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Vending business: receiving PET bottles


Reusing materials not only benefits the environment, but can also have a great effect on your wallet, bringing you a little extra money. The easiest way is to turn over aluminum cans and plastic bottles for recycling: they can be turned over to recycling centers, which usually pay for the weight or quantity of items delivered. Continue reading this article to learn how to recycle aluminum cans and plastic bottles to make money.

Environmental solution

Today, in order to stop plastic pollution of the planet, it is necessary to completely abandon its production. However, this option is unrealistic. The fact is that plastic is a universal and cheap material that is used in almost all spheres of human activity. Moreover, at the moment there is no worthy alternative to it.

Reducing the amount of hazardous waste can help to limit the production of environmentally unsafe packaging. This method is currently used in many foreign countries. For example, in stores in Europe, plastic bags were replaced with paper bags that do not harm the environment and can decompose in two to four weeks when disposed of.

Reducing the amount of waste from plastic can be achieved by recycling this material. The bulk of packages to be disposed of are bottles. Almost all manufacturers of carbonated and mineral waters pour them into plastic bottles. In this regard, the disposal problem arises. Solving it, you can open your own business on plastic bottles.

Waste collection

Before organizing the reception of PET bottles, you should carefully study the experience of European businessmen. On the territory of outlets in most countries, special machines are installed. Their main purpose is to collect PET bottles. If you carefully study this issue, we can conclude that you can make money on such waste. However, this is not easy. At the moment, in Russia, the reception of PET bottles is carried out by the only company supported by the Moscow government.

Varieties of machines

The device with which PET bottles can be received is a special container for containers. At the same time, to determine the object, it is scanned. In world practice, there are two varieties of such machines. The first of them includes those that scan and receive PET bottles. The second type of machine is designed to collect aluminum containers.

Operating principle

Smart containers are called fandomats. Automatic machines for collecting plastic bottles and aluminum containers exchange the packaging to be recycled for money. In these containers, the volume and weight of the tare are determined, and barcodes are recognized to identify the object.

The machine for collecting plastic bottles and aluminum containers is equipped with a "microclimate" system, which supports certain values ​​of humidity and temperature and allows the device to run smoothly.


The production of such machines is established in Germany. In this regard, the price of this equipment is considerable. The cost range of fandoms ranges from four thousand eight hundred to seven thousand euros.

To buy or not such a machine? Starting his own business, each entrepreneur draws conclusions about the payback periods of the equipment he purchases. Collecting plastic bottles as a business is not an easy task. That is why, before taking certain steps, it is necessary to enlist the support of state bodies.

Vending business will advance faster and bring real profit in the case when the collection of plastic containers will be combined with its processing. These two processes are practically inseparable from each other. In order to process raw materials, they must first be collected. In this case, the best place to place fandom will be the trading floors of stores or the territory in front of the super- and minimarkets.

Business profitability

Suppose the city has two thousand fandoms. The most profitable to take aluminum containers. The collection container can hold up to four hundred cans. Consequently, from all fandoms, the daily receipt will be 800,000 cans.

The cost of aluminum raw materials ($ 1.28 per kilogram) will allow you to get daily revenue of $ 25.5 thousand. Of these, the apparatus will be paid to those who dipped banks in it, 18.5 thousand dollars. As a result, the daily profit will be seven thousand dollars. But do not forget that the purchase of so many fandoms will take twelve million euros.

Thus, under favorable conditions, profit is possible only five to six years after the start of business. At the same time, we did not include administration, logistics, and technical support costs in our calculation. The conclusion is clear. In order to build a network of fandoms, state assistance will be required.

Collection and recycling

World statistics show that packaging and packaging are the most disadvantageous links in the plastic processing chain. This situation exists in almost all countries. For business, a prerequisite is a budget subsidy and support from the city authorities.

The next stage is more profitable - plastic processing. There is a definite opinion of experts. According to him, the payback of a garbage processing enterprise is achieved within one to two years from the moment of its opening.

At the same time, on average, profitability indicators reach twenty-five percent. Higher income can be obtained by combining two processes - the collection and processing of plastic containers. However, to open such a business, state subsidies will certainly be needed.

In addition, some experts believe that fandomists in Russia are currently implementing the wrong reward scheme. So, in Germany, a person who throws a bottle or a can into the device is given a special ticket, which allows to reduce the cost of products purchased in the store. In our country, it’s easier for a person to throw an empty bottle into an urn than to make a path to a fandom who will give him some trifle in exchange for a container.

Some experts believe that you can draw attention to the device for collecting plastic bottles in another way. If a fandomat performs a musical composition in exchange for a container or “tells” a joke, then people will not walk to the ballot box, but to it. At the same time, significant cash savings can be achieved.

The use of waste plastic

Despite the difficulties of the business of accepting PET bottles, the expansion of the network of fandomates is planned in Russia. How is used plastic used?
Secondary PET serves as a material for the manufacture of synthetic yarns, fibers and geotextiles.

