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How to make a handle for a tool from a plastic pipe with your own hands


Today we will tell you how to make a handmade pipe at home. If you already smoke, you need to customize this process: cigarettes from a pack and a lighter for three rubles - this is not a dude's choice. The handset is another matter.

Frankly, I myself smoked a pipe - of course, until I dropped it. The case was interesting. To hammer and light a pipe is a whole science, we already told you about this. My pipe was always interested in those around me: my friends asked me to try it, and in public places (for example, in cafes and bars, while smoking was not banned there yet) I always got into the center of attention, as soon as I got comfortable with my pipe. In general, you probably already understood that the pipe is royal, especially if you made it yourself.

So you need:

  • briar (wood),
  • ruler
  • wood carving chisels,
  • saw,
  • pencil,
  • drill with different drills,
  • compass,
  • polishing machine,
  • sandpaper,
  • milling cutters - at least 18 mm,
  • time (a lot of things),
  • idea.

First things first you need to understand how your handset should look. Draw options on paper and choose the one you like best.


Separate a piece of wood of the right size - your pipe will only be slightly smaller.

Draw the outer circle - the diameter of the pipe - and the inner - the diameter of the recess in it, there you will stuff the tobacco.

Now draw on the remaining sides of your bar the selected shape. The small thing is to trim the tree so that the idea is embodied in your bar (grab the tools and work). As a result, you get approximately what is shown in the picture.

You have to drill a hole through which smoke enters your mouth.

As you can see from the picture, you first need to measure how deep you have to drill. Caution: the walls of the tobacco chamber must not be thin, otherwise high temperatures will destroy your pipe.

The wall thickness of the tube shown in the picture is 8 mm. The diameter of the tobacco chamber is 18 mm, the depth is 30 mm.
In the end, it is clear that the dimensional characteristics depend on the chosen design.

Now you need to make a hole in the mouthpiece, which will connect the mouthpiece with the tobacco chamber. Carefully drill a hole (a 7 mm drill was used to make this tube). Then we change it to a smaller drill (in our case - 3 mm). Do not forget to test - how well is it pouting, is the connection between the tobacco chamber and the mouthpiece established?

Round off

Should the tube resemble a tube? Who saw the tube in a cubic shape? This is some kind of cubism.

To do this, you need sandpaper and a lot of patience. Grind until you are happy with the texture.