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Computer Optimization on Windows 7: How to Increase Game Performance


An interesting topic and always relevant is how to increase the speed of a computer. In the modern world, the race over time is becoming more and more interesting, everyone gets out as best he can. And the computer plays far from the last role here. How can he infuriate with ridiculous brakes at a crucial moment! At this moment, I am visited by such thoughts: “pipets, well, I’m not doing anything like that! where are the brakes from? ”

This question is less of concern to those who simply work with office applications or with the Internet, but here is the setup! For example, it starts to slow down Google Chrome.

In this article, I will analyze the 10 most effective ways to increase computer performance.

Replacement Parts

The most obvious way is to replace the computer with something more powerful, we will not consider it 🙂 But replacing any spare part (component) is quite possible. You just need to figure out what can be replaced by spending less money, and getting the maximum increase in computer speed.

BUT.CPU It is worth replacing if the new one is at least 30% faster than the installed one. Otherwise, there will be no noticeable increase in productivity, but a lot of money will be required.

Extreme sportsmen can try to overclock their processor. The method is not for everyone, but nevertheless it allows you to postpone the upgrade of the processor for another year or two, if the overclocking potential of the motherboard and processor allows. It consists in increasing the nominal frequencies of the central processor, video card and / or RAM. Complicated by the individual features of a particular configuration and the possibility of premature failure of it.

B.RAM. Definitely need to be added if during operation all memory is loaded. We look through the "Task Manager", if at the peak of work (when everything that can be opened is open) up to 80% of RAM is loaded, then it is better to increase it by 50-100%. Fortunately, she is worth a penny now.

C.HDD. It's not about the size of the disk, but its speed. If you have a slow hard drive from an economical series with a spindle speed of 5400 rpm, then replacing it with a more expensive one with a speed of 7200 rpm and a higher recording density will add performance. In all cases, replacing the SSD-drive smiles very users 🙂 The performance before and after is completely different.

D.Video card. Here it’s clear, for games we are changing to a more productive one, but do not forget that the processor should be “matched” with a powerful video card. Here it is described in detail which video card is better.

It is approximately possible to identify a bottleneck in the computer configuration using the standard Windows 7 performance evaluation tool. To do this, go to "Control Panel -> System" and click "Measure Performance" or "Update". The overall performance is determined by the lowest rate, so you can determine the weak link. For example, if the rating of the hard disk is much lower than the rating of the processor and RAM, then you need to think about replacing it with a more productive one.

Computer repair, cleaning

The computer may slow down due to some kind of malfunction, and a simple repair will help increase speed. For example, in case of malfunctions of the processor cooling system, its clock frequency is greatly underestimated, and as a result, performance decreases. It can still be trivial to slow down due to overheating of the components of the motherboard due to heavy dust! So first, try to clean the system unit thoroughly.

Defragment and free disk space

If you have never heard what it is or have not done defragmentation for a long time, then this is the first thing you need to do to increase the speed of your computer. Defragmentation collects the information on the hard disk in pieces in one piece, which reduces the number of movements of the read head and increases productivity.

The absence of at least 1 GB of free space on the system disk (where the operating system is installed) can also cause a decrease in overall performance. Keep track of free space on your drives. By the way, for the defragmentation process, it is desirable to have at least 30% free space.

Reinstalling the Windows XP / 7/10 operating system

Reinstalling 90% allows you to increase the speed of the computer by 1.5-3 times, depending on its "contamination." This OS is so arranged that over time it needs to be reinstalled 🙁 I know people who "interrupt Windows" several times a week. I am not a supporter of this method, I try to optimize the system, get to the bottom of the true source of brakes, but still, I re-install the system somewhere once a year, and that is due to the fact that some components change.

In principle, if I didn’t have such a flow of programs, then you can live 5-10 years without reinstalling. But this is rare, for example, in some offices where only 1C: Accounting and Microsoft Office are installed, and nothing has changed for years. I know such a company, Windows 2000 has been standing there for more than 10 years and works fine ... But in general, reinstalling is a good way if you do not know how to increase the speed of your computer.

Using software optimizers operating system settings

Sometimes you can significantly increase the comfort of work with the help of special programs. Moreover, in most cases this is almost the only simple, fast and suitable method. I already wrote about one good program called AeroTweak earlier.

You can also try the good PCMedic utility. It is paid, but it’s not a problem 🙂 The highlight of the program in a fully automated process. The whole program consists of one window in which you need to select your operating system, processor manufacturer (Intel, AMD or another) and the type of optimization - Heal (only cleaning) or Heal & Boost (cleaning plus acceleration). Press the “GO” button and that’s it.

And one of the most powerful programs is Auslogics BoostSpeed, although it is also paid, but there is a trial version. This is a real monster, which includes several utilities to increase computer performance on all fronts. There is an optimizer, a defragmenter, and cleaning the computer of unnecessary files, and cleaning the registry, and the Internet accelerator and some other utilities.

