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Star on board! How do domestic celebrities behave on the plane?


You walk in the center of Moscow, turn into Kamergersky Lane ... And here it is - your idol. You know everything about him, heard his discs to the holes or watched all the films with his participation. What to do next? PEOPLETALK will tell you how to behave next to a star.

First of all, you need to understand that a celebrity is also a person. Nobody likes it when they jump at him screaming “It's you!” And lick from head to toe. Therefore, no matter how enthusiastic you may be, keep yourself in control. In no case do not scream - you just scare the person and spoil the first impression. And don’t try to poke a finger at a celebrity. This, in principle, can never be done - so you show your not too high level of education.

If you still decide to approach, then proceed carefully - go with your usual step, do not run into the arms of the artist skipping. Once near the star, smile warmly. He smiles back - fine, then the contact has occurred. I didn’t react - go on, the person is not configured to communicate. Remember: this does not mean that the celebrity is "starry." In the end, she may have her own problems.

Say, "Hello, how are you?" Believe me, it will work much better than "You were so beautiful in the last movie." Even if you actually watched all the paintings in which your idol played, and it is his last role that seems especially ingenious to you, it will still look like undisguised flattery.

If you had an easy conversation, do not be nervous and remember that the star is also a person with his problems and experiences. So chat about something neutral, but just please, not about the weather. Latest movie news, new album Beyonce (34), concert “Rammstein"In Moscow - there is a lot to talk about. In no case be interested in the personal life of a star. She is personal in order to stay away from prying eyes.

Feel free to ask for an autograph. For a star, these things are an integral part of the job. Of course, for you this is actually something out of the ordinary, but your idol must have signed a hundred other people's papers. So, he will not refuse to decorate the 101st with his signature. Taking a selfie is a little more complicated - a celebrity may feel bad or not in good shape. If you are denied a photo, do not insist. Smile and say, “Thanks anyway.”

It is important to complete the conversation first - the artist will feel that you respect his personal space and time. It will leave only a good impression on you. Say: "It was very nice to meet you, success to you." Perhaps your idol will even remember you and the next chance meeting will suit you.

Michael Aramyan (24), actor

Behave as all educated people behave with each other, no matter the star is next to you or not. No need to poke your finger, scream or rush with kisses. Come, take pictures, take an autograph, ask questions, if both allow time. The main thing is politeness and education.

Alexander Panayotov (32), singer

No one cancels the ordinary rules of decency and subordination. And the status of a star does not play any role. If a person is in my company, he can behave relaxed and at ease. And I would like, of course, to be beautiful too.

The star is the first person. You should behave with the artist in the same way as with any other person whom you respect. But there are separate aptekas that should not be allowed in relation to a public character. For example, when a celebrity sits in a restaurant: drinking, eating, talking with friends or by phone, and a fan unceremoniously interrupts him and asks for a picture. This, to be honest, is very unpleasant, but it is always difficult for me to refuse at such moments, because I'm still a well-mannered person. I can also say that you do not need to approach a celebrity in equipment: a cap shifted to his face and dark glasses. The artist may be after a long flight and very tired. Therefore, when you come up and ask for a picture, the star may refuse. But it also happens that people start to be offended, be rude, ask, “Are you sorry or what?” In this case, it seems to me, you need to get into a situation. In general, upbringing and intelligence is applicable to any artist.

Artyom Pashkin, psychologist

Believe me, the stars are the same people as you and me, only more widely known. And, of course, sometimes they want to relax and take a break from stardom. Behave with dignity - you don’t have to scream all over the street “Oh my God, this is Lazarev / Cord / Schwarzenegger!” Many instinctively, unable to find words, begin to poke a finger towards the star. Forget about it. After all, you are not at the zoo, and even there it is, to put it mildly, unacceptable. Remember: modesty adorns a person. They calmly approached, said hello, took an autograph, took a selfie (of course, asking for all permissions) - bingo! You have a memory photo and an autograph, the star has a positive feeling from communicating with an adequate fan.

Domestic celebrities on the plane

Employees of the airlines regularly meet with celebrities, and they see them without gloss and glamor. In addition, during the flight, all passengers are equal and must listen to the opinion of the flight attendants. So, the former stewardess Alyona (the girl preferred to hide her last name) told the Ridus magazine what domestic celebrities she flew with, and most importantly, how they behave on board. By the way, the girl emphasized that basically all public people behaved tactfully and respectfully.

Vera Brezhneva

According to the stewardess, Vera aboard was friendly and polite. However, she didn’t want to be photographed, explaining this by the fact that she did not want her everyday photos to be on the Web. In return, the wife of Konstantin Meladze signed a postcard for the entire staff of the aircraft, where she left individual wishes.

Britney Spears

The famous singer Britney Spears regularly visits secret children's hospices and helps during therapy. She also teaches children dances: "For someone with her status, this is really cool!"

The French actress impressed the journalist.

“I was seriously worried for two minutes when I was interviewing Eva Green. She brought me a glass of water, took my notes, read them, and then answered them in two different voices in an accelerated mode.”

Julia Roberts

Photo: Getty Images

The star of the movie "Runaway Bride" teaches children to help the poor.

"I saw how Julia Roberts made her children take food from the restaurant to the homeless. She stayed away and looked at what was happening from afar."

Keith Harington

John Snow from the series Game of Thrones turned out to be a pretty nice young man. The Briton helped the girl at one of the festivals: "Kit carefully told me that my dress pulled up and sticks out of my underwear. After 10 minutes, he also offered me a scarf when my nose went bleeding."

Jared Leto

The lead singer of "30 seconds to Mars" came to the rescue of a fainted person.

"At the Coachella festival, someone fainted after the energy drink. Jared Leto came to the rescue, he yelled at his friends for being inactive, and then forced them to take a friend to a medical tent."

Matthew McConaughey

“Matthew McConaughey was at a bar in Minnesota at my bachelorette party. He was dancing alone, and I wondered if I could join him. He said,“ Of course, ”and added that I was dancing great. I even blushed. We were all impressed. He took some photos with us and acted like a real gentleman. "

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