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27 tips to help you sleep better


If you are someone like me, then you can never get enough sleep at night, no matter how hard you try. I mean, step back from the evening routine and go to bed early. It’s easier said than done, not to mention falling asleep quickly. We all know that sleep is good, but unfortunately, most modern people have a very busy daily schedule and getting enough rest is getting harder. Fortunately, there are some useful tips that can help you with this. So, for example, the time you spend preparing clothes in the morning can be halved by doing it the night before. Or just a few sips of coffee can help you wake up much faster. Pretty simple, right? If you are familiar with this problem, check out these 7 helpful tips that will work and give you some more precious sleep.

Prepare breakfast in advance

Try to cook your breakfast in the evening, or even at the beginning of the week. Thanks to this, you do not have to waste time cooking every morning. You can cook oatmeal, mini muffins, or even frozen sandwiches. In the morning you only need to warm them up and eat them, perhaps even on the go. This will allow you to sleep longer and will serve as a good start to the day.

7. Technology

To understand what specifically prevents you from sleeping normally, turn to modern technology. There are mobile applications and special devices (Zeo Personal Sleep Coach, Wakemate and others) that help to monitor the duration and quality of sleep. For example, for iOS there is a Sleep Cycle application, and for Android’s SleepBot.

8. The norm of sleep

The optimal duration of sleep is individual. But on average, it is believed that 7-8 hours are enough for normal life. Violation of the norm of sleep leads to an increase in the level of cortisol (the hormone of death) and various serious diseases. Therefore, try to sleep at least 7 hours a day.

Was it a tough week? Lie down after midnight? Give yourself a bonus in the form of an additional hour of sleep to restore strength and return to the accepted daily routine.

A short afternoon nap is very good for your health. But only short - no more than 30 minutes. If you take a nap longer, the body falls into deep stages of sleep - it will be difficult to wake up and get back to business.

Can't fall asleep? Do not turn from side to side, like a hula. Better get out of bed and do some quiet activity. For example, read or listen to the lounge.

14. Curfew

Also, many spend the evening burying themselves in the computer monitor or sitting in front of the TV. Then turn them off and "fall" into the bed. But if you strive for a truly healthy sleep, then two to three hours before the end of the day, arrange a curfew for all gadgets. Bedtime is a time for relaxation.

17. Temperature

16-24ºС - this should be the temperature in the bedroom. In a stuffy and too hot room, a person often wakes up and falls asleep worse.

Bright lighting, and sometimes "harmless" light from the TV, can also create problems with sleep. If it is impossible to eliminate the light sources, then so that they do not interfere with your rest, use a sleep mask.

21. Muscle relaxation

Before going to bed, it is better to carry out the so-called muscle relaxation. It consists in alternately straining and relaxing various muscle groups. Tightened the muscles of the legs, counted to five, relaxed, strained the press, one-two-three-four-five, exhaled, etc. This procedure can be done while lying in bed. In addition, meditation helps prepare the body for sleep.

23. Hot showers or bathtubs

Before going to bed, the body must relax, so before you go to the kingdom of Morpheus, treat yourself to SPA treatments. A hot shower or bath will help relieve stress and cause drowsiness.

In addition to the bath, music has a very soothing effect on the body. Classics, folk or jazz - each has its own melody giving harmony. Find the music that brings you peace and listen to it before bedtime.

25. Lavender

Fragrances also affect sleep quality. Lavender is an excellent remedy for insomnia. Use scented candles or essential oils to fill the bedroom before bed with the scent of lavender.

As you already know, it should be cool outside, but warm inside. Drink a glass of warm milk, cocoa or tea before bedtime, and you will immediately want to sleep.