It is interesting that the program has an adviser that tells you what needs to be done. But always check what is advised there, do not use everything indiscriminately. For example, the adviser really wants Windows automatic updating to work. Those who did not buy licensed Windows know that this may end badly ...

For optimization, there are also cleaner programs, for example CCleaner, which clean the computer from unnecessary temporary files and clean the registry. Removing garbage from disks will help free up space.

But cleaning the registry does not lead to a noticeable increase in performance, however, it can lead to problems if important keys are deleted.

IMPORTANT! Before any changes, you must definitely create a system restore point!

MANDATORY Browse all that cleaners want to remove! I scanned my Auslogics Disk Cleaner computer and at first was glad that I had 25GB of garbage in my basket. But remembering that I was recently cleaning the basket, I opened the files prepared for deletion in this program and just went nuts! There were ALL of my most important files, my whole life over the past few months. And they didn’t lie in the basket, but in a separate folder on the D drive. I would have deleted it like this if I hadn’t looked.

In Windows 7, you can slightly increase productivity by simplifying the graphical interface. To do this, go to "Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Settings" and turn off some of the checkmarks or select "Ensure the best performance."

Motherboard BIOS Parameters

The BIOS stores the most basic computer settings. You can enter it when you turn on the computer using the Delete, F2, F10 or some other key (written on the screen while turning on the computer). A strong decrease in performance can only be due to critical jambs in the settings. Usually he is set up normally and there is no need to interfere there, and even harmful.

The easiest way to fix the optimal settings is to go into the BIOS and select an option such as “Load Optimal Settings” (the spelling may differ depending on the BIOS’s), save the settings and reboot.

Disabling unnecessary services and programs from startup

Today, almost every second installed program climbs its nose into startup. As a result, the loading of the operating system is delayed indefinitely, and the work itself is inhibited. Look at the system tray (it's near the watch), how many unnecessary icons are there? It is worth removing unnecessary programs or disabling their startup from startup.

This is easily done using the System Configuration Utility built into Windows. To start it, press the combination “Win ​​+ R” and in the window enter “msconfig”. In the program, go to the "Startup" tab and remove the extra checkmarks. If after rebooting something is missing, then the checkmarks can be returned back. You should have an idea what programs you have installed and why they are needed.

One powerful way to increase performance is ... disabling the antivirus 🙂 Bad of course, but for the duration of resource-intensive tasks, I sometimes turn off the antivirus.

No need to do this while surfing the web or installing unknown software!

Install the latest drivers

This can really help, especially if very old or default drivers are installed (by default from Microsoft). The main influence is played by the chipset drivers of the motherboard, but others can slow down the performance. You need to update drivers for each device, and you can find them on the manufacturers' websites.

It is better to update drivers manually, but there are many programs for updating drivers automatically. For example, a good DriverHub program will scan devices and look for updated drivers.

Reasonably choose an operating system

If you are still sitting on Windows XP with 2 gigabytes of RAM, then I advise you to quickly switch to Windows 7, performance will increase. And if you have 4 GB or more, then safely install Windows 10 64-bit version. The speed of work will increase even more, but only in 64-bit programs. Processing video, audio and other demanding tasks can be processed 1.5-2 times faster! Windows Vista is also the time to change to seven.

Do not use various Windows builds for installation, such as Windows Zver and the like. They are already crammed with necessary and unnecessary software, moreover, they are often buggy.

Although they are in tenth place, this does not mean at all that they do not need to be paid attention to. Viruses can significantly slow down your computer or even freeze it. If there is a strange decrease in performance, then it is worth scanning the system with one of the scanners, for example, DrWeb CureIt !. But it is better to have a reliable antivirus installed, for example, DrWeb or Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

In this article, we examined the basic methods of how to increase the speed of a computer. I hope this article helped you save the most important thing in our life - this is the time that should be used productively, every hour and every minute, and not be wasted. In the following articles, I will repeatedly touch upon the topic of increasing computer performance; subscribe to blog updates.

Share these methods with your friends using the social media buttons under the article, and they will thank you! And if you use some other method, then share it in the comments.

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Why games on Windows 7 slow down

First, the user needs to pay attention to the settings of the game itself, in particular, graphic. The thing is that players are trying to install and play games whose system requirements do not correspond to the technical characteristics of the device. This is the simplest and most obvious problem that every owner of a PC or laptop can face. You can easily fix this problem - change the graphic settings of the application in use, set all values ​​to a minimum.

Often, PC and laptop users simply forget to follow the updates of the video card drivers and other system components, which, of course, negatively affects the optimization of the computer as a whole and leads to problems in games.