Almost thirty percent of the waste is spent on these purposes. PET fibers are used for car upholstery. They make carpets for offices and homes. European standard PET finds its application in the manufacture of polyester fabric. This material is used as insulation for sleeping bags and sportswear, as well as a filler for soft toys. If the fiber is thin, then it is used in the manufacture of artificial wool for scarves, sweaters and knit shirts.

Creating a business for the collection and recycling of PET bottles and aluminum containers will require a lot of effort and time. At the same time, state support is important. However, having overcome all obstacles, you will be able to reach an unprecedented result, and then all costs will be covered by income. The most important thing is to believe in success, and then everything will certainly work out.

Types of aluminum cans

Aluminum cans favorably with other types of containers as follows the benefits:

  • save the original qualities of the drink are better than plastic containers,
  • completely protect contents from the influence of the environment, and the metal itself does not have a negative effect on it,
  • aluminum cans are beneficial to manufacturers thanks to easy transportation (they are light enough and do not fight)
  • banks are especially good for buyers because cool quickly and are able to "keep" cold for a long time,
  • this is a reusable product and he may be subject further recyclable.

Only aluminum has such characteristics convenient for both the buyer and the manufacturer.

Cans are made of imported aluminum alloys 3004, 3104 and 5182, 5042 for lids, and tin blanks are subject to double rolling, which makes the finished product easier.

The aluminum cans themselves may differ in the following ways. parameters:

  1. Capacity. On the shelves you can find cans of various sizes, but containers with a capacity of 0.33 liters, 0.5 liters and 1.0 liters are much more common.
  2. Thickness. Currently, manufacturers are trying to make cans with the thinnest walls. This facilitates transportation and conserves resources. Most often on the shelves you can see banks with a wall thickness of 0.110 mm, lids - 0.16 mm and the bottom - 0.30 mm. But there are other species with slight differences.
  3. The weight. They try to reduce it along with the thickness. How much does an aluminum can weigh? The most common banks with a capacity of:
    • 0.33 L with a weight of 13 g,
    • 0.5 l with a weight of 15 g,
    • 1 liter with a weight of 29 g.
  4. Height. There are two main types according to GOST - with a capacity of 0.33 l, the height is 115 mm, and 0.5 l is 168 mm.

In addition, many enterprises engaged in scrap collection also ask to divide banks by:

  • destination (beer, lemonade, cold coffee),
  • form of packaging.

Reception centers are ready to pay for aluminum cans of all the above types.

Where can I turn in

Presenting aluminum cans is not a problem.

There are many private enterprises that are ready to accept such non-ferrous scrap in any quantity.

The most popular option where you can take aluminum cans are private scrap metal collection points.

They are in almost every city.

Exists specialized points where everyone can turn in scrap of any kind, and the average prices for colormet can be found in this article.

Such enterprises are resellers and offer reasonably favorable prices when handing over scrap of color metal at retail, that is, per kilogram. The cost per kilogram at some points may increase due to the number of cans handed over. Before surrender, take an interest in the presence of a license for the implementation of this activity at the point of reception.

Many of the organizations offer not only scrap removal, but also following services:

True, the price is changing from this.

If it is possible to hand over cans in bulk from several thousand kg, it is better to work directly with metal base or processing plant.

They can also arrange pickup of the product, and the price will please.

The only difference is that banks will have to independently:

Recently, in Russia, the third version of the "implementation" of aluminum cans has become increasingly well known.

This is a special device for receiving aluminum cans (fandomat), which carries out the piece by piece. In big cities, such miracle cars usually stand in shopping centers. The average cost of taking one aluminum can in such a machine is about ten kopecks apiece, and any enthusiast of any age can hand it over.

Although this system just starting to develop in our country, it is safe to say that it is the future for the collection of scrap metal.

Do you want to turn black metal into scrap metal, but don’t know where? Check out the points of reception of ferrous metal. Do not know which metal is more profitable to hand over? Read this article. If you are just wondering how the processing of ferrous metal occurs, then we have a very interesting article

Admission Terms

A huge plus of handing over aluminum cans is that the seller receives the money immediately after delivery of the container. However, it is worth noting that at each type of enterprises and private companies conditions receiving recyclables may vary.

Not all collection points accept aluminum cans individually.

The minimum weight is usually one kilogram, and at large enterprises and processing plants - one ton.

If you want to pass the banks by the piece, then it is better to contact resellers.

Few of them advertise their services on the Internet, and there’s nothing to say about their own website.

They can find through:

But their prices are appropriate. Hand over the bank for expensive, you can not hope.

Handing over one aluminum can is more profitable in a special machine for receiving them, but keep in mind that they are still only in large cities.

They accept only those banks that meet the following criteria:

  • clean
  • whole
  • with an intact barcode.

Using kilograms is easier and more profitable.

Private collection points take banks of any:

Even crumpled dirty beer cans stained with earth.

Such companies themselves carry out:

If you want to receive more money per kilogram, it is better to take banks:

Each organization determines the sorting conditions by itself.

Most often, they ask to distribute container according to:

Less often - in chemical composition.

