metals, alloys, rubber, ceramics, semiconductors, polymers and glass.

Design engineers

Average salary: 70,000 rubles.

Design engineers evaluate materials and develop technical means and processes for the production of materials used in production. They must comply with specialized design and operational characteristics. Specialists are charting new applications for already known materials.

Shipbuilding architects

Average salary: 90,000 rubles.

Shipbuilding architects design and supervise the construction and repair of such floating structures as ships, barges, tugs, excavators, submarines, torpedoes, floats and buoys.

Shipbuilding Engineers

Average salary: 90,000 rubles.

Engineers in the field of shipbuilding are engaged in the development, and are also responsible for the installation of marine equipment and related equipment, including the power supply system.

Mechatronics Engineers

Average salary: 50,000 rubles.

Specialists in the field of mechatronics are engaged in the research, development and design of automatic units, intelligent systems, “smart” devices, as well as coordinate the management of industrial systems.

Nanosystem Engineers

Average salary: 80,000 rubles.

Engineers in the field of nanosystems are engaged in the development or control of the production of materials, devices or systems with a molecular or macromolecular composition, using the principles of physics, as well as electrical, chemical or biological engineering.

Average salary: 90,000 rubles.

Actuaries analyze statistics on the level of mortality, accidents, morbidity, and disability. They also record the annual retirement rate. Based on the data received, they compile tables in which the possible risk is predicted and the amount needed to pay future benefits.


Average salary: 50,000 rubles.

Economists carry out research, prepare reports, and also develop optimal ways to solve economic problems associated with the production and distribution of goods and services. Their activities are related to monetary and fiscal policies.


Average salary: 100,000 rubles.

Mathematicians conduct research in the field of fundamental mathematics. They study the application of mathematical methods in science, management and other fields.

Average salary: 70,000 rubles.

Physicists are engaged in the study of physical phenomena, develop theories based on the results of observations and experiments. Employees also develop practical methods for applying physical laws and theories.

Computer engineers

Average salary: 70,000 rubles.

Computer engineers carry out research, create projects, develop or test computer equipment that is used in a commercial, industrial, military or scientific field.

Water specialists

Average salary: 50,000 rubles.

Water specialists develop and implement programs and strategies related to such aspects of water resources as supply, quality and regulatory compliance.

Tropina Natalya Vladimirovna

Psychotherapist. Specialist from the site

Or maybe try to fragment their complexes somehow.
To analyze. What exactly are you afraid of? And bring the situation to the point of absurdity, in the sense of imagination.
I have the same garbage. You can record everything. All your worries, fears. Then re-read and delve into. Trying to understand. But in general, other people are no better than you. You are no worse.

In stock. Sit yourself there in your kennel with boxes and pieces of paper.

Wherever. Over time, shyness will pass if you work with people. I myself know, and I heard about other such cases.

Author, go to the secretaries. Wedge kicks out a wedge.
And at work, remember that this is work and communicating with these or those people is just part of the work. Play the role, enter the image. And everything will work out. Gradually your shyness will go away.

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If you do not like this trait of yours, it means it must be eradicated, otherwise life will not be what you want.

In library. Well, maybe not named after Lenin, but in some simpler way)

Damn, I wanted to sneak, but really sorry for you.
It is possible in the library, laboratory assistant ..
Honey, can you first fight with the complexes?
This is a long conversation.
You need a psychologist. Our problems did not arise from scratch. Perhaps the answer must be sought in childhood, in your environment. Or there was a psychological trauma that caused such a reaction.
Wish you luck.
And I HOPE that forum users will behave appropriately.

To programmers! I’m just going there) since even the sales assistant will not take me.

I am an incredibly shy person, just pathologically. But she worked as a journalist, learned to overcome this in herself. Now I don’t work, sometimes I remember the past and marvel: "How could I? How was I not afraid? After all, I sometimes had to be arrogant." And now she’s become a coward again. So I advise you to deal with complexes and intentionally choose a job involving communication with people.

Why break yourself? Look for a quiet job, perhaps at home, or as a librarian.