Laptop users, unlike those who are sitting at personal computers, may experience problems associated with excessive heating of the device. For laptops - this is very important, since most often they are not operated as they should. Surely it is unlikely that if you have such a device, then you put it on the table and sit at it as you would on a stationary PC. Most likely, you will be more comfortable, for example, lie on a sofa or bed and put the laptop on yourself. Most models of such devices have a cooling system at the bottom or side. This means that when working on various soft surfaces, the device can “absorb” dust in large quantities, which is extremely harmful to the cooling system and, as a result, to the entire device.

Stationary computers can also overheat, but usually they have it due to other reasons - high performance indicators of the central processor and other components and the lack of an effective cooling system - a cooler that simply cannot physically generate all the heat coming from the CPU.

Optimize Your Computer: How to Increase Productivity

Optimization of the operating system in our time is available not only to highly qualified engineers, but also to ordinary users. It will allow you to achieve the best performance of the entire system as a whole and improve the operation of games on both a stationary computer and a laptop.

BIOS Optimization | Increase computer startup speed

| Increase computer startup speed

A well-known picture when thoughts come to mind about buying a new PC at a time when your old computer ceases to cope with the task that it previously solved much faster. Downloading the operating system seems like an eternity, the launch of programs lasts a relatively long time, and more than a dozen browser tabs “hang” the computer. Yes, the picture is rather old, and it is strange to observe it when all modern computers contain multi-core processors. Even CPUs five to seven years old have sufficient performance for the needs of today's users. The cause of problems with your PC can be a real trifle and to make your work on the computer more comfortable, you do not have to incur large time and financial costs. In this article, you will get acquainted with possible solutions to common problems and find the solution for yourself in them.

Work with the system registry

A registry is present on every computer. This is a kind of database that contains various kinds of information about the configuration of a personal computer or laptop, the settings of the operating system used, and software settings. It is quite natural that a fragmented and cluttered registry may cause errors in the computer, a significant deterioration in PC performance. Information is entered into the registry every time you install and uninstall software, so unnecessary garbage can remain here. You can find problems in the registry using special programs, in particular, CCleaner:

    After installation and launch, you should open a tab called “Registry” and click on the “Search for problems” button. The execution time of this process directly depends on the amount of information that is stored on your computer, so be patient.

Remember that the registry of this operating system is subject to fragmentation, which is why there is a regular deterioration in the performance of computers on Windows 7. Unfortunately, system utilities cannot work effectively with the system registry, so you have to install an additional program, for example, Auslogics Registry Defrag.

Speeding up computer boot

After pressing the power button on the computer, the BIOS of the motherboard initializes the hardware components of the PC, conducts all kinds of hardware tests, searches for the operating system boot file on available storage media, and then transfers control of the computer to it in case of a successful start. It takes a considerable amount of time to complete and complete these procedures. With inexperienced tampering with the settings, the computer may boot up for more than a minute before you see the Windows logo and start loading it. Let's look at it first how to optimize BIOS settings your computer.

BIOS entry. После включения вашего компьютера следует несколько раз нажать клавишу Del. В большинстве случаев после этого действия откроются настройки BIOS Setup. В ноутбуках и некоторых моделях материнских плат настольных компьютеров для входа в настройки BIOS может использоваться другая кнопка (например, F2 или F10). Стоит отметить, что в современных версиях BIOS Setup сначала открывается упрощенный режим отображения настроек, поэтому необходимо перейти в расширенный режим (Advanced BIOS Features или аналогичный).

Отключение теста оперативной памяти. Опцией, которая в наибольшей степени влияет на скорость загрузки компьютера, является «Quick Boot», “Skip Memory Check,” or something similar. You can find it in the boot settings (for example, the “Boot Settings Configuration” item). If this function is active, then hardware testing - for example, checking the RAM - is not performed. Enable option "Quick Boot" can reduce computer boot time by more than 10 seconds.

Optimize download priority. The BIOS can search for the boot sector on all storage devices connected to the system board. However, the system disk is not always detected immediately. In this case, time is wasted. To avoid this, I recommend in paragraph Hard disk boot priority or similar, select your system drive as the first boot device.

Attention. When installing an SSD, it may be necessary to select this device in “First Boot Device” or similar as the first disk so that the SSD appears in the priority list of boot devices.

Disabling unnecessary devices. In modern PCs, all internal drives are connected via SATA. Despite this, many motherboards have an integrated (P) ATA controller, also known as an IDE, which takes a few seconds to boot. If your PC does not have drives that are connected via IDE cables, then turn off this controller. To do this, open Integrated Peripherals | OnChip IDE Channel ”or similar item and change its value to“ Disabled ”. You can also disable other controllers, for example, parallel (LPT) and serial (COM) ports, as well as the built-in sound card, if you use an external sound card to output sound. However, these measures can only slightly reduce the download time.

Defragment and clean your hard drive

To clean the hard disk and defrag it, you do not need any additional software. Everything can be done using the traditional system tools of Windows 7. To perform defragmentation, perform the following manipulations:

  1. Open the Start menu,
  2. Select "My Computer",

This procedure allows not only defragmentation to improve performance and optimize the entire system, but also change the disk file system (NTFS is usually used).

Defragmentation execution time directly depends on the size of the selected disk, the amount of information on it and the degree of fragmentation of files. Thus, the process can take from several minutes to several hours. It is advisable at this time to refuse to use the computer, as this will lead to a significant slowdown in the PC.

Optimal settings for Windows

Old-installed Windows, in combination with a large number of applications, loads very slowly. The problem lies in the countless programs and services that run with the start of the OS, regardless of whether they are used or not. Therefore, before deciding to replace a slowly working component of a PC, you should first "clean" the system folders and registry. Cleaning the registry and removing unnecessary programs from startup using special software will save tens of seconds on download speeds. For these purposes, I recommend using the program Vit registry fixor Ccleaner. They can be used for the following actions.

Disabling services. Windows services are installed with drivers or software, and often their main task is to find updates for this software. Some of them are necessary for another application to work. One way or another, when loading the operating system, they also need time to start. Use the keyboard shortcut to disable unnecessary services. "Win + R"enter «msconfig » and press "Enter". The system setup program will open. Tab "Services" check the box opposite Do Not Display Microsoft Services. Uncheck all services that are not related to your antivirus software. However, remember that software update services, such as Adobe Flash and Reader, on which the security of the entire system depends, must be left on.

Disabling programs at startup. Tab "Startup" next to services in msconfig The following are programs that automatically start after the computer boots. First, disable here all the elements that are not related to your antivirus program or are not necessary, for example, a client for synchronizing a smartphone or an instant messaging program.

Result | Checking the startup speed of the OS. At the next reboot, the OS should start faster, and your computer will reach its optimal speed only after a few reboots. If you receive a variety of error messages at startup, activate the services and items you have disabled. The same applies to programs that have stopped working, which, however, happens very rarely.

Cleaning and freeing RAM to speed up processes

The number of running programs and applications significantly affect performance. All of them have an impact on the computer's RAM, so before you start the software that is demanding on system resources, you should close everything that is possible.

First you need to close those programs that you currently do not need. As a rule, all active applications are displayed in the task manager. You can open it using a simple key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del or click on the taskbar below and select "Task Manager".

A window appears immediately with a list of all running applications. Select the one that you don’t need at the moment and click on the “Remove task” button.

Of course, in addition to active and visible applications, others that work in the so-called background mode also participate in the computer. All these programs can be seen in the same task manager, if you go to the "Processes" tab.

As a rule, some of them can have a significant impact on PC performance, its optimization, but remember that disabling unknown processes can lead to data loss or deterioration of the computer (especially if you finish the system process). It is for this reason that it is advisable to disable only those processes that you know.

Replacing a standard hard drive with an SSD

When loading the operating system or running programs, the computer tries to access many small files, which are often stored on different parts of the hard drive, due to the peculiarities of recording information. A read / write head moving from one place to another spends a lot of time searching and reading them. The antivirus program running in the background also slows down the hard drive. A solid state drive (SSD), in contrast, is capable of instantly providing data without mechanical delays. The access time (that is, the time that elapses before the start of data transfer) is 600 times less for an SSD than for a hard drive.

A computer with a Windows operating system installed on a solid-state drive, on average, starts in 15-20 seconds, which is 2-3 times less than the results when using a conventional HDD. A computer with a standard hard drive responds more slowly than with a solid state drive.

Install SSD. There is always room for a 2.5-inch SSD in a desktop computer case, just like a laptop. Instead of using the mounting frame for the 3.5-inch drive bay, you can attach the SSD with two side-wall screws to one of the 5.25-inch slots, which are usually free. Connect the SSD to the SATA power connector of the power supply and with the motherboard a SATA cable. Refer to the user manual to see if it supports the current SATA 6 Gb / s standard, and if the answer is yes, then which port, then connect the SSD to it.

Install Windows. After installing a solid-state drive, for optimal performance and stability of the system, you must reinstall Windows and all programs. To do this, disconnect the old HDD, boot from the DVD with the Windows installation distribution, and install the operating system on the SSD, and then all your programs. When everything is ready, reconnect the hard drive. To access information on it, use the library function in Windows 7. To do this, click in one of the libraries (images, documents, music, videos) the link following “Includes:”. Later, you can delete all directories that do not contain your data.


Even if you are just browsing websites or working in office programs, your computer must be equipped with at least 4 GB of RAM so that the system accesses the page file on the obviously “slow” hard drive as little as possible. To work with multimedia files and modern three-dimensional games, you must have from 8 to 16 GB of RAM.