If possible, they are also asked to place cans in pressed bales for optimal loading in vehicles (upon custom export).

As for processing plants, they usually buy there already pressed aluminum can from several hundred kilograms.

Acceptance is carried out in accordance with regulatory documents of a regional scale, and the seller, upon delivery, must have an identification document with him.

Scrap is accepted only:

  • in clean
  • sorted by grades and groups.

To the composition of the scrap of colormet on large enterprises there are certain important requirements:

  • metallurgical yield should be at least 90%,
  • no paper, iron or dirt is allowed,
  • it is required that the mass of the metal is 95% aluminum, other metals are allowed, but they should be the smallest fraction,
  • radiation pollution is unacceptable.

Prices for aluminum cans at collection points

To form average prices, consider the cost of accepting aluminum cans at three types of enterprises:

  • those that accept banks with an aggregate weight of several tens and hundreds of kilograms,
  • enterprises buying scrap from a kilogram,
  • places where you can take banks by the piece.

From 10-100 kg

At this point, we took four large enterprises that are either engaged in the processing of scrap metal, or directly cooperate with such plants.


This company accepts various types of raw materials. One of them is aluminum cans. The company website states that they accept aluminum scrap weighing not less than 0.5 tons. The minimum price is 45 rub / kg.

The price increase depends on three parameters:

  • weight characteristics (the more you rent, the more the cost of raw materials per kg becomes)
  • purity of raw materials (lack of dirt and impurities),
  • possibility self delivery goods.

The company also notes that the reception of cans is possible. only in compressed form.

Second Resource

One of the largest enterprises in the cultural capital of Russia offers the purchase of aluminum cans from 50 kg by price from 65 to 75 rubles per kg when using your own transport.

The price varies depending on the purity of the proposed raw materials.

Its value will be lowered 5% if the scrap contains:

If the seller can not deliver the goods independentlyThe price of aluminum cans will vary from 40 to 68 rubles per kilogram.

MDM VtorMetall

Moscow company accepting aluminum cans at a price 64 rub / kg.

For such a price, you can only sell scrap metal that meets the following criteria:

  • clean,
  • compressed
  • free of foreign metals and dirt.

Also company offers a premium 10% when accepting payment by bank transfer.


Here for a kilogram of scrap aluminum cans you can get from 20 rubles. The company emphasizes that the price will increase depending on the amount of scrap delivered. However, the company’s website does not provide accurate information about the price increase.

From kilogram

Here are considered the five most popular private points of reception of the three largest cities in Russia.


The Moscow company offers the purchase of aluminum cans at a price 68 rub / kg. Conditions for raising or lowering the price are not indicated, but offered paymentcostitem by photo.

Metal +

The company Metal +, located in Moscow, indicates two prices per kilogram of aluminum cans. 45 rubles per kilogram will receive those who give banks at retail, that is from 1 to 99 kg. And those who decided to sell more than 0.1 tons receive at a time 50 rubles for one kilogram. At the same time, in cost export is included raw materials enterprise.


Here the price is 64 rub / kg, however, it does not include pickup. The company’s website also notifies that the price for large consignments of goods may increase markedly.

Resource LLC

At this enterprise the price is indicated from 40 rubles per kg of aluminum cans.The cost can grow up to 42 rubles for non-cash payments and up to 45 rubles for delivery of scrap from one ton.

Rithen Metal

Novosibirsk company Riten Metal is ready to buy scrap aluminum cans for 59 rub / kg. Here, accepting payment by card is also beneficial: the cost will increase to 60 rubles / kg.

The company accepts only the following banks:

The price may increase depending on the weight of the goods.

Neither large enterprises nor small collection points will accept aluminum cans weighing up to one kilogram.

By the way, banks can only be handed over to dealers or found in your city fandomat - automatic machine for receiving aluminum cans.

At piece by piece for aluminum cans, the price per unit varies, but on average from 30 to 50 kopecks.

The average price of aluminum can scrap is presented in the table:

One can1 to 99 kgUp to 1 tonFrom 1 ton
Cash40 kopecks51,5r / kg56,4 rub / kg63 rub / kg

How to get a higher price?

To get as much profit as possible from the delivery of aluminum cans, you need in advance to prepare goods for delivery.

Highest The price can be obtained if:

  • properly clean off raw materials (make sure that there are no other metals, earth and dirt),
  • sort banks in size and purpose,
  • compress the goods
  • dial how can more cans, because in most companies the fundamental factor in raising prices is precisely the amount of scrap delivered,
  • to consider at least five large enterprises collecting scrap and choose the best price.

Thus, the delivery of aluminum cans to collection points is a quite profitable business and does not require special physical costs. Scrap collection will not only replenish your family budget, but also allow you to participate in the conservation favorable environmental conditions on our planet.

In addition, for the delivery of this type of scrap does not need any financial costs. You do not need to additionally buy a metal detector for search and various equipment for metal analysis. After all, there are banks in almost every yard and you will even be grateful if you want to collect them.

How is the reception of aluminum cans by a special machine in Sweden, see in this video: