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How to burn a two-layer disc in Nero


This program was named after the emperor Nero, who, according to a well-known legend, set fire to Rome. The English translation of the name sounds like "Nero, who burned Rome" or a little differently - "Nero, burning (CD-) ROM." Here is such a pun. But Nero does not burn, but burns, that is, burns an optical medium.

Nero makes it easy to work withCDandDVD, video and sound, and also has a backup function and makes cover layout. Recently, Nero has been recordingandin Blu-ray andHD

So, in this article we will consider the process of burning discs with this utility. Step-by-step instructions will help to understand all the subtleties and solve any problems.

Recall varieties of drives and their purpose

First you need to decide which media to choose: CD or DVD, then R or RW. I suggest briefly familiarizing yourself with popular formats.

  1. Cd-r. If you need to record a minimum of information (up to 700 MB), you should choose the simplest format and, moreover, economical from a financial point of view. From the pros - you can add information in multisessions until the place runs out. Of the minuses - nothing can be erased.
  2. CD-RW. Similar to the first, the media size reaches 700 MB. The only difference is that this disc can be rewritten an indefinite number of times. It costs a little more, but it’s more profitable to purchase such an option, for example, for music: tired of it - erased it and rewritten it.
  3. DVD-R. More serious and roomy device. The maximum amount of information is 4.7 GB when using a single-layer disk and up to 8.5 GB if using a two-layer one. Information can also be recorded in multisessions until the place runs out. This format is often used to store data.
  4. DVD-RW. The most expensive device listed. It differs from the previous format in the ability to overwrite. The same in volume.

We write MP3 files

Let us return directly to our topic and consider how to nevertheless write the selected format in Nero. Let's start with MP3 using an example CD. We go to the “Data” tab and select the appropriate format on the right side of the screen. Then you need to add the prepared music files to the project. To do this, click "Add" and select the desired audio recordings. At this stage, you should see all the files that are being prepared for burning.

Pay attention to the green bar at the bottom of the screen - this indicator shows the space occupied by the files on the media.

The “Next” button will go to the last stage of settings. Here we are only interested in one thing - check / uncheck the box “Allow adding files (multisession)”.

What does multisession recording mean? If after burning there is free space on the device, you can use it later by checking the box now. Accordingly, if you are sure that you will not add anything else, we close the session.

Press the “Record” button and proceed directly to burning. After a few minutes, the drive will return the media already with the information.

Record Audio CD in Nero

In principle, there are no significant differences. But there are some points to consider. To start burning, select the “Music” tab on the left side of the program window and “Audio CD” on the right side». As before, add the necessary tracks and again look at the indicator. There is a slight difference: now the indicator does not show megabytes, but minutes of free space.

The maximum playing time is 80 minutes, the selected files are not just recorded, but also encoded in the desired format. The rest of the process is similar to burning a data carrier.

Writing a DVD Video Format Using Nero

Actually, we follow the same pattern. The only problem may arise directly with the video format. For example, if you are transferring footage from a camera, the size may be too large to be recorded on the media. In addition, players may not read it. Nero’s settings will not help here, in this case it’s worth mastering some third-party program for encoding video in the required format.

We write Windows to the medium through Nero

Many users often have problems recording a system image to DVD. If you are not sure of the correct settings, read and remember the algorithm.

We will analyze the recording of Windows using the program Nero Burning Rom. This utility comes complete with Nero. If you do not have it installed, follow this step.

  1. Run the installed program and click "Cancel" on the window that appears. This will make it possible to go to the main screen of the utility.
  2. The next step opens the created image of the system. Go to the "File" menu, then click "Open." We set the file type in the window - put “All supported projects and images”. Open the image recording window.
  3. Set the burn settings. The first tab with information only briefly describes the project, the next tab "Record" already provides a choice of a number of settings. There is no point in considering everything; we analyze only the necessary ones:
  • Record.
  • Burn disc (this setting is set by default).
  • Recording speed (this parameter depends on the selected media. As we noted at the beginning, the CD is burned the fastest, the opposite is the value of a DVD. If you write CDwith data, select the maximum speed. Optimum mode - 8x (11 080 kb / s)).
  • Finalize the CD - at the moment the function should not be active, this action also occurs automatically in this mode.
  • Number of copies - the number of discs that you plan to burn at one time.
  1. As the last step, press the “Burn” button and follow the process. Everything is extremely simple and clear.

Detailed instructions for recording a double-sided disc in Nero

First you need to insert a two-layer disc into the drive. As we already said, the drive must support this option, otherwise, when burning, a lot of errors will appear.

Open the StartSmart or Express utility and select "Image / project / copy" from the menu. After a list of possible actions appears, find “Disk Image / Save Project”. Thus, you will add media to the workspace of the program.

Switch the software to two-layer mode, because by default other parameters are set in the application. Click on the drop-down list next to the capacity bar and select the “DVD9” option. After that, click on the graphic button “Add” to add files to the recording window. By the way, data can be transferred by simply “dragging” them from one folder to another (this technology is called drag & drop).

Pay attention to the available place when you add information. If you have a DVD, then using this option you can record 8.5 GB of data. If the files occupy less than 4 GB of space, it is more appropriate and cheaper to use regular media with a capacity of 4.7 GB. After all the content has been transferred, click “Next”.

Set the project name and, if the computer has several drives, make sure that the appropriate one is selected in the “Current recorder” settings. You can also set other parameters: the number of copies or checking data for errors after recording.

After setting all the items, click “Next”, in the English version it is the “Burn” button. This will start the burning process, which in such an operation will work at minimum speed. You can monitor the progress of the operation in the demonstration area, as with all standard procedures. At the end, the program will notify the user about the successful completion of the action.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the procedure and users with completely different levels of computer literacy will be able to create a two-layer disk in Nero!