Attention! Only a 64-bit version of Windows can recognize more than 3 GB of RAM.

Analysis and increase in RAM. Before you increase the RAM capacity, find out how much memory and what type is installed on your system. Install and run the CPU-Z program. Tab "SPD" in the drop-down menu at "Memory Slot Selection" you can determine the number of slots, and clicking on one of the slot numbers will display information about the installed memory module. For example, if your system has two 2 GB modules and two more slots are available, purchase two additional modules. It is best to dwell on identical models with the same catalog number (by which you can find the memory on the price comparison portals). If you can’t find them, you need to choose a memory that matches the old one or surpasses it in timings and clock frequency. If there are no free slots, replace the existing modules with larger ones. As a rule, it is best to set an even number, since in this case a fast dual-channel memory mode will be available.

RAM installation. Installing RAM into the computer is quite simple: squeeze the two latches of the DIMM slot outward and install the new module so that the groove between the contacts coincides with the slot. Then push the module down until it clicks, first on one side, then on the other. You should make sure that Windows recognizes the installed hardware. To do this, use the “Win ​​+ Pause” combination and view information about the computer - among other things, the amount of installed memory will be indicated.

Powerful processor installation

Tasks that can ensure full load of modern processors are a rarity. Converting videos or processing photos in RAW format are among them. In daily work, a more powerful CPU means less computer response time to user actions, but only if there is an SSD and a sufficient amount of RAM. If you are sure that your PC "slows down" precisely because of the insufficient speed of the central processor, then there is nothing left but to replace it. This procedure will take you several hours and can cost a lot of financial costs, and this is just the case when you should think about purchasing a new device, especially if other components are also outdated.

Hardware check. On the corresponding tabs of the CPU-Z, determine the model of the processor and motherboard. In section "Support" On the manufacturer’s website, determine the most powerful CPU compatible with your motherboard. The difference in relation to the old processor should be palpable, otherwise the replacement procedure will lose its meaning. For example, if you change the weakest chip to the most powerful of one series or install a device of another, more advanced line, the computer will start to work much faster. Otherwise, the performance gain will be minimal.

Attention. Some older processor models, which have already been discontinued, still go on sale and are often offered at a higher price than a new generation chip with a motherboard. If you are planning to buy a powerful CPU, be sure to order a quiet and efficient third-party cooler, and if you need to use the old cooling system, you definitely need a tube of thermal paste (usually attached to the cooler).

CPU installation. Disconnect the power and squeeze the cooler latch. Carefully lift it upward away from the processor, turning slightly left and right if necessary. Open the locking lever of the processor socket and carefully remove the chip. Using a lint-free paper towel and an alcohol-based cleaner, remove any thermal grease from the cooler or processor socket. Then install the new processor so that the highlighted corner matches the mark of the socket. Squeeze a little thermal paste in the center of the CPU surface (a drop no larger than a pea), then install a cooler and carefully turn it left and right several times to evenly distribute the paste. The pressing force that appears when you close the cooler clamp will “smear” the paste over the entire surface of the processor. After that, it will be possible to connect the cooler power plug to the motherboard.

Video card replacement

If three-dimensional games “slow down” and errors appear when they are launched, despite the rather powerful video card being used, or if the video processing processor, contrary to the manufacturer’s information, cannot use the GPU’s computing resources, then the video card drivers are most likely outdated. Updated utilities will help increase productivity and compatibility with new games and applications that use a graphics processor, however, a noticeable increase in power can be obtained only from a new GPU device, which you can install yourself.

Search for the right driver. If you do not know the name of your GPU, install and run the GPU-Z program. Using the information received on the site or You can find the drivers you need. Installing graphics drivers is similar to other programs, but before installing new ones, it is recommended to remove old ones or use special applications from the manufacturer to automatically update them (for example, GeForce Experience from Nvidia).

Choice of a video card. Graphic card costing up to 6000 rubles. (for example, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti / 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7850) copes with all modern games in resolutions up to Full HD. If you want to have a stock for next-generation games, then at a price of about 9,000 rubles you can buy an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon HD 7950. All of these models support DirectX 11. Video cards that cost more than these amounts are designed for gamers who Play at resolutions higher than Full HD, or strive to get the highest quality graphics.

Installing a video card. Disconnect the PCI-e power connectors from the old video card, and also unscrew the screw or remove the latch near the metal strip on the back of the case. Push the latch of the PCI Express slot toward the motherboard and remove the card from the slot. Install in the reverse order, but be sure to connect the power connector. All these boards work in combination with a 500 W power supply.

We determine the number of FPS in the game

How to evaluate PC performance in games? To do this, use the free Fraps utility. A small program will measure the number of frames per second, in other words, it will determine the FPS. Users playing computer games know that the more FPS, the smoother the gameplay, the less juggling and freezing. 60 FPS is considered a good indicator, but, as a rule, 40 FPS is enough for a comfortable game in a strategy or RPG.