So I advise you to deal with complexes and intentionally choose a job involving communication with people.
+100! Author, I work as a proofreader. I am also very shy and the work would seem to suit me. But I really don't like it! I would give everything for working with people, perhaps even in the service sector. They wedge a wedge with a wedge, they say the truth! And so I become more and more clogged, because all that I see all day every day is an open Word file. No communication practice, nothing. I'm leaving myself, and getting out will not be so easy

I'm 24, I'm shy. Not pathologically, but still. I feel insecure in the team, I speak quietly, it is difficult for me to argue and defend an opinion. I can not relax and feel the tension. After work, I feel relief and sadness at the same time, because tomorrow will be the same day. Where is the best way to work for shy people, tell me! Apart from the packer, nothing comes to mind.

Head to work. Words across will not say, but will say - to dismiss)))

Why break yourself? Look for a quiet job.

I'm 24, I'm shy. Not pathologically, but still. I feel insecure in the team, I speak quietly, it is difficult for me to argue and defend an opinion. I can not relax and feel the tension. After work, I feel relief and sadness at the same time, because tomorrow will be the same day. Where is the best way to work for shy people, tell me! Apart from the packer, nothing comes to mind.

and I got a job at a bank for customer service .. in general, it's okay, I overcame everything, sometimes even customers start to be afraid of me ..

At the Institute for Innovative Development, you will definitely like it. She herself is the same shy, She got a job as a customer service manager. Type reviews in the search for the Institute for Innovative Development and read about them. More names ANO IIR, ANO DPO IIR

the same thing, I always worked with people, thought that with age it would pass, and working among people only spoiled my psyche even more. I have now turned from a shy shy to a vicious old woman, so I hate everyone. So I don’t know what to do and where to look for work away from people.

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Stage One - Summary

It is extremely difficult for shy people to give the item “tell us about your achievements”. It’s embarrassing for them to tell what they did for the company, what awards and titles they received, and they attribute all the merits to the team. Nevertheless, a resume is not a collective document, but a personal one for each employee. Indicate achievements in it, even if they were accomplished in a team.

It is also necessary to note professional ambitions. Otherwise, even with the necessary experience, qualifications, education, shy people will not grow in office. Just because it’s hard for them to write in the headline the resume “Department Head”.

The second stage is a cover letter

It is his recruiter who sees the first along with basic information about the applicant (name and surname, position, salary level). And it should be designed in such a way that the hr-manager wants to open this particular resume.

A lot has been written about the art of compiling such small business cards (4-6 sentences). But it’s hard for humble people to say: “For your vacancy, I am the best candidate. I have the knowledge, experience, education, recommendations for this. ”

You can only advise one thing - to force yourself to write such a cover letter. Create a template and change the name of the organization and position in it.

The third stage - monitoring vacancies

They need not only to be viewed, but also to respond to all that apply. Shy candidates often argue like this: “I posted my resume. If it interests anyone, they will contact me. ” This is a passive position, and it needs to be changed to a proactive one: “If my resume is not suitable for someone, this is not scary. To be seen, I must send him. "

The fourth stage - telephone interview

Typically, a telephone interview is preceded by a face-to-face interview. This is essentially a 10 minute voiceover cover letter. Not very sociable people are best prepared in advance to prepare, allowing you to answer the questions of the recruiter by phone. These questions are predictable: “tell us about your last job,” “what are you looking for right now,” “what kind of job are you interested in,” “why did you leave your last job”. If you prepare the answers, you will not have to improvise, which will save the introvert from unnecessary experiences.

Fifth stage - face-to-face interview

Shy applicants often do not get to this stage. All recruiters know this, and the motives for the fear of the applicant are often far-fetched. For example, “the requirements stated that I needed to bring a diploma with me, but I didn’t find an insert from him,” “before the interview, I went to a cafe to have a cup of tea and stained my shirt.” To help yourself, treat the interview as part of the job, a formal procedure that you need to go through and which is not an event in your personal life. If it’s easier for you to be interviewed via Skype, you can ask the employer about this form of interview.

Sixth stage - recommendation sheet

The “finalists” who passed the interview, the recruiter asks for a list of people who are ready to give feedback or comment on their colleague. Typically, these are managers, employees above the level of neighboring departments. Of course, the applicant must agree in advance with them, warn about the upcoming call and discuss the wording of the future characteristics. Otherwise, the recruiter may hear unflattering recommendations, which will interfere with hiring.

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