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How to learn to use the Snap on iPhone


The state-of-the-art Snapchat application from the American company Snap Inc has won the love and appreciation of the young generation of the 21st century around the world. Especially popular with a bright messenger in the United States of America. It is not surprising that the developers have invested in their offspring more functionality for the iOS platform than for the main competitor Android OS.

How to use Snapdriver on an iPhone for novice users.

After successfully installing the Snapchat app, the front camera turns on automatically. It is possible to switch to the main camera.

Take photos by pressing the round button at the bottom of the screen. Record short videos by pressing and holding the same button.

By clicking on the image of the “gear”, you will be taken to the setup menu.

Using filters (Lenses) by holding the finger on the smartphone screen on the face of the person being photographed in front of the camera lens. After selecting a specific filter or lens, click on the snapshot button.

A successful shot can be further processed using additional special effects by moving the screen left or right, as well as:

  • Icon "Scissors"- the ability to crop sections of the photo of interest with your finger or the stylus for an iPhone, with further saving in the" icons "subsection
  • Icon "Notebook"- adding small funny pictures for more colorful
  • Icon "T»- add colored text in the image
  • Icon "Pencil»- add a caption or drawing by hand to the photo
  • Icon "Cross"- removal of an unsuccessful result of creative imagination
  • Icon "Arrow»- sending the finished result to like-minded friends
  • Icon "Timer»From 1 to 10 seconds - the choice of time for automatic deletion, after viewing by the recipients
  • Icon "Save»- saving in the gallery of memories on the user device
  • Icon "Story"- saving a snapshot in the My History or General History directory for access by friends or everyone within 24 hours

Viewing the resulting experiments can be done by clicking on the small circle under the main button for snap in the “Memories”. There is also the possibility of further editing, if you click on the "Change" button below or send it to another user by pressing the button of the same name.

Snapchat: General Information

Snapchat application allows you to:

  • take pictures from the phone’s camera or record videos lasting no more than 10 seconds,
  • impose on them any effects, filters, labels,
  • send it all to another user's device, which also has Snapchat installed.

It would seem nothing special. However, the main "trick" of the application is the ability to set a timer for self-destruction of the message - from 1 to 10 seconds. After that, the snap (message) is deleted from the iPhone forever. And to save it is impossible. However, during the day the history of user snaps is still available for viewing - but only on condition that the snap was placed there.

Where to get Snapchat for iPhone

It’s clear that in the case of an iPhone, Snapchat can be launched on iOS. And here there are not so many options to download the application from users. You can take snapchat from the official site of the project, or from the iTunes digital store.
Downloading and installation are no different from similar procedures for other iOS programs, so almost every user who has downloaded and installed applications at least once can do this.

How to create a Snapchat account

Naturally, after downloading you will need to create a new account. If the program correctly determined the user's geolocation, then during the registration the Russian language will be available. However, everything is quite simple and in the English version. The program will ask you to come up with a new login. It must be unique and not be repeated with any login already registered. Next, enter the password.

In the next step, Snapchat will ask for a mobile phone number or email address. This will be needed in the future if you have to recover a forgotten password. However, this stage can be skipped.
Snapchat will also scan your phone book and suggest adding contacts to your contact list. You can agree or reject the offer.

At the final stage, it remains only to mark the indicated places in the picture - thus Snapchat eliminates the registration of bots. And, if everything is indicated correctly, you can start using the service.

Main Functions

To download yourself on your iPhone, they’ll be enough to register in the iTunes store and then follow the link. Downloading the application is completely free. Everything is done in full automated mode.

Right after the first launch, Snapchat will need to register with the system. The program will ask for an email address and some personal information. You will also need to indicate the number of your mobile device. A special SMS with an access code will come to it. By entering this code in a special text field, you can get started with Snapchat.

To make a snap, you will need:

  • Turn on the Snapchat app on your iPhone,

Launch the application. Switch to the selfie camera or to the front,

Selfie camera

  • Press the round screen button. A photograph will be taken. If you hold this button for a long time, then the video clip recording will begin,
  • Once the snap is complete, you can click the send button, mark the recipient friends - and send them your photo or video.
  • If you want to supply your snap filter, then you need to click on your face on the screen and hold your finger for a while. A special grid will appear on the face, and a list of available effects will appear at the bottom of the screen.

    It remains to select the desired one - and press everything on the same large screen button.

    As for how to use Snapchat on the Iphone 5s, the general principles of work remain the same. In fact, it is completely independent of iPhone models. Unless everything becomes faster and smoother - depending on the hardware capacity of the device.