PUBG-powered dynamic toys already require around 100 FPS. In any case, it is worthwhile to make every effort to squeeze the maximum out of your “iron”. Thanks to Fraps, it will be possible to track the effectiveness of the actions taken to increase productivity. So, download the utility, install, launch and go into the game. All the necessary information should appear in the upper corner, where FPS is exactly what we need. We remember the average number of frames per second, after which we proceed to optimize the computer.

Updating the graphics card driver

Having spent just a few minutes updating the drivers, you can achieve an increase in PC performance in games by as much as 30%. Of course, so that the toy starts to “fly”, you can not update the driver of the sound card or physical drive, but the video card must be running a fresh and current version of the software. By the way, we talked about the best utilities in an article on a program for updating drivers. To update the "firewood" of the video card, it is enough to know the name of the device manufacturer. Owners of the Nvidia video adapter just need to download the special utility GeForce Experience.

Similar applications were developed by other companies - AMD Driver Autodetect, Intel HD Graphics Driver. It is recommended to update the driver immediately after the release of all the expected game. Зачастую производители видеокарт выпускают специальные сборки, направленные на оптимизацию «железа» под конкретные требования игрового хита. Всё что нужно сделать – открыть приложение, перейти во вкладку «Драйверы» и нажать кнопку «Проверить наличие обновлений». Программа выполнит запрос к официальному сайту изготовителя и проверит, доступны ли новые «дрова».

Программная чистка жесткого диска

One of the best ways to optimize a system is to clean it of extra files. This group includes copies, reports, temporary files, browser caches. The lack of free space on the hard drive leads to a decrease in the speed of the computer, and, as a result, to a decrease in its performance. The machine "thinks" for a long time, slows down the system while surfing the Internet, watching videos, playing shooters and strategies. The task of completely and safely deleting unnecessary files is effectively handled by the small CCleaner utility. It is free and most convenient to use.

After clicking the “Analysis” button, the program tracks the excess files specified in the left block. Then just click "Cleaning" and the operation will be completely completed. What CCleaner is good for is the fact that it allows you to eliminate small errors in the registry, which also have a negative impact on the speed of your PC.

To complete the picture, you should also use the built-in Windows tool, which helps to free up a little extra space. Go to "My Computer", after the right mouse button click on the name of the drive, select "Properties". It remains to click "Disk Cleanup". The system will scan the hard drive and display the final result.

For the purpose of in-depth cleaning, instead of "OK", click "Clear system files." So you can get a few hundred megabytes of free space, in some cases, free up GB of memory.

Disk Defragmenter

When the hard disk is cleaned of unnecessary files, the registry errors are fixed, it can be defragmented (this applies only to the owners of "classic" hard drives, you do not need to defragment the SSD). The defragmentation process involves updating and optimizing the logical structure of the hard drive. When the files stored in memory are ordered, assembled together, the system spends much less time when accessing them. We can say that defragmentation brings order to the system. The tool is available in utilities.

See also:

Successful defragmentation will result in a 50-60% increase in computer performance, which will also affect games. But it is worth considering that this is not an easy process, which can take about 5-6 hours of time for hard drives with a volume of 1 terabyte. Using a personal computer at this time will not work. A similar operation should be carried out once every 1-2 weeks.

Free up RAM

Before starting the game, it is advisable to close all background programs that, to one degree or another, consume the computer's RAM. It will not be superfluous to use a program such as RAMRush. It is able to complete all unnecessary processes that remain in RAM even after exiting applications. For example, after exiting Skype, Opera, ICQ immediately before starting the game on a computer with 6 GB RAM, you can additionally free up 700-800 MB of RAM.

The lack of RAM is one of the common reasons why the computer slows down in games. You can free it without third-party programs. To do this, refer to the "Task Manager", which allows you to close active and background processes. It is best to close all unnecessary applications that appear in the corresponding tab. Also look at everything that happens in the processes. You need to be careful here, since disabling the system process can lead to a short-term malfunction of the computer or a decrease in its performance. Therefore, whenever possible, you should disable only the processes familiar to you. For example, browser.exe indicates Yandex browser activity.

Increase the swap file

A peculiar addition to the amount of RAM is the swap file. This is virtual memory into which some processes are unloaded from RAM. The size of the swap file is set by the user, and its entire volume is taken from the hard drive. As you know, the data transfer speed of the hard drive is much lower than that of RAM. Therefore, to completely replace the RAM, setting the maximum possible size of the swap file, of course, is impossible. However, through simple actions, you can optimize your computer system and increase its performance in games.

To get to the page file, you need to do the following:
We go to the "Control Panel".

Go to the "System" section.

Then select "Advanced Options".

In the "Advanced" tab under "Performance" click on the "Options" button.

It remains to go to the "Advanced" tab and click the "Change" button.

It is strongly discouraged to set the paging file too large. Otherwise, the user will get the opposite effect instead of a performance gain - the system will begin to slow down. Ideally, you should set the amount to 30% of the amount of RAM, so that in total the RAM and the swap file have 6-8 GB. Set the required size, save your changes and restart the computer.

A few more simple but effective tips:

  • place the swap file on the fastest hard drive,
  • set the initial value and the maximum value of the paging file,
  • turn off visual effects in the corresponding tab to knock out a few more units of performance gain,

Due to these actions, it will be possible to significantly optimize the system and prepare it for the launch of a new game.

Install special utilities

Especially for computer gamers, game optimizers have been developed to increase the number of frames per second during gameplay. A few years ago, there were a dozen companies involved in the creation and development of such utilities. Not all programs were useful, and most importantly effective, so most of them simply ceased to be supported and updated. Of the remaining utilities, it is worth noting the Razer Cortex.

The program frees up system resources in automatic mode and directs them to the game launched by the user. The developer claims that Razer Cortex doubles PC performance - this is perhaps a special case. If we talk about figures close to reality, then the computer will accelerate by about 20-30%, which can also be considered a good indicator. Using Razer Cortex is advisable on a modern computer, but on the old hardware you may not notice the optimization effect. To disable all internal Windows components that slow down PC performance, free up virtual memory, go to the "Game Accelerator", click on "Optimize" and "Acceleration".

It is worthwhile to understand that if the hardware does not meet the necessary minimum for a successful launch of the game, then optimization cannot be avoided. You have to upgrade your computer - to purchase a modern graphics card, a powerful process, a motherboard. If you already have a good, productive computer - just keep it in order and then there will be no problems launching a new game. This includes not only systemic, but also physical cleaning. The accumulation of dust on the radiator disrupts the heat exchange of the processor with the environment, as a result of which its power is reduced. If you take a comprehensive approach to optimization, then you can achieve good results - FPS will double. Now you know how to increase computer performance.

Visual effects optimization

Windows 7 provides an updated graphical interface - Aero, which consumes an impressive amount of system resources. Accordingly, it can affect system optimization, and its shutdown will allow to achieve the best performance indicators. Problems with this interface usually occur only on weak computers and laptops that have an integrated or just an old video card. In all other cases, changing visual effects will not change much.

In order to reduce the consumption of system resources, it is not necessary to completely disable Aero. You can change some settings in a special menu:

    Open the Start menu and Control Panel

So, here is a complete list of special visual effects. If you do not want to completely disable the Aero interface, you can uncheck only the following items: animated controls, fade, cast shadows, display them, display a rectangular selection.

Disabling these parameters will optimize the system and leave a pleasant appearance for the operating system interface. Of course, you can disable other settings, but remember that in this case, the effect will be noticeable much more.

BIOS setup

BIOS is an integrated environment designed to change the hardware settings of a computer. Using BIOS’s tuning, you can achieve the best performance of your PC or laptop. Reflashing the BIOS or changing parameters such as processor frequency, bus speed, etc. is not recommended, since you risk that your CPU will simply burn out. Therefore, we consider the simplest, optimal, even for ordinary users opportunities.

Firstly, pay attention to the cooling system setting (depending on the BIOS version, the names of the items may change). For this:

  1. Enter the BIOS using the Del key during computer startup,
  2. Open the Advanced menu,

Secondly, if two video cards are installed on your device (integrated and discrete), then in the BIOS menu Advanced you can change the settings of the switchable graphics. To do this, select the VGA Mode SELECT item and in the list specify what you need: dGPU Mode - the integrated video card is activated or Power Xpress Mode - the discrete video card is activated.

Paging file setup

The swap file is a kind of addition to RAM. We can say that this is virtual memory that the user can configure on their own. The swap file is taken from the hard drive specified by the volume user. As you know, the transfer speed of the hard drive is much lower than RAM, so to say that the swap file can completely replace the RAM is impossible, but it favorably affects the overall optimization. To change and configure the page file:

    Open the “Start” menu and select “Control Panel”,

A settings window will appear where you select the disk partition whose swap file you want to change, click on the "Specify Size" button and set it. Remember that the swap file inherently represents a specific area occupied on the hard disk. It is not recommended to set a large value, because the system will automatically place data about programs in this file, and access to it is much slower than to RAM, and accordingly, performance may drop. The optimal size is approximately 30% of the amount of RAM. The last step is to click the “Set” button and restart the computer so that the changes take effect.

Graphics card setup

Slow performance on Windows 7 can be caused by improper configuration of the graphics adapter. This problem is most relevant for laptops, as they have integrated and discrete graphics cards. It will not be a secret to anyone that modern manufacturers regularly release not only drivers, but also system settings for their products. For example, for Nvidia - Geforce Experience, and for ATI Radeon video cards - Catalyst Control Center. Using this software, you can change many settings, including optimizing the device as a whole.

So, if you have a discrete and integrated video card, then you need to change the options in the software used. For video cards from Nvidia:

    Right-click in an empty space and select "Nvidia Control Panel":

In this way, you can configure any application, and now after its launch, all work will be redirected to the video card that you specified.

For video cards from ATI Radeon, everything is a little different:

    Right-click on the desktop and select “Catalyst Control Center”:

Thus, the system will automatically launch the most powerful graphics adapter after activating a specific application.

ReadyBoost Function

Few people know, but the Windows 7 operating system provides the ability to use flash drives as an additional data caching device. So users can significantly increase the speed of data read-write functions, respectively, optimize their computer or laptop, improve performance. You can activate ReadyBoost in the following way:

  1. Insert the USB drive into the appropriate slot on the system unit,
  2. After the autorun window appears, select “Speed ​​up your system using Windows ReadyBoost”,

Everything is ready for use, a special file will be created on the USB flash drive, in which the information of programs and applications will be placed. Remember that a flash drive should never be pulled out, at least until the computer is finished working.

Razer game booster

Razer Game Booster is one of the most popular applications that provides a large set of options for optimizing games and other programs installed on your computer. The utility is free and you can easily find it on the Internet. To work, you will need to register on the developers website, which is easy for anyone, and then enter the program interface with your username and password.

Setup is performed in a few clicks - just specify "Game Mode", after which the system resources will be directed only to the game launched by the user:

  1. Select the Run tab,
  2. Click the Add button and select a game,
  3. Highlight the game and activate the game mode in the menu below.

Of course, everything would be fine, but the program works perfectly only with powerful computers. Therefore, on older PCs, it is better to use other utilities for optimization.

This program appeared a long time ago and gained a good reputation. It is used everywhere, as it has a pleasant and intuitive interface, as well as all the necessary functionality for optimizing the system. The program is free. Therefore, any user can easily find it on the network and download. CCleaner allows you to analyze the system, including finding information that may be hidden in some applications. This information can be viewed after starting the "Clean" function. Also, with the help of such a utility, you can scan the registry, which was mentioned a little earlier, respectively, this tab is selected. This program has few drawbacks, in fact, which is why many PC users resort to its use. Perhaps the only thing that can be noted here is the ability to delete important data from the registry, but even here the user will be notified in a timely manner of creating a backup copy.

GameGain is software that lets you get the most out of your computer or laptop. It has a very nice and intuitive interface, a minimum of settings, which means that almost no one will have difficulties in working with GameGain. This utility is also free and can be easily found on the network and downloaded. After starting, a window will appear in which you will be asked to select the operating system, as well as the type of processor. As you enter this data, drag the slider until you get optimal performance. It should be said that the computer’s operation at the maximum “overclocking” parameters, and in the case of this program will be exactly “overclocking”, leads to a decrease in the operating time of the computer or laptop. You run the risk of losing your “iron friend” ahead of time.

System care

System Care - a program designed to clean the system files of the operating system from various debris. Unfortunately, the program is paid, and also does not have the ability to change the language, and for some Russian-speaking users this can be an obstacle. In addition, System Care has a rather complicated interface, vaguely reminiscent of CCleaner, but unlike this program, users will have to figure out what and where is located here. Unfortunately, this program does not have any benefit. It is distributed in a viral, fraudulent way, and after the very first computer scan, during which there are supposedly viruses and a huge amount of unnecessary junk, you are given the opportunity to buy it.

Driver booster

Driver Booster is a program that automatically searches for the latest drivers for key elements of a personal computer or laptop. This utility will be useful to everyone, since you need to update the drivers regularly, but looking for them for your component model each time is a very boring task. This free software can be easily found on the Internet and installed on your computer. Driver Booster has a clear and simple interface, provides quick and convenient check for updates, does not need constant user monitoring. К сожалению, пакетное обновление драйверов с этой утилитой зачастую тратить очень много времени и регулярно возникает потребность в перезагрузке системы. Тем не менее это очень удобная и хорошая программа.

Что делать, чтобы игры снова не тормозили? Как поддерживать систему в порядке?

Чтобы игры перестали тормозить, вам следует регулярно поддерживать свой компьютер или ноутбук в хорошем состоянии. Try to avoid installing many unnecessary programs, perform a complete cleaning of the system from software, and do not forget about the system registry, in which even after removal there may be residual files and data. To do this, use CCleaner and make it your "best friend." Once a month, defragment and analyze the system, then the games on your computer will stop braking.

Performing these operations will allow each user, regardless of the configuration of a personal computer, to optimize the operation of the device, increase productivity both in online and single-player games. Regularly check for the presence of residual data, files and delete them, then the computer will work efficiently.